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 MissLyokoFan56, le 04-08-2015 à 10:50
Sa note : 20/20


 Mme-Dunbar, le 01-09-2014 à 21:59
Sa note : 0/20

That's wrong, I'm just saying I do not like. Also I draw Willy in situations far worse than being crying under a table.

I have the right to express myself, and I did not put a score below 10/20.

 Belgarel, le 22-08-2014 à 17:22
Sa note : 16/20

(Sh…eep, the score. I'd give it a 16/20 because it wa funny and unexpected.

 Belgarel, le 22-08-2014 à 17:21
Sa note : 0/20

You just dislike it because Willy is crying under the table.
Odd and his (OC?) GF is the truly huge element here. As well as Jeremy's reaction: is he angry, or just singing?

 Mme-Dunbar, le 10-07-2014 à 15:55
Sa note : 10/20

J'ai l'impression qu'ils ont bu Smiley
Je trouve les couleurs trop flashie et le design des personnages non respecté.

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