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[Le français VS l'anglais] S2 - Part 1
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 Season 2 - Part 1
Episodes 27 to 39

It's widely known that dialogue can differ between two different language versions of a TV show. It's often a concern when someone is watching a show in something other than its native language that the translators may have made changes, small or large, that diverge from the intent of the original dialogue. French is the original language of Code Lyoko and here we've finally answered that question by making a list of the differences between the original French and the English dubbed episodes.

Differences range from small wording changes that make a significant difference, to entire lines that were added or removed. From season 2 onwards, the English dub was based on the original French scripts. The French episodes often changed certain parts of the dialogue for the final episode but the English usually stuck to the scripts, sometimes resulting in small inconsistencies with the animation. Discover all the major differences for yourself below! Have a nice read!

[Épisode 27 - Nouvelle donne] [Épisode 28 - Terre inconnue] [Épisode 29 - Exploration] [Épisode 30 - Un grand jour] [Épisode 31 - Mister Pück] [Épisode 32 - Saint Valentin] [Épisode 33 - Mix final] [Épisode 34 - Chaînon manquant] [Épisode 35 - Les jeux sont faits] [Épisode 36 - Marabounta] [Épisode 37 - Intérêt commun] [Épisode 38 - Tentation] [Épisode 39 - Mauvaise conduite]

Épisode 27 - Nouvelle donne
ImageNouvelle donne
(New situation)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
New Order
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:22 In the French, Odd calls himself "le roi de la glisse" (lit. the king of gliding). Les sports de glisse (lit. gliding sports) refers to sports that involve sliding or gliding, such as surfing, skateboarding, skiing and windsurfing, so by saying he's le roi de la glisse Odd is saying he's good at all these sorts of sports. There's no good (short) English equivalent that means the same sort of thing.

FrenchOdd: T'en fais pas. En l'air comme sur terre j'suis le roi d'la glisse !
French translationOdd: Don't worry. In the air and on the ground, I'm king of the surf!
EnglishOdd: Don't worry, Einstein! I know how to ride!

2:26 Ulrich's French line calls back to Odd calling himself le roi de la glisse.

FrenchOdd: J'aimerais t'y voir toi la sur ma planche...
Ulrich: Oh désolé, chui pas le roi d'la glisse moi !
French translationOdd: I'd like to see you on my board...
Ulrich: Oh sorry, I'm not king of the surf!
EnglishOdd: I'd like to see you on an Overboard!
Ulrich: I guess surfing's not my thing.

3:53 In the French, and Odd makes a joke about needing insecticide to kill the Tarantula.

FrenchOdd: Va falloir trouver un bon insecticide !
French translationOdd: We're gonna need to find some good insecticide!
EnglishOdd: What does it take to destroy this thing?

4:14 In the French, Ulrich says "Oh no!" as he's devirtualised.

4:25 Apparently English dub Yumi isn't too keen to help...

FrenchYumi: D'accord ! J'te couvre !
French translationYumi: Ok! I'll cover you!
EnglishYumi: Go on. We'll be watching you.

5:29 The French word for tarantula is tarentule. In the French, Odd first uses the English word to refer to XANA's new monster, so it makes more sense when Yumi questions the name. Odd then calls it "la Tarentule", which is the official name for the monster. Yumi's confusion makes less sense in English because Odd uses the English word "Tarantula" both times.

7:12 In the French, Jeremy says "Yeah!" just after Jim leaves Aelita's room.

7:20 In the French, a number of students laugh at Milly and Tamiya as they walk away. In the English, nobody laughs. Milly has a different response.

FrenchMilly: C'est ça, rigolez !
French translationMilly: Go on, laugh!
EnglishMilly: Oh, rats!

8:21 William offers Ulrich a short greeting in the French but not the English.

FrenchWilliam: Salut. Alors c'est toi, Ulrich Stern.
French translationWilliam: Hi. So you're Ulrich Stern.
EnglishWilliam: Huh. Oh, you're Ulrich Stern.

10:30 In the French, Ulrich is a lot less certain when Odd asks if he and Yumi are going out or not.

FrenchUlrich: Euh... ouais. Enfin, oui et non. Enfin... c'est un peu compliqué...
French translationUlrich: Uh...yeah. Well, yes and no.'s a bit complicated...
EnglishUlrich: Erm...not really. It's...complicated.

10:51 William's French line includes a description of his extenuating circumstances: temporary insanity, a legal term meaning the person was going through a temporary bout of insanity when the crime was committed, and they weren't their usual self.

12:22 A few small changes here, notably that in the English, Ulrich doesn't ask where Aelita is.

FrenchUlrich: Pas de problème. Où est-ce qu'elle est ?
Jeremy: Je l'ai laissé près du carrefour de la Croix Rousse.
French translationUlrich: No problem. Where is she?
Jeremy: I left her near the Red Trail Crossroads.
EnglishUlrich: No problem. We'll go and get her.
Jeremy: I left her on the Red Trail.

12:43 In the French, Yumi says she recognises what William said as a line from a Subsonics song. In the English, she amusedly says he stole the line from the Subsonics.

13:37 In the French, Ulrich calls Aelita's name in this scene. In the English, the animation still shows a hand next to his mouth as though he's shouting but he never calls for Aelita. He also points out that Kiwi has found the notebook, while Odd says it in the French.

FrenchUlrich: AELITAAA !
Odd: Regarde ! On devrait le suivre.
French translationUlrich: AELITAAA!
Odd: Look! We should follow him.
EnglishUlrich: Look!
Odd: Let's follow him.

15:20 In the French, Ulrich remarks that it's strange that he can't get a phone signal. Given that the kids have been able to make phone calls while at the Hermitage in other episodes, it may be implying that XANA is jamming the signal while possessing the house.

FrenchUlrich: Bizarre, plus de réseau...
French translationUlrich: Weird, no signal...
EnglishUlrich: No signal...

15:23 In the French, Ulrich calls "Look out!" when the cabinet starts moving towards them, and Yumi says Ulrich's name as she pushes him out of the way. In the English, Yumi says "Look out!" and then says nothing when pushing Ulrich.

FrenchUlrich: Attention !
Yumi: Hé ! Ulrich !
French translationUlrich: Look out!
Yumi: Hey! Ulrich!
EnglishYumi: Look out!

15:38 In the French, Ulrich says "Look out!" as the kitchen utensils come flying towards them. In the English, nobody speaks.

16:19 Odd's French line specifies that Ulrich and Yumi will be steam-cooked if they can't escape. He just says "cooked" in the English.

17:44 In the French, Jeremy tries to continue his sentence and Odd cuts him off. In the English, he finishes talking and Odd doesn't have to interrupt.

FrenchJeremy: Hé, Aelita... Je m'inquiétais, qu'est-ce qui-
Odd: Plus tard Einstein.
French translationJeremy: Hey, Aelita... I was worried, what ha-
Odd: Later, Einstein.
EnglishJeremy: Aelita! I was really worried!
Odd: No time to lose, Einstein.

18:23 In the French, Odd calls Aelita "Princess" when he says their taxis are waiting for them.

19:46 In the English, Odd says "Yoo-hoo!" before coming up onto the platform.

20:09 Ulrich and Yumi's lines communicate the same meaning in both languages, but in English, they're filled with more "um"s and pauses as the kids struggle to talk in the extreme heat. In the French, they instead reiterate the things they say.

20:36 In the English, Odd says "Yeah!" as he turns the Overboard sideways.

20:42 Jeremy's French line includes a "Good luck!"

FrenchJeremy: C'est bon, t'as plein d'flèches lasers ! Bonne chance !
French translationJeremy: Right, you've got plenty of laser arrows! Good luck!
EnglishJeremy: Done! You're fully loaded!

Épisode 28 - Terre inconnue
ImageTerre inconnue
(Uncharted territory)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Unchartered Territory
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

4:05 In the French, when Aelita enters the boys' showers, she makes a noise of surprise. We don't really hear her in the English. Also, in the French as well as saying "Hey!" like in the English, the boys also say Aelita's name.

FrenchUlrich: Aelita, ça va pas !?
French translationUlrich: Aelita, are you nuts?!

4:41 In his French line, Ulrich asks Sissi if she has nothing better to do than to bother Aelita, which is a very good point, really.

FrenchUlrich: T'as pas autre chose à faire ? Laisse Aelita tranquille.
French translationUlrich: Don't you have something else to be doing? Give Aelita a break.
EnglishUlrich: Can't you give Aelita a break for once?

4:50 In the French version, Odd uses the phrasing of Sissi's line to make a joke. He also calls Nicolas and Herb macaques as well as calling Sissi a baboon.

FrenchSissi: C'est la jungle, ici, ne l'oubliez pas !
Odd: Oh ça, aucun risque ! On a un babouin femelle et deux macaques sous les yeux pour nous le rappeler !
French translationSissi: It's a jungle out there, and don't forget it!
Odd: Oh, there's no risk of that! There's a female baboon and two macaques right here to remind us!
EnglishSissi: It's a jungle out there.
Odd: You can say that again! I'm looking at a big baboon right now!

5:04 In the French, Odd makes a noise of disgust after recalling that Ulrich and Sissi once kissed. Ulrich's reply is also longer.

FrenchUlrich: Oh, ça va ! C'est bon, hein ? C'est d'histoire ancienne, y'a prescription !
French translationUlrich: Oh, cool it! That's enough, huh? That's ancient history, there's a statute of limitations!
EnglishUlrich: Hey, cool it, huh? That's ancient history.

5:18 In the French, Ulrich talks about the chances of finding two guys named Franz Hopper within "about a kilometre" radius. In the English, he says "half a mile."

6:22 In the French, Ulrich (quietly) calls for Odd when he notices that the secretary has left her office. He doesn't specifically call for Odd in the English.

FrenchUlrich: Ah, alerte ! Odd !
French translationUlrich: Ah, alert! Odd!
EnglishUlrich: Oh, shoot...

6:26 Ms Weber's question to Odd and Ulrich is different.

FrenchWeber: Dites donc vous deux, qu'est-ce que vous faites là ?
French translationWeber: Say you two, what are you doing here?
EnglishWeber: Shouldn't you be in class? Well, children?

7:25 In the English, when the students in the lunch line complain off screen just before Aelita disappears, one of them has an additional line: "C'mon, hurry up." In the French, when Aelita leaves, two of the other students request a steak from Rosa. In the English, they just sound happy to finally get to her so they can be served food.

9:25 In the English, Ms Hertz asks for the class to be quiet before asking Jeremy where Aelita is. In the French, she calls Aelita's name on the roll before noticing that the girl is absent.

11:37 As well as a small change to Jeremy's line, Ulrich has an additional line in the English dub.

FrenchJeremy: Elle va vers le nord !
French translationJeremy: She's heading north!
EnglishJeremy: She's due north!
Ulrich: Let's go.

13:18 In the English, when the three kids take off on their vehicles, Odd says "Here we go!"

13:22 In the French, Aelita responds to Jeremy here.

FrenchJeremy: Aelita, c'est bon. Ils vont t'sortir d'là.
Aelita: D'accord ! (Elle arrive au bord du plateau.) Qu'est-ce que...
French translationJeremy: Aelita, it's ok. They're going to get you out of there.
Aelita: Ok! (She reaches the edge of the platform.) What...
EnglishJeremy: The others are coming to get you.

15:10 Odd's English line has a joke about the incoming Hornets and buzzing.

FrenchOdd: Woho ! Attention, attaque aérienne !
French translationOdd: Uh-oh! Watch out, aerial attack!
EnglishOdd: things are really starting to buzz.

16:05 As Jeremy is trying passwords to enter Carthage, sometimes he reads the name he's trying out loud and sometimes he doesn't. In the French, he also says "No..." after "Salammbo" fails.

FrenchJeremy: Hannibal... Euh, son père, Hamilcar...
French translationJeremy: Hannibal... Uh, his father, Hamilcar...
EnglishJeremy: Hannibal...Carthage general... His father...

16:40 Same as above, in the French Jeremy says the word "Rome" as he tries typing it in. In the English, he has an exclamation of frustration after the password fails.

FrenchJeremy: L'ennemi juré d'Carthage... Rome !
French translationJeremy: Carthage's sworn enemy...Rome!
EnglishJeremy: The nemesis of Carthage? ...No dice...!

17:24 The French for Scipio is Scipion, but it's always written as "Scipio" when Jeremy types it into the prompt. When Jeremy first attempts it here, in the French, he explains the spelling change by saying he'll write it in Latin.

FrenchJeremy: Scipion ! J'l'écris en latin...
French translationJeremy: Scipio! I'll write it in Latin...
EnglishJeremy: Scipio! S-C-I-P-I-O! ...Come on...!

18:58 When the countdown window appears, Jeremy makes a comment that it's probably bad news. But in the English, his use of the word "it" makes it sound like he's still talking about Sector 5 as a whole rather than the countdown window specifically.

FrenchJeremy: Oh... oh ça c'est sûrement mauvais signe !...
French translationJeremy: Oh...oh that's gotta be a bad sign...!
EnglishJeremy:'s probably bad news!

19:44 In the French, Aelita cries "Nooo!" as she's being picked up by the Scyphozoa. In the English, she wails wordlessly.

20:19 Odd's line is different when he shoots at the Creepers.

FrenchOdd: Tu vas voir, toi !
French translationOdd: I'll show you!
EnglishOdd: Laser arrow!

20:22 In the French, when Ulrich puts Aelita down he has an extra line.

FrenchUlrich: Et la voilà !
French translationUlrich: Here she is!

21:00 In the French, Odd bids "Adieu" to Sector 5. Adieu is a very permanent sort of goodbye in French, so Odd is essentially saying he never expects them to return there. His English line instead refers to the Transporter arriving to take them away.

FrenchOdd: Adieu, le 5ème Territoire !
French translationOdd: So long, Sector 5!
EnglishOdd: We've got your ticket out of here, Aelita.

23:18 As well as a phrasing change to Ulrich's line, Yumi has an additional line in the English.

FrenchUlrich: Odd, on dirait bien que l'élève vient de dépasser le maître !
French translationUlrich: Odd, it looks as if the student has just surpassed the master!
EnglishUlrich: I think you can give Odd lessons, Aelita!
Yumi: You sure learn fast!

Épisode 29 - Exploration
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

0:54 - 23:22 In the English version of the episode, the characters are already using set terminology for Sector 5 and the Core Zone. In the French, they use vaguer terms like "the fifth Sector" or "this Sector," and a number of different names to refer to the Core Zone. This has a more organic feel to it, given that this is only their second trip to Sector 5 and they're still making new discoveries.

1:32 A number of small changes to this conversation. Odd's line is probably most notable: in the French he says there are Tarantulas in Sector 5 (false) and in the English he has a couple more words to his sentence offering us an idea of where he got the name "Scyphozoa" from. This isn't an issue in French because they call the monster "la Méduse," which literally means "jellyfish." The English name "Scyphozoa" comes from the scientific name for the class of "true jellyfish," and isn't as much of a common word.

FrenchOdd: Ah non, pas tout à fait ! On sait qu'il y avait des Tarentules, des pièges méga-dangereux, et une Méduse qui veut voler la mémoire d'Aelita !
Aelita: Bon d'accord... Mais il doit bien y avoir autre chose, non ? Imaginez qu'on y trouve des informations sur XANA. Moi chui d'avis de retourner.
Ulrich: T'as raison. Et puis à nous trois, on craint personne !
French translationOdd: Oh no, not quite! We know there are Tarantulas, mega-dangerous traps, and a Scyphozoa (lit. jellyfish) that wants to steal Aelita's memory!
Aelita: Yeah ok... But there must be something else there, right? What if we find information on XANA? I think we should go back.
Ulrich: You're right. And with all three of us together, we're not afraid of anything!
EnglishOdd: Sure we do! There are monsters, ultra-dangerous traps, and a Scyphozoa, as you call it, that wants to steal Aelita's memory.
Aelita: You're right. But what if there's something else there? Like information about XANA? We have to go back.
Ulrich: Good idea. All three of us'll go.

1:53 In the French, Odd refers to Aelita as "our princess."

2:14 In the French, missing dinner causes Odd to lament the life of a hero.

FrenchOdd: Et nous encore une fois, on peut dire adieu au dîner ! Juste le soir des spaghettis bolognaises. C'est trop dur la vie d'héros...
French translationOdd: And as for us, we missed dinner again! And on spaghetti bolognese night. It's tough being a hero...
EnglishOdd: And as for us, we missed dinner again. And when I think it was spaghetti and meatballs!

3:07 Yumi's mother poses a different question.

FrenchAkiko: Qu'est-ce que tu nous cache ? Allons tu vois bien qu'on s'inquiètes pour toi ma chérie !
French translationAkiko: What are you hiding from us? Come now, you know we worry about you, sweetheart!
EnglishAkiko: What's the matter with you? I worry about you, sweetheart.

3:33 Akiko calls her husband by name in the English dub when expressing her concern about Yumi.

FrenchAkiko: Je me fais des soucis pour notre fille.
French translationAkiko: I'm concerned about our daughter.
EnglishAkiko: I'm concerned, Takeho.

3:40 In the French, after Yumi's complaint her father asks her a series of short questions, to which Yumi answers "Yeah" each time. In the English Takeho doesn't ask these short questions, so Yumi makes occasional panting noises to suit her mouth animation.

FrenchYumi: Je vous signale que j'connais le chemin de l'école et qu'je suis assez grande pour y aller toute seule !
Takeho: Vraiment ?
Yumi: Ouais.
Takeho: Tu crois ?
Yumi: Ouais.
Takeho: Alors si t'es assez grande...
Yumi: Ouais...
Takeho: ... tu devrais arrêter de mentir comme une gamine et nous dire pourquoi tu es en retard tous les soirs !
French translationYumi: May I point out, I know the way to school and I'm big enough to go alone!
Takeho: Really?
Yumi: Yeah.
Takeho: You think so?
Yumi: Yeah.
Takeho: Well if you're so big...
Yumi: Yeah...
Takeho: should stop lying like a kid and tell us why you come home late every night!
EnglishYumi: It's nice of you to come with me, but I'm big enough to go to school alone, really I am.
Takeho: You are, uh? If you were, then you would stop lying to us and tell us why you come home so late all the time.

6:04 A few small changes here, including an additional line for Ulrich in the French.

FrenchUlrich: Odd ! T'avais promis d'être prudent !
Odd: Mais chui prudent !
Ulrich: Ouais c'est ça...
Jeremy: On arrête de jouer et on se dépêche avant qu'les bestioles se reveillent.
French translationUlrich: Odd! You promised to be careful!
Odd: But I am careful!
Ulrich: Yeah, right...
Jeremy: Stop playing around and hurry up before the monsters wake up.
EnglishUlrich: Odd! You promised to be careful!
Odd: No problem!
Jeremy: Go straight ahead and hurry up before the monsters get there.

6:32 A bit of repetition in the English dub.

FrenchYumi: Tu m'entends Jérémy ? Jérémy ?
Jeremy: Yumi ?
Yumi: Alors, comment ça s'passe ?
French translationYumi: Can you hear me, Jeremy? Jeremy?
Jeremy: Yumi?
Yumi: Well, how's it going?
EnglishYumi: Are you there, Jeremy?
Jeremy: Yumi?
Yumi: Everything ok?
Jeremy: Yumi!
Yumi: Everything ok?

8:08 Jeremy has an additional line in the French owing to the way Ulrich phrases his line.

FrenchJeremy: Soyez prudents.
Ulrich: T'en fais pas ! Odd a promis d'l'être, tu t'souviens ?
Jeremy: Moi oui, mais lui ?
French translationJeremy: Be careful.
Ulrich: Don't worry! Odd promised he would be, remember?
Jeremy: I do, but does he?
EnglishJeremy: Watch it, guys!
Ulrich: Everything'll be fine! Odd promised to be careful!

8:33 In the English, Jeremy calls the Core Zone by its official name. In the French, he calls it "this structure."

10:33 In the French, Odd favours luck over scientific methods.

FrenchOdd: Toujours compter sur la chance, ça vaut toutes les méthodes scientifiques !
French translationOdd: You should always count on luck, it's better than any scientific method!
EnglishOdd: Nothing like having a little luck on your side.

10:50 After Odd asks for help, Jeremy's French line refers to Odd dissing science mere moments ago.

FrenchJeremy: Quoâ ? On a besoin d'la science maint'nant ?
French translationJeremy: Whaa? You need science now?
EnglishJeremy: So you need me again, huh?

11:27 In the French, Ulrich yells Odd's name after Odd is devirtualised. In the English, he yells "NOOO!"

13:05 Yumi's English line mentions the komi rule by name: a compensation rule in the game go that gives the white side more points to make up for black making the first move.

FrenchYumi: Mais n'oublie pas que j'ai jouée avec les blancs. Donc, c'est moi qui l'emporte d'un demi point !
French translationYumi: But don't forget that I played the whites, so I win by half a point!
EnglishYumi: Don't forget that I played the whites. With komi, I win by half a point.

13:16 In the French, Yumi bids her parents goodnight separately. In the English, she just says "Goodnight" once.

15:12 In the French, Jim is the one who notes that Odd and Ulrich's room is empty. In the English, Mr Delmas says it.

FrenchJim: Heu... Personne ici. Et personne chez Stern non plus.
French translationJim: Huh! No one's here. No one's in Stern's room either.
EnglishJim: Huh! No one's here.
Delmas: No one's in Stern's room either.

15:16 In the English, Mr Delmas calls the three boys Sissi's friends. In the French, he doesn't mention any relationship between Sissi and the boys.

16:16 Again, Jeremy refers to the Core Zone by its official name in the English dub. In the French, he calls it "this block zone."

16:55 A translation mistake made the laser grid in Sector 5 ultra powerful in the English dub: 90 life points in a single hit!

FrenchJeremy: Dix points en moins, Yumi !
French translationJeremy: You've lost ten points, Yumi!
EnglishJeremy: Down to ten points, Yumi!

17:14 In the French, Mr Delmas calls Jim "my friend" when he says they're wasting time.

17:24 In the English, Aelita says "No..." as the Scyphozoa prepares to pick her up.

17:35 Yumi has an additional line in the French after Jeremy tells her not to drag her feet. Her mouth doesn't move, but it's hard to tell because she's flipping through the last of the lasers.

FrenchYumi: J'te donne l'impression d'traîner là !?
French translationYumi: Does it look like I'm dragging my feet?!

18:15 Jeremy and Yumi's lines concerning the Elevator are different.

FrenchJeremy: Un asensceur ? Essaie de monter d'ssus !
Yumi: Plus facile à dire... (elle saut dessus) ... qu'à faire !
French translationJeremy: An elevator? Try to get on it!
Yumi: Easier said... (she jumps on) ...than done!
EnglishJeremy: You know what we do with elevators, right?
Yumi: (Jumps on the Elevator) We ride 'em!

20:16 Delmas has an additional line in the English when he and the other adults arrive at the factory. He says it before Jim wonders where they are.

French translation-
EnglishDelmas: What would a nice girl like Yumi be doing here?!

20:31 In the English, Yumi finishes Aelita's thought about the tunnels being closed.

FrenchYumi: Où est la sortie ?
Aelita: Il y a bien des tunnels mais...
French translationYumi: Where's the exit?
Aelita: There are tunnels, but...
EnglishYumi: How do we get outta here?
Aelita: There are some tunnels.
Yumi: They're closed!

22:18 Mister Delmas has a line in the French when Aelita dashes out of the lift.

FrenchDelmas: Où est-ce que...
French translationDelmas: Where's she...

Épisode 30 - Un grand jour
ImageUn grand jour
(A great day)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
A Great Day
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

0:54 - 23:22 The writing on the screen that indicates the current day is written in the same language as the audio track.

1:07 Odd describes the hatched Mantas differently.

FrenchOdd: Ouais, et vu la taille du nid, on peut s'attendre à un véritable festin !
French translationOdd: Yeah, and judging by the size of the nest, we can expect a real feast!
EnglishOdd: And judging by the size of the nest, we're gonna have some big, bouncing babies!

1:25 Jeremy's French line reminds us that he can't do anything while Aelita is using the interface.

FrenchJeremy: L'ennui c'est que je contrôle plus rien quand tu utilises l'interface.
French translationJeremy: The problem is I can't control anything when you're using the interface.
EnglishJeremy: Let me take over now, ok?

2:02 Yumi has an additional short line in the French when she invites Aelita onto the Overwing.

FrenchYumi: Allez, grimpe !
French translationYumi: Get on!

2:22 Ulrich's English line is rather more sexist.

FrenchUlrich: Mouais, ça m'étonnerais pas ! Attends, je vais leur faire voir qui est l'maître ici !
Yumi: Jérémy, on est obligé de les supporter, les deux cyber-frimeurs ?
French translationUlrich: Yeah, that wouldn't surprise me! Just watch, I'll show 'em who's in charge here!
Yumi: Jeremy, do we really have to put up with these two cyber-posers?
EnglishUlrich: Just watch! I'll show 'em what it is to be a guy! Heh!
Yumi: Jeremy, tell me: do I really need to hear this?

2:49 In the French, Odd calls Ulrich's name as he sees him fall from the Manta.

3:02 Jeremy says "tunnel" singular in the French. In the English, he says the "tunnels" are open.

3:15 Some small differences in this conversation.

FrenchJeremy: Absolument. Et si tout se passe bien, Aelita pourra rester avec nous et on n'aura plus à craindre de menace de XANA.
Odd: Pas cool pour nous ! S'y a plus de monde à sauver, c'est l'chômage technique ! On va faire quoi d'notre temps libre ?
Yumi: Pour commencer tu pourras rattraper le retard que t'as pris pour tes études.
French translationJeremy: Exactly. And if all goes well, Aelita can stay with us and we won't have to worry about threats from XANA.
Odd: Not great for us! If we can't save the world anymore, it'll be like we've been laid off! What are we going to do with our free time?
Yumi: For starters, you could catch up on all the studying you've missed.
EnglishJeremy: Exactly! And if it works, Aelita will no longer be tied to XANA by that horrible virus.
Odd: Oh shoot, what are we going to do with our free time? I mean, if we can't save the world anymore...
Yumi: You might study a little more. And learn something for once.

4:02 In the French, Jeremy says that Aelita has always been real to him, and he also mentions her (fake) nationality.

FrenchJeremy: Eh oui, vraiment ! Mais pour moi, tu as toujours été réelle. Depuis l'début ! Et pour tout le monde au collège, tu es Aelita Stones, la cousine canadienne d'Odd.
French translationJeremy: Yes, really! But you've always been real to me, right from the start! And to everyone else at the school, you're Aelita Stones, Odd's Canadian cousin.
EnglishJeremy: Well to me, you already are. Very real. I mean it! And to everyone else? You're Aelita Stones. Odd's cousin.

4:56 Yumi greets her father in the English but not the French. There are also some differences in what Takeho says to her.

FrenchTakeho: Yumi, ça n'peut plus durer comme ça ! J'aimerais bien savoir c'que tu faisait dehors à trois heures du matin ! Tu m'entends !? Je suis SÛR que t'était avec un garçon !
French translationTakeho: Yumi, this can't go on! I'd like to know what you were doing outside at three in the morning! You hear me?! I'm SURE you were with a boy!
EnglishYumi: Hi, Daddy.
Takeho: I can't help but wonder what a girl your age could possibly be doing out at such a late hour! There's a boy behind this, isn't there?!

5:06 Yumi's English line doesn't mention Aelita as being one of her friends.

FrenchYumi: Difficile de lui dire que je n'étais pas avec un, mais trois garçons et une copine virtuelle...
French translationYumi: I couldn't exactly tell them that I wasn't with one, but three boys and a virtual girl...
EnglishYumi: I couldn't exactly tell them that there were three friends involved, and all of them boys, could I?

5:44 In the French, Ms Hertz explains as she draws the diagram on the board, and the boys have their conversation while she talks in the background. In the English, Ms Hertz is silent until she calls the boys out for talking.

7:05 Odd and Jeremy have lines in the English as Odd locates Sissi's locker.

French translation-
EnglishOdd: Is it this one?
Jeremy: Uh-huh.

7:12 In the French, when Jeremy opens the Walkman, Odd asks if the MiniDisc is inside.

FrenchOdd: C'est bon ? Tu l'as ?
French translationOdd: All good? You got it?

7:19 A few small differences in Sissi's line here.

FrenchSissi: Vous allez me dire tout ce que je veux savoir. Alors qui commence ? Jérémy ? Odd ? Non ? Et toi Ulrich ? Toi non plus tu n'as rien à me dire, c'est pas gentil ça ! ... Comme vous voudrez ! J'ai hâte de voir la tête de mon père quand il entendra ça !
French translationSissi: You're gonna tell me everything I wanna know. So who's first? Jeremy? Odd? No? And you, Ulrich? You have nothing to say to me either? That's not nice! ...Fine! I can't wait to see my father's face when he hears this!
EnglishSissi: Tell me everything you've been up to for as long as I can remember. What's the big conspiracy? Oh, you won't tell me a thing? Is that it? ...Ok then! You asked for it. I'm going to play this recording for my father!

8:44 The French version is clearer about the idea of Ulrich being too timid to ask Sissi to practise with him.

FrenchSissi: Oh dommage je... j'ai pas le temps. J'ai quelque chose à voir avec Jérémy.
Ulrich: Ça peut attendre. Écoute, y a quelque chose que j'veux te d'mander depuis un moment... mais à chaque fois, j'sais pas pourquoi, j'me bloque, j'ose pas !
Sissi: Euh... quoi ? Toi, Ulrich, toi, tu n'oses pas ?
Ulrich: Bon, j'me lance ! Sissi, tu veux apprendre le pencak silat avec moi ?
French translationSissi: Oh no, I...I don't have time. I need to talk to Jeremy about something.
Ulrich: That can wait. Listen, there's something I've been walking to ask you for a long time...but every time, I don't know why...I stop myself, I can't bring myself to do it!
Sissi: Uh...what? You, Ulrich, you can't bring yourself to?
Ulrich: Ok, here goes! Sissi, would you like to learn pencak silat with me?
EnglishSissi: Bu-but, you see, I, uh... I wanted to talk to Jeremy.
Ulrich: Oh, that can wait. There's something I've been wanting to ask you for a long time. But...I just can't...bring myself to do it...
Sissi: You...uh...y-you can't uh...
Ulrich: Would you like to learn...pencak silat with me?

10:00 There's a bit more to Ulrich's French line. He also sounds genuinely concerned for his friends, unlike in the English where he does sound a bit like he's making the story up.

FrenchUlrich: Ben euh... en fait, tu vois... au début, j'ai cru qu'c'était un jeu mais... mais non ! Ils délirent pour de bon ! Ils s'prennent... i-ils s'prennent pour des personnes virtuelles !
Sissi: Pour des quoi !?
French translationUlrich: Well uh...actually, you first I thought it was just a game! They've really lost it! They think...they think they're virtual people!
Sissi: They're what?!
EnglishUlrich: Well um... You see, they...they've kind of lost it. For some strange reason, they think they're...virtual people!
Sissi: What's that?

10:08 As the camera pans over the factory, Aelita has an additional line in the English.

French translation-
EnglishAelita: Do you think we're going to live the same day over and over again?

11:12 Jeremy has an additional line in the English as the Return to the Past launches again.

French translation-
EnglishJeremy: Get ready! It's starting again!

11:43 In the French, Odd continues his explanation in the background while Jeremy and Ulrich talk to each other. Odd stops talking at 11:54, leaving Ulrich and Jeremy the only ones talking for a short while. In the English, Odd doesn't talk as he draws on the blackboard. There's also a difference to this line from Ulrich.

FrenchUlrich: Et pendant qu'Odd frime au tableau moi j'vais devoir recommencer mon cinéma avec Sissi.
French translationUlrich: While Odd shows off on the blackboard, I'm gonna have to start my performance with Sissi all over again.
EnglishUlrich: Just think, now I'll have to start all over again with Sissi...

13:13 Unlike the French, Jeremy's English line doesn't mention that Odd and Aelita will need to jump off the edge of the platform to reach the next one. This makes Odd's next question about a platform to land on sound a bit strange because the audience doesn't yet know that they'll need to jump.

FrenchJeremy: Allez au bout du sentier et plongez. Vous trouverez une piste qui mène à la tour.
French translationJeremy: Head to the end of the path and jump down. You'll find a path that leads to the tower.
EnglishJeremy: Guys! On your right! It should be a path that leads to the tower!

15:12 In the English, Ulrich tells Jeremy that some of the Hornets are attacking Aelita and Odd, but this isn't the case because the Hornets only just left and wouldn't have reached them yet.

FrenchUlrich: Jérémy ! Y a des Frôlions qui s'dirigent vers Odd et Aelita !
French translationUlrich: Jeremy! There are Hornets heading for Odd and Aelita!
EnglishUlrich: Jeremy. The Hornets are attacking Aelita and Odd!

16:47 Sissi has an additional line in the French before she's cut off by the Return to the Past.

FrenchSissi: Alors qu'est-ce que-
French translationSissi: So what are-

21:11 Odd's line is different when he spots a Tarantula on the path between them and the tower.

FrenchOdd: Plus facile à dire qu'à faire !
French translationOdd: Easier said than done!
EnglishOdd: And we're not there yet.

21:33 After Yumi says they won't get a second chance, Odd's response is different.

FrenchOdd: On n'aura pas besoin ! Allez.
French translationOdd: We won't need one! Go.
EnglishOdd: No sweat. I'll cover you.

21:40 After Jeremy stops the return trip, his English line starts with "I can't believe it!" which wasn't included in the French. In the French, he only talks while we can see him in the lab, but in the English, his line extends to the shot of Odd making a move on the Tarantula.

Épisode 31 - Mister Pück
ImageMister Pück
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Mister Pück
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:10 In the French, when Mister Pück turns around to face the wolf he says "What..."

2:25 After Sissi calls Emilie a four-eyed wolf, she also says "Now that's rare!" in the French only.

4:35 After Aelita says she's ok after having a vision, in the French she thanks Yumi for her concern.

4:48 In the French, Aelita begins describing the tree in her vision. In the English, she starts by saying she felt like something or someone was leading her to something.

FrenchAelita: Il y avait un arbre... un arbre creux, comme celui-ci, e-et il y avait quelque chose de caché à l'intérieur !
French translationAelita: There was a tree...a hollow tree, like this one, a-and there was something hidden inside it!
EnglishAelita: It's as if something...or someone was leading me to... There was something in a tree, like that one!

5:40 When Sissi and Aelita grab Mister Pück at the same time, Aelita has a line in the French and Sissi does in the English.

FrenchAelita: Non ! Lâche ça !
French translationAelita: No! Let go!
EnglishSissi: I got it!

5:48 Sissi has an additional line in the French when she's pulling at Ulrich's shoe, trying to get the key he's standing on: "Gimme that!"

5:51 Ms Meyer's line is extended in the French.

FrenchMeyer: Où est-ce que vous vous croyez !? Vous avez trois secondes pour vous installer ! Allons, à vos places !
French translationMeyer: Just where do you all think you all are?! You have three seconds to settle down! Go on, get to your seats!
EnglishMeyer: You have three seconds to settle down!

6:08 Jeremy has a different line concerning the key.

FrenchJeremy: Bizarre cette clef...
French translationJeremy: What a weird key...
EnglishJeremy: What's this key doing here?

6:57 The "FH" words Odd suggests are different, as is Ulrich's response. In French the letter H is silent, so it's not hard to believe Odd might think "atomic" is spelt "hatomic," since they sound the same.

FrenchOdd: « Film d'Horreur », « Frigo à Hot-dogs », « Fusion Atomique » !!
Ulrich: T'écris « atomique » avec un « H » toi ?
Odd: Ben oui ! Comme dans la bombe H !
French translationOdd: "Horror Film," "Hotdog Fridge," "Atomic Fusion!!"
Ulrich: You spell "atomic" with an H?
Odd: Well yeah! Like in the H-bomb!
EnglishOdd: Fuzzy Hands? Fifty-cent Hotdog? Fried Hegg?
Ulrich: Egg doesn't start with an H.
Odd: Just testing to see if you were on your toes!

9:17 Jim uses a different running-related phrase in either language.

FrenchJim: Certains d'entre vous pensent que courir est un acte de pure lâcheté, certes on dit : "s'enfuir à toutes jambes", mais il n'en est rien, bien au contraire ! Quand on vole au secours de quelqu'un, c'est bien avec ses jambes qu'on le fait, n'est-ce pas ?
French translationJim: Some of you may think that running is an act of pure cowardice, sure there's the phrase "run away as fast as your legs can carry you," but this is not the case, in fact it's quite the opposite! When we rush to someone's aid, we do so with our legs, don't we?
EnglishJim: Some of you may associate running with cowardice, as in running away. Nothing can be further from the truth. Since he who runs well, goes far!

9:43 In his French line, Jim says he hopes the students understood his (confusing) speech about running.

FrenchJim: C'est pas entre les deux, non, c'est quand je dis "partez"... Bon, j'espère que c'est bien compris ! Alors... allons-y !
French translationJim: No it's not between the two, it's when I say "Go..." Right, I hope you understood all that! Ok...let's go!
EnglishJim: I mean, well, after "ready, get set," is when...I say "go..." Right. Ok!

13:09 Odd calls XANA-Jeremy "Twinklefingers" in the English. In the French, he makes a joke about the electricity the boy is wielding.

FrenchOdd: Ouh, d'accord ! Allez ! Amènes toi un peu par ici ! Allez ! Je sens qu'entre nous, le courant va passer !
French translationOdd: Ooh, ok! Come on! Come over here, c'mon! I have a good feeling sparks are gonna fly between the two of us!
EnglishOdd: Ok, over here, Twinklefingers! I have a good feeling we're really going to hit it off!

13:53 Aelita's line calls back to different parts of Jim's earlier speech.

FrenchAelita: Courage ! La course, c'est pas fait pour les lâches !
French translationAelita: Be strong! Running isn't for the cowardly!
EnglishAelita: He who runs well, goes far!

13:54 After Odd wraps the chain around XANA-Jeremy's leg and lifts it up, he makes a circle motion with his other hand. This animation goes perfectly with the French dialogue where Odd talks about catching a fish and reeling it in. In the English, it just looks like a gleeful motion he makes because he's happy to have caught XANA-Jeremy like that.

FrenchOdd: Et une blague au lieu d'une baffe, tu pourrais pas ? Les gens aiment bien les méchants qui ont l'sens de l'humour ! Oh doucement ! (il attrape XANA-Jérémy avec la chaîne) Et voilà ! Le poisson est ferré, ah, ah !! Y'a plus qu'à l'remonter !
French translationOdd: Couldn't you hit me with a joke instead of your fist? People love a bad guy with a sense of humour! Whoa, easy does it! (he catches XANA-Jeremy with the chain) There! I've hooked the fish, haha!! Just need to reel it in!
EnglishOdd: How can you have a decent discussion with someone who has no sense of humour?! Whoa, easy does it! (catches XANA-Jeremy with the chain) Haha! Not so clever now, huh?

16:02 In the French, Ulrich says "No!" when his leg is trapped in ice.

18:22 Aelita says "Yeah!" in the French after Yumi destroys the Blok using her fan and telekinesis.

20:21 In the French, Ulrich calls the Scyphozoa a "bowl of jelly." In the English he calls it an "overgrown bug."

20:54 In the French, XANA-Jeremy laughs evilly as he starts to build up electricity, adding a more menacing tone to this harrowing scene.

21:55 Ulrich uses a different word for the contents of the diary CDs. This is only a minor difference, but the French version seems easier to understand due to the phrasing.

FrenchUlrich: Apparament le contenu ne lui plaisait pas...
French translationUlrich: Apparently he had a problem with the contents...
EnglishUlrich: Apparently he had a problem with his notes.

Épisode 32 - Saint Valentin
ImageSaint Valentin
(Saint Valentine's Day)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Saint Valentine's Day
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:09 Aelita's sleep-talking is slightly different.

FrenchAelita: Arrêtez... Arrêtez, c'est moi !
French translationAelita: Stop... Stop, it's me!
EnglishAelita: No...stop! Stop, let me go...!

1:17 In the French, Aelita says "What..." as she opens the message on her computer.

1:25 Aelita says something in the English after finding the hallway empty.

French translation-
EnglishAelita: But what could...?

2:26 In French, Valentine's Day is also known as la fête des amoureux (lit. the lovers' celebration). Yumi says this in the French version of the episode, but since there's no real English equivalent to the term, in the English dub Aelita instead questions the word "lovers."

FrenchYumi: La fête des amoureux.
Aelita: La fête des amoureux ?
French translationYumi: The lovers' celebration.
Aelita: The lovers' celebration?
EnglishYumi: The day all lovers celebrate.
Aelita: Lovers?

2:51 In the French, Aelita says the necklace is lovely. In the English she thanks Jeremy again.

FrenchAelita: Pour le collier ! C'est adorable.
French translationAelita: For the necklace! It's lovely.
EnglishAelita: For the necklace! Thank you.

3:36 Jeremy offers Ulrich a few different rhyming words. In the English, he includes an unnecessary jab at Ulrich...

FrenchUlrich: T'as pas quelque chose qui rime avec fleur ?
Jeremy: Bah là j'vois pas ! Euh... ordinateur ? Micro processeur ?
French translationUlrich: What rhymes with flower?
Jeremy: I don't know! Microprocessor?
EnglishUlrich: What rhymes with uh...tulip?
Jeremy: I don't know. Microchip? Paperclip? Hypocrite?

3:52 Jeremy's French line is a bit more sarcastic.

FrenchJeremy: Un devoir de bio écrit en rime ? Ben ça alors ! C'est nouveau, ça vient d'sortir !
French translationJeremy: Biology homework that rhymes? Wow! That's new, must be the latest thing!
EnglishJeremy: Biology homework that rhymes, huh? That's interesting!

4:12 In the French, Odd adds "crétin" (cretin/moron) to the end of his sentence when he says he didn't admit anything.

5:56 Ulrich's poem is rather more poetic in French!

FrenchUlrich: Si je te chipe, tel un voleur de cœur, de toi des senteurs de toutes fleurs, si j'le fais à la dérobée, c'est que, subjugué, je n'ose point trop m'approcher. Mais ton sourire est une arme, toi dont je convoite les charmes, je me sais en sursit, ô toi, jolie Sissi.
French translationUlrich: If I steal from you, like a thief of hearts, the scents of all sorts of flowers; If I do it stealthily, it's because I'm captivated, I wouldn't dare get too close; But your smile is a weapon, you whose charms I desire; I know I'm in a reprieve, O you, pretty Sissi.
EnglishUlrich: To tell you how much I flip, if not with a tulip; How I'm a victim of your charms, and long to hold you in my arms; With you I never f...feel gloomy, my little uh...Sissi.

7:35 XANA-Aelita gives a sort of answer to Jeremy's question in the French, but she just trails off in the English.

FrenchXANA-Aelita: Eh bien j'étais euh... ben... par-ci, par-là.
French translationXANA-Aelita: I was and there.
EnglishXANA-Aelita: I

8:12 In the French, XANA-Aelita asks Jeremy to trust her.

8:35 In the French, Mr Delmas says Jim saw spider-men on the ceiling. In the English it's the singular "Spider-Man," a reference to the Marvel Comics hero.

10:51 In the French, XANA-Aelita gives a reason for heading north.

FrenchAelita: Négatif. J'ai rendez-vous au Nord.
French translationAelita: No way. I've got a rendezvous up north.
EnglishAelita: No way. I'm heading north.

14:03 Aelita's (fake) fever is described in Celsius in the French and Fahrenheit in the English. Also, in the French Ulrich actually lets it slip that he thinks Jim is an idiot. In the English, Ulrich is a lot more obvious when trying to communicate to Jeremy that he's made up a lie about Aelita having a fever, putting stress on the words "Aelita's fever" to try and make sure Jeremy catches his drift. He sounds a lot more casual in the French.

FrenchUlrich: Enfin Jim, A-Aelita a 40 de température alors elle insiste pour voir son cousin, il faut la comprendre ! C'est sa seule famille ici !
Jim: Y'a une minute tu m'as dit qu'elle avait 39 !
Ulrich: C'est une fièvre foudroyante, la température augmente à chaque seconde !
Jim: Mais tu m'prends pour quoi là ? Pour un idiot ?
Ulrich: Euh ouais... euh euh... enfin j'veux dire non Jim, euh monsieur !
French translationUlrich: You see, Jim, A-Aelita's got a 40-degree fever, so she insists on seeing her cousin. You have to understand! He's her only family here!
Jim: A minute ago you told me it was 39 degrees!
Ulrich: It's a really bad fever, her temperature keeps going up by the second!
Jim: What do you take me for, some kind of idiot?!
Ulrich: Uh I mean no Jim, uh Sir!
EnglishUlrich: You see, Jim, Aelita's got a 104 fever. So, naturally, she wants to see her cousin. He's her only family!
Jim: A minute ago it was 103.
Ulrich: Right, her temperature...keeps going up by the minute! (nervous laugh)
Jim: What do you take me, for some kind of idiot?!
Ulrich: Well No, Jim.

15:07 In the French, Ulrich asks Jeremy how he managed to change his voice. In the English, he asks "How did you manage that with the principal?"

15:58 In the French, Yumi says "Oh no..." as the Krab shoots her fan out of her hand for the second time.

16:20 The French version is clearer about Yumi's concern about taking a vehicle inside a tower.

FrenchJeremy: Elle a quittée ce secteur, elle est dans la Territoire de la Banquise. Passe par la tour !
Yumi: Par la tour !? Avec mon Overwing ? T'es sûr de ton coup !?
French translationJeremy: She left the Sector, she's in the Ice Sector. Go through the tower!
Yumi: Through the tower?! On my Overwing? Are you absolutely sure about that?!
EnglishJeremy: She took off for Sector One, the Ice Sector. Through the Way Tower!
Yumi: On the Overboard?! Are you absolutely sure about that?

16:47 A bit extra to Jeremy's French line.

FrenchJeremy: Yumi, j'ai pas entendu. Tu jurais de quoi ?
French translationJeremy: Yumi, I didn't hear you. You swear you'll what?
EnglishJeremy: You swear you'll what?

17:56 Some small changes to these lines.

FrenchYumi: Écoute, Aelita, il faut t'réveiller ! Arrête d'obéir à XANA !
XANA-Aelita: Toi, va t'en, laisses-moi !
French translationYumi: Listen Aelita, you have to wake up! Stop obeying XANA!
XANA-Aelita: Go away, leave me alone!
EnglishYumi: Aelita. You must stop obeying XANA!
XANA-Aelita: Leave me alone.

19:41 When Odd stares through the ice wall open-mouthed, in the French he makes a small noise of dismay. In the English he yells Aelita's name again.

19:56 In the French, Odd makes a joke about how he's currently climbing up the slippery ice wall.

FrenchOdd: Ça va, ça va ! On s'accroche !
French translationOdd: Brilliant! Hanging in there!
EnglishOdd: Brilliant, as usual.

20:42 Ulrich's French line is clearly directed at Odd, trying to get him not to follow Jeremy's instruction to shoot Aelita. In the English, he sounds like he's trying to remind all of his friends of what will happen.

FrenchUlrich: Odd, non ! N'oublie pas qu'si Aelita perde tous ses points de vie, elle disparaîtra à jamais !
French translationUlrich: Odd, no! Don't forget that if Aelita loses all her lose points, she'll disappear forever!
EnglishUlrich: Hey, don't forget that if Aelita loses all her life points, she'll disappear forever!

21:30 In the English, Jeremy calls out Aelita's life point count again just before the Scyphozoa finally releases her.

French translation-
EnglishJeremy: Only ten life points left!

22:47 In the French, when talking about Jeremy's punishment for skipping detention, Odd calls him "our hero."

23:18 At the end, we see Yumi and Aelita laugh. In the English dub we can also hear Odd and Jeremy laughing, even though their mouths don't move.

FrenchYumi: N'empêche que c'est pour moi qu'il avait écrit l'poème ! Pas pour Sissi !
(Rire de Yumi et Aelita.)
French translationYumi: But it was still for me that he wrote the poem! Not Sissi!
(Yumi and Aelita laugh.)
EnglishYumi: But it was for me that he wrote the poem. Poor Sissi!
(All four of them laugh.)

Épisode 33 - Mix final
ImageMix final
(Final mix)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Final Mix
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:01 Odd guesses some numbers to answer Ulrich's question, reading each number off the drinks machine. When he reaches the button that says "J," in the French he says "joker."

FrenchOdd: Euh... à zéro ! Euh non dix. Attends... euh... joker ! Ça t'va ?
French translationOdd:! Uh, no, ten. Wait...uh...joker! Does that sound right?
EnglishOdd: Uh, no. Ten? No, wait. I give up.

1:37 Everything about the band Love Potion is the same in both versions, except that one of the members is named Crystal in the French and Crystal Pearl in the English.

3:16 After William asks if he can give the mixing table a try, Aelita responds in the French only.

FrenchAelita: Bien sûr ! Fais comme chez toi.
French translationAelita: Of course! Knock yourself out.

3:42 Jim's line is different when he shuts the power off to the mixing table.

FrenchJim: Bon suffit là, on s'calme !
French translationJim: Alright that's enough, settle down!
EnglishJim: Hey, goof-offs! Well don't mind me!

3:51 Jim prefers a different kind of music in either version.

FrenchJim: Tu veux rire, gamin ! Vos zinzins élécroniques, là, très peu pour moi. Ça vaut pas un bon vieux rock 'n' roll ! Allez au dodo !
French translationJim: Forget about it, kid! Your cuckoo electronic stuff isn't for me. It's nothing compared to some good rock 'n' roll! Go on, off to bed!
EnglishJim: Forget about it! Electronic music... I prefer the twist!

3:59 A small difference in the way Odd describes his family.

FrenchOdd: C'est d'famille ! Chez nous, on est tous un peu artiste !
French translationOdd: It runs in the family! We're all a little artistic!
EnglishOdd: Uhh, it runs in the family. We're all artists. We're creative!

4:40 In the French, Odd asks if the exam has been cancelled (how optimistic!). In the English, he asks if they can't go in.

6:24 When Odd responds, in French he gives an answer about the atmosphere outside the party. In the English he answers about his own health.

FrenchYumi: Ça donne quoi ?
Odd: Ben, super ambiance !
French translationYumi: What's the verdict?
Odd: Great atmosphere!
EnglishYumi: Well?
Odd: Sure, never felt better.

7:33 William's French line lists a few more influences found in Aelita's music. The English line is pretty sweet though, saying Aelita has a style all her own.

FrenchWilliam: Je dirai que son style à des infulences de Hardcore, avec des touches de Beat Club et snaredrums.
French translationWilliam: I'd say her style has some influences from hardcore, with a few touches of beat club and snare drums.
EnglishWilliam: I'd say her style is more hardcore, but it's more a style of her own!

8:00 Christopher's introduction of Aelita is different.

FrenchChristopher: Et maintenant, Aelita ! La révélation de cette soirée ! Elle débarque de nulle part, mais elle va vous emmener très, très loin !
French translationChristopher: And now, Aelita! Tonight's breakout DJ! She's shown up out of nowhere, but she's gonna take you very, very far!
EnglishChristopher: And now, Aelita! A brand new DJ! And as you're gonna see...she totally rips!

11:13 In the French, the audience keeps cheering even as Aelita falls unconscious and the music stops. In the English, they gasp.

11:32 In the English, from outside the gym, Christopher's voice can be heard much more clearly as he announces the next DJ.

12:56 Jeremy says "Ok!" in the English before he and Yumi run off.

13:05 Odd's reaction to the duplicate XANA-Jim is different.

FrenchOdd: Oh non ! On en a deux pour le prix d'un ! A nous quatre ! Banzaiiiii !
French translationOdd: Oh no! We've got two for the price of one! Just the four of us! Banzaiiiii!
EnglishOdd: And he's brought a friend along with him too...! Go! BANZAAAI!

14:12 A few changes here. Odd's plan is more descriptive in the French. What does "puppet thing" mean?

FrenchOdd: J'te signale qu'on a un G.I. Jim à anéantir !
Ulrich: Et tu comptes t'y prendre comment ?
Odd: Je fais l'appât, tu le harponnes par derrière comme avec les Kankrelats !
French translationOdd: We've got a G.I. Jim to wipe out!
Ulrich: And how are you planning on doing that?
Odd: I'll be the bait, you harpoon him in the back, like with the Kankrelats!
EnglishOdd: We've got an invincible guy to wipe out!
Ulrich: What are you suggesting?
Odd: The puppet thing! Like the way we handled the Kankrelats.

15:50 Odd has a line in the French after he destroys a Hornet.

FrenchOdd: Ouais ! Et d'un !
French translationOdd: Yeah! One down!

16:54 In the French, Ulrich has a line just after the Hornets arrive and before Yumi splits off from him.

FrenchUlrich: Yumi ! On sépare !
French translationUlrich: Yumi! Split up!

17:48 After Ulrich offers Odd a taxi, Odd replies in the French only.

FrenchOdd: C'est pas d'refus !
French translationOdd: I wouldn't say no!

18:06 In the French, Jeremy has a line just before Yumi's arrival in the crater.

FrenchJeremy: Yumi, à toi !
French translationJeremy: Your turn, Yumi!

18:48 After Yumi is devirtualised, Aelita calls her name in dismay. In the English she also says "Oh no!"

21:53 Jeremy sounds a bit more demanding in the English as XANA-Jim is approaching him.

FrenchJeremy: Aelita !...
French translationJeremy: Aelita...!
EnglishJeremy: Move it!

23:01 In the French, Odd responds to Sissi calling him a looney by saying "Yeah, perhaps!"

23:15 In the French, Aelita addresses Odd by name when asking to be taught about techno. She also says she wants to be a DJ. In the English, she says techno is her new earthly passion.

FrenchAelita: Au fait, après les exams, je veux qu'tu m'apprennes tout sur la techno, Odd ! Je veux être DJ !
French translationAelita: Actually, after the exams, I want you to teach me all about techno, Odd! I want to be a DJ!
EnglishAelita: After final exams, I want you to teach me about techno. I love it! It's my new earthly passion.

Épisode 34 - Chaînon manquant
ImageChaînon manquant
(Missing link)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Missing Link
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

3:02 After Yumi says Ulrich can be a jerk if he wants, Ulrich's response is different. (I mean yeah Ulrich, you are the one acting like a jerk...)

FrenchUlrich: Ouais, c'est ça, c'est moi l'abruti...
French translationUlrich: Yeah, right, I'm the jerk.
EnglishUlrich: You must think I'm really dumb.

4:06 A line swap: in the French, Ulrich says XANA hates it when they go fishing in Sector 5. In the English, Jeremy says it.

4:38 Jeremy's line is different. Since the Scyphozoa is just one monster, it's not clear why he says "they" instead of "it" in the English.

FrenchJeremy: C'est pas normal qu'elle t'ait attaquée.
French translationJeremy: It's not normal that it attacked you.
EnglishJeremy: Why would they go after you?

5:44 A difference to Ulrich's line.

FrenchUlrich: Mais oui, elle a raison! C'est la photo de classe aujourd'hui !
French translationUlrich: Yeah, she's right! Today's the class picture!
EnglishUlrich: Oh, no. I almost forgot! Today's the class picture!

5:57 Yumi's French line mentions that even such a short duration of suspension would upset her parents.

FrenchYumi: Imagine un peu la tête de mes parents si je suis renvoyée... Même pour une journée !
French translationYumi: Imagine my parents' faces if I get suspended... Even for one day!
EnglishYumi: Can you just picture my parents' faces if...if I get suspended?!

7:50 In the English, Yumi says "Oh no...!" as she bows her head in dismay. In the French she moves her lips but no sound comes out. (Though it does look a bit like she's trying to say something but she's at a loss for words.)

8:57 In the French Ulrich comments that they've been waiting half an hour for Sissi to finish getting changed. In the English it's a quarter of an hour.

9:07 Odd says Sissi's makeover makes her look like Yumi, but in the English he only says it about her hair.

FrenchOdd: Pas mal du tout ! Ça ressemble bien à Yumi !
French translationOdd: Not bad! That really looks like Yumi!
EnglishOdd: Not bad. The hair looks like Yumi's!

10:11 In the French, Jeremy says the tower is north-west. In the English, he says it's at ten o'clock (the direction, of course).

10:53 In the French, Mrs Ishiyama says her mother warned her not to marry a man from the city. This refers to a number of ultra-urbanised cities on the east coast of Japan, and implies that Akiko probably came from a country area of Japan. In the English, she says her husband is from Tokyo. Takeho also starts to say something in response in the French but not the English.

FrenchAkiko: Ma mère m'avait pourtant prévenue : n'épouse jamais un homme de la ville !
Takeho: Ah... chérie...
French translationAkiko: My mother warned me not to marry a man from the city!
Takeho: Ah...Dear...
EnglishAkiko: My mother warned me not to marry a man from Tokyo!

13:30 In the English, Odd says "Why?" even though he probably can't hear what Jeremy just said to Ulrich on the phone.

15:11 In the French, Matthias doesn't finish saying "Elisabeth" before he gets slapped. In the English, he does finish the word.

16:29 A little extra to Sissi's French line.

FrenchSissi: Et je peux porter ce que je veux. Sur moi, tout est classe !
French translationSissi: And I can wear whatever I want. Everything looks fashionable on me!
EnglishSissi: Everything looks fashionable on me!

17:26 In the French, the students repeat "Daddy darling" once and then laugh. In the English they repeat it a couple of times before laughing.

19:32 Ulrich's line is different when he gestures towards the exit.

FrenchUlrich: Par ici la sortie !
French translationUlrich: The exit is this way!
EnglishUlrich: After you, ladies!

20:19 Some small changes here.

FrenchUlrich: On va avoir les Mantas sur le dos. Il faut se depecher.
French translationUlrich: We're gonna have Mantas on our backs. We've gotta hurry.
EnglishUlrich: A Flying Mantas' nest is about to hatch! We don't have much time left.

Épisode 35 - Les jeux sont faits
ImageLes jeux sont faits
(The chips are down)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
The Chips Are Down
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:02 Aelita's line is different.

FrenchAelita: J'suis vraiment d'tout cœur avec toi Yumi...
French translationAelita: My heart goes out to you, Yumi...
EnglishAelita: I wish I could do something, Yumi.

1:15 Ulrich's French line is longer.

FrenchUlrich: Hé-oh ! Eh merci, sympa les gars ! Ouais, j'adore cette sensation d'pas exister, c'est super !
French translationUlrich: Hello?! Thanks, that's so nice of you guys! Yeah, I love feeling like I don't exist, it's wonderful!
EnglishUlrich: Don't mind me! Keep making like I don't exist, ok?!

1:32 Odd's English line mentions a Green Card, a special kind of visa used in the USA that allows the owner to live and work in the country. You can apply for one if your relative or spouse is an American citizen. The French line uses the term "familial reunification," the general visa-related term that means the same thing and is used in multiple countries.

FrenchOdd: Bah il a raison. Moi j'aurais bien une solution.
Ulrich: Ah ouais ? C'est quoi !?
Odd: Eh ben euh, c'est simple ! T'épouses Yumi et vous optez pour le rapprochement familial !
French translationOdd: Well he's right. I've got a solution.
Ulrich: Oh yeah? What?!
Odd: Well uh, it's simple! You marry Yumi and you opt for family reunification!
EnglishOdd: You know what? There is an easy solution.
Ulrich: Oh yeah?! What?
Odd: Well uh, you see, if you marry Yumi, then she can get a Green Card!

1:54 When Ulrich first gets the Italian teacher's attention, in the English both he and the teacher speak Italian. In the French, they both speak French.

FrenchUlrich: Excusez-moi ! Monsieur Caggia, s'il vous plaît.
Caggia: Si, qu'y a-t-il Ulrich ?
French translationUlrich: Excuse me! Mister Caggia, please.
Caggia: Yes, what is it, Ulrich?
EnglishUlrich: Per favore, Signore Caggia.
Caggia: Sì, Ulrich!

2:09 The lesson taught by English teacher Ms Kensington is different: in the French she's teaching about English grammar, and in the English she's teaching about Moby Dick. Also, in the French version she speaks to Yumi in English.

FrenchKensington: Cette règle s'applique pour des phrases interrogatives attendant une réponse "yes" or "no".
Yumi: Heu, m'dame excusez-moi...
Kensington: Yes, Yumi?
Yumi: Je n'me sens pas très bien. Je peux aller à l'infirmarie ?
Kensington: Oh yes, sure.
French translationKensington: This rule applies to questioning sentences that expect a "yes" or "no" answer.
Yumi: Um, excuse me, Ma'am...
Kensington: Yes, Yumi?
Yumi: I don't feel very well. Could I please go to the infirmary?
Kensington: Oh yes, sure.
EnglishKensington: In Moby Dick, Melville uses the literary technique of a character in the novel speaking-
Yumi: Excuse me, Ma'am?
Kensington: Yes, Yumi?
Yumi: Could I please go to the infirmary?

2:36 In the French, Ulrich suggests writing to the mayor. In the English he suggests writing to their congressman, which is primarily an American term.

2:45 In the English, the radio host is already talking in the background and talks right the way through the scene. In the French, only music plays until Ulrich puts his first attempt at a letter in the bin (at 3:04), and then the host starts talking. Also, the song (Break Away) has lyrics in the English only.

2:57 After saying Yumi loves their country, in the French Ulrich adds that her parents do too.

5:16 In the French, Ulrich says he needs to study for the chemistry exam. There's no mention of an exam in the English, just that he needs to study for chemistry.

6:00 In the French, Ulrich adds "you never know!" after telling Yumi's parents to listen for the numbers. He then bids them goodbye before closing the door. He doesn't say either of these things in the English.

6:32 Mr Ishiyama has an additional line after the lottery results are announced.

French translation-
EnglishTakeho: I can't believe it!

6:35 In the French, the radio host keeps talking to say it's time for more music. In the English, he just goes quiet.

8:30 In the French, Nicolas talks about his looks and Herb's brains. In the English, he attributes both things to himself.

FrenchNicolas: Ouais, moi aussi, c'est vrai quoi ! Il n'a ni ma beauté ni ton intelligence !
Herb: Parc'que tu t'trouves beau ?!
Nicolas: Bah pas plus que je n'te trouve intelligent !
French translationNicolas: Yeah, me too, you said it! He hasn't got my looks or your brains!
Herb: You think you're handsome, huh?!
Nicolas: No more than I think you're smart!
EnglishNicolas: You said it! He sure is no match for my looks, or my brains.
Herb: Hmph. You think you're handsome, huh?
Nicolas: No more than you think you're smart!

9:56 Aelita's reaction is different after Jeremy says XANA is launching an attack. She says "Oh no..." in the French and "What?" in the English.

12:03 Yumi's French line lends itself better to Aelita's statement about there being no mirages on Lyoko.

FrenchYumi: Une vingtaine de Krabes d'un coup ? C'est pas possible, c'est une illusion d'optique ou un mirage !
French translationYumi: Twenty Krabs at once? That's impossible, it's an optical illusion or a mirage!
EnglishYumi: Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or are there at least...twenty of them?!

12:17 XANA-Nicolas's line is a bit longer in the French.

FrenchXANA-Nicolas: Attention, on ne rigole plus, vous allez souffrir pour de bon !
French translationXANA-Nicolas: Watch out, no more messing around, you're going to feel real pain!
EnglishXANA-Nicolas: Now your wounds will become fatal!

14:01 In the French, Sissi asks why Herb doesn't go play marbles with Nicolas. She doesn't mention any particular game in the English.

14:10 In the French, Herb says XANA-Nicolas didn't say anything. But in the English, he notes that his voice sounded strange.

FrenchHerb: Il était trop bizarre ! Pas un mot, rien, mais il avait ce truc bizarre dans l'regard comme s'il avait mit des lentilles !
French translationHerb: He was really weird! He didn't say a single word, but there was something weird in his eyes, as if he was wearing contact lenses!
EnglishHerb: He was really spaced out. His voice sounded weird, and there was something strange about his eyes.

14:26 Odd has an additional line in the English just before he climbs the sand dune.

French translation-
EnglishOdd: I'll go and check it out!

14:54 In the English, Aelita says "My turn" when she reaches the top of the dune.

15:27 XANA-Nicolas's taunt is different.

FrenchXANA-Nicolas: Eh, lève ta tête ! C'est ici qu'ça s'passe !
French translationXANA-Nicolas: Hey, look up! It's all happening up here!
EnglishXANA-Nicolas: Maybe I'm the one you're looking for!

15:40 After remaking on XANA-Nicolas's newfound athleticism, Ulrich has a question for him in the French.

FrenchUlrich: Et ça, dis voir, tu sais faire ?
French translationUlrich: How about this one, you know how to do this?
EnglishUlrich: I don't believe it!

15:56 In his English line, Ulrich calls XANA-Nicolas "Spider-Man."

FrenchUlrich: Hé attends, je n'ai pas dit mon dernier mot !
French translationUlrich: Hold on, I'm not out yet!
EnglishUlrich: C'mon, Spider-Man... Hold on! I'm not out yet!

16:24 In the French, after asking how Ulrich is, Jeremy adds "Good, I hope..."

16:51 The French line makes a little more sense here. In the English Ulrich says there's nothing on the screens, but they look pretty normal so what's he talking about?

FrenchUlrich: Et sur les écans d'contrôle, tout a l'air bloqué !
French translationUlrich: And everything on the control screens seems blocked!
EnglishUlrich: I don't get it, there's nothing on the screens!

17:21 A little bit of humour in Jeremy's French line. The verb frapper means "to strike" as well as "to knock."

FrenchJeremy: Hein... HEIN !? Quoi !? Quelqu'un a frappé ? Qu'est-ce qui se passe ?
French translationJeremy: Huh...HUH?! What?! Did somebody knock? What's going on?
EnglishJeremy: Ouch! What...what's going on?

17:33 In the French, Jeremy says XANA-Nicolas deactivated the scanners. In the English he says scanner singular.

17:52 In the English, Jeremy says "Come on!" as he types.

20:30 Odd has an additional English line when he sees the next line of Krabs.

French translation-
EnglishOdd: Oh, no! Another row of those guys!

20:38 In the French, as Odd tries and fails to pass the final line of Krabs, he calls to Yumi and Ulrich for help. This leads into Ulrich then complaining that he can't help Odd when he's moving around so much.

FrenchOdd: Ulrich ! Yumi ! On a besoin d'vous, ça urge !
French translationOdd: Ulrich! Yumi! We need you, right now!

21:41 In the English XANA-Nicolas starts laughing, causing Jeremy to look up. He doesn't make a sound in the French.

22:30 In the French, Yolanda comments on Nicolas's pulse.

FrenchYolanda: Le pouls est normal. Je n'comprends pas ! Il a dû avoir un malaise !
French translationYolanda: His pulse is normal. I don't understand! He must have fainted!
EnglishYolanda: That's very strange. He must have fainted.

22:43 In the French, Yumi checks with Ulrich that the incident won't happen again and he promises it won't. In the English, Yumi doesn't do this and Ulrich apologises for what he did.

FrenchYumi: Tu ne recommenceras pas ?
Ulrich: C'est promis.
French translationYumi: You won't do it again?
Ulrich: I promise.
EnglishYumi: Right.
Ulrich: I'm sorry.

23:15 In the English, Yumi calls Ulrich "silly" after he asks if her father's new job is in Japan.

Épisode 36 - Marabounta
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:18 In the French, Odd says the idea of an intelligent army of Sissis is science-fiction.

FrenchOdd: Ça voudrait dire qu'une colonie d'Sissi pourrait s'montrer intelligente ?! Ça c'est d'la science-fiction !
French translationOdd: You mean that a colony of Sissis could appear intelligent? That's science-fiction!
EnglishOdd: You mean that an army of Sissis could be intelligent? Heh! I don't believe it!

1:30 In the French, Ms Hertz includes "digging networks of tunnels" in her list of tasks ants can carry out.

2:43 In the French, Jeremy calls the multi-agent system a "computer model." In English, he calls it a "computer application." The term "model" is a more accurate description.

4:39 William has an additional line in the French just before he points out Ulrich on the diving board.

FrenchWilliam: Tu devrais venir te baigner !
French translationWilliam: You should come take a dip!

5:18 A few changes to what the students say about Ulrich.

FrenchJulie: Je sais pas mais il a pas l'air bien !
Maitena: Il faut appeler les s'cours ! Et que quelqu'un lui fasse euh...
Student: Du bouche-à-bouche !...
Sissi: Du bouche-à-bouche !? Dégagez !
French translationJulie: I don't know but he doesn't look good!
Maitena: We've gotta call for help! And someone needs to give him uh...
Student: Mouth-to-mouth...!
Sissi: Mouth-to-mouth?! Out of the way!
EnglishJulie: Is he breathing? Is he hurt?
Maitena: Oh, call somebody. He looks like he's...
Student: He needs mouth-to-mouth!
Sissi: Get out of the way!

6:37 A change to the way Jeremy calls himself a genius, as well as an additional sentence in the English dub.

FrenchJeremy: Franz Hopper, t'es un véritable génie ! Toi et moi, on fait la paire !
French translationJeremy: Franz Hopper, you're a genius! We make a great team!
EnglishJeremy: Franz Hopper, you're a genius! And so am I! XANA and his monsters better watch out now!

6:50 In the French, when Ulrich replies he sounds a lot more angry than in the English. Odd also reacts surprised to it.

FrenchOdd: Ça va pas ?
Ulrich: Ça va très bien !
Odd: Aah !
French translationOdd: Something wrong?
Ulrich: Everything's fine!
Odd: Aah!
EnglishOdd: What's the matter?
Ulrich: Nothing.

7:07 In the French, when telling Ulrich about the meeting at the factory, Odd mentions that it seems important.

9:18 In Jeremy's English line, he includes that XANA will currently have its hands full.

FrenchJeremy: Avec XANA, on n'sait jamais.
French translationJeremy: With XANA, you never know.
EnglishJeremy: XANA may have his hands full, but you never know.

9:50 In the French, William calls Ulrich by his surname. In the English, he calls him by his first name.

9:59 Sissi says William has been at Kadic for three or four months in the French. In the English she says it's been "a few months."

10:13 In the French Sissi says she's been crushing on Ulrich since pre-school. In the English she says it's been since elementary school.

10:50 Odd's reaction to the Marabounta is a bit longer (and more Odd-like) in the French.

FrenchOdd: C'est terrifiant ! Horriblement génial !
French translationOdd: It's terrifying! Horribly amazing!
EnglishOdd: Pretty...scary.

11:39 In the English, Odd calls Jeremy Einstein. In the French, he calls the Marabounta "Jereinstein's monster," a combination of "Jeremy," "Einstein" and "Frankenstein."

11:49 Jeremy only calls Aelita "Princess" once in the English dub, so it's interesting to hear him use it on other occasions in the French! (To me, at least...)

FrenchAelita: Jérémy ? C'est... c'est bon, là. J'en ai assez vu...
Jeremy: Comme tu veux, princesse.
French translationAelita: Jeremy? It''s ok. I've seen enough...
Jeremy: As you wish, Princess.
EnglishAelita: Jeremy, I've...seen enough. I want to come in.
Jeremy: Yeah. Ok, Aelita.

12:08 In the French, there's more of Odd saying "Laser arrow" and Jeremy calling Odd and Aelita's names and asking for them to respond, including the line, "Respond, darn it!" In the English, there's silence until 12:17 when Odd says "Laser arrow." Jeremy then has an additional line, "Odd! Say something!" before Odd tells him what happened.

12:24 Jeremy actually tells Odd and Aelita to stop running from the Marabounta in the French.

FrenchJeremy: Impossible ! Arrêtez de courir, je l'ai programmé pour n'attaquer que les monstres de XANA !
Odd: Ben elle doit être miro ! Elle fait pas la différence ! Programme-lui des binocles !
French translationJeremy: Impossible! Stop running, I programmed it to attack XANA's monsters only!
Odd: Well it must have poor eyesight! It can't tell the difference! Program it some eyeglasses!
EnglishJeremy: This is no time for jokes! I programmed it to attack XANA's monsters only!
Odd: Well...could you program some eyeglasses for it, then?!

13:15 A few changes here, and the line is extended in the English dub.

FrenchJeremy: Je suis désolé mais... la Marabounta m'a echappée... Elle ne veut pas mourir. Impossible de désinstaller le programme !...
French translationJeremy: I'm sorry but...the Marabounta's escaped my control... It doesn't wannna die. I can't uninstall the program...!
EnglishJeremy: I can't deactivate the program! It seems that the Marabounta doesn't wanna die! The Marabounta's become autonomous. It'll submerge everything and everyone in its path!

13:28 Jeremy seems to get impatient more quickly in the English dub, wondering what Ulrich is doing even though his phone would only have been ringing for a couple of seconds.

FrenchJeremy: Allez ! Dépêche-toi Ulrich, dépêche-toi, réponds !
French translationJeremy: Come on! Hurry up Ulrich, hurry, pick up!
EnglishJeremy: Come on, Ulrich! What are you doing?! Will you pick up?!

13:49 Yumi mishears "Marabounta" differently. In the French she hears "Maradona," as in Diego Maradona, who played football for Argentina. In the English she hears "Chattanooga," a city in the state of Tennessee, USA.

FrenchYumi: Qu'est-c'qu'il vient faire là Maradona ?
French translationYumi: Maradona's done what?
EnglishYumi: What do you mean, a Chattanooga?

14:39 Ulrich's French line mentions how he hasn't been responding to anyone trying to reach him.

FrenchUlrich: Ouais bah si je réponds pas, c'est que je veux voir personne. Et surtout pas toi.
French translationUlrich: Yeah well if I don't respond, it means I don't want to see anyone. And especially not you.
EnglishUlrich: What I need is for everybody to leave. Me. Alone! Especially you.

16:23 Jeremy takes a moment longer to realise what's going on with XANA's monsters in the English.

FrenchJeremy: Mais bien sûr ! C'est évident !
French translationJeremy: Of course! It's obvious!
EnglishJeremy: That's weird! I...I think I understand!

19:20 In the French, Odd's orders seem to be more clearly directed at the monsters and isn't just general advice. Then there's a small change to Yumi's line and Odd's response is different.

FrenchYumi: Eh dis donc tu diriges tes troupes comme un chef, Odd !
Odd: Ouais ben c'est pas évident !
French translationYumi: Hey, you're leading the troops like a general, Odd!
Odd: Yeah well it's not easy!
EnglishYumi: You're a really good combat general, Odd!
Odd: It takes strategy, you know?

19:57 In the French, Odd cuts Jeremy off mid-sentence, too eager to shoot the virus-arrow at the Marabounta. In the English Jeremy trails off with a "but..." leaving a brief moment of silence before Odd takes aim at a random sphere. Jeremy had that one coming.

21:58 Odd has an additional line in the French after the Marabounta is destroyed.

FrenchOdd: Ça a marché, Jérémy !
French translationOdd: It worked, Jeremy!

22:25 In the French, after Jeremy tells Aelita not to forget that XANA is their enemy, Aelita says she doesn't forget. In the English, Jeremy continues talking about XANA and its goals.

FrenchAelita: Je n'oublie pas, Jérémy...
French translationAelita: I haven't forgotten, Jeremy...
EnglishJeremy: He wants your memory at all costs!

22:58 A change to Sissi's remark that earns a different response from Odd.

FrenchSissi: Mais voilà les cinq doigts d'la main !
Odd: NOOOOOOON c'est pas vrai !!! Mais tu sais compter Sissi !?
French translationSissi: Well, if it isn't the five fingers of the hand!
Odd: NO, it can't be!!! You know how to count, Sissi?!
EnglishSissi: Well, if it isn't the whole crew!
Odd: Well, if it isn't the brainless frogface!

23:10 In the English, after Sissi asks if he's ok after what happened at the pool, Ulrich says "Cool it, Sissi." He doesn't respond in the French.

Épisode 37 - Intérêt commun
ImageIntérêt commun
(Common interest)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Common Interest
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

Peter Duncan's name was originally Pierre Nanquin in French.

1:13 The person on the other end of the radio speaks for a little longer in the French. They also mention a specific road name: the RN 7 or Route nationale 7 is a trunk road between Paris and the border with Italy.

FrenchRadio: Encore cinq kilomètres vous rejoindrez l'unité d'escorte 2 sur la RN 7. Pour l'instant, tout s'déroule conformément au plan. À vous, unité Alpha !
French translationRadio: In five kilometres, you'll meet up with Escort 2 on the RN 7. For the moment, everything's going according to plan. Over to you, Unit Alpha!
EnglishRadio: In three miles, you'll meet up with Escort 2 as planned.

1:59 In the French, the police officer gives some more detail on the situation. In the English, the person on the radio responds to say they've received the information.

FrenchFemale officer: Passons en code trois : le prévenu s'est evanoui, nous procédons à un examen pour juger de la... Mais qu'est-ce !?...
French translationFemale officer: Following code three: the accused is unconscious, we're performing an examination to assess the... What the...?!
EnglishFemale officer: Following procedure three: momentary stop to assess the situation. Hey!
Radio: Roger, Car Alpha. Standing by for information.

2:18 Paul and Romain are kicking a soccer ball to each other. In the English Paul says, "I'll bet you can't catch this one!"

2:52 Jeremy's list of Duncan's crimes has a few different items in it in either version.

FrenchJeremy: Vols d'œuvres d'art, kidnappings, recels, trafics en tous genres, braquages de banques et j'en passe !
French translationJeremy: Fine art theft, kidnapping, receiving stolen goods, all sorts of trafficking, bank robberies, and more!
EnglishJeremy: Fine art theft, safecracking, kidnapping, bank robberies...

3:27 In the French, after Odd congratulates the teacher for getting the answer right, the rest of the class laughs. There's no laughter in the English.

3:55 In the English, Aelita makes distressed breathing noises, getting Jeremy's attention. In the French, his only indication that something is wrong is seeing the way Aelita looks.

4:25 A little bit extra to the French line.

FrenchDoctor: En réanimation, on fait un bilan complet.
French translationDoctor: Put her in intensive care, we'll do a full assessment.
EnglishDoctor: Put her in Bay 1.

4:53 As one doctor is preparing the defibrillator, in the French, the other says "160," referring to the voltage he wants them to use. After the first attempt fails, he says "200." This doesn't happen at all in the English.

5:15 As Aelita's heart restarts, in the French one of the doctors says, "Her heart's restarted!"

5:22 This one's not really a difference...which is the interesting part! A hospital staff member pages a doctor over the PA system and it's the same English-spoken line in both versions!

5:32 Some phrasing changes here.

FrenchDoctor: Eh bien rien n'l'interdit, mais ne la fatiguez pas. Elle a besoin d'calme.
Odd: Vous en faites pas doc. « Calme », c'est mon deuxième prénom !
French translationDoctor: I don't see why not, but don't exhaust her. She needs calm.
Odd: Don't worry, Doc. "Calm" is my middle name!
EnglishDoctor: I don't see why not. But not too much noise. She needs to rest.
Odd: Don't worry, Doctor! Everyone knows I'm quiet and calm!

8:53 In the French, Odd says "Banzai!" as they take off on their vehicles.

9:34 Another line theft, Odd and Ulrich this time.

FrenchOdd: Ben alors ?! C'est pas qu'on s'ennuie mais...
Ulrich: Jérémy, t'es long à la détente aujourd'hui !
French translationOdd: Well?! Not that we're getting bored, but...
Ulrich: Jeremy, you're sure taking your time today!
EnglishUlrich: Er, Jeremy, not that we're in a rush, but uh... Jeremy? Taking your time there...

11:29 In the French, Odd describes the Sector disappearing as a "giant, virtual eraser." In the English, he calls it a "giant, invisible eraser."

12:17 After Odd catches Ulrich on the Overboard, Odd says something in the French and Ulrich says something in the English.

FrenchOdd: Ça va ?
French translationOdd: You ok?
EnglishUlrich: Thanks!

12:31 In the French, Yumi mutters "Oh no..." as the doctors try chest compressions on Aelita.

13:14 Again, in the French the doctor remarks that Aelita's heart has restarted. He also says he's been working in medicine for over 20 years, while in the English he says "in all my years."

13:31 In the French, Jeremy's line includes "I spoke too soon."

13:46 Jeremy's French line mentions the tiny battery required by a gaming console, and his English line mentions the GameBoy by name.

FrenchJeremy: Odd c'est pas une console de jeu, ça fonctionne pas avec des piles d'un volt cinq !
French translationJeremy: It's not a gaming console, Odd. It doesn't work with a five-volt battery!
EnglishJeremy: A supercomputer is not the same as a GameBoy, Odd.

13:58 In the French, Yumi asks if XANA is dying. In the English, she says it as a statement.

15:41 Jeremy speaks in the English as he removes the battery.

French translation-
EnglishJeremy: This ought to do the trick! (removes battery) Easy...

15:51 And he speaks in the French as he inserts the new battery.

FrenchJeremy: Là, tout doux...
French translationJeremy: There, easy does it...

16:24 The running joke "Say something!" "Something!" occurs again in the French but with different phrasing in the English.

FrenchJeremy: Oh vous êtes là !? Dites quelque chose !
Odd: Quelque chose !
French translationJeremy: Are you there?! Say something!
Odd: Something!
EnglishJeremy: Tell me you're there...!
Odd: You're there.

17:13 When Aelita sees the Kankrelats arrive, she says "Hey, look!" in French and "Watch out" in English.

18:11 Odd's French line is slightly longer.

FrenchOdd: C'est parti ! Allez ciao p'tite bête, dis-toi qu'c'est ton jour de chance !
French translationOdd: Here we go! So long you little creep, must be your lucky day!
EnglishOdd: Must be your lucky day, you little Kanker-creeps!

18:20 Odd's reaction to seeing the tower is different.

FrenchOdd: J'ai la tour en visuel !
French translationOdd: I've got a visual on the tower!
EnglishOdd: Tower dead ahead!

19:15 XANA-Duncan has an additional line in the French when he starts taking swings at Ulrich.

FrenchXANA-Duncan: J'vais t'écraser !
French translationXANA-Duncan: I'm gonna crush you!

20:22 Odd has an additional French line just before he's knocked off the Overboard.

FrenchOdd: Tiens allez, goûte ça !
French translationOdd: Go on, take that!

20:50 In the English, when he backs into the wall, Jeremy says "Stay away...!"

23:07 In the French, Odd asks if he got 20/20. In the English, he asks if he got 100.

23:11 A change to what Ulrich says everyone will recognise Odd for someday.

FrenchUlrich: Un jour ton génie mathématique éclatera au grand jour !
French translationUlrich: One day, everyone's gonna know of your mathematical genius!
EnglishUlrich: One day, everyone's gonna know how brave you are by not studying.

Épisode 38 - Tentation
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:01 Odd is a little more honest about his motives in the English...

FrenchOdd: C'est plus sûr comme ça ! J'suis prudent !
Aelita: T'appelles ça être prudent !?
French translationOdd: That way I can be certain! I'm being careful!
Aelita: Is that what you call being careful?!
EnglishOdd: Because it's...more fun! That's why.
Aelita: Is that what you call fun?!

2:16 Odd's line is different when he tells Aelita they'll need to jump off the Overboard.

FrenchOdd: Désolé princesse, la balade est terminée !
French translationOdd: Sorry Princess, the ride's coming to a stop!
EnglishOdd: Sorry, Aelita! We're going to have to jump!

3:43 There's a line swap here: Odd's voice is heard in the English despite Jeremy's screen showing Ulrich talking.

FrenchUlrich: Ouais bah si tu sais, explique-nous, Einstein !
Jeremy: Pas l'temps. Faites-moi confiance.
French translationUlrich: Well if you know, then explain it to us, Einstein!
Jeremy: No time. Trust me.
EnglishOdd: Well if you know, then explain it to us!
Jeremy: Just trust me. Ok?!

4:24 In the English, Odd theorises that on the night of a full moon, Jeremy becomes the son of Doctor Schrank. In the French, he says Jeremy becomes Doctor Schrank himself. This is also the only instance in the series where "Horreurs aux Urgences" is translated as "Horror at the Hospital" instead of "Hospital of Horrors."

FrenchOdd: ...les nuits de pleine lune, il devient le démoniaque docteur Schrank, un savant fou qui s'amuse à greffer des membres d'animaux sur des êtres humains ! Désormais, il sait qu'il va devoir affronter ce terrible destin et supporter le poids d'cette malédiction !
Ulrich: Ok ok ok, d'accord ! Toi, t'as encore trop regardé « Horreurs aux Urgences » !
French translationOdd: ...on the night of a full moon, he becomes the demonic Doctor Schrank, a mad scientist who loves grafting animal body parts onto human beings! Now he knows he must face this terrible fate and bear the weight of this curse!
Ulrich: Ok ok ok, alright! You've been watching too much Horror at the Hospital!
EnglishOdd: ...when the moon is full, he becomes the son of Doctor Schrank! Capable of grafting animal body parts onto human beings! And he now knows that he must face up to a fate worse than death.
Ulrich: You've been watching Horror at the Hospital again, huh?

4:44 The French phrase for "speak of the devil" is "quand on parle du loup" (lit. "when you speak of the wolf"). Ulrich turns this into a joke about Odd's theory that Jeremy transforms under a full moon.

FrenchUlrich: Eh ben quand on parle du loup-garou...
French translationUlrich: Speak of the devil (lit. werewolf)...
EnglishUlrich: Ooh, there he is.

9:48 Another food-related change when Odd talks about Rosa's speciality.

FrenchOdd: J'te rappelle que les spécialités d'Rosa c'est la ratatouille et le hachis Parmentier !
French translationOdd: May I remind you that Rosa's specialities are ratatouille and Shepard's pie?!
EnglishOdd: May I remind you that Rosa's specialty is chopped sirloin?

9:56 And yet another different sarcastic remark reminding Jeremy that they're doing what they can on Lyoko.

FrenchYumi: Ah bon, quel dommage ! C'est vrai, ici on s'croirait en vacances !
French translationYumi: Oh well, what a shame! Yeah, we really feel like we're on a holiday here!
EnglishYumi: No kidding! All we need here are some sandwiches for a nice picnic!

10:33 In the French, when Yumi gets on the Overwing she says "Quickly!" to Aelita.

12:33 A translation error created an interesting line in the English. "Slip kangourou" (lit. "kangaroo underwear") is a term meaning "briefs" or "tighty-whities" as they're known in American slang. If you wondered why you couldn't actually see any kangaroos on the briefs Ulrich holds up, now you know why. (I say it was an error but maybe it was deliberate, who knows?)

FrenchUlrich: ...à part que j'savais pas qu'Jérémy portait encore des slips kangourou...!
French translationUlrich: ...except I didn't know Jeremy still wears briefs...!
EnglishUlrich: Except that I just found out that Jeremy still wears underwear with kangaroos on them!

12:45 In the French, Yumi also mentions that the journal is "access restricted."

15:27 In the French, Aelita says the virtualisation will be in less than a minute. In the English she says 30 seconds, which probably isn't enough time for her to take the lift down to the scanner room.

16:18 In the English, Yumi calls Jeremy's name when she knocks on the window.

18:03 Aelita points out the tower in the English only, and Odd's line is then a reaction to that.

French(Des Tarentules apparaissent.)
Odd: Bon d'accord, et maintenant on fait quoi ?
French translation(Tarantulas appear.)
Odd: Ok, and now what do we do?
EnglishAelita: There!
(Tarantulas appear.)
Odd: Maybe you shouldn't have said it so loud.

18:30 Odd's line is different just before he starts shooting arrows to help crack the ice.

FrenchOdd: J'ai pigé !
French translationOdd: Got it!
EnglishOdd: Laser arrow!

19:09 When Yumi is pounding her fist on the window between the front and the back of the ambulance, in the French she says "Oh no!" In the English she says "Hurry!"

19:18 When she's trying to stop the ambulance, Yumi's English line consists mainly of the word "Oh!"

FrenchYumi: Oh... allez ! Oh !... Allez, freine ! Arrête-toi !!! Oh !... Trop tard !
French translationYumi: Oh...come on! Oh...! Come on, brake! Stop!!! Oh...! Too late!
EnglishYumi: Oh...! Oh! Oh! Oh, darn it! Ohh, no!

19:39 Some additional dialogue in the English.

French translation-
EnglishOdd: You got any other brilliant ideas, Ulrich?
Ulrich: Uh... Well...
(Ulrich is devirtualised.)

20:12 Yumi calls her friends' names. In the English, at the end she adds "Are you there?!"

20:33 An additional line for Odd in the English.

French translation-
EnglishOdd: Just a little Tarantula to take care of first!

21:05 In the French, Aelita screams all the way down the ramp. In the English, she only makes occasional noises.

21:52 Yumi's French line makes it more obvious to Ulrich what their current predicament is.

FrenchYumi: Ulrich, l'eau commence à monter dangereusement.
French translationYumi: Ulrich, the water's beginning to get dangerously high.
EnglishYumi: Ulrich, we're still at the bottom of the river.

22:54 Ulrich's line about having two enemies is a question in the French and a statement in the English.

23:11 Odd says outright in the French that Ulrich is more grouchy than Doctor Schrank. Also, in the English Ulrich eventually concedes and starts laughing with his friends.

FrenchOdd: À force d'être grognon tu commençais à ressembler au docteur Schrank. Ou même pire encore... à Ulrich !
Ulrich: Eh ! J'suis pas... grognon !...
(Rire des autres.)
Jeremy: Nan, c'est sûr !
French translationOdd: Seeing you so grouchy, you were getting to be like Doctor Schrank. Or even Ulrich!
Ulrich: Hey! I'm not...grouchy...!
(The others laugh.)
Jeremy: You sure are!
EnglishOdd: Seeing you so grouchy, you were getting to be like...Doctor Schrank! Or even worse! Huh, Ulrich?
Ulrich: Hey... I am not...! ...Grouchy...
(The others laugh.)
Jeremy: Yeah, right! Gimme a break!
Ulrich: Well, alright! (laughs)

Épisode 39 - Mauvaise conduite
ImageMauvaise conduite
(Misbehaviour/bad driving (lit.))
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
A Bad Turn
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:17 Both versions of the line are about how Ulrich is missing the obivous signs, but phrased differently.

FrenchOdd: Tu veux des gyrophares en plus des pancartes ?
French translationOdd: Do you want some spotlights as well as the signs?
EnglishOdd: Hellooo? Anyone home?

1:37 Aelita's final word is different before Ulrich leaves. In Code Lyoko, Don Juan is generally used as the French equivalent of Casanova.

FrenchAelita: Fonce, Don Juan !
French translationAelita: Go, Don Juan!
EnglishAelita: Yeah!

2:31 When Ulrich returns to the room, in the French Odd calls him "our Romeo." In the English he calls him "our hero."

3:26 In the French, Jim uses the phrase "classe 92, 12." In the French Army, a classe (class) usually refers to the initial training of new recruits. This could mean that Jim took his training classes in December of 1992, but this is just a guess coming from someone outside the French Army and might not be accurate. In the English, he gives his service number.

FrenchJim: Caporal Jim Moralès, septième bataillon du Génie ; classe 92, 12 ! À vos ordres !
French translationJim: Corporal Jim Morales, Seventh Engineering Battalion, class 92, 12! At your orders!
EnglishJim: Corporal Jim Morales. Seventh Engineering Battalion, service number 9-2-12-1!

3:40 A little extra to Mr Delmas's line in the French, and then Jim's line continues his trend of referring to the person he's talking to by their rank.

FrenchDelmas: Oui bon, les présentations sont faites ! Je vous confie la suite des opérations. Euh Jim... je peux compter sur vous ?
Jim: Affirmatif mon principal !
French translationDelmas: Yes well, the introductions have been made! I'll turn operations over to you. Uh Jim...can I count on you?
Jim: Affirmative, Principal!
EnglishDelmas: Yes, well, um...I'll turn operations over to you, uh...Jim. ...Can I count on you?
Jim: Affirmative, Mister Delmas!

4:39 Odd makes a bowling joke in the French version, saying the traffic cones are bowling pins.

FrenchOdd: Bravo, t'as pas raté une quille !
French translationOdd: Nice job, you didn't miss a single pin!
EnglishOdd: Work it, Sissi!

4:41 In the French, Odd sounds as distressed as he looks while driving. In the English, he says "YEEEEEAH!"

4:50 William's name is announced in the French version only, as he's shown pulling up in front of the grandstand.

5:16 Another military reference from Jim in the French version: after telling the boys to go to the principal's office, he adds "Forward march!"

5:55 Jeremy has an extra line in the French after Odd says how beautiful his last statement was.

FrenchJeremy: Ohh ça va...
French translationJeremy: Oh come on...

6:51 In the English dub, we hear Hiroki over the phone. In the French, there's silence while Yumi listens to something we can't hear.

French translation-
EnglishHiroki: Yumi there's a big monster outside the house!

7:43 Jeremy designates the lift as P in the French (for "portes du monte-charge" which means "lift doors") and E in the English (for "elevator"). He draws an E in the animation.

7:54 As Odd goes to jump off the gallery, Jeremy calls his name in surprise in the English.

8:48 Jeremy's question is different, and then Odd chooses a different term to refer to the Krab. The French term "pince-sans-rire" means "deadpan," "dry-witted" or "tongue-in-cheek." Translated literally, the words mean "pincer without laughing." You know, as in crab pincers.

FrenchJeremy: Ça y est ? Vous êtes installés ?
Odd: Euh bah eh... non ! Pas vraiment ! On a comme qui dirait un p'tit problème ! Notre ami pince-sans-rire a bousillé les scanners !
French translationJeremy: All good? Are you both ready?
Odd: Uh well! Not really! We've got a little problem here! Our dry-witted (lit. pincer without laughing) friend has busted the scanners!
EnglishJeremy: You ok? Are you there, Odd?
Odd: Uh...yeah, but uh...we've got a little problem here! Our friend Mister Krab has busted all the scanners!

9:37 In the English, Odd says there's a big banquet. In the French, he says it's "le réveillon," which can refer to either Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, both times for feasting.

10:00 In the French, Ulrich specifies the K in Krab.

FrenchUlrich: Ça, un Krabe, avec un K...
French translationUlrich: That's a Krab, with a K...
EnglishUlrich: A Krab.

10:07 A phrasing change for Odd. After this, in the French Jeremy tells Aelita that "you're on your own." In the English, he doesn't address this to her directly - "Aelita's on her own now!"

FrenchOdd: Ça, c'était l'cri d'agonie d'notre dernier scanner !
French translationOdd: That was the death cry of our last scanner!
EnglishOdd: The very last scanner getting destroyed by a Krab.

11:05 In Aelita's French line, she assures Jeremy that she'll make it to the tower. In the English, her statement is more related to how she's learning how to use the Overboard.

FrenchAelita: J'vais y arriver !
French translationAelita: I'll make it there!
EnglishAelita: I learn fast!

11:08 In the French version, there's a strange silence after Ulrich's phone call appears on screen and nobody says anything for a few seconds. In the English, Ulrich immediately asks for Jeremy and Jeremy responds, leaving no strange silences.

FrenchJeremy: Ah ! C'est pas trop tôt !
French translationJeremy: Ah! Not a moment too soon!
EnglishUlrich: Jeremy?
Jeremy: Ah, Ulrich! Not a moment too soon!

12:40 In the French, Aelita keeps whooping with joy as she uses the quarter pipe.

13:13 In the English, William finishes with "Or didn't you know?" (which may be redundant seeing he just said "You're the one who doesn't get it").

13:31 In the English, Jeremy says there's a squadron of four Hornets coming in. He doesn't give a number in the French. There are actually ten Hornets in total.

16:58 Yumi's line is different as she and her family cautiously try to leave the house.

FrenchYumi: La voie est libre.
French translationYumi: The coast is clear.
EnglishYumi: Let's go.

17:38 A change to Ulrich's line when he confronts the Krab.

FrenchUlrich: T'as un problème l'écrevisse ?!
French translationUlrich: You got a problem, crawfish?!
EnglishUlrich: Make my day, shrimp.

19:38 In the French, William and Odd exchange a few words as William pulls up to let Odd into the car. In the English, neither of them speak. Odd just seems to roll with the fact that William just showed up in a car for some reason.

FrenchWilliam: Tu grimpes ?
Odd: Merci ! Go !
French translationWilliam: You getting in?
Odd: Thanks! Go!

19:53 In the French, Jeremy says the tower is dead south. In the English, he says it's dead north.

20:57 As William and Odd look down the lift shaft and Odd pats William's shoulder, Odd laughs in the French. He speaks in the English.

FrenchWilliam: Waouh !
French translationWilliam: Wow!
EnglishOdd: Good job, man.

21:18 Ulrich has an additional sentence in the French.

FrenchUlrich: Non, Hiroki ! Va-t'en de là !
French translationUlrich: No, Hiroki! Get away from there!
EnglishUlrich: Hiroki! Nooo!

21:47 Jeremy praises Aelita in the French version, saying "Well done!" after noting she used a decoy.

22:42 In the French Odd says it's a shame that William will soon forget everything that happened, and William asks why.

FrenchOdd: T'as bien assuré William ! Dommage, bientôt t'auras tout oublié !
William: Hein ? Euh... pourquoi ?
French translationOdd: You were great, William! Shame, soon you'll forget all about it!
William: Huh? Uh...why?
EnglishOdd: You were great, William. Heh, but, you won't remember any of it.
William: Hm? Hey...

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