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[Le français VS l'anglais] S4 - Part 1
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 Season 4 - Part 1
Episodes 66 to 80

It's widely known that dialogue can differ between two different language versions of a TV show. It's often a concern when someone is watching a show in something other than its native language that the translators may have made changes, small or large, that diverge from the intent of the original dialogue. French is the original language of Code Lyoko and here we've finally answered that question by making a list of the differences between the original French and the English dubbed episodes.

Differences range from small wording changes that make a significant difference, to entire lines that were added or removed. From season 2 onwards, the English dub was based on the original French scripts. The French episodes often changed certain parts of the dialogue for the final episode but the English usually stuck to the scripts, sometimes resulting in small inconsistencies with the animation. Discover all the major differences for yourself below! Have a nice read!

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Épisode 66 - Renaissance
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
William Returns
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

2:11 Jeremy's remark is different after he finishes the phone call with Mister Delmas.

FrenchJeremy: J'ai vraiment cru qu'ça ne le ferait pas !
French translationJeremy: I really didn't think that would work!
EnglishJeremy: I guess I make a good grown-up!

2:43 Odd's line is different after he's told that Jeremy and Aelita are recreating Lyoko, which means Aelita's next line is different as well. Odd also lists the pair's "zombie"-like features in the French.

FrenchOdd: Ça va prendre des siècles !
Aelita: Nan, ce soir on se lance !
Jeremy: Faut dire qu'on y passe toutes nos nuits ! Et depuis une semaine !
Odd: Aah, c'était pour ça le look zombie, les ch'veux en pétard, et les valises sous les yeux, moi j'pensais qu'vous faisiez la fête tous les soirs !
French translationOdd: That's gonna take forever!
Aelita: Nah, we're launching it tonight!
Jeremy: I should say, we worked on it every night for the last week!
Odd: Ahh, that's why you look like zombies. The messy hair, the bags under your eyes - I thought you were partying every night!
EnglishOdd: You're recreating Lyoko?!
Aelita: We may even be ready by tonight!
Jeremy: That's right. In fact, Aelita and I have worked on it every night for the last week.
Odd: Ohh, so that's why you look like a couple of zombies, huh? And I thought that you looked like wrecks 'cause you were partying all night!

3:22 Some small changes here. In the English Jeremy says "I think" when talking about Milly and Tamiya's fight, but he was there when it happened!

FrenchJeremy: Le problème c'est pas moi ! Le problème c'est qu'elles ne se parlent plus.
Ulrich: Ah bon ? Pourquoi ?
Jeremy: Elles se sont disputées à propos de leur journal.
French translationJeremy: The problem isn't me! The problem's that they won't talk to each other anymore.
Ulrich: But how come?
Jeremy: They had an argument over their newspaper.
EnglishJeremy: Being mad at me isn't as bad as their being really mad at each other.
Ulrich: But how come?
Jeremy: They had a massive argument over the newspaper, I think.

3:36 Some phrasing changes here.

FrenchOdd: À propos d'people, j'vous dit la pêche que ça m'file de voir Jim danser sur des vieux tubes disco !
Herb: Mais d'un autre côté, le printemps est une période vachement sympa, avoue !
French translationOdd: Speaking of celebrities, I'm telling you, watching Jim dance to old disco music really cheers me up!
Herb: But on the other hand, spring is a really nice season!
EnglishOdd: I guess I'll have to console myself by watching Jim dancing to old disco music! He really...
Herb: Well personally, out of...all the seasons of the year, I like the spring best of all.

4:32 A change to Sissi's line.

FrenchSissi: Eh, vous entendez les filles ? Vous êtes déjà d'accord sur quelque chose !
French translationSissi: You hear that, girls? You already agree on something!
EnglishSissi: Well at least you agree on that! It's not much, but it's a pretty good start!

4:58 Tamiya's line is different.

FrenchTamiya: Tu s'rais incapable de dénicher un scoop.
French translationTamiya: You wouldn't be able to dig up a scoop.
EnglishTamiya: You don't even know the meaning of the word "scoop."

5:21 Aelita sounds certain that the data wasn't enough in the English dub. Jeremy also starts his line differently in the French.

FrenchAelita: Peut-être que les données de mon père étaient incomplètes !...
Jeremy: Mais j'comprends pas...
French translationAelita: Maybe my father's data was incomplete...!
Jeremy: I don't understand...
EnglishAelita: The data that my father transmitted wasn't enough...!

5:48 After Odd says Jeremy and Aelita are gods, Jeremy's response is phrased differently.

FrenchJeremy: Des demi-dieux. Et encore.
French translationJeremy: Demigods. And still.
EnglishJeremy: Well, almost. But not quite.

6:01 There's a difference to how Yumi tells the two geniuses they need to stop work for the night.

FrenchYumi: Mouais. Bon ben pour ce soir, terminé.
French translationYumi: Yeah. But you're finished for tonight.
EnglishYumi: Ok, but it can wait a night or two.

6:10 Jeremy yawns in the French before conceding. In the English, he instead tries to protest but then gives in.

FrenchAelita: Ce soir, dodo.
Jeremy: (bâillement) Ouais... D'accord.
French translationAelita: Tonight, we get some sleep.
Jeremy: (yawns) Yeah... Alright.
EnglishAelita: We'll get started tomorrow.
Jeremy: Bu... Yeah... Well alright...

6:43 Odd's answer to Jim's question about the newspaper is different.

FrenchOdd: Ben euh... j'sais pas moi... un journal à l'envers ?
French translationOdd: Well uh...I don't upside-down newspaper?
EnglishOdd: A...a newspaper without much news?

7:08 Sissi obviously finds humour in Odd's situation in the French.

FrenchSissi: Histoire de bien faire rire mes lecteurs !
French translationSissi: Just to give my readers a good laugh!
EnglishSissi: And I'm sure that my readers are dying to know, too!

7:26 A few changes to Sissi's lines. In the French, she calls Yumi and William's relationship a romance.

FrenchSissi: Eh bien, soyons franche. Nos lecteurs aimeraient savoir où en sont tes amours avec William !?
Yumi: Euh... William... et m-moi... mais je-je vois pas du tout d'quoi tu parles !
Sissi: Toi, non, mais lui, sûrement que si ! Et il me donnera un tas de détails, mais au fait, où est-c'qu'il est ? On n'le voit plus ces jours-ci...
French translationSissi: Ok, be honest. Our readers would really like to know how your romance with William is going!
Yumi: Uh...William...and m-me...I-I don't know what you're talking about!
Sissi: You might not, but William should! And he'll give me loads of details. As a matter of fact, where is he? He doesn't seem to be around these days...
EnglishSissi: Well Yumi, our readers would really like to know how you and William are getting along!
Yumi: Uh... W-Wi-William? M-me and William? I-I don't know what you're talking about...
Sissi: Would you rather I ask the same question to William? He may not be as shy as you are. As a matter of fact, where is he? The last time I saw him was a week ago!

8:10 Some changes here. In the French, William says both he and Odd should be reassured by there being no activated tower.

FrenchJeremy: Calme-toi, Odd. Il n'y a pas d'tour activée sur Lyoko, donc... c'est le vrai William qu'on a là !
William: Te voilà rassuré, et moi aussi !
French translationJeremy: Calm down, Odd. There isn't any activated tower on Lyoko,'s the real William we've got here!
William: That'll reassure you, and me too!
EnglishJeremy: No danger of that. There isn't any activated tower on Lyoko. William couldn't have been sent by XANA.
William: So, you can stop pinching me, Odd.

8:28 In the French, Yumi says "Come on, move it!" as she and William run off to class.

8:58 In the French, Sissi also asks Aelita "Who are you?"

9:10 William uses several different words meaning "get out" to form his sentence in the French. In English, he says the girls are annoying Aelita.

FrenchWilliam: Allez, ouste, dégagez, sortez de cette chambre.
French translationWilliam: Go on, get going, leave, get out of this room.
EnglishWilliam: Alright, get going, all three of you. You've annoyed her enough.

9:33 Sissi makes a pretty big assumption for the sake of a headline in the English.

FrenchSissi: William, chevalier servant d'Aelita !
French translationSissi: William, Aelita's white knight!
EnglishSissi: William only came back 'cause of Aelita!

10:00 In the French, Jeremy says William is hopeless at maths.

11:25 There's a difference to Yumi's praise for Paco, the King of Disco and to her next sentence.

FrenchYumi: Il est mortel ce film ! (son portable sonne) Je rêve, on n'peut jamais être tranquille...
French translationYumi: This film is fantastic! (her phone rings) I must be dreaming, I can never have a moment's peace...
EnglishYumi: This film is incredibly funny! (her phone rings) Oh, no. Just when I was trying to chill out!

13:30 In the French, Jeremy says XANA-William and Aelita are in the Core Zone. In the English, he says he'll guide Ulrich once he's in the Core Zone.

13:58 There's a change to the second half of Ulrich's line.

FrenchUlrich: Alors comme ça on veut s'amuser sans les copains ? J't'ai connu meilleur camarade...
French translationUlrich: So, having fun without inviting your friends? I thought you were a better pal than that...
EnglishUlrich: So, having fun without inviting us? You sure have changed, haven't you?

15:34 As the fangirls rush over to Jim, in the French he tells them "Calm down, take it easy!"

15:50 Jim writes an autograph to Serge in the French and Laquisha in the English - neither of which are names of any of the girls present. Serge is a masculine name too...

17:15 As Ulrich picks up his sabre, he says "Your turn, Yumi!" in the French.

17:45 In the French, Odd says the disco class could be useful.

20:32 Yumi's line is slightly different.

FrenchYumi: J'y vais, Jérémy. Croise les doigts.
French translationYumi: I'm on it, Jeremy. Cross your fingers.
EnglishYumi: I know, Jeremy. I'm on it.

21:23 After catching Aelita on the Overboard, Odd says "This way, Princess!" in the French.

22:32 In the English, Jeremy says "Hello" after being greeted by Milly.

22:47 Ulrich's line about Jim's new-found stardom is different.

FrenchUlrich: Et le pire, c'est qu'c'est grâce à toi.
French translationUlrich: And the worst part is, it's thanks to you.
EnglishUlrich: It's mainly thanks to you, right, Odd?

Épisode 67 - Mauvaise réplique
ImageMauvaise réplique
(Bad replica/bad retort)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Double Take
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

0:53 Odd's joke is different but still involves a canoe.

FrenchOdd: Et à c'moment là, le type s'met à hurler « Tiens, voilà c'que j'en fais d'ton canoë ! » (rire) Ben quoi, c'est mortel, non ? Le type il prend la fourchette et...
French translationOdd: So then the guy starts to scream, "Here, this is what I think of your canoe!" (laughs) Killer, right? The guy grabs the fork and...
EnglishOdd: So then, the guy gets up, and starts to scream, "Oh, no! My canoe just sprang a leak!" (laughs) Come on, it's hysterical! The guy thinks his canoe sprang a leak!

1:06 A few changes to this conversation.

FrenchYumi: T'inquiète pas Odd, le comique ça s'travaille !
Odd: Sauf que chez moi, c'est inné ! D'ailleurs, euh... si j'étais pas moi, je s'rais fan de mon humour !
Aelita: (rire) Bah au moins, celle-là elle est drôle !
Odd: Hé, mais ça n'a rien drôle hein ! Ça c'est la verité !
French translationYumi: Don't worry, Odd. Comedy is something you can work on!
Odd: Except that for me, it's innate! Besides, uh...if I wasn't me, I would be a fan of my humour!
Aelita: (laughs) Now that one's funny at least!
Odd: Hey, there's nothing funny about that, huh! It's just the truth!
EnglishYumi: Don't worry, Odd. A sense of humour comes with growing up.
Odd: Come on, I'm the funniest guy in school. In fact...if I wasn't me, I would be president of my own fan club.
Aelita: (laughs) Now that's what I call funny!
Odd: Yeah, but the problem is I...didn't mean it to be funny.

2:03 In the French, Mister Delmas once again gets his words mixed up while he's trying to play a game and talk on the phone at the same time. His line in the dub relates to the game he's playing.

FrenchJeremy (Mr Dunbar's voice): Il est cloué au lit avec une fièvre de cheval.
Delmas: Oh zut ! J'espère que le cheval va bien... euh... je veux dire, j'espère qu'il n'y a rien d'grave !
French translationJeremy (Mr Dunbar's voice): He's stuck in bed with a very high fever (lit. horse's fever).
Delmas: Oh, rats! I hope the horse is doing alright...uh...that is to say, I hope it's nothing too serious!
EnglishJeremy (Mr Dunbar's voice): He's got a very high fever and he has to stay in bed.
Delmas: Oh, rats! Uh, I hope it's not game over for him. Uh...that is to say, nothing too serious.

2:11 In the French, Jeremy says William has a slight flu. In the English, he says he has a very bad flu. Mister Delmas still says that's a relief to hear...

2:34 Odd says they're serving meatballs and couscous in the French. In the English, it's meatballs and spaghetti.

2:49 Odd's line is different when Jeremy asks them all to leave.

FrenchOdd: Voilà ! Là, vous avez l'exemple d'un mec pas rigolo !
French translationOdd: And there you have it! There's an example of an unfunny guy!
EnglishOdd: What you need, is to hear a good joke. You don't laugh enough. Lighten up!

3:09 James Dunbar sounds rather panicked in the French. In the English he sounds a bit concerned but otherwise calm.

3:24 Among the authorities Mister Delmas suggests contacting, the French version includes the Prime Minster and the English version includes the FBI.

4:03 Odd's line is phrased differently. Ulrich then has a different name for Jim, but they're both comic book heroes.

FrenchOdd: Même un cerveau il faut qu'ça mange !
Ulrich: Oh oh... Delmas et Superman à onze heures...
French translationOdd: Even a brain needs to eat!
Ulrich: Uh-oh... Delmas and Superman at eleven o'clock...
EnglishOdd: The walking stomach has to look out for our local genius.
Ulrich: Uh-oh... Delmas and Incredible Hulk at eleven o'clock.

4:37 The "something/someone/somewhere" joke is played up a bit more in the English: Jim's speech even ends with the suggestion that Mister Delmas will call "some police."

5:05 In the French, they say they have an athletics competition. In the English, it's talked about as a regular PE class where they'll be doing track.

5:19 In the English, after wondering how to be in two places at once, Jeremy says "It's not easy..."

6:51 In the French, Yumi says the clone is a "poser, pretentious and flirty as they come." In the English, she says it's "about the biggest flirt I've ever met."

6:59 Jeremy makes a baseball reference in the English. ("Home run" is obvious, but "double" is also a baseball term.) The French phrase "L'important c'est de participer" is also a sport-related term associated with the Olympics.

FrenchJeremy: De toute façon, faudra faire avec parce que... l'important, c'est d'participer !
French translationJeremy: Anyway, you'll have to make do's the taking part that counts!
EnglishJeremy: Anyway guys, I may not have hit a home run with it, but a double is still pretty good.

7:21 In the French, Jim mixes up the "pois" in Belpois with the "poids" in "lancer du poids" ("shot-put throw"). The English line has Jim make fun of Jeremy's lack of athleticism.

FrenchJim: ...nous allons tous admirer le beau lancer de Belpoids ! Euh... je veux dire le lancer du poids de Belpois... euh...
French translationJim: ...we're all going to watch the Bel-put throw! Uh...I mean watch Belpois do the shot-put throw...uh...
EnglishJim: ...we're all going to watch Mister Skin-and-Bones make up for lost time by throwing his lack of weight around! (laughs) His lack...

7:51 Same as above for the French version, but now with the word "bois" ("wood") from the phrase "bon sang de bois" ("for crying out loud" is one translation) thrown in as well.

FrenchJim: Bon sang d'poids Belbois... Euh... je veux dire euh, bon sang d'bois Belpois, quel lancer d'poids !
French translationJim: Holy Tolepois, Beldo... Uh...I mean uh, holy Toledo, Belpois, what a throw!
EnglishJim: Whoa... Holy Toledo, Belpois! I mean... Incredible, Belpois!

8:18 In the French, the rival school Jim mentions is Diderot, the school they played soccer against in episode 21 "Zero Gravity Zone" (aka Lincoln in the English dub)! In the English, the school is called Central Prep.

9:13 In the French, Ulrich tells Jeremy this isn't the time to be calling him on the phone. In the English, he says the call had better be important.

10:23 The last part of Jim's line is different.

FrenchJim: Les planétaires ! Les interplanétaires ! Et ça, les doigts dans l'nez !
French translationJim: The planetaries! The interplanetaries! All a piece of cake!
EnglishJim: The planetaries! The interplanetaries! The intergalactics!

11:40 Ulrich's instructions are more specific in the English.

FrenchUlrich: Et toi, tu t'occupes de lui.
French translationUlrich: And you take care of him.
EnglishUlrich: Isolate Jeremy 2 and watch him.

11:50 Yumi asks to go to the restroom in the French. She asks to leave the room in the English, not saying what for.

12:02 Odd calls the clone a champion in the French. He calls it an Olympic champion in the English.

12:49 Jeremy's line is slightly different.

FrenchJeremy: Plus tard les compliments.
French translationJeremy: Save the compliments for later.
EnglishJeremy: You two can discuss fashion later.

13:01 In the French, Yumi says "I see them," referring to the monsters and XANA-William. She says "I see it" in the English, referring to the tower, but it's too deep inside the crater to be visible at that angle.

13:30 The phrase Odd uses in the French is generally used to try and calm a crowd of people scrambling to get a particular item at a store.

FrenchOdd: Poussez pas y'en aura pour tout l'monde !
French translationOdd: Stop pushing, there's enough for everyone!
EnglishOdd: H-hey, stop pushing, will you! Don't you like it in there?

14:05 Odd is thrown towards the stairs and is saved from a hard landing because he lands on Mister Delmas. In the French, he takes note of this fact. In the English, he thanks Mister Delmas for trying to give the clone a psychology lesson.

FrenchOdd: Heureusement qu'vous étiez là !
French translationOdd: Good thing you were there!
EnglishOdd: Thanks a lot for the psychology lesson, Sir.

15:18 Aelita's question is different after her wings appear for the first time.

FrenchAelita: Bah... qu'est-ce qui m'arrive !?
Jeremy: Rien.
French translationAelita: What's happening to me?!
Jeremy: Nothing.
EnglishAelita: Where did these wings come from?
Jeremy: You like 'em?

19:18 Odd's line to the clone is different. The French one relates to how he's using a broomstick as a weapon. The French word manche can refer to the handle of a broom, but when describing a person it can also mean "imbecile" or someone who is tall and skinny. The latter meaning also exists in the English word "broomstick."

FrenchOdd: T'es p'têt frimeur mais tu t'bats comme un manche !
French translationOdd: You may be a poser, but you fight like a broomstick!
EnglishOdd: You may be his evil twin, but you fight like a faulty twin!

21:40 Odd says "Just in time!" in the French when he catches Yumi. There's also a bit of a pun here when Odd says "You didn't think I'd let you down, did ya?": the French line uses "te laisser tomber," which can mean both "let you down" and "let you fall."

22:38 In the English, Odd specifically says he won't take the clone to the infirmary. He's more general in the French.

FrenchOdd: Bah donc c'est pas à moi d'occuper d'votre nouvelle réplique !
French translationOdd: Yeah well it won't be my job to take care of your new clone!
EnglishOdd: Ok, but don't ever ask me to take the copy to the infirmary, ok?

22:48 A small change here.

FrenchOdd: Espérons que l'nouveau William n'aura pas développé de propriétés du genre super frime !
French translationOdd: Hopefully the new William hasn't developed super-poser-type qualities!
EnglishOdd: Hopefully William's copy hasn't developed emerging qualities like someone else I know!

23:02 The first of many literal interpretations by William-clone.

FrenchDelmas: Je suis ravi de voir que votre fièvre est tombée !
William-clone: Ah ? Elle s'est pas fait mal au moins ?
French translationDelmas: I'm glad to see that your fever has fallen!
William-clone: Ah? It didn't hurt itself, at least?
EnglishDelmas: I'm glad to see that your fever has broken, and you're feeling well!
William-clone: Uh...did I break anything else?

Épisode 68 - Première partie
ImagePremière partie
(Opening act)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Opening Act
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:14 In the English, Ulrich asks Yumi if she's heard of the Subdigitals... Who does he take her for?

FrenchUlrich: Mais enfin. Chris, le batteur des Subdigitals !
Odd: Tu t'rends compte, le batteur des Subdigitals vient à Kadic !
French translationUlrich: Come on. Chris, the drummer for the Subdigitals!
Odd: Would you believe it? The Subdigitals' drummer is coming to Kadic!
EnglishUlrich: You're kidding. Haven't you ever heard of the Subdigitals?
Odd: Chris is their drummer! And he'll be at Kadic today!

1:57 Jim's line is different after Odd bumps into him.

FrenchJim: Alors Della Robbia, on rêve dans sa tête ?
French translationJim: So Della Robbia, daydreaming?
EnglishJim: Well done, Della Robbia. Just as clumsy as ever.

2:20 Jim says he also listens to music young people are into in the French. In the English, he says he also listens to rock. Also, when he mentions his nephew he says "He's really great" in the English only.

2:38 Both expressions of amazement, but the English line mentions a scoop.

FrenchOdd: Oh mais c'est génial !!! Vous vous rendez compte !?
French translationOdd: Oh, that's amazing!!! Can you believe it?!
EnglishOdd: Wow, now that's what I call a sensational scoop!

3:07 In the French, the students start chanting "A song! A song!" before Chris quiets them. He thanks the students for welcoming him to Kadic. In the English, he thanks them for their enthusiasm.

4:47 Jeremy calls the audition "stupid" in the French.

4:57 Aelita's response is different when she gives in.

FrenchAelita: Tu as raison.
French translationAelita: You're right.
EnglishAelita: Alright. I won't go.

5:04 There's an additional part to Sissi's English line: that Chris has a good ear for talent. Odd's line is then different: he complains about being stuck in line in the French (the "ball and chain" is Sissi) and responds to what Sissi said in the English.

FrenchOdd: Marre d'attendre. Et en plus, faut s'coltiner c'boulet !
French translationOdd: I'm sick of waiting. What's more, I'm stuck with this ball and chain!
EnglishOdd: The biggest DJ of all time, huh? What does DJ stand for, Dumb Jerk?

5:19 Similar but with different phrasing.

FrenchOdd: Dis-moi, tu peux m'rappeller à quoi sert les amis ? Parc'que là j'ai comme un doute !
French translationOdd: Could you remind me what friends are for, again? Because I'm starting to wonder!
EnglishOdd: Hey, man! With friends like you, who needs enemies?! Thanks for your support, Ulrich!

6:53 After Odd says he has plenty of other tracks and asks if Chris would like to listen, Chris's response is different.

FrenchChris: Ouais, j'imagine.
French translationChris: Yeah, I can imagine.
EnglishChris: Some other time, maybe!

7:57 In the French, Chris uses the phrase "lacher les baskets" (lit. let go of [our] shoes), meaning "give [us] a break." Jim then reassures him using another phrase to do with shoes.

FrenchChris: boîte de prod' nous lach'ra pas les baskets. Déjà qu'on voulait pas changer d'nom !
Jim: Bah t'inquiète pas mon garçon, tu finiras par trouver une basket à ton pied !
French translationChris: ...the record company won't give us a break (lit. won't let go of our shoes). I mean, we didn't want to change our name!
Jim: Don't worry m'boy, you'll end up with a shoe on your foot!
EnglishChris: ...they'll be down on me like a ton of bricks! They've already made us change our name!
Jim: Don't worry, m'boy! There's gotta be a youngster around here with a ton of talent!

8:06 Milly is the only one who asks something from Chris in the French. In the English, all three of the girls ask him something.

FrenchMilly: Quelques questions pour les Echos ? Dans quelle ville allez-vous vous produire ?
French translationMilly: A few questions for the Kadic News? Which city will you be performing in?
EnglishMilly: A few words for the Kadic News, Chris?
Tamiya: Just one or two questions!
Veronica: Can I have an autograph, Chris?

8:23 In the French, the fans sound like they're making general crowd noise and it's hard to make out what anyone's saying. Their questions are clear in the English, and after Jim tells them to speak one at a time, they say "Me first!" "No, me!" before Chris quiets them.

9:03 A change to Ulrich's line.

FrenchUlrich: Euh, Odd... faut qu'on t'explique un truc, là...
French translationUlrich: Uh, Odd...there's something we need to explain to you...
EnglishUlrich: Odd,'s not in the bag just yet.

10:06 In the French, Milly asks if Chris has found out who the DJ is yet. In the English, she says she bets he's found out who it is.

10:44 Yumi's jab at Sissi is different.

FrenchYumi: Eh ben qu'est-ce qui vous arrive, les filles ? Vous êtes toutes pâles. Vous avez vu Sissi avec un livre ?
French translationYumi: What's wrong, girls? You're all pale. Did you see Sissi with a book?
EnglishYumi: You look like you're in shock! Did Sissi say something intelligent for once?

10:55 In the French, Milly says Chris was like the "killer robot" in Executioner 2. In the English, she says he was like the "mad killer" from the same film.

11:20 After Ulrich points out Jim and Chris inside the administration building, Odd's line is different. It doesn't really make sense in the English, since Jim and Chris are inside...

FrenchOdd: Fais voir !
French translationOdd: Let me see!
EnglishOdd: Outside?

11:43 Chris asks if Odd wants an autographed photo in the French. In the English, he asks if he wants an autograph.

13:19 A slight change here.

FrenchChris: Ah bon ? Et Aelita comment ?
Ulrich: Aelita tout-court.
French translationChris: Oh yeah? Aelita who?
Ulrich: Just Aelita.
EnglishChris: What's her...last name?
Ulrich: What's the difference?

13:39 A difference to Jim's line, stemming from the wording Ulrich used just before this to say they'll be getting a work-out ("il risque d'y avoir du sport" in French).

FrenchJim: Parc'que le sport c'est mon dada !
French translationJim: Because sport is my thing!
EnglishJim: There's no work that I like better than working out.

15:49 Aelita's taunt is different.

FrenchAelita: On a les papattes trop courtes ?
French translationAelita: Are your legs too short?
EnglishAelita: Having a bad leg day?

16:33 In the English, Jim asks if the lab is a mad scientist's hideout (he's not wrong!) and Chris asks if the spectre is a stunt double or a clone. In the French, Chris asks if the spectre is a celebrity impersonator.

FrenchJim: Bon sang de bois... C'est quoi tout c'bazar ?
Chris: Mais... qui c'est celui-là, encore un sosie de star ?
French translationJim: Holy cow... What is this place?
Chris: But...who's that guy over there, a celebrity impersonator?
EnglishJim: What is this place, a mad scientist's hideout?
Chris: Who's that guy over there? A stunt double or a clone?

18:00 In the English, Aelita says "Alright" after Jeremy tells her to move out.

18:36 Jim's line is different after he recovers and sees the clone is still in the lab.

FrenchJim: Hein ? Il est encore là l'imposteur !?
French translationJim: Huh? The impostor's still here?!
EnglishJim: I'll get rid of that impostor now!

19:48 The name of Jim's opponent is changed from Hurricane Joe to Hurricane Windstorm. He also starts to recount a particular part of the story in English before Chris hits him with the piece of metal.

FrenchJim: Ça m'rappelle ce combat contre Hurricane Joe à Las Vegas en 94, au 3ème round !
French translationJim: Reminds me of the time I fought against Hurricane Joe in Las Vegas back in '94, in the third round!
EnglishJim: Reminds me of the time I fought against Hurricane Windstorm in Vegas, back in '94. In the third round, I just wha-

22:05 In the French, Ulrich says he'll be there every step of the way. In the English, he says he'll fight XANA-William every step of the way.

23:03 Some changes after Chris asks Aelita to audition for him.

FrenchAelita: C'est que... Je n'sais pas quoi dire, je...
Jeremy: Ben vas-y puisse qu'il te l'demande !
French translationAelita: That is... I don't know what to say, I...
Jeremy: Go on, since he's asking you!
EnglishAelita: I'd like to...but I'm not sure I can.
Jeremy: Go on! It's an offer you can't refuse!

Épisode 69 - Double foyer
ImageDouble foyer
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Wreck Room
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

* "Foyer" is also the name given to the rec' room in the French.

1:07 A few changes here, especially that Odd believes his nightmare was a premonition in the French.

FrenchOdd: Les rêves prémonitoires, t'y crois toi ?
Ulrich: Évidemment ! Mais calmos, Einstein te virtualisera des cornets d'frites garantis sans virus.
Odd: Rigole pas avec ça, la nourriture c'est sacré !
Ulrich: En parlant d'Einstein, je n'ai pas vu ce matin.
French translationOdd: Do you believe in premonitory dreams?
Ulrich: Absolutely! But chill out, Einstein can virtualise you some bags of 100% virus-free chips.
Odd: Don't joke about that, food is sacred!
Ulrich: Speaking of Einstein, I haven't seen him this morning.
EnglishOdd: Do you believe in nightmares like that? Huh?
Ulrich: Absolutely. But don't worry, if you ask Einstein nicely, he'll program you some virtual fries.
Odd: Food is sacred, Ulrich, so no jokes, ok?!
Ulrich: Speaking of Einstein, I wonder where he is...

1:25 Ulrich's line is different after he wakes Jeremy.

FrenchUlrich: Eh Jérémy, ton plumard et toi... vous faites lit à part ?
French translationUlrich: Hey Jeremy, are you and your bed...sleeping separately?
EnglishUlrich: Hey Jeremy... Forget you had a bed?

1:52 In the French, Rosa starts by saying "Sorry, kid." In the English, it's a harsher "You're too late!"

2:20 In the French, Aelita calls Odd a walking stomach. In the English, she says "you pig out all the time." Odd then calls his nightmare premonitory in the French only.

FrenchOdd: En cas d'maladie d'la patate folle. N'oubliez pas qu'j'ai fait un rêve prémonitoire !
French translationOdd: In case there's a mad potato disease. Don't forget that I had a premonitory dream!
EnglishOdd: Yeah! I've got to store food reserves in case potatoes get contaminated. Like in the nightmare I had last night.

2:48 In the French, the rest of the students chatter excitedly about the new recreation room. They go quiet when Odd cheers. In the English, pretty much everyone is quiet except for Odd, making his loud outburst even more awkward.

3:26 Jeremy says "See you in class" in the French and "See you later" in the English. He does end up coming back to meet the others at the cafeteria before class though.

3:34 Odd has a different way of expressing how he feels about Sissi being elected monitor.

FrenchOdd: Avec Sissi ça sera tout sauf un lieu de détente !
French translationOdd: With Sissi, it'll be anything but a place to relax!
EnglishOdd: If Sissi's elected monitor, I think I'd rather go to the study hall.

3:47 Sissi is more sarcastic in the French, going on from Odd saying that he's fun.

FrenchSissi: C'est vrai que t'avoir comme délégué, c'est super fun ! On n'te voit jamais !
French translationSissi: It's true, having you as a class rep is super fun! We never even see you!
EnglishSissi: No one would know that you're our rep. You never seem to have enough time!

4:00 In the French, the other kids keep talking while Jim and Milly talk, until Jim says "You call this an election?!" In the English, they stop chattering when Jim arrives.

FrenchJim: Ce capharnaüm, cette gabégie, t'appelles ça choisir toi ?
French translationJim: You call all this chaos and shambles an election?

5:17 Jeremy's statement about the clone is different.

FrenchJeremy: La réplique de William ne tient pas la route, c'est ça !
French translationJeremy: William's copy simply can't go the distance!
EnglishJeremy: William's copy doesn't have the same personality as the original!

5:40 In French, "Thalès" sounds like "ta laisse" ("your leash"), hence the way Odd mishears it. In the dub, they use the word "corollary" to sound sort of like "collar," and "Thales" may sound a bit like "fleas."

FrenchMeyer: Odd, tu as quelque chose à ajouter sur Thalès ?
Odd: Euh... sur ma laisse ? Mais m'dame j'ai pas d'laisse moi ! Haha... Même mon chien il en n'a pas !
French translationMeyer: Odd, do you have something to add on Thales? (sounds like "your leash")
Odd: Uh...on my leash? But Ma'am I don't have a leash! Haha... Even my dog doesn't have one!
EnglishMeyer: Odd, do you want to add a corollary to Thales's theorem?
Odd: W-what collar, Ma'am? Uh... No, my dog doesn't have any fleas! Uh... I-I-I...mean...I don't have a dog! Or fleas, either!

6:23 Some small changes to Jim's line. He says ping pong is his favourite game in the English.

FrenchJim: Ce foyer est placé sous votre responsabilité, alors pas de gamineries ! ... Oho ! Je rêve ! Une table de ping pong !
French translationJim: This recreation room is under your responsibility, so no childish behaviour! ...Oh! No way! A ping pong table!
EnglishJim: And don't forget: this recreation room is under your responsibility! ...Whoa! Ping pong! My favourite game!

6:46 In the English, Jim finishes telling Odd to play table tennis against him by asking "Are you ready?" Odd then refers to William-clone as "the idiot" in the French and as "William" in the English.

7:42 Jim makes a statement about William's sporting skills in the French. The English has more of Jim encouraging William-clone to play.

FrenchJim: Et Dunbar... c'est un tout bon en sport !
French translationJim: And Dunbar...he's an ace at sport!
EnglishJim: Come on. Let's see how you play, Dunbar!

8:10 A small change here.

FrenchSissi: La ferme crétin, c'est moi qui décide !
French translationSissi: Shut up dork, I'm the one who decides!
EnglishSissi: I've got the remote, so I decide.

8:43 In the French, William-clone calls Jim the "Racquette Foireuse" ("Lame/Half-assed Racquet"). In the English, it's "Clumsy Racquet."

8:52 A small difference to Yumi's line.

FrenchYumi: Faut faire quelquechose, sinon Jim va se poser des questions.
French translationYumi: We've gotta do something or Jim will start asking questions.
EnglishYumi: Anyway, we've gotta come up with something, and right now.

11:28 Jim calls himself "Big Jim" in the English.

FrenchJim: La racquette tueuse a encore frappé ! Ouais !
Odd: Ouf... Einstein a résolu le problème.
French translationJim: The Killer Racquet strikes again! Yeah!
Odd: Phew... Einstein fixed the problem.
EnglishJim: Yours truly, Big Jim the Killer Racquet strikes again!
Odd: Phew! Einstein saved us in the nick of time.

12:13 In the French, Yumi says that by splitting up, they'll ensure that two of them will get to the factory. In the English she says "one or two of us," but it's pretty unlikely William-clone would be able to delay two of them at once if they're not in the same place.

13:49 Ulrich's English line is shorter...and also inaccurate. William's clone blows through the door as soon as it shows up.

FrenchUlrich: Ça le retiendra pas longtemps, mais... c'est mieux que rien. Allez, allons-y !
French translationUlrich: That won't hold him for long,'s better than nothing. Come on, let's go!
EnglishUlrich: That'll hold him for a while.

16:33 Jeremy doesn't say his usual "Transfer...scanner...virtualisation" in the English version.

19:09 In the English, Yumi screams as she's devirtualised.

19:23 Odd's French line is sarcastic.

FrenchOdd: Ah ! Enfin d'la nouveauté, ça devenait trop facile. Merci William !
French translationOdd: Ah! Finally something new, this was getting too easy. Thanks, William!
EnglishOdd: Great... It was already hard enough without William!

19:51 A small change to Odd's line addressed to the Tarantula.

FrenchOdd: Wooouh, chuis là ! Même pas cap de m'suivre !
French translationOdd: Yoo-hoo, I'm over here! You can't even follow me!
EnglishOdd: Hey! I'll bet you can't climb, either!

21:18 Odd's line is different after he crashes the Overboard into XANA-William.

FrenchOdd: Je sais, j'dois faire réviser mes freins !
French translationOdd: I know, I need to have my brakes checked!
EnglishOdd: Oh! Sorry, William. I forgot to hit the brakes!

22:18 Ulrich lists different qualities to (not?) describe Sissi. The French version sounds like what he witnessed during the XANA attack but the English doesn't come off in this way.

FrenchUlrich: Ouais, il faut quelqu'un qui ait d'la trempe et qui sache se sacrifier pour les autres.
French translationUlrich: Yeah, we need somebody who's strong and brave, and who knows how to make sacrifices for others.
EnglishUlrich: Yeah! We need somebody who's unselfish and never thinks about herself!

22:48 Odd and Ulrich's comments are different.

FrenchOdd: Sacré William hein, trop mortel ! Toujours la répartie qui tue !
Ulrich: Ah ouais ! Moi il me ferait tomber à la renverse !
French translationOdd: That William huh, he's hilarious! Always with a killer retort!
Ulrich Yeah! He's gonna make me fall over laughing!
EnglishOdd: That William's such a comedian! (laughs) He must...!
Ulrich: He must be the funniest kid at Kadic! (laughs)

Épisode 70 - Skidbladnir
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:28 In the English, when talking about teamwork, Jeremy also says "I couldn't have done it without your help!"

2:17 When asking about Melanie, Odd's crush, in the French Aelita says she's a year 10 student (so Yumi's age).

2:39 In the French, Jeremy says he or Aelita will be launching the next phase. In the English, he says Aelita will be doing it.

3:22 Jeremy is a lot more cautious about his optimism in the English.

FrenchJeremy: C'est vraiment incroyable Aelita, j'ai l'impression qu'on touche enfin au but, et je reprends espoir pour ton père.
Aelita: Je pensais ne jamais le revoir, surtout quand XANA a ait disparaître Lyoko.
French translationJeremy: It's really incredible, Aelita. I feel like we're finally reaching the end of the road! And I have renewed hope for your father.
Aelita: I thought I'd never see him again, especially when XANA destroyed Lyoko.
EnglishJeremy: That'd be great. But we'd better not get our hopes up. Even if it's possible, it's not gonna be easy!
Aelita: I know. But I completely lost hope when XANA destroyed all of Lyoko.

3:49 Some minor differences to Jim's upstairs/downstairs speech.

FrenchJim: Je croyais pourtant vous avoir dit que les filles du dessus, n'avaient rien à faire chez les garçons du dessous. Il me semblait avoir été clair, non ? Donc demain, vous irez expliquer au proviseur les dessous de cette affaire, vous pouvez compter là d'ssus !
French translationJim: I thought I'd told you that the girls upstairs have no business being in the boys' rooms downstairs. It seemed pretty clear to me, didn't it? So tomorrow, you're gonna go explain to the principal what's gone down here, you can count upon that!
EnglishJim: You ought to know that the girls have to stay upstairs, which is their floor, and that they're not allowed downstairs, where the boys are down here. And so tomorrow, you can repeat word for word what I just said about downstairs and upstairs to the principal!

4:33 In the French, Ms Kensington's introduction is about how Shakespeare's work is separated into three main periods, and they'll be studying the period from 1600 to 1608. In the English, she talks about how his plays are divided into a number of categories (genres).

4:54 In the French, Odd says that Jeremy and Aelita will be kicked out of school if they don't show up at the library. In the English, he says they'll be kicked out if they leave the library, implying that they show up to detention and then leave partway through it instead of not showing up at all.

5:49 In the French, Odd suggests that Jeremy and Aelita pretend to have food poisoning (the idea is the same in the English but doesn't explicitly use the term "food poisoning"). So when Yumi asks what's going on...

FrenchUlrich: Empoisonnement alimentaire...
French translationUlrich: Food poisoning...
EnglishUlrich: They've got company for lunch.

6:02 There are additional details to Jim's story in the French: it was night time and he was in one of the worst parts of the North Atlantic.

6:33 In the French, Jim says he doesn't play the lottery. In the English, he says he's never bought a lottery ticket in his life.

6:55 Jim does eventually remember the phrase "divide and conquer" correctly in the English, but not in the French. There's also only one desk in the library, so...

FrenchJim: Non, non pas à côté. Séparez-vous. Comme on dit, il faut diviser pour mieux... pour mieux... pour mieux séparer.
French translationJim: No, not together. Sit separately. You know what they say about dividing
EnglishJim: Ah-ah, not together. Separate desks. You know what they say about dividing to...multiply! To conquer...I meant, uh...

7:51 There's a change to Odd's response after Jim insults his haircut.

FrenchOdd: Ridicule ma coiffure ?! C'est la plus branchée du collège !
French translationOdd: Ridiculous, my haircut?! It's the trendiest in the school!
EnglishOdd: Ridiculous, my haircut? I bet you're jealous, huh?

8:32 A change to Jim's line after he catches Aelita on her phone. I wouldn't say she was "gabbing her head off" though.

FrenchJim: Quand on est on colle, on est en colle. Ça veut dire qu'on ne passe pas son temps scotché à son portable.
French translationJim: When you're in detention, you're in detention. Meaning that you don't spend your time glued to your phone.
EnglishJim: You're here to study, and that's all. Meaning that there's no gabbing your head off on your mobile.

8:48 In the French, Jim says Jeremy and Aelita can't beat him at playing "who's dumber."

FrenchJim: Écoutez... je n'suis pas un vieux singe tombé d'la dernière pluie. Alors si vous voulez jouer au plus crétin avec moi, vous n'risquez pas d'gagner !
French translationJim: Listen...I was not born yesterday, so if you want to play "who's dumber" with me, you're not gonna win!
EnglishJim: Now look...I was not born yesterday, so don't think you can fool me. Whatever game you wanna play, remember I can beat you at it!

9:17 The dialogue here is the same, but it's worth noting that the English uses the term "bright idea," which is an apt way to describe Jeremy shining light in Ulrich's face. Yumi's response is then different.

FrenchYumi: Euh... comment ça ?
French translationYumi: Uh...say what?
EnglishYumi: Let me have a look.

9:29 In the French, Odd mishears what Yumi says as "Morse banana" ("c'est du morse, banane" - "it's Morse code, banana") and asks if it's a Japanese dish. In the English, he mishears it as "moist, cold turkey" ("it's Morse code, turkey").

9:37 In the French, Ulrich asks "You learnt Morse code too?" and Jeremy's message starts with "SOS LABO" ("SOS LAB"). In English, Ulrich asks Yumi why she learnt Morse code and the message starts with "SOS FACTORY."

10:06 XANA-William instructs the Creepers to "Charge" their lasers in the French. In the English he says "Attack," but the monsters still have to wait for his next signal before they shoot.

11:23 Some minor changes here, particularly to the words similar to "hypotenuse." Jim also says he had a nail file as well as a cigarette lighter in the French, but just a lighter in the English. Aelita then calls him knowledgeable in the French and "incredible" in the English.

FrenchJim: Et j'dirais même que l'hypotalamus descend lui-même de l'hypertens... euh... de l'hyperténuse.
French translationJim: I would even say that the hypothalamus itself is derived from the hypertens...uh... the hypertenuse.
EnglishJim: I would even say that the hypothermia of the hyppopotanuse...depends on the hyperactivity of the...nuse.

13:45 Mister Delmas gives Jeremy another scolding about breaking the rules in the English.

FrenchDelmas: Belpois ! Quand on est en heure de colle, on ne communique pas avec ses petits camarades. Et pas internet, qui plus est.
French translationDelmas: Belpois! When you're in detention, there's no communication with your classmates! And no Internet, either.
EnglishDelmas: Belpois! You've been punished for not having obeyed the rules, but it seems you never learn! No computer communication!

13:56 Jim seems to actually pin blame on Aelita in the French instead of just using her as an excuse like in the English.

FrenchJim: Mais c'est... c'est ce-cette fillette qui a essayé de m'embrouiller avec ses histoires d'hyperthalamus e-et j'avoue que...
French translationJim: But...this girl tried to tie me up with her hyperthalamus problems and I...
EnglishJim: I um...was helping Aelita here with some hippopotamus, uh that is uh...hypapotnuse problems.

14:13 There's a slight difference to the lesson Mister Delmas gives the two kids.

FrenchDelmas: Ce qui est vital mes jeunes amis c'est de bien comprendre que dans la vie, on n'enfreind pas les règles impunément !
French translationDelmas: What's vital, children, is to understand that in life, one doesn't break the rules with impunity!
EnglishDelmas: Would you like to know what's vital? Listen: it's vital to be aware that there is no one in life who can go unpunished for being disobedient!

14:47 Ulrich's English line sounds like something out of an action movie.

FrenchUlrich: Eh, beau gosse, ça va ? Allez, viens par ici. Allez !
French translationUlrich: Hey pretty boy, how's it going? Come on, over here. Come on!
EnglishUlrich: Yo, big shot. Wanna mix it up a little?

15:59 In the French, Jeremy offers to do a week of detention. In the English, he offers to do triple detention for a week.

18:04 Jeremy says there are 15 minutes left, and looking at his watch we see it's 3:45, 15 minutes from their 4 o'clock deadline. In the English, Jeremy says they have 15 minutes left until the end of detention. Even if this is true, it still doesn't leave them enough time to get to the lab and run the program, so this probably shouldn't be what he's counting down to.

18:38 There's a difference to Jim's line as he runs out of the building. Jeremy also says something in the English.

FrenchJim: Oh ! Sale clebs...
French translationJim: Oh! Mangy mutt...
EnglishJim: I gotcha!
Jeremy: Come on!

18:53 Both versions of this line involve hunting birds, but while shooting pigeons (like skeet shooting) involves shooting moving targets in the air, sitting ducks are an easier target.

FrenchOdd: Du vrai tir au pigeon, enfin j'veux dire, aux Rampants !
French translationOdd: This is like shooting pigeons! I mean, shooting Creepers!
EnglishOdd: They're just like sitting ducks! Uhh...sitting Creepers, that is.

20:15 Yumi's line is different when she and Aelita arrive in the Hangar.

FrenchYumi: J'ai toujours adoré les accueils chaleureux !
French translationYumi: I've always loved warm welcomes!
EnglishYumi: It's always nice to feel needed, isn't it?

21:08 In the French, Jeremy says the sub's shield is gone. In the English, he says it's almost gone.

23:06 Aelita's final line concerning Jim is different.

FrenchAelita: Ça veut dire que la punition est levée non ?
French translationAelita: That means our punishment is over, right?
EnglishAelita: He must have other things on his mind.

Épisode 71 - Premier voyage
ImagePremier voyage
(Maiden voyage)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Maiden Voyage
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:05 In the French, Jim talks about a Sherpa named Tensing Pong. In the English, the name is Tensing Long.

1:27 In French, Jim says this will be the peak of today's lesson (a mountain climbing joke?). In the English, he says it will be the practical part of the lesson.

2:00 When Jeremy falls, some of the students laugh in the French. In the English, there are gasps of sympathy.

2:13 In the French, Aelita says "Come on" when she puts her hand on Jeremy's shoulder. Herb also snickers at Jeremy. Both of them are quiet in the English.

2:19 A change to Aelita's line and what Sissi calls Jeremy.

FrenchAelita: Oh allez, fais pas cette tête Jérémy.
Sissi: Alors, supertronche...
French translationAelita: Oh come on, don't make that face.
Sissi: Well, superbrain...
EnglishAelita: It's no big deal, Jeremy!
Sissi: Well, sourpuss...

2:42 Ulrich is more specific about what happened to Jeremy in the English.

FrenchUlrich: Bah Jim nous a donné un cours d'escalade.
French translationUlrich: We had a rock climbing class with Jim.
EnglishUlrich: He had to scale the rock wall in gym.

2:53 Aelita's line is rather sweet in the French.

FrenchAelita: Mais c'est pas grave enfin, j'veux dire, moi j't'aime comme ça !
French translationAelita: It's not that bad anyway. I mean, I love you the way you are!
EnglishAelita: Hey anyway, who cares? You can't be a champion at everything!

3:24 When Odd asks if Jeremy's going to eat his food, he calls it hachis Parmentier (Shepard's pie) in the French - but that's not what we can see on their trays. He doesn't name any particular food in the English.

3:37 Jim's English line is probably the one more befitting of a teacher.

French translationJim: QUIET DOWN, YOU POLLIWOGS!!
EnglishJim: Mister Delmas said quiet down! And that means now!

4:17 In the French, Mister Delmas's voice starts fading out a few seconds before Aelita starts talking. She specifically says they can take advantage of classes being cancelled to do a trial run. In the English, Mister Delmas's voice remains the same volume until Aelita talks. The end of his speech can also be heard clearly when the group go silent as they wait for Jeremy's decision; there's complete silence in the French. Also, changes to Jeremy and Ulrich's lines.

FrenchJeremy: Ouais mais... est-ce bien prudent ?
Ulrich: De quoi ? De rester les bras croisés pendant que XANA gagne en puissance ?
French translationJeremy: Yeah it wise?
Ulrich: To what? Sit here with our arms folded while XANA becomes more powerful?
EnglishJeremy: Yeah, but...I don't know if we're ready yet!
Ulrich: We've got to try it out before XANA gets even more powerful!
Delmas: ...there will be no exceptions made. Thank you for your attention.

4:52 Before beginning his explanation, in the French Jeremy asks if they're all paying attention.

8:02 Odd calls Aelita Princess in the French.

8:07 There's a difference to what Odd achieved in the video game he and Ulrich were playing.

FrenchOdd: Jaloux va ! Tu dis ça parce que j'ai éclaté ton high score trois fois d'affilé hier soir !
French translationOdd: Jealous! You're only saying that because I smashed your high score three times in a row last night!
EnglishOdd: Yeah, yeah. You're just jealous because I wiped out three times as many aliens as you did last night.

8:28 In the English, Aelita also says "We have ignition" when doing her take-off checks.

9:40 In the French, Jeremy is about to list the procedures they tested before he's cut off. In the English, he ends his sentence by calling the whole operation a dry run.

FrenchJeremy: Ben... C'est fait, non ? On a testé les procédures de-
French translationJeremy: Well... That's what we did, isn't it? We tested the procedures for-
EnglishJeremy: Yeah, well that's what we did! We just finished a dry run!

10:45 Aelita has additional lines in the French, updating Jeremy on where they are.

FrenchAelita: Le sas s'ouvre...
(Le Skid quitte le sas.)
Aelita: Nous sommes dans le Réseau.
French translationAelita: The floodgate is opening...
(The Skid leaves the floodgate.)
Aelita: We're in the Network.

12:54 In the French, Aelita says the navigation system has crashed. In English, she says there's a bug in it.

13:06 Line swap: Aelita asks "And then what?" in the French. It's Yumi who asks in the English.

13:31 In the French, Jeremy says he has the subprograms on a CD. In the English, he just says he needs to get them from his room, and there's no mention of a CD.

14:46 Jim mixes up two French phrases: "un homme averti en vaut deux" ("forewarned is forearmed") and "un tien vaut mieux que deux tu l'auras" ("a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"). In the English he only uses the latter phrase, replacing "bird" with "warning" and stumbling on the word "bush" at the end.

FrenchJim: On vous avait pourtant prévenus, pas vrai ? Et comme on dit, un homme averti vaut mieux que deux tu l'auras !
French translationJim: You were all warned this morning, weren't you? And as they say, forewarned is worth two in the bush!
EnglishJim: You were all warned this morning, and a warning in hand is worth two in a...bushling.

14:58 Jim's line to the firefighters is different. In the dub, the question "Did I ever tell you" makes it sound like he's met them before.

FrenchJim: Vous savez, quand j'étais pompier, il m'était arrivé...
French translationJim: You know, when I was a firefighter, I once...
EnglishJim: Did I ever tell you about when I fought forest fires?

15:05 After Odd asks if they'll ever see the light of day again, there are small changes to Aelita and Yumi's lines.

FrenchAelita: T'inquiètes pas Odd, je suis sûr que Jérémy va faire vite.
Yumi: En parlant d'lumière, vous n'trouvez pas qu'l'éclairage a changé ?
French translationAelita: Don't worry, Odd. I'm sure Jeremy will be quick.
Yumi: Speaking of light, has anyone noticed how the lighting has changed?
EnglishAelita: Don't worry, Odd! Jeremy'll find a way to fix it, I'm sure.
Yumi: By the way, has anyone noticed the change in the light?

15:30 In English, Jeremy references Fort Knox, a US Army base and the site of one of the country's gold reserves. As such, the term "Fort Knox" is used to describe a place that's heavily secured.

FrenchJeremy: Mais c'est pas vrai ! Y'en a partout ma parole !
French translationJeremy: Unbelievable! They're all over the place!
EnglishJeremy: Another teacher standing guard? What is this, Fort Knox?!

17:01 Ulrich jumps the gun a little in the English. They're still in the Network, they're not actually on Lyoko.

FrenchUlrich: Ouais, c'est bon de retrouver Lyoko.
French translationUlrich: Yeah, it's nice to see Lyoko again.
EnglishUlrich: Yeah. It's nice to be back on Lyoko!

18:14 A line swap with Ulrich and Yumi, plus some changes to Odd's lines in particular.

FrenchUlrich: Il y a quelque chose devant ! Eh c'est quoi ces mochetés ?! On dirait des espèces d'anguilles !
Odd: Si c'est des anguilles elles peuvent pas être bien méchantes !
Aelita: Attention, je décroche !
Odd: Je retire ce que j'ai dit ! Elles sont pleines d'arrêtes !
French translationUlrich: There's something up ahead! What are those ugly things?! They look like some sort of eel!
Odd: If they're eels, they can't be that mean!
Aelita: Heads up, I'm breaking off!
Odd: I take back what I said! They're all full of bones!
EnglishYumi: There's something else up ahead!
Ulrich: Hey, look. It's Ugly and Uglier. They look like some sort of eel!
Odd: I've never met an eel I didn't like!
Aelita: Heads up. I'm breaking off.
Odd: I've seen spiked heels, but spiked eels? Never.

19:03 After Aelita says it was Odd who taught her how to pilot, in the English Odd says "Oh."

19:41-21:45 In the French, they refer to Jeremy's task as repairing the skid. In the English, he's debugging it.

19:50 Not a big difference, but Jeremy's phrasing makes more sense in the French. After all, they launch the Navskids in order to get the Kongers away from the Skid.

FrenchJeremy: Détournez l'attention des Kongres... Il faut larguer les Navskids !
French translationJeremy: Draw the Kongers' attention away... You need to launch the Navskids!
EnglishJeremy: Get those Kongers off your tail! And then launch the Navskids!

20:00 Some small changes here. Aelita makes an announcement in the French and asks a question in the English.

FrenchOdd: OK, ça m'plaît !
Aelita: On fait la manœuvre !
French translationOdd: Ok, I like the sound of that!
Aelita: We're doing the manoeuvre!
EnglishOdd: Ok, bring 'em on!
Aelita: Are you all set?

20:16 In the French, Odd says the Navskids are more manoeuvrable than the Overboard. In the English he says "Overboards" plural.

20:25 There's a difference to how Jeremy describes the consequences of getting hit.

FrenchJeremy: Si vous êtes touchés, c'est le plongeon dans la Mer Numérique.
French translationJeremy: If you get hit, it means you'll be taking a dive into the Digital Sea.
EnglishJeremy: If you get hit, it means you'll be lost at sea.

22:51 Odd has an additional "Yeah!" in the English, and then Jeremy's line plays off Ulrich saying they'll go explore the sphere they found.

FrenchUlrich: On n'a qu'à l'explorer !
Jeremy: Tout juste ! Mais pas ce soir. Moi je rentre au collège et j'me couche, j'suis crevé.
French translationUlrich: We'll just have to explore it!
Jeremy: Right! But not tonight. I'm going back to school and going to bed, I'm wiped out.
EnglishUlrich: We'll go and explore it.
Odd: Yeah!
Jeremy: Right. But not tonight. The only thing that I feel like exploring is my bed. I'm wiped out.

23:18 A small addition to Odd's line in the English. (Does he think Jeremy didn't mean to be funny? Does he believe Jeremy's story?)

FrenchOdd: Sacré Einstein ! T'es vraiment marrant quand tu veux !
French translationOdd: Oh, Einstein! You're really hilarious when you wanna be!
EnglishOdd: You know, Einstein, you can be really hilarious when you wanna be. Even when you don't wanna be!

Épisode 72 - Leçon de choses
ImageLeçon de choses
(Object lesson/show and tell)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Crash Course
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:03 Some phrasing changes to Ulrich's line. After this, Ulrich calls Odd a "Don Juan" (an equivalent to "Casanova") in the French and a "ladies' man" in the English.

FrenchUlrich: Dis plutôt qu'il s'est défilé. Et là, il est en train de chercher une bonne excuse pour pas venir se prendre une raclée.
French translationUlrich: More like he snuck off. He's probably trying to think of a good excuse so he doesn't have to come take a beating.
EnglishUlrich: I'll bet he's afraid to show up. If I know Odd, he's hiding somewhere 'cause he knows I'll beat him.

2:09 The movies they talk about in French are "Paraplégik Zombie 4," "Mortal Stombat 2" and "Les pétales de l'amour" ("The Petals of Love"). In English, the titles are "Wheelchair Zombie 4," "Snorkelling Combat 2" and "Petals of Desire."

4:20 In the French, they talk about the movie and Jeremy's crash course being boring. In the English, they talk about Odd sleeping through both of them (which he does, for Jeremy's class at least!).

FrenchUlrich: Vois le bon côté des choses, Odd ! Tu échappes sûrement au film le plus ennuyeux d'histoire du cinéma !
Odd: Parce qu'un cours d'informatique d'Einstein c'est pas ennuyeux peut-être ?
French translationUlrich: Look on the bright side, Odd! You're probably missing out on the most boring movie in the history of cinema!
Odd: Because a computer class given by Einstein isn't boring, huh?
EnglishUlrich: Think about it, Odd - you're better off! You don't have to pay all that money to sleep through two hours of a film.
Odd: It's a lot better than sleeping through a class given by our friend Einstein!

5:13 Aelita sounds a bit more nervous in the French.

FrenchAelita: Allez, courage...
French translationAelita: Go on, be brave...
EnglishAelita: Eyes on the prize, Aelita.

5:20 Chris's greeting is different. Also, he introduces one of his colleagues as Nico in French and Nick (Nic?) in English.

FrenchChris: Salut Aelita ! J'suis content d'te voir.
French translationChris: Hello Aelita! I'm glad to see you.
EnglishChris: Aelita! Hello! I'm glad that you could make it!

6:08 Odd's question is different when he wakes up. "Are we there yet?" is commonly heard in relation to car trips.

FrenchOdd: Oh ? C'est déjà terminé ?
French translationOdd: Oh? Is it over already?
EnglishOdd: A-are we there yet?

8:04 Yumi has an additional warning for Jeremy after he's tackled by the spectre in the French. In the English, Jeremy gets one word in before he's zapped unconscious.

FrenchYumi: Fais gaffe, Jérémy ! NON ! Jérémy !...
French translationYumi: Watch out, Jeremy! NO! Jeremy...!
EnglishYumi: Jeremy!
Jeremy: No!
Yumi: Jeremy!

8:46 Odd uses a different word to refer to his friends back on Earth.

FrenchOdd: Hoé, la technique !
French translationOdd: Hellooo, tech support!
EnglishOdd: Hey, uh, guys?

9:19 Ulrich talks about waiting for Aelita to arrive in the French, plus there's another sentence at the end of his line. In the English, he talks about waiting to get in contact with Aelita.

FrenchUlrich: Yumi, il faudrait pas plutôt le ramener sur Terre en attendant le retour d'Aelita ? Ce serait plus prudent, non ?
French translationUlrich: Yumi, shouldn't we bring Odd back to Earth while we wait for Aelita to get here? That would be safer, wouldn't it?
EnglishUlrich: Yumi, shouldn't we bring Odd back to Earth while we try to get into contact with Aelita?

10:05 In the French, Odd calls the spectre "Spectrounet." The suffix "-ounet" is used to make an affectionate and somewhat silly nickname. In the English he calls it "Spectre Gadget," referencing the Inspector Gadget franchise.

10:15 This part of Yumi's line is different as she goes to leave the lab.

FrenchYumi: Continue sans moi !
French translationYumi: Keep going without me!
EnglishYumi: See you later.

11:28 Chris's line is different.

FrenchChris: Aelita a réelment un don.
French translationChris: Aelita has a real gift.
EnglishChris: Aelita has got to be our choice.

12:01 There's a difference to part of Ulrich's line.

FrenchUlrich: Ah euh, désolé Odd. Tu devras te contenter.
French translationUlrich: Uh, sorry, Odd. You'll have to make do.
EnglishUlrich: Uh, sorry, Odd. I can't send you anything else!

12:06 Odd calls Ulrich a "dummy" in the English after pointing out that he virtualised the Overbike next to the Bloks.

13:15 In the English, the driver of the car objects when the spectre grabs him. After the spectre steals the car, there are some different reactions from the pedestrians as well. In the French, one of them says to call the police.

FrenchDriver: Tout va bien ? Répondez-moi !
French translationDriver: Everything ok? Answer me!
EnglishDriver: Everything ok? (the spectre throws him) Hey! That's not- aagh!

13:49 In the English, Aelita says "It's Aelita" so Ulrich knows who's talking before she asks him what's written above the window on the screen. The text says "gros caramel mou" ("big soft/chewy caramel/toffee") in the French and "big fat cheesehead" in the English.

16:39 In the French, Aelita uses the phrase "What's up, doc?" which was popularised by the Looney Tunes character Bugs Bunny. In the English, she asks Ulrich what's on the menu, leading perfectly into his comment about a seafood platter (Krabs).

FrenchAelita: Quoi d'neuf docteur ?
(Ulrich dégaine ses sabres vers Aelita avant de les abaisser.)
Aelita: Eh ! T'es en forme aujourd'hui !
Ulrich: Comme d'hab. On a un plateau d'fruit d'mer et William comme assaisonnement.
French translationAelita: What's up, doc?
(Ulrich draws his sabres on Aelita before relaxing.)
Aelita: Hey! You're in great shape today!
Ulrich: As usual. We've got a whole seafood platter, and William's the dressing.
EnglishAelita: Yoo-hoo! Guess who.
Ulrich: Huh?
(Ulrich draws his sabres on Aelita before relaxing.)
Aelita: What's on the menu?
Ulrich: Usual stuff. A whole seafood platter over there, and William's the lemon.

16:48 In the English, Yumi says "Yeah!" (still happy she was able to virtualise Aelita) before the spectre drops from the ceiling. In the French, she says "No!" as the spectre reaches for her.

17:16 There's a small change to Aelita's line after Odd asks if they're having transmission problems. There's also more to Ulrich's line in the French, though his mouth doesn't move when he says it.

FrenchAelita: Non je n'crois pas. Le spectre a dû revenir au labo.
Ulrich: T'as raison, Aelita. Bon, j'y vais.
French translationAelita: No, I don't think so. The spectre must have come back to the lab.
Ulrich: You're right, Aelita. Ok, I'll go.
EnglishAelita: No. I think it's worse. I'm pretty sure that the spectre's in the computer lab.
Ulrich: Ok. I'll go.

17:53 In the French, XANA-William says "Allez!" when he points his sword at Ulrich and Aelita as they approach. The word's meaning is interpreted differently depending on who he's saying it to: if it's directed at the Krabs, it means "Go on!" If directed at Ulrich and Aelita, it means "Come on!" He doesn't say anything in the English.

18:47 In the English, Yumi voices her disagreement with the idea that Odd is a computer whiz.

FrenchOdd: T'inquiètes ! Chez moi l'informatique c'est un don !
French translationOdd: Re-lax! I'm quite gifted with computers!
EnglishOdd: Re-lax! I'm a computer whiz. You know that.
Yumi: Uum...not...

19:09 In the French, Aelita says "Energy field" when charging it and then "Take that!" when she throws it at XANA-William.

19:24 In the English, Aelita says "Oh no!" when she tries to block XANA-William's sword with her energy fields.

20:25 After the Krab falls off the edge, Ulrich salutes silently in the French. In the English he says "Later, gator."

23:02 After Aelita asks if they'll explain what happened at the pool, in the French Ulrich says "Well..." In the English he says "No..."

Épisode 73 - Réplika
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

0:57 In the French, Odd mentions an enemy "bouboule" ("ball") in the game he's playing. In English, it's a "fireball."

1:52 A change to Aelita's line after Odd falls asleep.

FrenchAelita: Ça c'est génial...
French translationAelita: That's just great...
EnglishAelita: Thanks a lot...

2:15 In the English, a male voice answers when Jim calls "De Vasseur," which is Magali's surname.

2:24 In the French, Nicolas uses the word "troublante" to describe the moonlight experience he keeps asking people to join him in. This word can mean the same sort of thing as "breathtaking," which he uses in the English, but most of its definitions are negative, with translations such as "troubling," "confusing" and "disturbing." In some cases, it can also have sexual connotations. Naomi's response includes an insult in the English.

FrenchNaomi: Ça va pas la tête ?
French translationNaomi: Are you out of your mind?
EnglishNaomi: You've gotta be kidding, you dork.

3:40 Apparently Mister Delmas thinks lying is animalistic? In the French, at least.

FrenchDelmas: Sans la moindre vergogne, vous avez foulé au pied le pacte social qui différencie l'homme de l'animal qu'il y a en chacun de nous.
French translationDelmas: You shamelessly trampled on the social pact which differentiates the man from the animal that resides within each of us.
EnglishDelmas: You shamelessly acted with total indifference to the ethical values that this institution was designed to teach you. You lied, both of you.

4:27 A lot of vegetable references here in the French. Odd calls Nicolas an "endive," which is a leafy green vegetable. In French, the word endive can also be used to refer to a pale-skinned person. Then there's "raconter des salades" (lit. "to tell salads") meaning "to tell stories." Finally, Aelita calls Odd a "potato" in the French and "potato-head" in the English. She continues to call him a "potato" throughout the episode in French.

FrenchOdd: Tiens manquait plus qu'l'autre endive pour nous raconter des salades !
Aelita: Oh, comme c'est gentil, Nicolas. Mais avec grand plaisir !
Odd: T'y crois pas ! Tu vas quand même pas sortir avec ÇA !
Aelita: J'préfère sortir avec une endive que discuter avec une patate !
French translationOdd: That's all we needed: this endive here telling us stories (lit. telling salads)!
Aelita: Oh, how nice of you, Nicolas. I'd really like that!
Odd: Unbelievable! You're not gonna go out with THAT, are you?!
Aelita: I'd rather go out with an endive than talk to a potato!
EnglishOdd: Aelita would rather have detention than go out with you.
Aelita: How nice of you to ask, Nicolas! Thanks! I'd really like that!
Odd: I'm hallucinating! You're not gonna go out with that nerd, are you?
Aelita: I'd rather hang out with a nerd than a selfish potato-head like you.

4:48 In the French, Ulrich says the "potatoes are good." This phrasing makes the connection to the previous scene (where Aelita called Odd a potato/potato-head) and Odd's annoyance more obvious than in the English, where Ulrich instead says the "fries are tasty."

4:56 Yumi's French line tells us that she'd been talking to Aelita about the situation with Odd before he showed up at the table. In the English, she just seems to make that observation on her own. Also in the English, Jeremy asks Odd and Aelita to "kiss and make up," something he'll surely regret by the end of the episode...

FrenchYumi: T'avais raison, Aelita. C'est vraiment la guerre froide.
Jeremy: Et si vous arrêtiez un peu d'vous disputer ?
French translationYumi: You were right, Aelita. This really is a cold war.
Jeremy: Would you stop quarrelling for a bit?
EnglishYumi: Well, it looks as if we've got a bit of a cold war on our hands.
Jeremy: Listen, you two. Why don't you kiss and make up?

5:22 In the French, Odd calls Aelita a "pest" and Aelita calls Odd "cette patate d'enfant gâté" ("this potato of a spoilt child"). In the English, Odd calls Aelita a "dummy" and Aelita calls Odd a "lazy, selfish brat."

5:28 Aelita's excuse is similar but different: in the French she says she has a lot of revision she needs to do, in the English she says she has a big test coming up that she has to study for. The English excuse doesn't hold as much water because Aelita and Nicolas are in the same class, so if Aelita had a big test coming up, so would Nicolas.

6:12 Herb repeats Nicolas's own words as an insult in the French. In the English, he chooses a different type of fish instead.

FrenchHerb: C'est toi le gros brochet !
French translationHerb: You're the big, fat pike!
EnglishHerb: And you're a clownfish, you know that, Nicolas?

6:26 In the French, Herb wonders what Odd is doing there. In the English, he wonders what Odd is doing out at this hour. Also, Nicolas's question about Aelita calls back to the excuse she gave earlier, so the revision/test difference comes up again.

7:57 In the French, Odd calls Aelita a "pest" again. In the English he calls her a "real loser."

8:24 Aelita throws an extra insult in here in the English.

FrenchAelita: Ulrich ? Tu peux demander à ton grand ami s'il sait toujours utiliser le Navskid, s'il te plait ?
French translationAelita: Ulrich? Would you please ask your good friend if he still knows how to use the Navskid?
EnglishAelita: Ulrich, do you mind asking that dorky friend of yours if he still remembers how to use the Skid?

9:27 In the English, Aelita gives Jeremy an update on their position.

French translation-
EnglishAelita: We're in the Network, Jeremy.

9:49 Again, Aelita announces their position in the English.

French translation-
EnglishAelita: Hub in sight.

10:13 In the French, Herb describes the factory as "sinister." In the dub, he calls it "weird."

10:27 Herb gives more of an explanation in the English.

FrenchHerb: Peux paas... ohh... j'ai le vertiiigee...
French translationHerb: I caaan't...ohh...I've got veritgoooo...
EnglishHerb: I'm scared of heights...! I really get dizzy when I'm high up...!

10:39 In the English, Herb also says "This is horrible!" to describe his situation.

11:08 Another English-only line for Aelita.

French translation-
EnglishAelita: Lights, operational.

11:46 In the French, both Yumi and Ulrich tell Odd to shut up at the same time. Only Yumi says it in the English.

12:08 The French version has a fish-related joke here involving the phrase "muet comme une carpe" (lit. "silent like a carp"), meaning "silent as a grave" or "quiet as a mouse." In the English, Nicolas teases Herb instead.

FrenchHerb: À propos de c'que j'ai dit tout à l'heure au sujet d'Sissi, tu oublies, d'accord ?
Nicolas: D'accord, je s'rais muet comme un brochet.
Herb: Une carpe... on dit « muet comme une carpe ».
French translationHerb: About what I said a minute ago, about Sissi, forget it, alright?
Nicolas: Ok, I'll be as silent as a ghost fish (lit. pike).
Herb:'s "silent as a grave" (lit. carp).
EnglishHerb: Remember what I said a minute ago about Sissi? Well...I-I didn't really say it.
Nicolas: Ok! I'll tell Sissi that you really didn't say you loved her.
Herb: You know what I mean! I mean, don't tell Sissi what I didn't say!

12:29 A change to the end of Herb's line, and then a difference to Nicolas's. In English, Nicolas tells Herb to go look at the staircase as though they're going to split up and search for it, but then Nicolas immediately follows him. Plus, we already saw Nicolas spot the staircase.

FrenchHerb: ...les secours qui retrouvent nos squelettes rongés par les-
Nicolas: Ça va ça va, arrêtes ! On va voir s'il y a un escalier... Tiens ! Regarde là-bas !
French translationHerb: ...emergency services will find our skeletons gnawed away by-
Nicolas: Ok, ok, stop! We'll look for a staircase... Aha! Look over there!
EnglishHerb: ...and we're left here to rot with rats eating away at our insides and-!
Nicolas: Ok, ok. I get the idea. We'll look for a staircase. Hm. You look over there.

12:44 In the English, Aelita praises Jeremy when he cracks the code and opens the floodgate.

French translation-
EnglishAelita: Way to go, Jeremy.

13:17 Line swap: Yumi asks "But why?" in the French. In the English, it's Aelita who asks.

13:52 Odd makes a different joke when they arrive on the Forest Replika.

FrenchOdd: Tout ça pour un autre Territoire de la Forêt ? On a eu l'même à la maison.
French translationOdd: All this for another Forest Sector? We've already got one at home.
EnglishOdd: All this for another Forest territory? Well, I guess we're not out of the woods yet!

14:13 In the French, Jeremy acknowledges he's going to start a debate when he asks the others to work in pairs.

14:20 Aelita calls Odd a "potato" again in the French.

FrenchAelita: Pour une fois j'suis d'accord avec l'autre patate.
French translationAelita: For once, I agree with that potato.
EnglishAelita: For once, he's got a good idea.

14:37 Ulrich's last words to Aelita and Odd are different.

FrenchUlrich: Soyez sages !
French translationUlrich: Behave yourselves!
EnglishUlrich: See ya! Have fun, you two!

14:46 Jeremy says "Huh?" in his English voice in both versions. After Nicolas shushes Herb for making noise, Herb says "What..." in the French and "Sorry!" (in an annoyed tone) in the English.

15:32 In the French, Aelita thanks Odd for warning her about the Megatank.

16:09 After Aelita asks if taking energy from the Supercomputer is risky, Jeremy replies in the English but not the French.

French translation-
EnglishJeremy: We have no choice. It's the only solution I can think of right now.

16:36-17:22 In the French, Nicolas and Herb talk at normal volume, apparently not caring if they're overheard. Nicolas starts yelling after Herb steps on his hand. They both whisper in the English, except for when Nicolas yells "OWW!" When Jeremy tells the others what's happening, he speaks quietly in the English only.

16:40 In the French, Nicolas mentions vampires. In the English, he calls them "Draculas."

17:49-18:02 Again, Nicolas and Herb are quiet in the English, until Nicolas says "Odd, I saw you." They speak at normal volume in the French.

18:18 Odd expresses concern for the shield in the French and the Skid in the English.

FrenchOdd: Oh oh... Avec beau gosse, ça risque de n'pas tenir longtemps.
French translationOdd: Uh-oh... With handsome around, it won't hold for long.
EnglishOdd: Uh-oh! The Skid's done for if handsome gets his hands on it!

18:34 A difference to Odd's line after a Megatank laser hits the Skid.

FrenchOdd: Pas d'bol méchante bouboule, le garagiste est passé !
French translationOdd: Bad luck, you nasty ball. The mechanic's been by!
EnglishOdd: Sorry, pal. You can a little too late to wreck everything.

19:52 In the French, Aelita says "Take that!" before throwing the energy field at XANA-William.

20:17 Nicolas says "Darn! Too late!" in the French as Jeremy escapes in the lift, but says nothing in the English.

21:45 In the French, Ulrich only counts to one before devirtualising Aelita. He counts to two in the English.

21:45 When talking about patience, Nicolas messes up a particular English phrase: "the early bird catches the worm." Though with the way he says it, it's suited to the context of fishing because worms are a classic bait for fish.

FrenchNicolas: Tu vois ? C'est les plus patients qui attrapent les plus gros brochets !
French translationNicolas: You see? The most patient fishermen catch the biggest pikes!
EnglishNicolas: You'll see - the early worm catches the bird...I-I mean the fish.

21:53 Odd's line is different after he and Aelita break their kiss.

FrenchOdd: Salut, ça va comme vous voulez ?
French translationOdd: Hey, you doing alright?
EnglishOdd: Hey! You guys enjoying the show?

22:03 Herb has an additional line in the English.

French translation-
EnglishHerb: They like each other.

22:13 In the French, Jeremy starts using the term "Replika." He says "copy" in the English - the word "Replika" is never actually used in this episode of the dub.

22:54 A change to Aelita's line.

FrenchAelita: J'en ai marre de ta face, gros naze !
French translationAelita: I'm sick of your face, you big dork!
EnglishAelita: Look who's talking, you selfish loser!

23:10 In the French, Aelita says "I'll show you!" when she punches Odd playfully. In the English, she punches him and they start running, and then she says "I'm gonna get you!"

Épisode 74 - Je préfère ne pas en parler
ImageJe préfère ne pas en parler
(I'd rather not talk about it)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
I'd Rather Not Talk About It
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:18 Jeremy describes the others as "tranquillised tortoises" in the French and "snails" in the English.

1:53 A number of small differences in this exchange.

FrenchJeremy: Enfin... c'est c'que j'pense. Je vous force pas me croire.
Yumi: Jérémy, c'est peut-être qu'y a... une autre façon d's'entraîner...
Jeremy: Ah ouais, en clair, j'suis nul come entraîner ! Et si vous ramez, c'est d'ma faute ?
Ulrich and Odd: Eh ben ouais !
Jeremy: Ouais d'accord, chui p't-être pas le meilleur entraîneur du monde, mais avouez que depuis le début, vous n'm'avais pas confiance...
French translationJeremy: At least...that's what I think. I'm not forcing you to believe me.
Yumi: Jeremy, maybe there's a...another way of getting in shape...
Jeremy: Oh yeah, so to be clear, I'm a terrible trainer! And if you guys can't keep up, it's my fault?
Ulrich and Odd: Well, yeah!
Jeremy: Ok, fine. I may not be the best trainer in the world, but you have to admit that right from the start, you've never trusted me...
EnglishJeremy: But if you think you want another trainer, be my guest!
Yumi: Maybe there's a better...a better way of getting in shape!
Jeremy: I get it! You're just...badly trained. And if you guys can't keep up, it's my fault!
Ulrich, Odd, Yumi and Aelita: Well, yeah!
Jeremy: Ok, fine! I may not be the best trainer in the world, but you have to admit you don't exactly listen to me.

2:46 In the English, Jeremy asks Jim if he would be willing to train "students like us," so it sounds like he's including himself as well. In the French, he just asks if Jim would be willing to train students.

3:18 Some changes to Odd's line.

FrenchOdd: Ouais ! Super ton idée d'stage. Comme ça, tu vas pouvoir muscler autre chose que ton chronomètre !
French translationOdd: Yeah! Your training idea is fantastic. This way, you can exercise something other than your stopwatch!
EnglishOdd: Ha! This'll do wonders for you, Jeremy! Now you'll be able to put your stopwatch away for a little while.

3:26 In the French, Jeremy describes the situation as a disaster. In the English he says "This is stupid."

3:53 A bit of a difference to Jim's line. He refers to himself as a "cloche" in the French, which probably means "bell" in this sense, but can also mean "clot" (as in "idiot"). After that, Jeremy pins the blame for the situation firmly on Aelita in the French.

FrenchJim: Ici y'a plus de montre, Della Robbia. Y'a qu'une cloche et cette cloche, gamin, eh bah tu l'as devant toi ! Allez ! Direction la clairière du combattant, où on va se taper une bonne série d'pompes histoire de pas se dégonfler ! Une, deux ! Une, deux !
Aelita: Je m'demande si c'était une bonne idée d'aller chercher Jim...
Jeremy: Une bonne idée ? Aelita, nan c'était vraiment la pire idée qu't'ai jamais eu... c'est sûr !
French translationJim: There's no watch here anymore, Della Robbia. There's just one bell, and that bell, kid, is right in front of you! Let's go! We're off to the combat clearing, where we'll help ourselves to a series of push-ups so you don't chicken out! One, two! One, two!
Aelita: I wonder if it was a good idea to recruit Jim...
Jeremy: A good idea? No Aelita, it was the absolute worst idea you've ever had...that's for sure!
EnglishJim: Your watch doesn't watch with me, Della Robbia! I give the orders around here, so straighten up! Ok, let's go! We'll make our way to the combat clearing where we'll start today with some basic training! Like push-ups!
Aelita: You know, I wonder if it wasn't a mistake to recruit Jim.
Jeremy: No, Aelita. It wasn't just a mistake, it was a huge, colossal mistake.

4:25 In the French, when Jim says "On your feet" he says it to Jeremy specifically.

4:33 Jim repeats that he's going to turn Jeremy into a man in the English.

FrenchJim: Pas d'ça avec moi, l'ami ! Et ça, ce n'est que le début du stage ! Tu vas voir le bien qu'ça va t'faire, Belpois. DEBOUT ! ALORS, DEBOUT !
French translationJim: None of that with me, my friend! This is only the beginning! You've yet to see the worst it's gonna do to you, Belpois. GET UP! COME ON, UP!
EnglishJim: Hey, what do you think you're doing, Belpois? This is only the beginning! By the time I'm through with you, you're gonna be a man! So get up now!

4:59 The kids all grumble in response to Jim's question in the French. In the dub Odd is the only one who responds, so Jim directs his next line to Odd specifically.

FrenchJim: ...compris ?
(Grommellements des cinq héros.)
Jim: Est-ce que c'est compris !?
French translationJim: it?
(The five heroes grumble.)
Jim: Is that understood?!
EnglishJim: Got it?
Odd: Ok, ok! No need to get carried away!
Jim: You got it, Odd?!

5:05 In the French, Jim says they're going for a run. In the English, he says it's a three-mile run.

5:21 The dishes Odd had for lunch in the French are tartiflette (a dish made from mainly potato and cheese) and stir-fried beef. In the English, he says he had tuna casserole and beef Stroganoff.

5:47 In the French, Jim says "Come on, let's get going" before he starts running again.

5:57 There's a difference to Jim's line when Yumi is trying to crawl under an obstacle.

FrenchJim: Allez ! T'es une limace ! Une limace ça a pas mal au dos !
French translationJim: Come on! You're a slug! Slugs don't get sore backs!
EnglishJim: Move it! Get the lead out and crawl! Faster, you hear?!

6:36 In the French, before beginning his story Jim adds "But this stays between us."

6:57 In French, Jim says his medal was for "services rendered."

7:15 The woman Jim talks about is named Rouanita Banana in the French and is a bandoneon player. Her name is Rosita Banana in the English and she plays the accordion - a similar but different instrument.

7:36 Yumi has a line here in the French; Jim in the English.

FrenchYumi: C'est pas vrai, il va nous achever...
French translationYumi: Unbelievable, he's gonna do us in...
EnglishJim: Let's go, people. Move it out!

8:54 While dazed, Jim at least manages to give a relevant response in the French, but not the English.

FrenchJim: Mais oui oui, ça va. C'est qu'un gros cochon...
French translationJim: Yeah yeah, I'm fine. It's just a big pig...
EnglishJim: Yeah...yeah, sure. How's the other guy?

10:02 In the English, Ulrich credits Jim's training for his ability to climb to the top.

10:04 Aelita says "Come on" in the English before Odd encourages Yumi.

10:21 In the English, Ulrich says that he's off to join the others.

13:28 In the French, Jeremy says there's no way he'd smear himself with caribou poo. In the English, he says the same thing but with "any kind of poop."

14:00 When Ulrich sees the Overbike already there waiting for them, he calls it "valet parking" in the English.

14:39 Jeremy's reply is different.

FrenchJeremy: Vous en faites pas j'me comprends.
French translationJeremy: Don't worry, I know what I'm saying.
EnglishJeremy: Uh, just daydreaming, Jim.

16:14 Odd uses a different expression in either version.

FrenchOdd: Ouah ! D'entrée, chaud les marrons !
French translationOdd: Whoa! Things heated up right off the bat!
EnglishOdd: Whoa! Beware of falling objects!

16:41 Jim says he was a full-blooded Indian Native American around two generations ago in the French. In the English, he says it was a hundred years ago.

17:05 Line swap: in the French, Aelita says "Still nothing." Ulrich says it in the English.

17:45 Jim calls the wild boar a name in the French. In the English, he asks Jeremy what they should do now.

FrenchJim: Ce tas d'côtelettes sur pattes nous a r'trouvé !
French translationJim: The walking stack of ribs found us!
EnglishJim: He found us! What do we do now?

17:54 Jim's English line includes a bit about Jeremy not having much muscle.

FrenchJim: Bon sang d'bois... Il manque pas d'cran l'blondinet...
French translationJim: Holy moly... That blondie sure has guts...
EnglishJim: That kid doesn't have much muscle, but he sure is big on guts!

18:28 Odd's line is different as he rides the Manta up towards the Core. The "trap" he's referring to in the French is how XANA-William and the other Mantas stopped firing at Yumi and the Core so they could focus on Odd instead.

FrenchOdd: Droit dans l'panneau !
French translationOdd: Right into my trap!
EnglishOdd: Go get 'im, guys!

19:43 Aelita actually answers Ulrich's question ("How are you doing?") in the French.

FrenchAelita: Si tu m'disais où est la tour ça irait mieux !
French translationAelita: I'd be doing a lot better if you'd tell me where the tower is!
EnglishAelita: Ulrich! Tell me where the tower is, hurry!

20:27 XANA-William calls the move he just executed a "volley shot" in the English.

FrenchXANA-William: Maint'nant c'en est fini pour toi !
(Yumi dévirtualise XANA-William.)
Yumi: Je crois qu't'as parlé un peu trop vite mon cher William.
French translationXANA-William: Now it's all over for you!
(Yumi devirtualises XANA-William.)
Yumi: I think you spoke a little too soon, William dear.
EnglishXANA-William: That was a volley shot. It's all over for you.
(Yumi devirtualises XANA-William.)
Yumi: And I would call that wishful thinking, William dear.

21:06 In the English Jeremy says "sorry" to Jim, probably for getting him involved in the situation.

21:29 Jim calls the wild boar another name in the French. The exact wording is hard to make out in the episode, so the transcription here is a best guess.

FrenchJim: Amène-toi, [#@&!] sur pattes !
French translationJim: Come and get me, you walking [cad]!
EnglishJim: Come and get me, if you dare!

22:33 Yumi's English line is phrased strangely.

FrenchYumi: Quand même, c'est pas d'bol.
French translationYumi: Still, it's rotten luck.
EnglishYumi: For us? It's really a shame.

Épisode 75 - Corps céleste
ImageCorps céleste
(Celestial body)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Hot Shower
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:30 In the French, Odd calls William Ulrich's "love rival." In the English, he just says "rival."

1:40, 2:08 In the French, the outdoor activity is for the year 6 and year 10 students. In the English, they're said to be year 5 and year 9 students... First off, year 5 is too young to be at Kadic (year 6 is the youngest year group at the school). Secondly, Yumi was said to be in year 9 during season 2 and a new school year began in season 3, so she should be in year 10!

2:40 The English version references the real-life dropping of an atomic bomb at Hiroshima. This reference wasn't made in the French.

FrenchNewsreader: provoquerait une explosion équivalent à mille bombes atomiques.
French translationNewsreader: ...would provoke an explosion equivalent to a thousand atomic bombs.
EnglishNewsreader: ...would provoke an explosion equivalent to a thousand times the strength of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

3:40 In the French, the students say "Thank you" as they receive envelopes from Ms Hertz. In the English, we instead hear students in the background discussing their assigned planets.

4:00 An additional bit in either version: Ms Hertz tells the year 5 6 students specifically to make sure everything's to scale in the English, and she says the grade will count towards their total for the term in the French.

FrenchHertz: Et veillez à respecter l'échelle. Je rappelle à tous que l'exercice est noté et comptera pour le trimestre.
French translationHertz: And make sure everything is to scale. May I remind all of you that this exercise will be graded and will count towards your grade for the term.
EnglishHertz: And fifth graders, make sure you note your planetary scale in relation to the sun. May I remind all of you this exercise will be graded.

4:26 A small difference to Sandra's line, and Ms Hertz gives a reply in the French as she frowns at Jim's injured hand.

FrenchSandra: Ça va, faudrait être débile pour se blesser avec un piquet !
Hertz: Ah bon ?
French translationSandra: Come on, you'd have to be an idiot to injure yourself with a pole!
Hertz: Is that so?
EnglishSandra: Come on! You'd have to be an idiot not to figure that out!

5:36 Johnny uses a different moon-related colloquial phrase in either version. In the French it's "décrocher la Lune" meaning "to reach for the moon," but "décrocher" also means "to take down," so Johnny's saying he plucked the moon from the sky for Yumi. In the English the phrase is "asking for the moon," which means "to ask for something unreasonable," but Johnny is saying Yumi can have it if she asks for it.

FrenchJohnny: Regarde, Yumi, je t'ai décroché la Lune !
French translationJohnny: Look, Yumi! I reached for the moon for you!
EnglishJohnny: Look, Yumi! The moon is yours for the asking!

5:52 Johnny is cut off before he can finish his sentence in the French.

FrenchJohnny: Ben non... mais j'ai pensé que c'était plus poétique si je mettais-
French translationJohnny: Well no...but I figured it would be more poetic with-
EnglishJohnny: Well no... But I figured it would be more poetic with plants.

6:50 The newsreader says the April fool joke was the producer's idea in the English, plus a difference to Jeremy's line. Also of note is the image of a fish on the news: this is because April fool's is known as "poisson d'avril" ("April fish") in French. The image has no clear context in English. Also, Jeremy types into the search engine in French in both versions.

FrenchNewsreader: Tout ceci n'était qu'un poisson d'avril ! Héhé... Bonne journée et adieu... euh je veux dire, à ce soir ! (rire)
Jeremy: Primo, on n'est pas en avril. Et puis deusio, c'est quoi c'charabia ?
French translationNewsreader: This is just an April fool joke! Haha... Enjoy your afternoon and farewell...uh I mean, see you tonight! (laughs)
Jeremy: Uno, it's not April. Dos, what's all this gibberish?
EnglishNewsreader: This is just a...a little April fool joke from our producer. So that's it, farewell- I mean, more news later! (laughs)
Jeremy: Uno, it's not April. Dos, something is going haywire.

7:34 A difference to Jeremy's response after Aelita tells him to get out of the lab.

FrenchJeremy: Ça n'servirait à rien !
French translationJeremy: There wouldn't be any point!
EnglishJeremy: I can't do that.

8:21 In the French, Yumi says she's on her way. In the English she says she's almost there, but she isn't really because she's still at the school.

10:05 A phrasing change to Jim's line that has him come off as a little more rude in the English. Also, Yumi says she has a friend who works at the Space Agency in the French and at the national observatory in the English.

FrenchJim: Dis donc Ishiyama, t'aurais pas un peu trop forcé sur les sushis hier soir ?
French translationJim: Look Ishiyama, do you think you might've had a little too much sushi last night?
EnglishJim: Hold on now, Ishiyama. I told you eating that raw fish was no good for you!

11:21 Jim says Ms Hertz drinks mint verbena tea in the French. In the English, it's mint tea.

12:24 Aelita has an additional French line after they break through the firewall.

FrenchAelita: On est passé, Jérémy !
French translationAelita: We made it, Jeremy!

13:02 In the French, the students are heard talking as they work, even while Jim makes the announcement. In the English, none of them talk until they start complaining about having a fire drill.

14:05 Jeremy's line is different as the Skid approaches the hub. It makes more sense in the French.

FrenchJeremy: Tu y es, Aelita ?
French translationJeremy: Are you there, Aelita?
EnglishJeremy: Do you read me, Aelita?

14:22 In the French, the students scream as the meteorites fall. They're quiet in the English until the rocks start hitting the ground, causing tremors. However, they sound more confused than scared, asking if it was a bomb or thunder before someone says it was a meteor. Jim has to calm them down as they panic about the meteor.

14:52 As Hiroki and Johnny open the door and go to follow Yumi down the stairs, Hiroki says "Let's go" in the French.

15:10 When giving co-ordinates in the English, Jeremy also says the tower is in the Desert. He doesn't mention a Sector in the French. I mean, they are already in the Desert.

15:48 Aelita's line is different when she stops the Skid near the tower.

FrenchAelita: Skid stabilisé.
French translationAelita: Skid, stabilised.
EnglishAelita: Here we go.

16:08 A change to Odd's line after the Kankrelat runs behind the tower.

FrenchOdd: Quoi ? C'est tout ?
French translationOdd: What? That's all?
EnglishOdd: He ran away!

16:50 Yumi's line and delivery are harsher in the English.

FrenchYumi: Arrête de raconter n'importe quoi, Hiroki...
French translationYumi: Stop talking nonsense, Hiroki...
EnglishYumi: Shut up, Hiroki! I'm sick of hearing your lies!

17:20 A small change to Hiroki's line before he goes to unlock the door.

FrenchHiroki: D'accord, d'accord o-on va l'ouvrir...
French translationHiroki: Ok, ok w-we'll open it...
EnglishHiroki: Ok. Ok, let's go, Johnny.

17:49 Ulrich's comment "It's hot"/"C'est chaud" can also mean something along the lines of "This battle is heated" in French, so he's not necessarily saying he's able to feel temperature in the Desert Sector. This doesn't come across as clearly in English, where it really does sound like he's commenting on the temperature.

18:33 Odd has an additional line in the English when Ulrich attacks the Kankrelat that snuck up on them.

French translation-
EnglishOdd: A coward and a cheater? Hey!

20:08 Only a small change, but the English line seems to have more depth to it.

FrenchJeremy: XANA est un programme parfait, et chui pas une machine moi...
French translationJeremy: XANA is a flawless program, and I'm not a machine...
EnglishJeremy: XANA is a flawless program and I'm only human...

20:15 After Ulrich says it's all over, Aelita says "Not yet!" in the French. In the English she says "No, Ulrich."

20:35 When XANA-William points his sword at Aelita, he says "You" in the French before advancing.

20:58 A small change to Odd's question, and Ulrich gives him a response in the dub.

FrenchOdd: T'y comprends quelque chose, toi ?
French translationOdd: Do you understand any of this?
EnglishOdd: What was that all about?
Ulrich: No idea...

21:53 Hiroki and Johnny both say "We're saved!" at the same time in the English.

FrenchJohnny: Ça alors... C'est fini ? On est sauvé !
French translationJohnny: Wow... Is it over? We're saved!
EnglishJohnny: Hey, what... Wow!
Johnny and Hiroki: We're saved!

22:42 Yumi's French line makes a clear reference to how Hiroki will soon forget what happened.

FrenchHiroki: Ça, je n'manquerais pas de te le rappeler !
Yumi: Oh ça, faudrait qu'tu t'en souviennes !
French translationHiroki: I'll make sure to keep reminding you of that!
Yumi: Oh, you'd have to remember it in order to do that!
EnglishHiroki: Yeah! I'm not gonna let you forget that, either!
Yumi: Oh, gimme a little break, huh?

Épisode 76 - Le lac
ImageLe lac
(The lake)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
The Lake
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

0:53 In the French, before telling them where to put their bags, Jim says "Come on, you mosquitoes!" to the students standing in line. The word "moustique" ("mosquito") can refer to children who are constantly moving around. In the English only, Ms Hertz can be heard calling the roll after Jim finishes talking.

1:30 Sissi uses a different word to refer to all the stuff she's trying to bring: in the French she calls it "survival gear" and in the English it's just "baggage."

1:44 Though not much of a difference, the phrasing of Ms Hertz's French line concerning Sissi's bicycle is of interest here. She says she doesn't see a use for it, but Aelita finds a use for it later when she needs to get to the factory!

FrenchHertz: Mais enfin Elisabeth, nous n'serons partis que deux jours ! Et je n'vois vraiment pas l'utilité d'un vélo là où nous allons.
French translationHertz: Now listen, Elisabeth. We'll only be gone for two days! And I really don't see the use in having a bicycle where we're going.
EnglishHertz: Now listen, Elisabeth. This is a camping trip and it's only two days. Your bicycle, too, should be left at home.

1:58 The kids talking in the background are much louder in the French than the English.

2:12 In the dub Yumi uses the term "lucky dogs," which Ulrich then uses to refer to Kiwi.

FrenchYumi: J'vous jure bande de veinards, je s'rais bien partie avec vous.
Ulrich: Et moi j't'aurais bien embarqué avec nous mais l'sac était déjà complet ! ...Cherche pas, j't'expliquerai.
French translationYumi: I swear, you guys are so lucky. I wish I could've gone with you.
Ulrich: I'd have loved to sneak you on, but the bag is already full! ...Forget it, I'll explain it to you later.
EnglishYumi: You lucky dogs! I wish I were on that bus with you.
Ulrich: I'd have loved to sneak you on, but...we got a lucky dog already! You know who I'm talking about.

2:33 In the English, Herb mutters "Oh Sissi..." in his sleep.

2:50 In French, Jim uses the phrase "[prendre la] main dans le sac" (lit. "[catch with a] hand in the bag") which means "catch red-handed" or "catch with a hand in the cookie jar." It works well because Odd is hiding Kiwi in his bag.

FrenchJim: Air coupable et main dans le sac ! Voyons c'qu'on a là.
Odd: Là ? Ben mon baggage à main ! Comme je vous l'ai expliqué-
French translationJim: A guilty face and a hand in the cookie jar (lit. bag)! Let's see what we have here.
Odd: Here? Well it's my carry-on! Like I told you before-
EnglishJim: Well, well! Somebody looks very guilty! What have you got inside there?
Odd: In there? Um...some...things to keep with me on the trip like-

3:05 Some differences to these lines about Kiwi's collar. In the dub, Odd tries to say Kiwi must belong to a distant cousin.

FrenchJim: Ouais, ouais, ouais, pour tromper son monde, il s'est fait faire un collier au nom de Della Robbia, hm ?
Odd: Vous avez r'marqué vous aussi ! Sacré coincidence hein !
French translationJim: Yeah, yeah, yeah, and in order to deceive people he got himself a collar marked "Della Robbia," hm?
Odd: You noticed it too! Crazy coincidence, huh?!
EnglishJim: And you went and bought him a collar marked "Della Robbia!"
Odd: No, it's a...just a coincidence! He must belong to a very distant cousin.

3:24 A change to the second part of Jim's line in particular.

FrenchJim: Ne surtout pas jouer les abrutis avec moi. Tu n'as aucune chance, crois-moi !
French translationJim: Do not play dumb with me. You don't stand a chance, believe me!
EnglishJim: Don't try to be a wise guy with me, Della Robbia. You've been caught red-handed!

3:34 In the French, Ms Meyer says all they'll need for the exam is a pen and concentration. In the English, she lists a sharpened pencil, logic and concentration. Also, some small differences to this exchange.

FrenchYumi: Veinard, pour toi c'est du basique niveau calculette de poche ce genre de contrôle de maths, pas vrai ?
William-clone: J'sais pas, c'est quoi un contrôle de maths ?
French translationYumi: You're lucky. This kind of maths test must be like basic calculator stuff to you, right?
William-clone: I don't know, what's a maths test?
EnglishYumi: You're lucky. As a computer program, this maths test should be a real piece of cake.
William-clone: What's a maths test and a piece of cake?

4:05 Some small changes to Ms Hertz's line once they arrive at the lake.

FrenchHertz: Et nous y voilà. Ceci est notre coin de paradis pour ce week-end : un lieu isolé de tout, un rêve d'entomologiste et de fleuriste ! Le jardin d'Eden des sorties de classe. En un mot, le top du top des biotopes de la région ! Et toutes ces merveilles qui s'offrent à nous !
French translationHertz: Here we are. This will be our slice of paradise for the weekend: a location that's completely isolated, a place of dreams for entomologists and for florists! A field trip to a true Garden of Eden. In short, an ecosystem unequalled in the region! And all the wonders it offers us!
EnglishHertz: Here we are! This will be our home and our laboratory for the weekend. An unspoiled haven for all lovers of flora! A field trip to a true Garden of Eden. In short, an ecosystem unequalled in the region...and you are looking right at it!

4:52 Yumi has an English test in the French version and a French test in the English version.

5:05 Yumi says she has an "urgent need" in the French. In the English, she says she needs to go to the bathroom.

5:21 Ms Hertz references Jim's phrase "I'd rather not talk about it" in the French, making him stop talking before he reveals some details about how he stayed near Roswell! In the English, he just agrees with her that this isn't the time to talk about his experience.
Jim then uses a different water-related colloquial phrase. In the French, he warns that their "sardines" ("tent pegs," "sardines") could end up "le bec dans l'eau" (lit. "the beak/mouth in the water"), meaning your hopes have been dashed after you were promised something and you didn't receive it. An English equivalent is "left high and dry." In the English dub, the phrase he uses is "up the creek without a paddle," meaning you're in a troubling situation with no easy way out.

FrenchHertz: Jim, ce n'est pas l'moment d'en parler.
Jim: Exact, Roswell était tout près et je... Enfin bref ! Vous allez tous me faire le plaisir de lire attentivement les instructions d'montage de vos tentes, si vous n'voulez pas que vos sardines se retrouvent le bec dans l'eau !
French translationHertz: Jim, this isn't the time to talk about it.
Jim: Right, Roswell was right nearby and I... Anyway! I want you all to read the instructions for the setting up of your tents, if you don't want your pegs to be hung out to dry!
EnglishHertz: Jim! This might not be the right time...
Jim: You don't know what you're missing, Suzanne! Anyway, I want you all to read the instructions for the setting up of your tents before you start. If you don't wanna find yourselves up the creek without a paddle! Heh.

5:35 In the French, the students chatter as they grab their tents. There's no talking in the English.

5:44 A small difference to Odd's line after Ulrich asks if he knows how to set the tent up.

FrenchOdd: Aller, j'te laisse ! Rien vaut l'expérience perso, et puis t'as la notice non ?
French translationOdd: Ok, I'll leave you to it! Nothing like personal experience! And you've got the instructions, don't you?
EnglishOdd: Follow the instructions and just holler if you need any help!

7:58 Ms Hertz has an additional line in the French as she checks on Nicolas's condition.

FrenchHertz: Son pouls bat régulièrement.
French translationHertz: His pulse is normal.

8:23 This line comes after Heidi tells them an electrical monster attacked Nicolas. Well, I guess these things do happen in the world of Code Lyoko...

FrenchHertz: Nicolas a dû faire un petit malaise, voilà tout.
French translationHertz: Nicolas must have fainted, that's all.
EnglishHertz: These things happen! Nicolas will be just fine.

8:33 In the English, Theo and Tania say "We're scared" after asking what's going on.

9:49 Jim gives some reassurance to the kids as he hugs them in the French. Plus some minor differences when he tries to wake Ms Hertz.

FrenchJim: Bref, euh n'ayez pas peur. Pour commencer, il faut réanimer madame Hertz. Suzanne ? Suzanne ! Debout là-d'dans !
French translationJim: Well uh, don't be afraid. Now, to begin with, we've got to revive Mrs. Hertz. Suzanne? Suzanne! Rise and shine!
EnglishJim: Well, you know what I mean. Now, to begin with, we've got to help Mrs. Hertz. Suzanne. Suzanne! Say something, Suzanne.

10:32 Yumi uses a ship-related term in the French but not the English. Jeremy seems to view the situation as an opportunity to test their program in the French, whereas in the English he says it like they're being forced to do it and he's not happy about it.

FrenchYumi: Vu comment il les perd, notre beau vaisseau ne sera bientôt plus qu'une épave !
Jeremy: Eh ben c'est l'occasion d'voir si notre nouveau programme fonctionne.
French translationYumi: Seeing how quickly it's losing them, soon our beautiful ship is gonna be a shipwreck!
Jeremy: Well, now's the time to see if our new program works.
EnglishYumi: At the rate things are going with the ship, it's gonna be over in no time...!
Jeremy: Listen: there's no other choice. Ready or not, we have to test the program.

12:47 Jim calls Ulrich an the "endive" in French and the "sneaky" in English.

12:59 Yumi says "Two on one" in the English when she faces the two Krabs. In the French she says "Two on two," referring to her two fans.

14:05 Jim says his shoes are "NASA-issue" in the English. In the French, he says they're "issue d'la recherche spatiale," which is the same sort of thing but without mentioning the name of any specific space research agency.

15:24 Odd calls the thing in the lake an "oil slick" in the French and a "black, muddy sludge monster" in the English.

16:26, 17:13 The French dialogue in William's flashbacks is completely accurate to the original dialogue in episode 65, word for word. The English dialogue is all along the same lines as in the original episode, but there are a number of slight differences to the wording used.

17:56 In the French, Aelita points out that Jeremy has left a message before she reads it out. In the English, there's more to Jeremy's message instead.

FrenchAelita: Un message de Jérémy. « Le Skid est-il fichu ? » Pas encore !
French translationAelita: A message from Jeremy. "Is the Skid beyond hope?" Not yet!
EnglishAelita: "The program's almost complete. Is the Skid beyond hope?" No, not yet...!

20:48 In the French, Yumi says she thought the real William came back. In the English, she's more certain: she says the real William came back.

22:35 In the English, Ulrich asks if the program Aelita described was what she and Jeremy were working on over the weekend. However, the weekend is when they'll be out camping.

FrenchUlrich: C'est c'qui vous a pris tout c'temps ces derniers jours ? Eh ben bonjour l'éclate.
French translationUlrich: That's what you've been spending all that time on these past few days? Sounds like a blast.
EnglishUlrich: So that's what you've been doing while we were gone? What a fun weekend.

23:04 The phrases used have the same sort of meaning, but the one in the English version is dog-related.

FrenchOdd: Ben disons qu'j'ai trouvé une bonne âme prête à vivre l'enfer jusqu'au bout.
French translationOdd: Well, let's say that I found a good soul who's prepared to go all the way through hell and back.
EnglishOdd: Well, let's say that I found him somebody who learned what a dog's life really means.

Épisode 77 - Torpilles virtuelles
ImageTorpilles virtuelles
(Virtual torpedos)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Lost at Sea
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:14 Jeremy asks if the others slept well in the French, getting a slightly different response from Odd. In the English, he just greets his friends.

FrenchJeremy: Salut, alors... bien dormi ?
Odd: Ouais et contrair'ment à toi on s'est pas endormis sur notre ordinateur !
French translationJeremy: Hey! So...sleep well?
Odd: Yeah, and unlike you, we didn't sleep on our computers!
EnglishJeremy: Hello, everybody!
Odd: Mm, let me guess: you fell asleep in front of your computer again.

1:55 After Hiroki whispers "Milly," in the French Ulrich asks "Who?" It may be that he didn't catch what Hiroki said because he whispered it too quietly. In the English however, he asks "Milly who?" After Hiroki elborates, in the French Ulrich says that everyone knows Milly around here; in English he says "of course I know her."

2:36 In the French, Azra can clearly be heard talking on her phone in the foreground before the gang begin their conversation.

FrenchAzra: Hein-hein, c'est moi. ...Un concours ? « Tout dans le look, rien dans le crâne » !? Oh mais j'arrive !
French translationAzra: Uh-huh, it's me. ...A contest? "All Looks, No Brains?" Oh, I'm there!

2:55 Odd pins Hiroki at around infant age in the French.

FrenchOdd: Ouais, bref il se fringue encore au rayon couches-culottes !
French translationOdd: Yeah, so he still wears diapers!
EnglishOdd: But he acts even younger than his age.

4:03 A change to Yumi's line as she chases after Hiroki.

FrenchYumi: Eh... Hiroki ! J'te jure que si j't'attrape !... Rhâââ !
French translationYumi: Hey...Hiroki! I swear, if I get my hands on you...! Grrr!
EnglishYumi: Hey! Give that back to me right now!

4:07 A difference to how Odd asks about what's bothering Ulrich.

FrenchOdd: T'en fais une tête. T'as un problème ?
French translationOdd: Why the long face? Is something wrong?
EnglishOdd: You sure look far away, Ulrich.

4:20 Odd has an additional question in the English and the question concerning Sissi is different.

FrenchOdd: Sissi l'a demandé en mariage ou quoi ?
French translationOdd: Did Sissi ask for his hand in marriage or something?
EnglishOdd: Huh? W-what's wrong? Does Sissi wanna go out with him or something?

4:32 Odd says that a notebook with a dark cover and flowers on it isn't his style in the English, but he doesn't take issue with the flower design in the French. (And why should he? He has flower patches on his bag!)

FrenchOdd: Tu rigoles ? Un cahier avec une couverture aussi sombre, c'est pas « Odd style » !
French translationOdd: You kidding me? A notebook with such a dark cover is not "Odd style!"
EnglishOdd: Huh! You kidding me? A notebook with a dark cover and a flower is not my style.

6:24 In the French, Odd makes a play on the phrase "soucis de famille" ("family troubles") by replacing "soucis" with "sushis" ("sushi") because Yumi is Japanese. In the English, the original phrase is "dire straits" and Odd replaces "dire" with "diary" to suit the lost diary situation.

FrenchOdd: Oh, rien ! Des sushis de famille !
French translationOdd: Oh, nothing! Some family troubles (lit. sushi)!
EnglishOdd: Oh, nothing. Some diary straits.

6:40 A change to this sentence.

FrenchUlrich: Ben ouais mais l'problème c'est Hiroki.
French translationUlrich: Well yeah, but the problem is Hiroki.
EnglishUlrich: Well you saw how crushed Hiroki was!

7:23 Ulrich says that Yumi will calm down "if she gets her diary back" in the French. In the English, he says "when" she gets it back.

7:30 Hiroki's last sentence is different.

FrenchHiroki: À croire que le journal s'est evaporé...
French translationHiroki: It's as if the diary disappeared into thin air...
EnglishHiroki: I don't know what to do...!

7:44 Ulrich's wording and tone of voice is much more obvious in the English: he's clearly hinting at something. He sounds casual in the French. The French version also uses a play on the phrase "métro, boulot, dodo" ("metro (commute), work, sleep"), a phrase describing the repetitive lives of many working people. Ulrich replaces "boulot" ("work") with "râteau" ("rake"), which is relevant to their conversation about the groundskeeper Mister Riley.

FrenchUlrich: P't'être qu'il ne l'a pas vu. C'est la routine pour lui : râteau, métro, dodo !
French translationUlrich: Maybe he didn't see it. It's just routine for him: rake, commute, sleep!
EnglishUlrich: He might have raked it up, by accident...

7:53 In the French, Hiroki shouts "Come on! Hurry up!" to Ulrich as he runs off.

8:52 A change to Odd's line after they discover the diary pages are missing.

FrenchOdd: J'y suis pour rien moi !
French translationOdd: I had nothing to do with it!
EnglishOdd: It was all there when I hid it!

12:18 Aelita says "Here we go!" in the French before the Skid dives towards the Digital Sea.

13:15 Some minor changes to Aelita's line, and then Jeremy immediately accepts the blame for the problem in the French.

FrenchAelita: Oui, un gros problème. On dirait que le Skid est privé d'une partie d'sa capacité sensorielle.
Jeremy: Et en plus, c'est ma faute.
French translationAelita: Yes, a big problem. It's as if the Skid has lost part of its sensory capacity.
Jeremy: What's more, it's my fault.
EnglishAelita: We've got a system error. I think the Skid has a malfunction in part of its sensory capacity.
Jeremy: Yes, I see it, Aelita.

13:35 A few more details to Odd's line in the French version.

FrenchOdd: Bon alors on passe au plan B : Attaque frontale contre son oreiller et plonger sous sa couette. Objectif primaire : Une bonne nuit d'sommeil ; Cible secondaire : Faire de beaux rêves !
French translationOdd: Ok, onto plan B: full-frontal attack against my pillow and diving under the covers. Primary objective: a good night's sleep; secondary target: have a sweet dream!
EnglishOdd: Ok... Next mission: diving into my pillow and burying myself under the covers. Objective: a good night's sleep to clear my head.

14:08 Odd's reaction is different after Yumi destroys a Konger.

FrenchOdd: Direct dans les quenottes !
French translationOdd: Right in the teeth!
EnglishOdd: Not bad!

14:31 When Odd and Ulrich team up on the Konger, Odd shouts "YAHOOOOO!" in the French. They both say "Fire!" at the same time in the English.

French translation-
EnglishOdd and Ulrich: Fire!

16:12 Before beginning his explanation, Jeremy says "It's hard to say" in the French.

17:10 In the French, Odd says that Kiwi dug up and reburied the diary pages without him noticing. In the English, he says Kiwi buried them right where they're sitting now.

FrenchOdd: Et tout ça sous mon nez !
French translationOdd: And all right under my nose!
EnglishOdd: Right where we're sitting now!

18:29 One extra word can provide a lot more context. In the English, it may seem like Yumi's just wishing she was at home. But in the French, and after reading the original script for this episode, it's more clear that she's actually repeating what she said to her mother at the time of her first flashback. That's why Hiroki was upset about the idea of her going away: she said she wanted to go back to Japan. From this we can also conclude that Yumi must have spent enough of her childhood in Japan to remember what it was like there, before moving to France.

FrenchYumi: J'veux rentrer, Maman...
French translationYumi: I wanna go home, Mum...
EnglishYumi: I wanna go home...

18:59 In the French, Yumi calls Hiroki a champion.

19:18 The French version uses more water-related terms.

FrenchJeremy: Yumi nous a envoyé une bouteille à la mer !
Odd: Cool ! On va la pêcher !
French translationJeremy: Yumi sent us a message in a bottle!
Odd: Cool! Let's go fish her out!
EnglishJeremy: Yumi sent us a message, guys!
Odd: Great! We'll go and get her!

20:48 In the English, XANA-William says "Fire!" when he shoots at Yumi.

21:25 After Odd makes a comment about fish soup (or bouillabaisse), his next line is different.

FrenchOdd: Eh qui s'y frotte s'y pique !
French translationOdd: Watch out, you might get burned!
EnglishOdd: Guess I'd better cook it, though, first.

22:09 After Ulrich says the mission was accomplished, there are some differences to Jeremy and Aelita's lines.

FrenchJeremy: Oui, jusqu'à la prochaine fois. Allez ! Ammarez-vous au Skid et retour à la maison. La mission est un succès !
Aelita: Pas tout à fait...
French translationJeremy: Yeah, until the next time. Come on! Secure yourselves to the Skid and head back in. The mission was a success!
Aelita: Not entirely...
EnglishJeremy: Hey, great job! Now anchor yourself to the Skid and head back in. Ah, they're all coming home!
Aelita: Not everybody...

23:02 Ulrich pats himself on the back in the French as he leaves Yumi's yard.

FrenchUlrich: Et voilà le travail...
French translationUlrich: And that's that...

Épisode 78 - Expérience
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Lab Rat
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:06 In the English, when asking Jeremy about his news, Odd also says "I can't wait to hear it!"

1:21 Jeremy calls the process he created a form of "teleportation" in French and "energising projection" in English.

1:34 In the French, Odd calls it "crampum physics" and says that it gives you cramps. In the English he calls it "swampum physics" and says it's muddy.

1:46 Jeremy says "copy" instead of "Replika" in the English. This is also the first mention of the name he gives his process for sending the others to Earth from a Replika supercomputer: in the French, "Translation," in the English, "Teleportation."

2:13 A phrasing change for Odd.

FrenchOdd: Ça c'est c'qui s'appelle se faire super snober !
French translationOdd: That's what I call being super-snubbed!
EnglishOdd: Now that was about as cold as the North Pole!

2:20 A few differences to these lines.

FrenchOdd: Tu veux dire, depuis le jour de son anniversaire ?
Ulrich: C'est... Oh ! Oh, c'était son anniversaire !?
French translationOdd: You mean, since her birthday?
Ulrich: It... Oh! Oh, it was her birthday?!
EnglishOdd: That's weird! Her birthday was the day before yesterday.
Ulrich: It was?! I don't believe it. You're kidding!

2:36 In the English, Ulrich initially says he'll go to buy Yumi a present right at that moment.

FrenchUlrich: Bien vu ! Oh non... pas bien vu...
French translationUlrich: Great idea! Oh no...bad idea...
EnglishUlrich: I'll go now! (sigh) Well, I would if I could...

2:41 The fish is a sole in the French and a flounder in the English. Both are species of flatfish.

3:02 In the French, Jim confuses the words "seule" ("only") and "sole." The English version has some fish-related phrases in it.

FrenchJim: Alors encore une sole remarque et heu... une seule, et ce s'ra HUIT heures !
French translationJim: So one sole remark and single remark and it'll be EIGHT hours!
EnglishJim: And if you keep baiting me, I'll make sure that you don't get off the hook for EIGHT hours!

3:07 In the French, Odd says he needs to do some shopping for himself and Kiwi. In the English, he only says he needs to buy things for Kiwi. Also some differences to Ulrich's line.

FrenchUlrich: Oublie le cadeau... Je dois me taper mes heures de colle. J'aurai pas le temps de sortir après le cours de Chardin.
French translationUlrich: Forget the present... I have to do my hours of detention. I won't have time to go out after Chardin's class.
EnglishUlrich: Thanks to Jim, I've got four hours of detention. And then we have Chardin's class, and-

3:23 A change to this line.

FrenchUlrich: QUOI? Mais enfin t'aurais pu l'dire à Jim !
French translationUlrich: WHAT? Come on, you could've said something to Jim!
EnglishUlrich: It was?! And you let me take the blame?

3:51 In the French, Odd makes fun of how Ulrich keeps insisting that he and Yumi are "just friends and that's all!"

FrenchOdd: Voilà d'quoi t'réconcilier avec ta « copine-et-c'est-tout » !
French translationOdd: This should get you on the good side of your "good-friend-and-that's-all!"
EnglishOdd: This should get you on the good side of your "platonic" friend.

4:16 In the French, Yumi asks how Aelita's history class was. In the English, she asks how her classes were in general.

4:45 In the English, Aelita also says "Ignition" as she prepares for lift-off.

4:52 Jeremy uses the term "Replika" for the first time in the English dub.

5:05 Aelita gives a different status update.

FrenchAelita: Rotation effectuée.
French translationAelita: Rotation completed.
EnglishAelita: Course heading set.

8:19 Odd's line is a little sarcastic in the French.

FrenchOdd: La conduite accompagnée, y'a que ça d'vrai !
French translationOdd: Nothing beats backseat driving!
EnglishOdd: Backseat driving again! Better cut it out.

9:10 In English, Jeremy says he "energised" Aelita and Odd, not Teleported.

9:41 Jeremy calls Odd a nutcase in the French.

FrenchJeremy: Odd espèce de dingue, tu viens d'me vriller l'tympan !
French translationJeremy: Odd, you nutcase, you just blew out my eardrum!
EnglishJeremy: Glad to hear it, but that's no reason to blow out my eardrum!

9:56 Aelita has an additional line in the English after Jeremy says they're in the Amazon.

French translation-
EnglishAelita: Wow! That's exciting.

10:16 Jeremy says his friends are in the form of "super polymorphic spectres" in the French. In the English he just describes them as "polymorphic spectres."

10:50 A change to Ulrich's line.

FrenchUlrich: Yumi, attend ! Allez quoi, l'prend pas comme ça !
French translationUlrich: Yumi, wait! Come on, don't be like this!
EnglishUlrich: Yumi, wait! Can't we make up, huh?

11:38 XANA-William orders the Tarantulas to "Go!" in the French. In the English he says "Faster!"

13:02 A difference to Aelita's question.

FrenchAelita: Pourquoi à gauche ?
French translationAelita: Why left?
EnglishAelita: How can you be so sure?

14:21 In the French, Odd says "Come on!" before he goes around the corner.

14:59 A change to Odd's line after Jeremy says Yumi and Ulrich are up against Tarantulas.

FrenchOdd: Bah c'est tout comme nous.
French translationOdd: Huh, just like we are.
EnglishOdd: Funny. Their cousins are right here!

16:13 When he impales himself on XANA-William's sword, Ulrich says "Oh, no!" in the English.

17:09 Yumi uses a couple of different words to call for help in the English.

FrenchYumi: Jérémy, c'est chaud ici !
French translationYumi: Jeremy, it's getting hot here!
EnglishYumi: Jeremy. Mayday. SOS.

17:48 Aelita says "Hey, you!" in the English to get the scientist's attention before throwing an energy field at him.

17:59 Odd calls Aelita Princess in the English.

18:58 In the French, Odd calls the keypad a "digicode," a trademarked name that's often used to refer to keypads/entry systems in general.

FrenchOdd: Oh non, un digicode ! Et pourquoi pas un gardien en plus ?
French translationOdd: Oh no, a digicode! Why not a guard, too?
EnglishOdd: Oh, no... An entry code! Why not a couple of guard dogs, too?

21:10 Odd asks Aelita to get them out of there in the French. In the English it's Jeremy who says it, and he calls XANA-William "Spider-man."

FrenchOdd: Eh Aelita, dépêche-toi ! William nous a encore ramené une saleté d'Tarentule.
Aelita: Je vois ça.
French translationOdd: Hey Aelita, hurry up! William's already brought us a rotten Tarantula.
Aelita: I can see that.
EnglishJeremy: Aelita, let's get out of here. Spider-man and company have just arrived!
Aelita: Ok.

22:37 A change to Ulrich's line about Odd's complaining.

FrenchUlrich: Arrête un peu de râler !
French translationUlrich: Stop groaning for a bit!
EnglishUlrich: No need to wake the whole town up!

Épisode 79 - Arachnophobie
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Bragging Rights
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

2:11 As well as the changes below, there's a difference to the class's laughter. In the French, they keep laughing and giggling until Odd runs up towards the springboard. In the dub, they stop laughing just before Odd makes the joke about the pommel horse. We can also hear Jeremy laughing in this scene (in the English), but he can't actually be seen.

FrenchOdd: C'est un cheval d'arçon sauvage, ma parole !
Jim: Della Robbia ! Au lieu d'faire le guignol, montre-nous c'que tu sais faire.
French translationOdd: Wow, that's one wild pommel horse!
Jim: Della Robbia! Instead of clowning around, show us what you can do.
EnglishOdd: That horse ought to be in the rodeo!
Jim: Della Robbia! Front and centre. It's your turn to fall flat on your face!

2:56 In the French, Jeremy says the word "braggart" was invented just for Odd. In the English he says "Braggart" ought to be Odd's middle name.

3:10 Odd says he's won a specific dessert in the French: strawberry tart. In the English he says he's won "yummy seconds."

3:34 Jeremy gives Odd some credit in the English dub.

FrenchJeremy: En gros, y plus qu'à terminer l'boulot. Ce s'ra super simple !
French translationJeremy: Basically, we just need to finish the job. It's gonna be a piece of cake!
EnglishJeremy: So thanks to our non-bragging hero, it's gonna be a piece of cake!

6:35 Another specific dessert in the French, replaced with "humble pie" in the English.

FrenchAelita: Et si tu insistes il y a des éclairs aux chocolats qui risques de t'passer sous l'nez !
French translationAelita: And if you keep it up, those chocolate éclairs might slip right through your fingers!
EnglishAelita: And if the only dessert you want to eat for a week is humble pie, just keep it up!

7:09 In the French, Jeremy says he told them it would be no problem. In the English, he says "we told you."

7:28 In the French, Ulrich says "Raté..." ("missed," "failed") after the door fails to open. In the English, he says "Uh...too late" in response to Jeremy telling him to wait.

11:35 Yumi's reaction to the cybernetic spiders is different.

FrenchYumi: Génial... Tu vas m'donner du fil à r'tordre toi !
French translationYumi: Great... You're gonna make life difficult for me, huh!
EnglishYumi: You guys are ugly! ...I've had enough of your cyber-spider web.

12:49 A phrasing change to Odd's line.

FrenchOdd: Alors... Il suffit que je les regarde pour les dégommer !
French translationOdd: Well... I just look at them and they get blown away!
EnglishOdd: Wow! Even my looks blow them away!

13:19 In French, Odd describes XANA-William's fall as "tomber à pic" ("arriving at the perfect time," lit. "sheer fall"). In the dub, Odd uses a combination of "swan song" (said to be the last, most beautiful song sung by a swan before it dies) and "swan dive," a type of dive.

FrenchOdd: C'est c'qui s'appelle « tomber à pic » !
French translationOdd: That's what you call dropping at the right time!
EnglishOdd: That was what you call a real swan song dive!

14:06 Jeremy says they have a little hang-up, "as usual" in the French. In English, he says it's "nothing important."

14:55 When Odd asks XANA-William if he wants to play tag, in the French he uses the phrase "jouer à chat" (lit. "play cat"). Though "play tag" is a perfectly adequate translation, they could've used the name "cat and mouse" instead to keep the reference to Odd being a cat.

15:56 In the French, Odd whistles a casual tune. XANA-William reacts with a "What?!" before he approaches, and Odd only stops whistling once XANA-William is near the edge. In the English, Odd does an "over here!" whistle just once (which I think you'd normally need your fingers to do, and considering Odd's gloves...). XANA-William doesn't speak in the dub.

16:38 Odd's French line is literally translated as "They're sleeping together," so it's clear why they used something else in the dub. (This specific wording doesn't have the same sexual connotations in French as it does in English.)

FrenchOdd: Mm... Je vois ! Ils dorment ensemble !
French translationOdd: Hm... I get it! They're taking a nap together!
EnglishOdd: Hmm...interesting. I get it - they knocked each other out!

16:53 A change here.

FrenchOdd: Très bien ! Mais après, venez pas vous plaindre si j'assure !
French translationOdd: Roger! But don't go complaining afterwards if I do a good job!
EnglishOdd: Roger. But once I succeed, don't say I did it just to show off!

17:22 In the French, Jeremy tells Odd he can see two Tarantulas heading for the Skid.

FrenchJeremy: Deux belles Tarantules en approche.
French translationJeremy: Two lovely Tarantulas are on the way.

18:44 In the English, Odd starts by saying "I don't believe it."

19:31 Before Jeremy says he's reloading Odd's arrows, in the English he tells him "Hang on a second..."

20:05 Odd uses the phrase "tomber à pic" in the French again, this time because the cybernetic spider fell on top of another spider's sharp legs, impaling itself. "Pic" ("pickaxe," "peak") sounds just like "pique" ("pike" as in a sharp weapon, not as in a pike jump). "Pike" is also used in the dub, but it's not as obvious that Odd is referring to the spider's death rather than his impressive pike vault just before it.

FrenchOdd: On peut dire qu'elle tombe à pique !
French translationOdd: You could say it fell at the right point!
EnglishOdd: How's that for a pike vault?

20:24 Odd's line is different after the generator explodes.

FrenchOdd: Je me disais aussi...
French translationOdd: I thought as much...
EnglishOdd: Can't say I didn't aim well...

22:14 In the English, Jeremy adds "Miracles happen!"

FrenchJeremy: Ben ouais l'ado parfait, raisonnable et responsable !
French translationJeremy: Yeah, the perfect kid: sensible and responsible!
EnglishJeremy: Miracles happen! He might have become a sensible, responsible kid!

22:19 A very minor difference but Odd declares his time as 41.1 seconds in the French and 40.1 seconds in the English. Also, his cheer is different.

FrenchOdd: Qui c'est le plus fort ? Qui c'est le meilleur ? Hein ? Hein ? Hein ? C'est la machine à succès ! C'est OOOODD !
French translationOdd: Who's the greatest? Who's the best? Huh? Huh? Huh? It's the success machine! It's OOOODD!
EnglishOdd: Give me an O! Give me a D! And give me another D! Who's the man of the century, it's Odd!

22:47 As Odd flexes and admires himself in the mirror, he asks, "Svelte, but muscular, don't you think?" In the French, he asks if his left arm looks more svelte but also more muscular than his right arm.

Épisode 80 - Kiwodd
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Dog Day Afternoon
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:13 When listing what Kiwi must have done, in the French Odd also says Kiwi found his socks before opening the door.

1:23 Odd compliments Ulrich's joke in the French and insults it in the English, both using smell-related phrasing.

FrenchOdd: Mais c'est bien senti comme vanne !
French translationOdd: But as jokes go, yours was well-chosen (lit. well smelled)!
EnglishOdd: Your jokes stink worse than my feet!

1:39 When the boys walk up to the starting line, Ulrich gives Yumi words of encouragement in the French: "Go on, Yumi!" In the English, he greets her with "Hey, Yumi!"

2:02 "Go" isn't a French word, so Jim's line reflects a difference there. It's not a Spanish word either - he probably got Spanish and English mixed up in the French version. Sissi and William-clone's next lines are different as well.

FrenchJim: Quand j'dis « GO », ça veut dire « partez » ! Tu comprends pas l'espagnol ou quoi ? Dis-moi mon garçon t'as p't'être un problème au niveau d'la table d'écoute ?
Sissi: Tu tournes vraiment pas rond mon pauvre William !
William-clone: Ben j'aurais du mal, chui immobile.
French translationJim: When I say go, it means run! Don't you know Spanish? Hey kid, is there something wrong with your wiretap?
Sissi: You're really not running smoothly, you poor thing!
William-clone: Well I'd have trouble doing that, I'm not moving.
EnglishJim: When I say go, it means go! Two-letter words aren't that hard, are they?! Either his ears need washing, or he's totally out of it!
Sissi: You look completely lost, William! How come?
William-clone: I'm not lost. We're at the track, right?

2:28 In the French, Yumi says love makes you crazy. In the English, she says love is like getting drunk.

4:38 In the dub, William-clone adds "I like him a lot" when talking about Ulrich.

5:16 Odd adds "Would you believe it?" in the English when saying he's still hungry.

5:48 Aelita asks if Odd is waiting for something in the French. In the English, she asks if he's expecting someone.

6:01 In the English, after saying that nothing is coming, Odd says he was just kidding.

6:20 Odd uses a dog-related phrase in the French: "y'a comme un os" (lit. "there's like a bone") means "something is wrong."

FrenchOdd: Y'a comme un os...
French translationOdd: No bones about it, something's wrong...
EnglishOdd: I hope I didn't mess up!

6:42 After Odd says he hears a noise, Jeremy reacts with surprise in the French.

FrenchJeremy: Incroyable ! T'as raison !
French translationJeremy: Incredible! You're right!
EnglishJeremy: Hang on. You're right!

8:02 William-clone's question about Romeo in the English dub is similar to what was said about Ulrich in William's room.

FrenchWilliam-clone: Et il est où Roméo ? Je l'connais ?
French translationWilliam-clone: Where's Romeo? Do I know him?
EnglishWilliam-clone: Is Romeo a nice guy, too? I don't think I know him.

8:14 Jim says losing his watch is serious in the English.

FrenchJim: Hein... Oui ! C'est ma montre.
French translationJim: Uh... Yeah! It's my watch.
EnglishJim: Uh... Yeah! Something serious!

8:43 When Odd tries to eat out of Kiwi's bowl, Jeremy says "Gross!" in the English.

9:02 Odd identifies the growth in his back as a dog tail in the French, but doesn't name a specific animal in the English.

9:21 In the French, Jeremy says that the data from the scan indicates that Odd absorbed Kiwi during virtualisation. In the English, he doesn't mention where the data came from, just that he made a diagnosis.

10:05 In the French, one of the bikers is talking when the camera focuses on them.

FrenchBiker 1: Tu vas voir, ça va être un super meeting.
French translationBiker 1: You'll see, it's gonna be a great rally.

10:09 In the French, Jeremy calls the bikers their new "housemates." In the English, he calls them "uninvited visitors."

10:32 Jeremy calls Odd a "mean dog" in the French. In the English he says "he's mean." Also, the biker's name is Serge in the French and Rocky in the English.

11:02 Ulrich uses a dog-related phrase in the French. He dumbs down his speech in order to simplify his explanation in the English. Aelita's response is also different.

FrenchUlrich: Si j'ai bien compris, toi à la niche sur Lyoko, lui, démêler ADN de toi et de ton chien, et vous revenir séparés dans les scanners.
Aelita: Toi... tout compris!
French translationUlrich: If I've understood correctly, you go into your kennel on Lyoko, he unscrambles you and your dog's DNA, and you come back separated in the scanners.
Aelita:'ve understood!
EnglishUlrich: You, dog man, go to Lyoko. He unscrambles you and dog's DNA. You and dog come back separated in the scanner.
Aelita: You're very clever!

11:25 Jeremy's English line includes two dog-related phrases. In the French, he uses the name "Kiwodd" for the first time, like the episode title!

FrenchJeremy: C'est plutôt compliqué, alors m'interromps pas OK ? Ne t'éloigne pas. Si tu es dévirtualisé avant qu'j'aie fini, tu resteras Kiwodd pour de bon !
French translationJeremy: It's pretty complicated, so don't interrupt me, ok? And don't go anywhere. If you get devirtualised before I'm finished, you'll be stuck as Kiwodd forever!
EnglishJeremy: I...can't tell you in dog years, it's pretty complicated, so don't distract me, ok? A-and don't go anywhere. If you get devirtualised before I'm finished, it'll be a dog's life for you forever!

11:50 Odd's line is a little bit different.

FrenchOdd: C'est ça. Pas bouger. Gentil chienchien !
French translationOdd: Right. Stay. Good doggy!
EnglishOdd: Yeah, I get it. Sit, heel, roll over...

13:04 This part of Jeremy's line (while he's pretending to be Mister Delmas) is different.

FrenchJeremy: C'est inadmissible !
French translationJeremy: It's inadmissible!
EnglishJeremy: Do you understand?

13:14 This part of Yumi's line is different. Also, William-clone makes humming noises in the English: one questioning as Yumi leaves, then another one to "say" goodbye. The clone is silent in the French.

FrenchYumi: Ah ben c'est pas trop tôt !
French translationYumi: Well, not a moment too soon!
EnglishYumi: She's finally outta my hair!

14:57 In the French, Jeremy says the lift will be working again in a few minutes. In English, he says he'll switch it on right now.

15:38 In the French, Odd is cut off in the middle of saying "Laser arrow" when he's hit by a laser. In the English, he finishes saying it despite being hit and flying backwards. Also, another dog-related phrase in the English and use of the name "Kiwodd" in the French.

FrenchJeremy: Odd ! S'ils t'atteignent une fois d'plus, tu seras Kiwodd pour toujours !
French translationJeremy: Odd! If you get hit just one more time, you'll be Kiwodd for good!
EnglishJeremy: Odd, if you get hit just one more time, you're gonna be in the doghouse for good!

17:21 In the English, Ulrich yells "NOOO!" as he's devirtualised.

17:48 In the French, the electronic twinge of a XANA-possessed person can be heard in Yumi's voice as she dodges the falling piece of assembly equipment.

18:09 Odd uses the phrase "nom d'un chien" (lit. "name of a dog") in the French, which means "for goodness' sake," "for god's sake," etc. I took a small liberty when translating it below in order to suit the dog theme. Odd uses a completely different phrase as a new sentence in the English instead of this.

FrenchOdd: J'ai les quatre pattes en feu, nom d'un chien !
French translationOdd: My four paws are really killing me, for dog's sake!
EnglishOdd: My paws are really killing me. And these guys won't let sleeping dogs lie!

18:40 Another dog-related phrase in the English.

FrenchJeremy: Reste tranquille. Deux, trois manips et c'est bon.
French translationJeremy: Relax. Two or three changes and that's it.
EnglishJeremy: Relax, we'll be back online in two wags of a dog's tail!

18:49 Odd names a different activity in either version.

FrenchOdd: Ça pète dans tous les coins et tu veux que je ronge mon os en attendant ?
French translationOdd: Everything's falling apart and you want me to chew on a bone while I wait around?
EnglishOdd: Everything's falling apart and you want me to hang out here scratching fleas?

18:58 In the French, Jeremy says Odd can have a "caractère de chien" (lit. "doglike character"), meaning a "bad temper." In English, he likens Odd to Kiwi in terms of obedience.

FrenchJeremy: Quel caractère de chien tu peux avoir parfois !
French translationJeremy: You can have such a bad temper (lit. doglike character) sometimes!
EnglishJeremy: You're about as obedient as Kiwi!

21:05 In the English, Odd finishes his line with "Good boy! Yeah!" In the French, he makes "aww" sort of noises.

21:39 Yumi uses the phrase "shaken, not stirred" in the English.

FrenchYumi: Un peu secouée mais ça va...
French translationYumi: A little shaken, but fine...
EnglishYumi: A bit shaken, but not stirred...

22:45 A small change, but Yumi's French line lends itself better to Sissi's response of "Aha!"

FrenchYumi: Te fatigue pas, j'avoue.
French translationYumi: Don't bother, I confess.
EnglishYumi: Don't bother. I know.

23:00 A change to the food being served for lunch.

FrenchOdd: Un sublime brocolis chipolatas mijote pour ce midi.
French translationOdd: They're cooking up some sublime chipolatas and broccoli for lunch.
EnglishOdd: We're having beef stew and Brussels sprouts for lunch today.

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