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[Le français VS l'anglais] S4 - Part 2
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 Season 4 - Part 2
Episodes 81 to 95

It's widely known that dialogue can differ between two different language versions of a TV show. It's often a concern when someone is watching a show in something other than its native language that the translators may have made changes, small or large, that diverge from the intent of the original dialogue. French is the original language of Code Lyoko and here we've finally answered that question by making a list of the differences between the original French and the English dubbed episodes.

Differences range from small wording changes that make a significant difference, to entire lines that were added or removed. From season 2 onwards, the English dub was based on the original French scripts. The French episodes often changed certain parts of the dialogue for the final episode but the English usually stuck to the scripts, sometimes resulting in small inconsistencies with the animation. Discover all the major differences for yourself below! Have a nice read!

[Épisode 81 - Oeil pour oeil] [Épisode 82 - Mémoire blanche] [Épisode 83 - Superstiation] [Épisode 84 - Missile guidé] [Épisode 85 - La belle de Kadic] [Épisode 86 - Kiwi superstar] [Épisode 87 - Planète bleue] [Épisode 88 - Cousins ennemis] [Épisode 89 - Il est sensé d'être insensé] [Épisode 90 - Medusée] [Épisode 91 - Mauvaises ondes] [Épisode 92 - Sueurs froides] [Épisode 93 - Retour] [Épisode 94 - Contre-attaque] [Épisode 95 - Souvenirs]

Épisode 81 - Oeil pour oeil
ImageOeil pour oeil
(Eye for an eye)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
A Lack of Goodwill
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:10 Aelita calls Odd a show-off in the English. She ends her French line with "Watch!"

1:29 Jim's line in particular is different. Although his line after catching the glass means the same thing in both languages, there's a pun in the French one: translated literally, he says "The glass was empty, but the cup is full."

FrenchOdd: Même avec mon instinct, je n'aurais pas fait mieux !
Jim: Dunbar ! Je suis franch'ment surpris de t'trouver de ce côté là d'la fourchette. Tu m'entends Dunbar ?
(William-clone lance le verre. Jim l'attrape.)
Jim: Le verre était vide, mais la coupe est pleine...
French translationOdd: Even with my instincts, I could never match that!
Jim: Dunbar! Honestly, I'm surprised to find you on that end of the fork. You hear me, Dunbar?
(William-clone catapults the glass and Jim catches it.)
Jim: The glass was empty, but this is the very last straw (lit. the cup is full)...
EnglishOdd: Even at the top of my form, I could never match that!
Jim: Dunbar! Haven't you heard that forks aren't meant to play with, but to eat with?! You hear me, Dunbar?!
(William-clone catapults the glass and Jim catches it.)
Jim: The glass is empty. But that is the very last straw!

2:31 In the French, only Yumi laughs. In the English, Aelita laughs as well.

3:04 In the English, Jim can be heard yelling "You hear me, Dunbar?!"

3:12 Aelita says she was artificial "not all that long ago" in the English. In the French she says it was "a few months ago."

3:42 A single word's difference, but an interesting one. The French line seems strange but also very...Jim. Also, in the French Jim suggests that William-clone try catapulting "la mie de pain" ("breadcrumbs," or the inside part of a loaf of bread). In the English he suggests a "ball of bread."

FrenchJim: La prochaine fois, tu utiliseras ta fourchette pour penser !
French translationJim: Next time, you'll use your fork for thinking!
EnglishJim: Next time, you'll use your fork for eating!

4:19 Jeremy asks if his friends are ready in the dub before sending them onto the Skid.

FrenchJeremy: Embarquement !
French translationJeremy: Energise (lit. embarkation)!
EnglishJeremy: Ready to go? Ok. Energise!

4:37 Odd uses a variation of the phrase "lean, mean fighting machine" in the English, so Ulrich seizes the chance to poke fun at his weight.

FrenchOdd: Moi, Odd, le Meilleur, le plus beau, la Machine à dézinguer XANA !
Ulrich: Ouais ben fais gaffe ! La dernière fois, si j'avais pas été là, on te ramassais à la petite cuillère dans la Mer Numérique !
French translationOdd: Odd the best, the handsomest, the XANA-wrecking machine!
Ulrich: Yeah, watch yourself! If I hadn't been there last time, we would've been scraping you off the floor of the Digital Sea!
EnglishOdd: Odd the best, the greatest, the mean, lean, XANA-wrecking machine!
Ulrich: "Lean" sounds right, I don't know about the rest. Don't forget who saved you from the Digital Sea last time.

4:55 In the French, Odd uses the term "poil susceptible" (lit. "sensitive hair") to say Ulrich is being sensitive, but replaces "poil" with "pixel" to suit the virtual setting. There's also a difference to Ulrich's line.

FrenchUlrich: C'est grâce à moi que t'as scoré.
Odd: Ho, ho ! T'as le pixel susceptible aujourd'hui ?
French translationUlrich: It's thanks to me you made that kill.
Odd: Well, well! Don't we have sensitive pixels today?
EnglishUlrich: ...and if it hadn't been for me, you would-
Odd: Well, well, aren't we being sensitive today?

5:03 Yumi uses some placeholder words in the French, which Odd then uses to describe Ulrich. Yumi doesn't use placeholders in English, so Odd continues bragging instead.

FrenchYumi: Avec les garçons, tout s'résume à « c'est moi le plus fort », « le plus machin », « le plus truc »...
Odd: Ouais ! C'est sûr qu'Ulrich, il est carrément truc, et pas mal machin ! Fort par contre, euh non, je vois pas !
French translationYumi: With boys, everything boils down to "I'm the greatest," "the most something-or-other," "the most insert-thing-here..."
Odd: Yeah! It's true that Ulrich is pretty insert-thing-here, and quite something-or-other! The greatest on the other hand, uh no, I don't see it!
EnglishYumi: That's about all boys can talk about. "I'm the greatest at this," "you can't beat me at that..."
Odd: That's because Ulrich isn't humble enough to admit that he can't even hold a candle to me! Even though he knows I'm better.

6:19 As usual, the French version uses kilograms and the English uses pounds. The conversion isn't quite exact, though: 102kg is about 225lbs, and 240lbs is about 109kg. Milly originally uses the word "lourd" ("heavy") in the French to describe Jim. After William-clone misunderstands, she uses verlan, swapping the syllables of "lourd" to become "relou" ("irritating," "frustrating") in order to try and get her idea across. In the English she starts using wind-related terms, leading into William-clone's next misunderstanding. Also, though it's not really a difference, when William-clone waves a finger in the air, the gesture suits both the different ideas in the dialogue.

FrenchWilliam-clone: Il pèse 102 kilos, il dépasse de beaucoup son poid d'forme !
Milly: Euh... on voulait dire que Jim est un peu euh... relou, quoi ! Ennuyeux ! Enfin tu captes ou tu captes pas ?
William-clone: Euh non, là je ne capte rien du tout !
Tamiya: Mais t'es idiot ou t'es né comme ça ?
French translationWilliam-clone: He weighs 102 kilos, which is way over his ideal weight!
Milly: Uh...I meant that Jim is a bit of oaf, huh! Boring! Are you getting it or not?
William-clone: Uh no, I'm not getting anything at all! (Context: getting a radio signal.)
Tamiya: Are you an idiot or were you born like that?
EnglishWilliam-clone: He weighs 240 pounds, which is too heavy for his height.
Milly: That's not what I meant. I meant that he can be...a...real windbag sometimes. You get my drift now, William?
William-clone: No. Sorry, but I can't even feel a breeze!
Tamiya: Are you an idiot or something?

7:13 Odd's line is pretty sarcastic in the French.

FrenchOdd: T'as raison Einstein, c'était super simple !
French translationOdd: You're right Einstein, it's super simple!
EnglishOdd: Sounds simple to you, but it's Greek to me.

8:16 Milly is more adamant about never sending William a letter in the French.

FrenchMilly: Mais non, bien sûr que non, c'est ça le bluff !
French translationMilly: No, of course I didn't, that's the bluff!
EnglishMilly: Tamiya, I told you I was gonna bluff him!

8:30 In the French, Odd says Ulrich would weep because Odd is so classy. In English, he says Ulrich would "weep with jealousy" and there's no mention of being classy.

9:09 No explicit mention of illicit activities in the English dub... It makes more sense for Jeremy to say he hacked to get the plan because it'd be pretty unrealistic to find American military data like that freely available on the Internet.

FrenchJeremy: En piratant le réseau, j'ai réussi à dégotter un plan.
French translationJeremy: I hacked the network and managed to dig up a plan of it.
EnglishJeremy: I located a plan of it on the Internet, so...

9:37, 21:42 In the French, Tamiya calls the group the "Choco-guerriers" ("Cocoa Warriors"). In the English she says "Loco Warriors."

10:39 A little extra to Odd's English line.

FrenchOdd: Vachement mal élevées les bestioles !
French translationOdd: These little beasts aren't very polite!
EnglishOdd: Not very polite little beasts, didn't even introduce themselves!

11:24 A phrasing difference to Jeremy's line about whatever or whoever was just materialised in the scanner.

FrenchJeremy: ...mais sûrement rien d'bon...
French translationJeremy: ...but it can't be anything good...
EnglishJeremy: But it sure isn't someone we wanna meet...

11:41 In the French, Odd asks if Jeremy has stocked up on canapés/appetisers. In the English, it's potato chips.

12:26 A change to Odd's protest.

FrenchOdd: Qu'est-ce que tu racontes !?...
French translationOdd: What are you talking about...?!
EnglishOdd: I tell you, we've gotta go!

12:41 In the English, Yumi tells Odd to look in the direction of the monsters. She doesn't tell him to look in the French, she just says "Defend our position" and leaves it at that, which seems to have more gravity to it. Also, in the English Odd calls the Tarantulas "our friends."

13:09 Some small changes to Ulrich's line, including the name of the movie he references.

FrenchUlrich: Qu'est-ce que c'est qu'ce bazar ? On s'croirait dans Executor 2.
French translationUlrich: What the heck is all this? It's like we're in Executor 2.
EnglishUlrich: Whoa... Check it out! It's like a scene from Executioner 2!

13:53 In the English, after saying hi to Milly and Tamiya, Jeremy asks, "What are you doing here?"

14:10 In the French, Jeremy tells the girls to take the microphone and use it to talk to the others. In the English, he doesn't mention a microphone, just to talk to the others.

15:21 A difference to Odd's reaction.

FrenchOdd: T'y crois pas !
French translationOdd: I don't believe it!
EnglishOdd: Tamiya?! Oh...

15:49 In the French, Odd calls the Tarantula "Tarentula" instead of "Tarentule." He last used this name in episode 27 "Nouvelle donne" when he first named the monster.

16:47 In the English, William-clone replies to Jeremy with "Yeah!" before leaving the room.

17:05 A change to Aelita's line.

FrenchAelita: On va vous embarquer.
French translationAelita: I'll get you both on board.
EnglishAelita: Ready to take off.

18:29 XANA-William calls the clone "digital dust" in the French and "an insignificant bunch of digital dust" in the English.

18:39 After Milly asks Jeremy to tell her that it's normal for the Supercomputer to be behaving that way, in the English, Jeremy starts by saying "Oh, not normal."

19:07 A change to Aelita's line.

FrenchAelita: Manquait plus que la poiscaille ! Largage !
French translationAelita: Fish, that's all we needed! Release!
EnglishAelita: I really didn't feel like fishing... Bombs away!

21:02 After Ulrich asks "Again?" to Odd saying they need to devirtualise each other, in English he also says "Oh, no..."

21:45 In the French, Milly calls XANA-William a wimp.

22:39 It's better explained in the French that Jeremy intends to remove the changes he previously made to William-clone's program.

FrenchJeremy: Il vaut mieux pas qu'il se fasse remarquer avant qu'j'efface les améliorations sur son programme.
Aelita: Tu veux réelement les effacer ?
French translationJeremy: We sure don't want to draw any attention to him before I've deleted the upgrades to my program.
Aelita: Do you really want to delete them?
EnglishJeremy: We sure don't want to draw any attention to him. And in the meantime, I'll try to create a new upgrading program.
Aelita: Are you sure you wanna erase the old one?

23:08 In the French, Odd suggests the idea of a "XANA Junior." In the English he says "XANAstein Junior."

Épisode 82 - Mémoire blanche
ImageMémoire blanche
(White memory)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Distant Memory
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

0:56 The dialogue in the French flashback is the same as in episode 52 "The Key;" it's less accurate in the English. The English translation provided below is the same as Aelita's line in episode 52.

FrenchAelita: T'as vu, maman ?
French translationAelita: Did you see, Mummy?
EnglishAelita: Look at my giant snowball, Mummy!

2:18 In the French, Aelita says Yumi is staying at home for the holidays. In the English, she says Yumi won't be far away for the holidays.

2:34 Ulrich uses a piece of creative imagery in the French.

FrenchUlrich: Pendant les fêtes mon père est comme un ours assit sur une planche à clous.
French translationUlrich: At holiday time, my dad is like a bear sitting on a bed of nails.
EnglishUlrich: At holiday time, my dad gets more stressed out than ever.

2:42 In the French, Odd says his sisters locked him in the "toilettes," which is usually translated as "bathroom" in American English (as it was in the dub), but actually refers to a room with just a toilet in it. Odd would've been trapped in quite a small room. Also, Odd states a different fact about his sisters when he responds to Yumi's question.

FrenchOdd: Ben ouais la plus jeune elle a à peu près ton âge, tu vois l'problème !
French translationOdd: Well yeah, the youngest is about your age, so you see my problem!
EnglishOdd: They are! And they're a lot bigger than me, too. That's my problem...

2:54 Aelita calls Ulrich's car a "carriage" in the French and "your dad's car" in the English.

3:03 Odd quotes a popular phrase from the Star Wars franchise in his English line.

FrenchOdd: Bon ben prends des forces !
French translationOdd: Well, be strong!
EnglishOdd: May the Force be with you!

3:26 In the English, Aelita laughs after Odd warns her about Kiwi's gas. Also, in the French, Jeremy says goodbye to Odd as he goes to get in the car. In the English, he says hi to his dad.

3:42 A difference to Ulrich's line to his dad.

FrenchUlrich: Je vois que t'as encore reçu l'Oscar de la bonne humeur !
French translationUlrich: And I see you won another Oscar for Cheerfulness!
EnglishUlrich: And I see you forgot your happy pill again.

4:18 Aelita wishes Yumi a nice holiday in the English.

FrenchAelita: Promis ! Je n'hésiterai pas à t'appeller.
French translationAelita: Promise! I'll call you right away.
EnglishAelita: Ok! Have a nice holiday.

4:50 A few small changes to the flashback dialogue again. Also, while inconsistent flashback dialogue is quite common in the English dub, it's rare in the French. Franz Hopper's French line here is actually different to the first time we heard it in episode 52 "Réminiscence."

FrenchHopper: Eh pourquoi pas Monsieur Pück, hein ? C'est un joli nom pour un lutin !
Anthea: Il te plaît ?
Aelita: Merci maman !
French translationHopper: How about "Mister Pück?" It's a nice name for an elf!
Anthea: Do you like [him/it]?
Aelita: Thank you, Mummy!
EnglishHopper: How about "Mister Pück?" It's the name of an elf.
Anthea: Do you like it?
Aelita: Oh, yes! Thank you, Mummy!

7:12 The English dub was pretty consistent with the wording of Franz Hopper's line "See you in a minute, honey." However, this one time, it's translated as "See you in a minute, my dear" instead.

7:53-16:20 In the French, the bubble is referred to as a "bulle virtuelle" ("virtual bubble"), the same wording used in episode 24 "Canal fantôme" when such a bubble first appeared. In the English it was originally called a "parallel world bubble" in episode 24 and they use a new term in this episode: "simulation bubble."

8:24 In the French, Aelita says "Daddy!" again when she runs into (the fake) Hopper's arms.

9:29 In the French, Jeremy takes longer to say he forgot his laptop at the dorm, so his dad starts doing a U-turn before Jeremy's even finished his sentence. His dad also phrases his question differently.

FrenchMichael: Il ne s'appellerait pas « Aelita », ton ordinateur ?
French translationMichael: Your computer's name wouldn't happen to be "Aelita," would it?
EnglishMichael: Your laptop wouldn't have pink hair by any chance, would it?

9:42 Ulrich's dad's complaint is different.

FrenchMr Stern: Ahh ça n'avance toujours pas !
French translationMr Stern: Grr, it's still not going anywhere!
EnglishMr Stern: Oh, this traffic's horrible!

10:13 The customs officer's question is longer in the English when it's Odd's turn to have his bag inspected. (I don't blame them for this one, it was surprisingly hard for me to translate.)

FrenchCustoms officer: Bon alors, ça vient ?
French translationCustoms officer: Well, are you handing it over?
EnglishCustoms officer: Well, are you flying today or not?

10:35 A small change to Odd's line.

FrenchOdd: Oh la famille, j'vous jure !
French translationOdd: Oh, family, I swear!
EnglishOdd: Nothing like sibling loyalty!

12:46 Jeremy's French line sounds more serious, like he knows something bad has happened.

FrenchJeremy: J'ai un mauvais préssentiment !
French translationJeremy: I've got a bad feeling!
EnglishJeremy: Something's fishy.

12:55 Yumi agrees with Jeremy in the French.

FrenchYumi: Ouais tu as sans doute raison.
French translationYumi: Yeah, I'm sure you're right.

13:15 A change to XANA-William's line while he's holding Aelita.

FrenchXANA-William: Ça ne sert à rien de te débattre Aélita, je te tiens...
French translationXANA-William: It's no use fighting, Aelita. I've got you...
EnglishXANA-William: Better give up, Aelita. You can't beat me.

17:36 At the end of his line "This can't be happening," Jeremy adds "Not Aelita!" in the English.

17:56 A phrasing change to Odd's line, plus he calls XANA-William "Romeo" in the English.

FrenchOdd: Il va y avoir d'la terrine de William !
French translationOdd: We're gonna be having William pâté!
EnglishOdd: Ok, Romeo, this is really going to cost you!

18:31 Jeremy says he's receiving a signal from the Digital Sea in the French. He doesn't point this out in the English, leaving the others (and the audience) to draw their own conclusions.

FrenchJeremy: Oui ! J'ai un signal de la Mer Numérique.
French translationJeremy: Yes! I've got a signal coming from the Digital Sea.
EnglishJeremy: Yeah, hang on. I think I get the picture...

18:55 A change to Jeremy's line.

FrenchJeremy: J'en étais sûr. J'aurais dû deviner...
French translationJeremy: I was sure of it. I should've guessed...
EnglishJeremy: It's what I thought. I was right...

20:04 When Aelita sees the Manta about to attack her father, she shouts "Watch out!" in the French.

20:21 A difference to the latter part of Jeremy's line.

FrenchJeremy: Occupez-vous d'ce Blok, bon sang...
French translationJeremy: Take out that Blok, darn it...
EnglishJeremy: Take out that Blok. And make it snappy, too!

21:27 In the English, Aelita says "Hi" when she looks up at the boys.

21:39 Odd's line is different after Jeremy says it was pretty obvious.

FrenchOdd: Oh ça va hein...
French translationOdd: Oh alright, alright...
EnglishOdd: There he goes again...

Épisode 83 - Superstiation
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Hard Luck
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:11 There's a difference to Odd's sentence after he says he's found what he's looking for. In French, he responds to Ulrich's suggestion that he might be trying to clean the room. In the English, he decides that he hasn't actually found what he was looking for. Although we don't see it in the animation, according to the script Odd was looking for his pants, which at this point are hanging over his shoulder. So yes, he did in fact find what he was looking for.

FrenchOdd: Ah ! Voilà c'que j'cherchais ! (à Ulrich) C'est pas ça ! Je veux pas être en retard au petit déj !
Ulrich: Tu veux choper tous les croissants ?
French translationOdd: Ah! That's what I was looking for! (to Ulrich) That's not it! I don't wanna be late for breakfast!
Ulrich: You wanna steal all the croissants?
EnglishOdd: There! That's what I was looking for. Oh, no it's not... (to Ulrich) I don't wanna be late for breakfast!
Ulrich: So you can steal an extra croissant?

1:42 After smashing the mirror, Odd says "Rats..." in the French.

2:06 In the French, Jim found goat cheese in his shoes. In the English, it was cottage cheese.

2:27 Odd says there's no such thing as luck in the French, and no such thing as bad luck in the English.

2:35 In the French, Odd ends up having biscottes for breakfast. It's called "dry toast" in the dub, but it's more often known as rusk in English. Then Odd's request for hot chocolate is slightly different.

FrenchRosa: Des biscottes.
Odd: Délire ! Donnez-moi au moins un double ration d'chocolat chaud !
French translationRosa: Rusk.
Odd: As if! At least give me a double ration of hot chocolate!
EnglishRosa: How 'bout some dry toast?
Odd: No way. Ok, give me some hot chocolate to drown my sorrows in.

2:57 After Odd complains about his breakfast, only Yumi laughs in the French. In the English, Ulrich, Aelita and possibly Yumi all laugh.

3:16 Azra has an accent in the English only: it sounds like a mix of Turkish and American (to me at least, but I'm no expert). When she blushes, it suits the French dialogue a lot better than the English: Odd's French line is rather sweet!

FrenchOdd: Euh... non. En plus euh, j'en ai pas eu ce matin. Non en fait euh, j'aimerais apprendre le turc. Tu pourrais me donner des cours ?
Azra: Vraiment ? Ben... euh... faut en discuter.
Odd: Discutons ! J'ai envie d'découvrir ta culture.
French translationOdd: And besides, I didn't get any this morning. No, actually um, I want to learn to speak Turkish. Could you give me lessons?
Azra: Really? Well...uh...we'll have to talk about it.
Odd: Then let's talk! I want to to find out about your culture.
EnglishOdd: And besides, the machine is busted. W-what I meant is, uh...I-I want to learn to speak Turkish! Maybe you could give me lessons.
Azra: Do you mean it?
Odd: Sure I do!
Azra: can discuss it!
Odd: Great idea, Azra. I can't wait to start!

3:30 Herb asks why Odd told Jim on "us" in the French (him and Nicolas) and on "me" in the English, ignoring Nicolas. This sentence is also different.

FrenchHerb: C'était pas sympa.
French translationHerb: It wasn't nice.
EnglishHerb: Yeah, Odd. You just wait.

3:45 Azra's line is different. Also Odd mishears "budala" as something different: "bout dala" ("bout" means "end," "dala" isn't a word) in the French and "brouhaha" in the English.

FrenchAzra: Hervé a raison !
French translationAzra: Herb is right!
EnglishAzra: I don't blame Herb!

4:18 Aelita mentions that spilling salt is bad luck. In the English she says specifically "spilling salt on a ship," however the superstition has nothing to do with boats or even any location at all; it's just bad luck to spill salt, full stop.

5:06 Some small changes to this dialogue after the Teleportation fails.

FrenchOdd: T'y crois pas ! Pourtant je n'ai rien fait !
Jeremy: La Translation a échoué pour la première fois !
French translationOdd: I don't believe it! But I didn't do anything!
Jeremy: The Teleportation failed for the first time!
EnglishOdd: I don't get it! What did I do wrong?
Jeremy: I don't get it either! The Teleportation failed for the first time!

5:15 Odd threatens Ulrich with "50 pieces of rusk" in the French and "10 pounds of dry toast" in the English.

6:06 In the French, Aelita says "Disembark" before she and Odd disembark. In the English she says "Here we go."

7:13 A couple of small changes to this dialogue.

FrenchYumi: Les Kankrelats. On dirait d'affreux petits poux, beurk !
Ulrich: Ah, ouais. Moi, ce serait plutôt les Mégatanks. À part les Kankrelats ?
French translationYumi: The Kankrelats. They're like ugly little lice, blegh!
Ulrich: Yeah. For me, it's the Megatanks. What else other than the Kankrelats?
EnglishYumi: The Kankrelats! I really hate fighting against big bugs, blegh!
Ulrich: Yeah! Right. What I hate most are the Megatanks. How about the-

7:51 In the French, Yumi says she would've preferred Krabs instead. In the English, she wishes XANA would've sent Krabs, but there's no "instead" so it may sound like she's wishing for both Kankrelats and Krabs at the same time.

8:03 A difference to Jeremy's line.

FrenchJeremy: Bien reçu. Aelita ? Yumi et Ulrich ont des p'tits soucis dans la base.
French translationJeremy: Got it. Aelita? Yumi and Ulrich have a few little problems at the base.
EnglishJeremy: I'm on it. Aelita! Yumi and Ulrich have some visitors at the base.

8:23 Some small differences here.

FrenchOdd: Cette histoire de malchance, c'est du flan. (il est touché par un laser)
Aelita: Odd ! Tu disais ?
Odd: C'est pas un problème ça...
French translationOdd: All this bad luck stuff is nonsense. (hit by a laser)
Aelita: Odd! You were saying?
Odd: That's no problem...
EnglishOdd: Superstition is for lameos. I told-! (hit by a laser)
Aelita: Uh, you were saying?
Odd: Oh, ok... Watch this!

9:33 Aelita's line is different before she and Odd split up.

FrenchAelita: Chacun le sien.
French translationAelita: One for each of us.
EnglishAelita: Let's do our thing.

10:56 Jeremy calls the Kankrelats "bugs" instead of using their name in the English, so when Aelita then asks about the bug they're experiencing on Lyoko, she has to be more specific.

FrenchJeremy: Ulrich et Yumi ont des Kankrelats aux trousses.
Aelita: Et ce bogue ?
French translationJeremy: Ulrich and Yumi have got Kankrelats on their heels.
Aelita: And what about the bug?
EnglishJeremy: Yumi and Ulrich have got a huge, huge bug problem.
Aelita: And what about the program bug?

11:23 Ulrich says he asked the same question Yumi did when he first saw the assembly room (episode 81 "A Lack of Goodwill"). Yumi's question "Qu'est-ce que c'est qu'cet endroit ?"/"What kind of place is this?" is similar to Ulrich's original question in French: "Qu'est-ce que c'est qu'ce bazar ?" ("What the heck is all this?"), but in the dub he said "Whoa... Check it out!" which isn't a question at all...

15:21 In the French, they use the term "chifoumi" to talk about the game scissors-paper-rock. It's more commonly known as pierre-papier-ciseaux in French (or varying combinations of the three words, like in English). The name chifoumi has Japanese origins.

15:32 The dub avoids saying the word "deteleport."

FrenchYumi: C'est bon, Jérémy ! Tu peux me détranslater.
French translationYumi: We're good, Jeremy! You can deteleport me.
EnglishYumi: We're good, Jeremy! I'm the one who's going.

15:59 Yumi's line is different when XANA-William sees her.

FrenchYumi: Eh oui... c'est énervant, hein ?
French translationYumi:'s irritating, huh?
EnglishYumi: Yeah, I know, William. And I'm glad to see you, too.

16:20 In the French, Ulrich says the supercomputer room is infested with Kankrelats. In the English, he says the "supercalculator" is infested, not the room it's in.

19:33 A change to Ulrich's line when he enters the supercomputer room.

FrenchUlrich: Salut les poux !
French translationUlrich: Hey there, lice!
EnglishUlrich: Ready to rumble, guys? Here we go!

19:41 It's clearer in the French just how fast Ulrich took out three of the Kankrelats, hence why Jeremy wonders how he could've done it with only two sabres. Also, Aelita's line starts out with "Paf !" ("Pow!") in the French and "Incredible!" in the English.

FrenchOdd: T'y crois pas ! Il vient d'avoir trois d'un coup !
French translationOdd: Unbelievable! He just knocked off three of them in a single hit!
EnglishOdd: Hey, did you see that? Ulrich just knocked off three of them!

21:11 A small change to Odd's line, and then Ulrich laughs in the French and replies in the English.

FrenchOdd: Tu parles ! Que du bol !
(Rire d'Ulrich.)
French translationOdd: You're kidding! Nothing but luck!
(Ulrich laughs.)
EnglishOdd: Luck, buddy! That's what I think.
Ulrich: I knew you'd say that!

21:25 A change to Aelita's line.

FrenchAelita: T'inquiète : la roue tourne toujours. La chance finira bien par revenir !
French translationAelita: Don't worry: the wheel will keep on turning. Your luck will return!
EnglishAelita: Relax, Odd. Jinxes don't exist! Luck does, but it changes!

22:05 Most of the text message is gibberish, but it starts with "RDV," short for rendez-vous. Also, in the English Odd says goodbye to his friends twice, once in each of his lines.

22:42 A number of small changes to this dialogue. Odd mentions the phone having a heart charm on it in the English, which was a detail in the script but didn't make it into the final design of the mobile phone.

FrenchJim: J'ai le droit d'aimer le rose, non ? Tu t'habilles bien en violet, toi.
Odd: Ouais mais quand même, le fond d'écran avec un cœur et des étoiles, c'est pas un peu too much ?
(Jim prend le portable.)
Jim: Donne-moi ça ! J'préfère pas en parler...
French translationJim: I'm allowed to like pink, aren't I? You dress in purple, after all.
Odd: Yeah but still, a wallpaper with a heart and stars on it? Isn't that a bit too much?
(Jim takes the phone.)
Jim: Gimme that! I'd rather not talk about it...
EnglishJim: I like pink! Got a problem with that? Look at the colour that you wear all the time!
Odd: Yeah, but pink with sparkles and a heart charm on it? Isn't that a bit too much?
(Jim takes the phone.)
Jim: Probably. But I'd...rather not talk about it.

Épisode 84 - Missile guidé
ImageMissile guidé
(Guided missile)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Guided Missile
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:01 In the French, Jeremy thanks Jim after receiving his mail. Also Odd calls Jeremy a "lucky dog."

1:24 Some changes to Aelita's lines in particular. She doesn't comment on the lack of signature until later in the English.

FrenchAelita: Pour moi ?
Ulrich: Tiens, et c'est d'qui ?
Aelita: Elle n'est pas signée.
French translationAelita: For me?
Ulrich: Well, who's it from?
Aelita: There's no signature.
EnglishAelita: That's weird...
Ulrich: Tell us who it's from!
Aelita: I have no idea!

1:36 Now the dub has Aelita mention the lack of signature, so Odd's line is changed to suit.

FrenchAelita: Bizarre, quand même...
Odd: C'qui est vraiment bizarre c'est q'personne n'a pensé à moi.
French translationAelita: Still, it's bizarre...
Odd: What's really bizarre is that nobody's spared a thought for me.
EnglishAelita: There's no signature.
Odd: I wouldn't mind getting something, signed or not...

2:00 In the English, Odd doesn't say that the contents of the jars is pâté, just that it's dog food.

2:38 A change to Odd's line when he asks to see Jeremy's postcard.

FrenchOdd: Hein !? Fais voir !
French translationOdd: Huh?! Let me see!
EnglishOdd: No! You're kidding!

3:47 A bit extra to Jeremy's English line.

FrenchJeremy: Tu nous soupçonnes ?
French translationJeremy: You think it was us?
EnglishJeremy: You think it was us who sent it? Come on, Aelita, wake up!

4:12 In the dub, the pilot's accent and manner of speech are reminiscent of Elvis Presley. I of his early lines is "In brief, we're gonna really rock and roll." He doesn't have a distinct manner of speech in the French.

5:27 In the French, Jim doesn't say anything about a dog at first, just that he heard barking, so Odd replies with "Of course!" Jim then says it sounded like a dog. In the English, Jim immediately asks if he heard a dog barking and Odd replies with "Kind of."

5:48 In the French, Jim uses the phrase "enlever l'os de la bouche" (lit. "to take the bone out of your mouth") which is a way of saying "to deprive you of something." The bone part is relevant because Jim came into the room looking for a dog, but there isn't a good way to translate this into English. In the English, Jim starts to say that pâté is his pet's favourite food! What pet?!

FrenchJim: Ben c'est que je n'voudrais pas t'enl'ver l'os de la bouche...
Odd: J'insiste, au contraire, ça m'fait plaisir ! Et en plus il m'en reste plein d'autres.
Jim: Dans c'cas c'est gentil Della Robbia ! La terrine c'est mon dada !
French translationJim: Well it's just that I wouldn't wanna deprive you of it (lit. take the bone out of your mouth)...
Odd: Not at all, I insist! I'd be happy to! Besides, there's plenty more where that came from.
Jim: In that case, that's very nice of you, Della Robbia! Pâté's definitely my thing!
EnglishJim: Well I couldn't do that, Della Robbia, your mum made it for you!
Odd: That's ok. My mum always taught me to share things. Besides, there's plenty where that-
Jim: Thanks, Della Robbia! Pâté's my pet' favourite food!

6:46 Jeremy's line is different as the cockpit closes.

FrenchJeremy: Final'ment, la journée s'termine mieux qu'elle n'avait commencée.
French translationJeremy: At last, my day's ending better than it started.
EnglishJeremy: Fantastic. Thank heavens I'm not going into the heavens...

6:56 In the French, the pilot asks "Qu'est-ce qui lui prend ?" ("What's gotten into it?"). Although "lui" can mean "he," "she" or "it," he's most likely referring to the jet starting on its own. In the English he asks "But what's gotten into him?" seemingly referring to Jeremy for some reason, as though he's responsible.

7:49 The pilot says he tried to activate a security program in the French, and deactivate the software in English.

FrenchPilot: J'ai essayé d'activer un logiciel de securité mais en vain.
French translationPilot: I tried to activate a security program, but it was no use.
EnglishPilot: I'm trying to deactivate the software, but nothing's working!

8:05 There's a difference to the pilot's line. The English dub may have been poking fun at itself here. Also, this is the first time Jeremy calls the pilot "Lieutenant," something he does throughout the episode in the English but never in the French.

FrenchPilot: XANA ? C'est quoi ça ? Écoute petit, on n'est pas dans un d'tes jeux vidéos là... c'est du sérieux ! Mais qu'est-ce que- Aaah !
Jeremy: Monsieur ? Ça va monsieur ?
French translationPilot: XANA? What's that? Listen, kid, we're not in one of your video games...this is the real thing! What the- Aahhh!
Jeremy: Sir? Are you alright, Sir?
EnglishPilot: XANA? What's that, a name? Listen, kid, this isn't some kind of science fiction show, it's the real thing! Which is goin- Aahhh!
Jeremy: Lieutenant? Are you alright, Sir?

8:39 Jeremy identifies himself as being 13 years old in the French, and being an eighth grader in the English (wrong, he's in year 9!).

9:18 In the French, Jeremy says that since the others are in the lab, "that means you know about the activated tower." In English, he says "that means there's an activated tower" as though he's only just making that conclusion now, despite XANA having taken control of the jet he's currently sitting in.

9:26 Ulrich wonders what XANA plans to do with the jet in the French. In the English, he asks Jeremy what he's going to do about the situation.

FrenchUlrich: Qu'est-ce qu'il cherche à faire ?
French translationUlrich: What's he planning on doing?
EnglishUlrich: Huh? What are you going to do?!

11:56 The plan proposed by Control is called "Alpha Procedure" in the French and "Tango Contingency" in the English.

12:50 When Ulrich nods to Yumi, in the French he says "Go on."

13:05 In the English, Odd doesn't seem to acknowledge that Yumi destroyed a Krab as well.

FrenchOdd: Quand il n'y en a plus, il y en a encore !
French translationOdd: As soon as there are none left, more arrive!
EnglishOdd: He got rid of one and there are three to take its place!

18:46 The other jet is called "Taxi Bravo 89" in the French and "Delta Bravo 89" in the English.

19:55 In the French, the other pilot says he can't "catch up to" the missile because it's moving too fast. In the English, he says he can't "lock it in."

22:13 When telling Jim that Odd is gone, Jeremy says he "took off" in the English. It's an aeroplane joke!

22:21 The pilot repeats himself in the French after learning "Jeremy's" name, calling him lucky twice. Odd also says his ears are fragile in the French.

FrenchPilot: Tu as beaucoup d'chance, Jérémy ! C'que tu vas vivre est unique. C'est parti !
Odd: On y va doucement hein quand même parce que je suis fragile des oreilles.
French translationPilot: It's your lucky day, Jeremy! You're about to have a very unique experience. Here we go!
Odd: Still, you'll go nice and easy, right? Because my ears are fragile.
EnglishPilot: You're really gonna love this, Jeremy! It's an incredible experience. Here we go!
Odd: You'll go nice and easy, right? I'm not scared or anything, only...

Épisode 85 - La belle de Kadic
ImageLa belle de Kadic
(The belle of Kadic*)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Kadic Bombshell
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

* The French episode title "La belle de Kadic" is a play on the title of a French operetta, "La belle de Cadix" starring Luis Mariano.

1:13 In the French, Ms Kensington asks the class to review "this passage" for next week. In the English, she asks them to review the balcony scene. Also, she says "See you on Monday!" in English in the French version.

1:21 A few changes to this exchange, particularly to Odd's second line.

FrenchOdd: Se tuer par amour, ça n'arrive jamais.
Jeremy: Tu dis ça parce qu'aucune fille ne s'est encore tuée pour toi !
Odd: Non, j'dis ça parce que c'est totalement ringard !
French translationOdd: Killing yourself for love? That never happens.
Jeremy: You're only saying that because no girl has killed herself for you before!
Odd: No, I'm saying it because it's totally cheesy!
EnglishOdd: Killing yourself for love? That's dumb.
Jeremy: That's because you haven't met a girl who loves you enough to die for you!
Odd: Listen, if you ask me, nobody would die for love!

2:02 The questions for Bringa start to differ here. The students continue asking various questions in the French, while in the English they argue over who gets to show Bringa around the school, and someone also asks if Iceland is in Africa.

2:22 Not a big difference, but the French version adds a little more context.

FrenchMilly: Elle est contente d'être à nouveau le centre d'intérêt de tout l'monde.
French translationMilly: She's glad to be the centre of everyone's attention again.
EnglishMilly: Thanks to Bringa, she's getting lots of attention.

2:42 After Yumi tells the boys to wake up, Odd responds with "What?" in the French and "I'm awake!" in the English.

2:48 In the French, Aelita says Jeremy's program improves the wavelength of gamma waves. In the English, the description is shortened to say the program modifies gamma waves. He also says it'll provide "faster visualisation" in the French, as opposed to "faster virtualisation" in the English.

4:16 A few differences here. The characters often refer to Bringa as "the Icelander" in the French; it's more common to say something like that in French than it is in English. In the English dub, they call her the "eighth wonder of the world" a few times.

FrenchOdd: Elle possède certainement la quintessence de la beauté. Sauf que Bringa n'est pas « belle » : elle est... elle est...
Aelita: Elle est pire.
Yumi: À t'entendre, ton islandaise est la première merveille du monde !
French translationOdd: She definitely possesses the very essence of beauty. But Bringa's not "beautiful," she's...she's...
Aelita: She's worse.
Yumi: You talk about your Icelander as if she's the first wonder of the world!
EnglishOdd: Bringa's not just beautiful. "Beautiful"'s not the word. She's, I don't know, she's, well, she's...
Aelita: You mean, "ugly?"
Yumi: You talk about her as if she's the eighth wonder of the world!

4:41 A difference to how Ulrich describes Bringa's behaviour.

FrenchUlrich: Tu vois pas qu'Bringa adore avoir tout le monde à ses pieds ?
French translationUlrich: Can't you see that Bringa loves having everyone at her feet?
EnglishUlrich: Can't you see that she comes on strong to everyone?

5:30 A change to the end of Aelita's line. Also, after this Jeremy calls Bringa "pretty and charming" in the English, and just "pretty" in the French.

FrenchAelita: Tout ça à cause de cette fille. Et toi Jérémy, tu fonds litéralement pour elle !
French translationAelita: All because of that girl. And you, Jeremy, you're literally melting for her!
EnglishAelita: I don't believe it! Talk about fried brains, Jeremy, you take the cake.

5:45 Ulrich dismisses Yumi's thoughts in the French and denies them in the English.

FrenchUlrich: N'importe quoi.
French translationUlrich: Whatever.
EnglishUlrich: Me? I have not!

6:39 Odd's French line refers to Yumi calling Bringa a "wonder of the world" earlier. In the English, he refers to the others calling Bringa a "problem" just moments ago.

FrenchOdd: De toute façon j'ai rendez-vous avec la merveille que vous n'aimez pas.
French translationOdd: In fact, I have a date with the wonder you guys don't like.
EnglishOdd: In fact, I have a date with your problem. So ciao!

6:45 In the French, Bringa says they're going to the cinema. There's no mention of where they're going in the English.

7:01 In the English, Jeremy says they need to wait until tomorrow for the program to finish. He doesn't give an expected finish time in the French. Plus some small changes in the dialogue here.

FrenchJeremy: Je me demande si notre bande résistera à cette islandaise de malheur.
Aelita: T'inquiète, ça lui passera. Il n'a jamais pu sortir avec une fille plus d'deux jours d'affilés !
Jeremy: Faut voir ! Notre Don Juan est vraiment en train d'se transformer en Roméo !
French translationJeremy: I wonder if our little gang will survive this Icelander of misfortune.
Aelita: Don't worry, he'll get over it. He's never been able to date a girl for more than two days in a row!
Jeremy: We'll have to see! Our Don Juan really is turning into a Romeo!
EnglishJeremy: I was wondering if our little gang will survive this "eighth wonder of the world...!"
Aelita: Honestly, I wouldn't worry. Odd's romances last an average of two days!
Jeremy: I don't know... I think that girl has turned our Casanova into a Romeo!

7:38 In the French, Bringa says that Odd doesn't need his friends "now that I'm here". In the English, she says "now that we are together."

7:52 Odd describes his group as "like brothers in arms" in the French and "like an army" in the English (what).

10:05 A change to Jeremy's line.

FrenchJeremy: Qu'est-ce que c'est que cette histoire ?
French translationJeremy: Just what is going on here?
EnglishJeremy: This is getting weirder every second!

10:28 Jeremy describes the foreign data as "phoney" in the French and "parasitic" in the English. What's parasitic about it?

10:37 Aelita's choice of words and Jeremy's response are a little different.

FrenchAelita: Oh-oh... Je crois qu'Odd a fait une belle boulette !
Jeremy: Ouais, une boulette islandaise avec des cheveux blonds.
French translationAelita: Uh-oh... I think Odd made a huge (lit. beautiful) blunder!
Jeremy: Yeah, an Icelandic blunder with blonde hair.
EnglishAelita: Uh-oh. Looks like Odd made a big, fat mistake.
Jeremy: No, I think his mistake is more like, skinny, and blonde.

11:06 In the French version, Jeremy says the activated tower is in the Forest Sector.

11:57 Ulrich calls Bringa Odd's "Icelander" in the French and his "Icelandic icicle" in the English.

12:03 Ulrich's English line is longer, throwing in another "eighth wonder of the world" reference.

FrenchUlrich: Odd a fait entrer Bringa dans le labo et elle a déréglé le Supercalculateur...
French translationUlrich: Odd took Bringa to the lab and she messed up the Supercomputer...
EnglishUlrich: Odd took the eighth wonder of the world to the factory and guess what? She tweaked the Supercomputer!

12:58 In the French, Jeremy tells Aelita to get somewhere safe.

13:21 Yumi's question is more insulting in English.

FrenchYumi: Tu t'rends compte de c'que tu as fait ?
French translationYumi: Do you realise what you've done?
EnglishYumi: What's in that head of yours, sawdust?

15:13 After he says Aelita's in danger in the Mountain Sector, Jeremy's line includes an additional sentence in the French.

FrenchJeremy: Vous n'serez trop de deux pour l'aider.
French translationJeremy: We'll really need both of you there to help her.

15:26 A difference to Ulrich's line.

FrenchUlrich: C'est d'la folie. Y'a des jours comme ça...
French translationUlrich: This is crazy. Just one of those days...
EnglishUlrich: Another crazy idea. Gets better and better.

16:07 As they start running, Ulrich says "Let's go" in the French.

16:23 When she throws an energy field at XANA-William, Aelita says "Take that!" in the French.

16:31 In the French, Ulrich tells Jeremy he can see the Way Tower...when he and Yumi are right in front of it.

FrenchUlrich: Ça y est Jérémy, j'aperçois la Tour de Passage !
French translationUlrich: Ok Jeremy, I can see the Way Tower!
EnglishUlrich: Jeremy! We're almost at the Way Tower!

16:48 As Aelita gets onto her hands and knees, she says "Oh no!" in the French.

18:09 In the English, Bastien talks over Nicolas as he's asking Bringa if she'd like to have a fantastic, breathtaking experience in the moonlight with him.

French translation-
EnglishBastien: Shut up, Poliakoff.

18:29 XANA-William uses the same phrase in both versions, but he adds his own twist to it in the English.

FrenchXANA-William: Voilà qui est très intéressant ! Je vais faire d'une pierre... trois coups !
French translationXANA-William: Now that's interesting! I'm gonna get three birds...with one stone!
EnglishXANA-William: How could I possibly ask for more? I'm gonna get three birds...with one sword.

19:07 After Jeremy says he has no time to talk with Odd, Odd replies with "Exactly!" in the French and "Well, that's great!" in the English. Also, Jeremy says the Supercomputer has a bug in the French, and that the Supercomputer is "down" in the English (not the word I would've chosen to describe it).

20:29 As XANA-William runs towards Aelita, he says "You're next!" in the English.

21:00 Odd calls XANA-William's sword a "cake knife" in the French and a "popsicle stick" in the English.

21:39 As they fly back up onto the platform, in the French Aelita says "Allez !" ("go"/"come on"/"go on"/"let's go") and Odd shouts "Yippeeeee!" Neither of them say anything in the English.

22:14 When Odd asks if they're still friends, both Ulrich and Yumi say "Yeah" in the French. In the English, only Ulrich says it.

22:25 In the French, Bringa repeatedly says goodbye to everyone as she walks past. She's silent in the English.

22:39 A change to Odd's line.

FrenchOdd: Et après tout, bon débarras !
French translationOdd: In the end, good riddance!
EnglishOdd: Who cares about her, anyway?

22:57 In the French, Sissi says she almost found the experience "relaxing." In the English, she says "it was really a pleasure."

23:13 Odd quotes Shakespeare in the English dub.

FrenchOdd: Sissi, attends-moi ! Mon amour ! Ma Juliette !
French translationOdd: Sissi, wait for me! My love! My Juliet!
EnglishOdd: Sissi! Sissi, wait! Wherefore art thou, Juliet?

Épisode 86 - Kiwi superstar
ImageKiwi superstar
(Superstar Kiwi)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Canine Conundrum
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

0:56 Line swap: Aelita asks where Yumi is in the French version. Odd asks the question in the English.

1:51 A change to Aelita's instruction, and Yumi replies "Roger" in the French only.

FrenchAelita: Tu peux revenir au vaisseau.
Yumi: Rodgeur.
French translationAelita: You can return to the ship.
Yumi: Roger.
EnglishAelita: You can take off now!

4:35 In the French, Odd summarises the techno-babble he just made up on the spot. He uses the phrase "chercher des poux dans la tête" which means "nitpick" but with aggressive connotations.

FrenchOdd: En un mot, chercher des poux dans la tête de XANA !
French translationOdd: In short, pick a fight with XANA!
EnglishOdd: Piece of cake!

6:36 When Odd says their friends don't understand Kiwi, he calls them "our friends" in the French and "our so-called friends" in the English.

7:32 Yumi's English line makes it seem like she hasn't noticed Hiroki and Johnny yet, because she only acknowledges Sissi as an extra student.

FrenchYumi: C'est vrai qu'il y a foule aujourd'hui.
French translationYumi: It is a bit crowded today.
EnglishYumi: Well, I see we've got an extra student today.

7:40 Again, it seems as though Yumi's only just noticed the two boys in the English dub.

FrenchYumi: Et vous, pourquoi vous êtes venus ?
French translationYumi: And why did you two come?
EnglishYumi: Hey, what are you two doing here?

7:45 Jim ends up repeating himself about the warmup in the English. Also, Tamiya starts talking when she and Milly enter the gym, whereas neither of them say anything in the French.

FrenchJim: Bref... Ça suffit les bavardages ! Mettez-vous par deux ! En piste pour un petit échauffement.
(Milly et Tamiya font leur entrée.)
Jim: Allons bon... Qu'est-ce que vous venez faire ici, vous deux ?
French translationJim: Alright... Enough talking! Get into groups of two! Get ready for a little warmup.
(Milly and Tamiya arrive.)
Jim: Hey now... What are you two doing in here?
EnglishJim: Alright! Enough talking, and let's get to work. I want you in groups of two for a warmup! We're going to begin with a short, little warmup-
(Milly and Tamiya arrive.)
Tamiya: Uh, excuse us, Jim?
Jim: Hey!
Tamiya: Um...
Jim: Just what are you two doing in here?

8:07 There are a number of differences to Julien's commentary of the foosball game, and Matthieu can also be heard talking in the French but not the English.

8:28 Some small changes to Julien's line.

FrenchJulien: Rhôô, ça va les intellos. De toute façon vous comprenez rien à la beauté du sport !
French translationJulien: Ughh, alright already, nerds. You don't know a thing about the beauty of sport, anyway!
EnglishJulien: Concentrate... That's all you bookworms do. Why don't you try something important, like foosball?

8:57 In the French, Odd is concerned about going back to the factory after leaving Kiwi there, which makes more sense than his English line, where he worries about leaving to go to Lyoko.

FrenchOdd: Déjà q'Kiwi a eu du mal à me voir partir, si en plus, il faut que j'y retourne...
French translationOdd: Kiwi already had a hard time watching me leave, now if I have to go back...
EnglishOdd: Kiwi already has a hard time whenever I leave, now if I have to go to Lyoko...!

9:24 After asking if Sissi and Johnny get the idea, in the French Jim tells them "It's your turn now."

9:54 In the French, Ulrich suggests that Jeremy may have upgraded Kiwi 2's program in order to teach Kiwi how to behave properly. Also, he later says in the French that he's going to "play with" Kiwi 2, while he says he'll "try to distract him" in the English. Unlike the real Kiwi, it seems Kiwi 2 has the same voice actor in both versions.

FrenchUlrich: Jérémy l'a peut-être amélioré pour apprendre à Kiwi qu'il faut sortir pour faire ses besoins...
French translationUlrich: Maybe Jeremy upgraded him to teach Kiwi that he needs to go outside to do his business...
EnglishUlrich: If he let himself out to do his business, then Jeremy must have upgraded the program!

10:23 Someone (it's hard to tell whether it's Johnny, Milly or Tamiya) has an additional line in the French as Johnny is shaking Kiwi 2 off his arm.

French???: Qu'est-ce que c'est qu'ce monstre !?
French translation???: What is that monster?!

11:13 A change to Odd's line after Jeremy says Kiwi is the matter.

FrenchOdd: Quoi ? Qu'est-ce qu'il a encore fait mon chien ?
French translationOdd: What? What's my dog done now?
EnglishOdd: Hey, don't try to pin anything else on him.

11:38 In the original script, this line was "Vous regardez trop de dessins animés japonais !" ("You watch too many Japanese cartoons!"). The French version ultimately decided to omit the racism, but the English version actually made it worse... Jim confuses manga with anime, and he can't even say "manga" right.

FrenchJim: Vous r'gardez trop d'dessins animés d'science-fiction !
French translationJim: You watch too many science-fiction cartoons!
EnglishJim: You watch too many stupid Japanese mangos.

12:00 The beginning of Sissi's line is cut off mid-sentence in the English dub, making it pretty confusing. My best guess is she was meant to say "I have confidence in Ulrich."

FrenchSissi: Moi, j'fais confiance à Ulrich. Normalement, je fais pas confiance à Yumi...
French translationSissi: I have confidence in Ulrich. I don't usually trust Yumi...
EnglishSissi: -ce in Ulrich and I don't usually trust Yumi...

13:47 In the French, Odd says "you save the world," as in just Aelita. In the English, he says "we save the world."

13:57 Jim says "Now!" in the French as he opens the door.

14:43 A change to Odd's line when XANA-William shows up.

FrenchOdd: Tiens ! Voilà le plus beau !
French translationOdd: Hey! There's the handsome guy!
EnglishOdd: We were expecting you!

16:15 Jeremy's response is different when Aelita tells him she's gaining altitude.

FrenchJeremy: Bien reçu, Aelita.
French translationJeremy: Got it, Aelita.
EnglishJeremy: That's great, Aelita.

16:31 When Jim says that Jeremy's robot and its clones sicced Ulrich, in the English, he specifically says that they attacked Ulrich's leg. Ulrich has injuries all over him, though.

16:49 A difference to Odd's line.

FrenchOdd: J'voudrais t'y voir ! On fait c'qu'on peut, j'te signale !
French translationOdd: I'd like to see you down here! We're doing all we can, I tell you!
EnglishOdd: We're not exactly in paradise either, Einstein!

18:53 Jim says he called the ambulance in the French and the police in the English.

19:04 Jim's English line is more military-esque.

FrenchJim: À partir de maintenant, c'est moi qui donne les ordres !
French translationJim: From now on, I'm the one who gives the orders!
EnglishJim: From now on, I'm chief officer of this unit!

19:48 Aelita's clone screams in the French after being thrown off the platform. In the English, the clone is silent and XANA-William has an additional line.

FrenchAelita-clone: AAAAHHHHH !!!
French translation-
EnglishXANA-William: I've fulfilled my mission, XANA.

20:13 In the English, both Tamiya and Sissi say "They're getting in!" while only Sissi says it in the French. Jim's English line also includes an additional sentence: "The more, the merrier!"

22:01 In the French, Jeremy says it was "un hasard" that XANA-William was distracted. While "hasard" can mean "accident" like Jeremy calls it in the English, "coincidence" is probably a more fitting translation in this case.

22:35 In the French, Odd says that Kiwi is much more "zen." In the English, he says he's much more "better behaved."

22:44 In the French version, everyone except Odd chuckles at Aelita's observation. In the English, only Jeremy laughs.

Épisode 87 - Planète bleue
ImagePlanète bleue
(Blue planet)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
A Space Oddity
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

0:57 In the French, Ulrich asks if they've run out of meatballs and couscous in the cafeteria. In the English, he asks if they ran out of spaghetti and meatballs.

1:08 Jeremy includes the others' rooms in his statement in the French, and the appliances he lists are different. Also, Aelita says they have a maths test in the French, whereas in the English she just says they have maths class.

FrenchJeremy: Y'a rien de dangereux dans nos chambres : Pas de réchaud à gaz, pas de cafetière électrique...
French translationJeremy: There's nothing dangerous in our rooms - no portable stoves, no electric coffee-makers...
EnglishJeremy: There's nothing dangerous here. No appliances - not even an electric kettle!

1:25 In the French, Odd says Kiwi will be strapped to a rocket "like a dog-cannon." In the English, he says he'll be strapped to a rocket "and shot out of a cannon."

1:41 Jim continues his thoughts about he and Mister Delmas being explorers in the French version as they enter Sissi's room. In the English however, he talks about not being suspicious of Sissi because she's Mister Delmas's daughter, but they should investigate just in case.

FrenchJim: Ah ! Les bonnes vieilles inspections surprises ! Ça vous embellit le quotidien le plus morose ! Regardez : On a déjà dégotté une cafetière électrique, un thermoplongeur et un appareil à raclette pour douze personnes. C'est comme une grande aventure : Là, par exemple, dans la chambre de Mademoiselle votre fille... On est comme qui dirait, pareils aux explorateurs de mondes étranges et mystérieux face à l'Inconnu. Tenez, derrière cette porte, qui peut deviner sur quoi on va tomber ? Une boîte d'allumettes ? Un fer à friser défectueux ? Un instrument de cuisson imaginé par le cerveau dégénéré d'un scientifique dément ?
French translationJim: Ah, good old surprise inspections! They make even the cloudiest days sunny! Look: we've already dug up an electric coffee maker, an immersion heater and a twelve-person raclette set. It's like being on a grand adventure: here, for example, in your daughter's bedroom... We're like what you would call explorers of strange and mysterious worlds, facing the unkown. Who can say what we'll encounter just behind this door? A box of matches? A defective curling iron? Some cooking appliance devised by the degenerate mind of a crackpot scientist?
EnglishJim: Ah, good old surprise inspections, I love 'em. They make even the cloudiest days sunny. Look at what we've already dug up! An electric coffee maker, an immersion heater and a twelve-person fondue set! It's like being a pioneer explorer. Let's see what we can come up with in Sissi's room! Although I doubt if she would be hiding anything suspicious, I mean, being your daughter...and everything... But let's look behind this door just in case, you never know... A hairdryer on the blink, a forgotten pack of matches, a curling iron invented by some crackpot scientist...

2:22 We hear Odd asking Yumi to take Kiwi to her house in the French but not the English.

FrenchOdd: S'il te plaît, prends Kiwi chez toi. Pitié !
Yumi: Odd !
Odd: Oui ?
French translationOdd: Please take Kiwi to your house. Take pity on him!
Yumi: Odd!
Odd: Yes?
EnglishOdd: Please take pity on a poor, defenceless puppy!
Yumi: Odd!
Odd: You will?

2:53 Again, Jim's English line is much more mundane.

FrenchJim: Ishiyama, Della Robbia, Stern, Belpois et Stones. Toute la brochette au grand complet ! Il ne reste plus qu'à trouver le barbecue ! (rire)
French translationJim: Ishiyama, Della Robbia, Stern, Belpois and Stones. The whole kebab! Now we just need to find the barbecue! (laughs)
EnglishJim: Well, Ishiyama, Della Robbia, Stern, Belpois and Stones. All together in the same dorm. They sure don't look like they're in a big hurry to get to class, do they?

3:04 In the English, Odd tells Yumi to only feed Kiwi steamed organic vegetables. In the French, he also mentions fibre (I assume this means foods high in fibre).

3:33 When Hiroki strikes a bargain with Yumi, in the French he asks for her to do his maths homework for a year. In the English, he doesn't name a particular type of homework, so he must mean all of it for every subject.

3:45 Yumi gets one of Kiwi's foods right in the French and doesn't mention mustard at all - as such, it's a complete coincidence that Hiroki happens to feed Kiwi mustard-flavoured chips later on. In the English though, Yumi lists chips and mustard as the only foods Kiwi can eat.

FrenchYumi: Au fait, évite de lui donner à manger des légumes vapeurs. Il parait qu'il ne mange que des chips et des fibres machins choses !
French translationYumi: Oh, and don't give him any steamed vegetables. It seems he can only eat chips and fibre whatchamacallits!
EnglishYumi: Oh, and-and don't give him any steamed vegetables, it seems he can only eat chips and mustard. Got that?

4:21 Hiroki answers the phone anticipating some kind of salesperson: a kitchen supply salesperson in the French and an encyclopaedia salesperson in the English. Both are things commonly sold by door-to-door salespeople or cold callers in France and the US respectively. And there's a number of small differences to Odd and Hiroki's exchange, including that Hiroki goes quiet at one point in the French to listen to what Odd's saying (which we can't hear) before he continues talking.

FrenchHiroki: Désolé, on a déjà une cuisine tout équipée !
Odd: Mais non, non ! C'est moi, Odd !
Hiroki: Ah, salut ! Pas de panique ! Il se porte à merveille ! ... Meuh... non euh, t'as pas de souci à te faire, je te dis ! Allez, à plus !
French translationHiroki: Sorry, our kitchen's already fully equipped!
Odd: No, no! It's me, Odd!
Hiroki: Oh, hi! Don't panic! He couldn't be better! um, you have nothing to worry about, I'm telling you! Ok, see ya!
EnglishHiroki: Sorry! We've already got encyclopaedia.
Odd: Wait a second! Don't hang up, Hiroki. This is Odd.
Hiroki: Don't worry! Everything is cool. Your dog is in good. Hands! See ya!

4:46 In the English, Odd says that Kiwi is a sensitive dog. In the French, he says he's sensitive when it comes to diet.

4:57 In the French, Odd says that everyone sleeps during Mister Chardin's classes.

FrenchOdd: De toute façon tout le monde fait la sieste à ses cours.
French translationOdd: Everyone sleeps during his classes, anyway.
EnglishOdd: You won't be missing much...'cept maybe a little nap.

5:21 Jeremy mentions Odd's school performance in the English.

FrenchJeremy: C'est bien. T'auras droit à une bonne note, Odd !
French translationJeremy: Correct. You've earned a good grade, Odd!
EnglishJeremy: You'd get straight As if you were as good as that in school!

6:16 Ulrich calls the Skid Hangar the "Skid Garage" in the English, the only time this name is used in the dub.

6:23 Jeremy says "Here we go" in the English, in place of "Energise."

8:36 In the French, Odd says he should've bought Kiwi more kibble. In the English, he says he should've fed Kiwi more kibble.

9:06 Aelita says "Digital code" instead of "Digital key" in the English dub.

FrenchAelita: Clé numérique enclenchée.
French translationAelita: Digital key activated.
EnglishAelita: Digital code entered.

10:12 In the French, Aelita compliments Jeremy's remote piloting. In the English, she says something about the room they just entered.

FrenchAelita: Bien piloté, Jérémy.
French translationAelita: Nice piloting, Jeremy.
EnglishAelita: Nice piece of work!

10:34 When Jeremy asks Odd to give the bad jokes a rest, in the English he calls Odd "Private" to go along with Odd calling him "Captain."

11:10 In the French, Odd says that Jeremy has won a prize for guessing correctly that he and Yumi are in outer space.

FrenchOdd: Bravo, Einstein. T'as gagné un aspirateur de table !
French translationOdd: Well done, Einstein. You've won a vacuum cleaner!
EnglishOdd: That's more like it, Einstein! I knew you'd figure it out sooner or later!

11:30 In the French, Odd is clearly wondering if Kiwi is developing some kind of sickness. In the English, he could be referring to any number of problems Kiwi might have. (But what do you expect when you feed a carnivore on a vegetarian diet?!)

FrenchOdd: J'me demande s'il est en train d'couver un truc plus grave...
French translationOdd: I wonder if he's coming down with something more serious...
EnglishOdd: I'm beginning to think there's something seriously wrong with him...

12:04 Odd quotes two different, flight-related catchphrases: in the French the quote is from Buzz Lightyear, a character in Pixar's Toy Story films. In the English, it's from the DC Comics character Superman. Also, in the English Yumi laughs as she floats after Odd.

FrenchOdd: Vers l'infini et au-delààà !
French translationOdd: To infinity and beyooond!
EnglishOdd: Up, up and awaaay!

13:11 In the English, Hiroki says "Oh, no!" when observing the mess.

14:08 "All he can" might be a bit of a stretch.

FrenchJeremy: XANA cherche sans doute à écraser le Skid.
French translationJeremy: XANA must be trying to wipe out the Skid.
EnglishJeremy: XANA's doing all he can to wipe out the Skid!

15:07 Before putting his ear to one of the pipes, Odd says "Let's go!" in the French.

15:58 A difference to Odd's objection after Yumi kicks him.

FrenchOdd: Hé ! J'ai rien dit !
French translationOdd: Hey! I didn't say anything!
EnglishOdd: What did you kick me for?!

17:03 Takeho's "Hiroki?" is more subdued in the French, as though he's asking for an explanation. In the English, he sounds annoyed when he says "Hey, Hiroki!"

18:00 Odd's line is different as the spheres melt through the door. His first sentence in the English is spoken before it shows his face, so the "Aaaand" is dragged out to try and fit the lipsync better, but it looks pretty awkward.

FrenchOdd: Pour une fois, XANA fait dans la dentelle !
French translationOdd: XANA's using finesse for once!
EnglishOdd: XANA's really having a ball! Aaaand...lots of them.

19:08 In the French, Odd and Yumi both speak briefly while they're clinging to the walls, trying not to be sucked out the airlock.

FrenchOdd: Tiens bon !
Yumi: J'fais qu'ça !
French translationOdd: Hold on!
Yumi: That's all I'm doing!

20:34 After he's crushed and devirtualised, Ulrich makes a different joke about being flat or pressed.

FrenchUlrich: Eh ben dis donc... chui complètement à plat moi...
French translationUlrich: Well...I'm completely flat out...
EnglishUlrich: Well that's what I call...being really pressed for time!

23:02 In the French, Takeho asks to keep Kiwi for a few days. In the English, he asks to keep him for a week or so.

Épisode 88 - Cousins ennemis
ImageCousins ennemis
(Rival cousins)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Cousins Once Removed
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:08 In the French, Jeremy says he's working on the Skid program. In the English, he says he's working on the Navskid program. This is the first of several instances in this episode where the characters erroneously refer to the Skid as "Navskid" in the English.

1:23 As well as a change to Odd's line, Jeremy actually cuts him off when he hangs up in the French version.

FrenchOdd: Ça changera les idé-
French translationOdd: It'll get your mind o-
EnglishOdd: You could take a little break from the computer!

1:32 A number of small changes here, but in particular, Jeremy is quite rude answering the door in the English dub.

FrenchJeremy: Quoi maintenant !?
Delmas: Merci pour l'accueil, Belpois !
Jeremy: Euh... monsieur... monsieur le proviseur...
Delmas: J'espère que vous serez plus aimable avec votre cousin.
French translationJeremy: What now?!
Delmas: Thanks for your warm welcome, Belpois!
Jeremy: Uh...Mister...Mister Delmas...
Delmas: I hope you'll be more friendly towards your cousin.
EnglishJeremy: Now who's gonna waste my time?!
Delmas: Thanks for your warm welcome, Belpois!
Jeremy: Oh, hi! I mean...hello, Mister Delmas.
Delmas: I hope, at least, that you'll be a little happier to see your cousin!

2:08 In the French, Patrick says it's been a long time since they last saw each other. In the English, he asks if Jeremy's glad to see him.

FrenchPatrick: Ça fait longtemps qu'on s'est pas vu. Sacrée surprise, hein ?
French translationPatrick: It's been a while since we last saw each other. Quite a surprise, huh?
EnglishPatrick: I caught you by surprise, didn't I? Glad to see me, I hope?

2:42 Patrick's response is different after Odd mentions the game Kung-Fu Commando: in the French he asks if Odd likes the game, in the English he says it's a great game.

3:11 A change to Jeremy's line here.

FrenchJeremy: Le Skidbladnir. Ça vous rappelle rien ?
French translationJeremy: The Skidbladnir. Ring any bells?
EnglishJeremy: The Skidbladnir? It's important, huh.

3:25 In the French, Patrick is heard talking off screen in response to Jeremy telling him to make his own friends in the rec' room.

FrenchPatrick: Mais j'y compte bien, cousin.
French translationPatrick: Oh I intend to, cuz.

3:36 A few minor changes to this conversation. Most notably, in the English Jeremy blames Patrick for stealing all his friends at summer camp, but there's no mention of stealing in the French. This small difference can change the way we look at Jeremy's reaction when Patrick shows up at Kadic.

FrenchAelita: Mais enfin, il t'a rien fait !
Jeremy: Si, justement. Il se la joue tout le temps super cool, exprès pour me rabaisser ! Tiens, en colo, tout le monde était ami avec Patrick et lui, il me laissait tomber comme une vieille chaussette !
Aelita: Pourtant il a l'air franchement sympa... Il ne fait peut-être pas exprès ?
Jeremy: Tu ne le connais pas !
French translationAelita: Come on, he didn't do anything to you!
Jeremy: Yes, he did. He tries to act super cool all the time just to make me look bad! At summer camp, everyone was friends with Patrick and he dropped me like an old sock!
Aelita: He seems pretty nice to me... Maybe he didn't do it on purpose?
Jeremy: You don't know him!
EnglishAelita: Why did you act like that with him?
Jeremy: It's because I know him. He tries to act super cool to make me look bad. It was like that at summer camp... Patrick would steal all my friends and act as if I didn't exist.
Aelita: Maybe he didn't do it on purpose! He...seems pretty nice to me.
Jeremy: Aelita, are you blind?

5:26 Aelita says "Replika" at normal volume in the French and at a whisper in the English.

5:46 In the French, Nicolas asks a question as Sissi tosses Herb the TV remote.

FrenchNicolas: Hé... T'as bien entendu ?
French translationNicolas: Hey... Did you hear that?
EnglishNicolas: Hey!

6:07 There's another Skid/Navskid confusion in the English, this time by Odd.

6:20 A small difference when Patrick finds Jeremy's door locked.

FrenchPatrick: Tiens, pourquoi c'est fermé ?
French translationPatrick: Hey, why's it locked?
EnglishPatrick: Guess Jeremy locked his room up.

7:52 Jeremy calls the Skid "Navskid" again in the English, and Aelita has an extra line when she slows the Skid to a stop.

French translation-
EnglishAelita: I'll stabilise the Navskid.

8:28 In the English, Sissi impatiently asks Herb to hurry up.

9:23 In the English, Aelita manages to tell the others that her shield is gone before the Skid is hit by a monster.

FrenchAelita: Pas le temps pour des blagues, Odd !
French translationAelita: No time for jokes, Odd!
EnglishAelita: No time for jokes, Odd. I don't have a shield anymore!

9:37 In the French, it's specifically the reactors that have lost power.

FrenchAelita: Jérémy, les réacteurs sont HS.
French translationAelita: Jeremy, the reactors are no longer functional.
EnglishAelita: Jeremy! I've lost power!

9:56 In the French, Herb says that he's found Aelita's civil status. In English, he says he's found her date of birth.

10:09 In the French, Herb asks if Jeremy scanned Aelita's health record "for her pretty eyes." In the English, he asks if he did it to "get her eye colour."

10:22 A difference to Jeremy's line after he finds himself locked out of the system.

FrenchJeremy: Hein ? Y'a vraiment un problème !
French translationJeremy: Huh? There really is a problem!
EnglishJeremy: Huh? How could that happen?

12:01 In the French, the recording of Mister Delmas's voice uses exactly the same wording as in episode 80 "Kiwodd." In the English, the recording they listen to has the same sort of meaning as in episode 80 "Dog Day Afternoon" but the wording is different - so different it's easy to miss that it was meant to be from episode 80.

12:06 French version Herb says there are plenty more incriminating files on Jeremy's computer; English version Herb disagrees.

FrenchHerb: Y'a encore plein d'autres.
French translationHerb: There are loads more.
EnglishHerb: Well, that's all.

12:20 Patrick's English line is of note because he does almost die at the end of the episode.

FrenchPatrick: Essaye de passer !
French translationPatrick: Just try and get past me!
EnglishPatrick: Over my dead body!

13:06 In the French, Odd says "Roger" to Ulrich saying they need to dive down and find Aelita.

13:21 In the French, Patrick calls Sissi by her nickname. In the English, he calls her "the principal's daughter." Also, after saying sorry, in the English Patrick also takes the blame by saying "this is my fault."

13:50 In the English, Jeremy yells "HEEEY" as he and Patrick charge into the room.

14:37 There's a difference to the name of the movie Odd mentions. A roulette de dentiste is a dentist's drill, which may have some relation to the French movie title.

FrenchOdd: On dirait un instrument du dentiste fou dans « Massacre à la roulette » !
French translationOdd: It looks like one of the mad dentist's instruments in Roulette Massacre!
EnglishOdd: It looks like a monster from The Dentist Wheel Massacre!

14:55 XANA-Herb has an additional line in the French, before Jeremy shouts "Noooo!"

FrenchXANA-Herb: C'est presque bon.
French translationXANA-Herb: Almost there.

15:07 In the French, Aelita cries "Help!" In the English, she says "Oh, no!"

15:16 In the French, Ulrich says "Torpedoes!" as he tries to shoot.

15:27 In the English, Odd makes up a name for a horror film to go with the reappearance of the Sharks.

FrenchOdd: Mince, revoilà les sardines ! On est mal barré !
French translationOdd: Rats, the sardines are back! We're in big trouble!
EnglishOdd: New horror film: The Return of the Sardines!

17:22 Ulrich announces what he's doing with his Navskid in the French. There's also a small difference to what he says to the Shark.

FrenchUlrich: Turbo speed. Dommage pour toi, la poiscaille. J'ai retrouvé mes hameçons. Feu !
French translationUlrich: Turbo speed. Too bad for you, fish-face. I've got my fish-hooks back. Fire!
EnglishUlrich: Too bad for you, fish-face. I'm off the hook, but not you.

17:42 As the last Shark is destroyed, Yumi has a line in the French and Odd does in the English. It's difficult to see the colour of the stripe on the Navskid that killed the Shark, so it's hard to tell who it's supposed to be.

FrenchYumi: En plein dans le mille.
French translationYumi: Bullseye.
EnglishOdd: YAAAAHOO! No more Sharks!

18:50 Jeremy wields a rake against XANA-Sissi, and he makes a pun to go along with it in the French.

FrenchJeremy: Ne m'fais pas ton numéro d'charme ! Tu vas t'prendre un râteau !
French translationJeremy: Don't try to sweet-talk me! You're gonna get rejected (lit. a rake)!
EnglishJeremy: Sweet talk won't get you anywhere, Sissi!

19:58 Odd calls the Tarantula Gertrude in the French and Hansen in the English.

22:22 In the French, Jeremy uses the term "jalousie d'gamin" ("kids' jealousy," which is also how it's said in the dub). It could be deliberate or just coincidence, but "gamin" ("kid") was the word Aelita used to describe him when she confronted him earlier on in the episode, so by saying this he could've been admitting that Aelita was right. The English equivalent used by Aelita was "three-year-old baby."

Épisode 89 - Il est sensé d'être insensé
ImageIl est sensé d'être insensé
(It's sensible to be senseless*)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Music to Soothe the Savage Beast
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

* Or as the official Subdigitals lyrics say, "Being sensible is just not sensible!" Yes, the French title of this episode is a direct quote from the Subdigitals song S'envoler (Break Away).

1:21 A change to the second half of Ulrich's sentence.

FrenchUlrich: Après tout, elle fait la première partie, c'est elle aussi la vedette.
French translationUlrich: After all, she's the opening act, and she's also the star.
EnglishUlrich: She's the opening act at the concert, and she's got comps for all of us!

1:36 Ms Hertz asks Odd what "la charge éléctrique"/"an electrical charge" is. The French word "charge" can also mean "burden" or "load," which is where Odd's answer comes from. In English on the other hand, the word "charge" can refer to an amount of money that needs to be paid. Ms Hertz's response is different as well. Also, in the English dub, Ulrich points out that Aelita is more stressed than Odd is; he doesn't compare them in the French.

FrenchOdd: Heu... C'est, heu... de... de... de l'électricité trop lourde !
Hertz: C'est ton prochain contrôle qui risque d'être léger !
Ulrich: En tout cas, tu n'es pas le seul à te faire du souci pour ce soir...
French translationOdd: Uh... It's um... E...e...electricity that's too heavy!
Hertz: It's your next exam that could be light!
Ulrich: Anyway, you're not the only one who's stressed out about tonight...
EnglishOdd:'s...the...the amount you have to pay every month for electricity!
Hertz: Not exactly an enlightening answer.
Ulrich: I know someone else who's a lot more stressed out about tonight.

2:10 In the French, Matthias says "Here" when he gives Romain the ticket.

2:18 In the French, Matthias says Aerosmooth is his favourite band.

2:57 Aelita talks about picturing the crowd in the French version.

FrenchAelita: Rien qu'à imaginer la foule devant moi, j'en ai mal au ventre...
French translationAelita: I just have to picture the crowd in front of me and I get butterflies in my stomach...
EnglishAelita: Whenever I do, I get major butterflies in my stomach.

3:06 Yumi says "See you later" in the French as Aelita leaves. In the English, Aelita says it.

3:31 Yumi uses a more negative word to describe her brother in the English.

FrenchYumi: Débrouillard comme il est, il a sûrement un tuyau !
French translationYumi: He's resourceful, he must have some sort of connection!
EnglishYumi: The little weasel must have some sort of connection.

3:56 Ulrich talks about supporting "investigative journalism" in the French and "school journalism" in the English.

5:30 Jeremy is a little more direct in the French when admitting he wasn't planning on attending the concert.

FrenchJeremy: Non ! Euh... j-je veux dire euh... oui...
French translationJeremy: No! Um...I-I mean, um...yes...
EnglishJeremy: No! Um...that isn't exactly what I meant.

5:55 Odd uses a much more general expression of surprise in the English when he complains about the price of the ticket.

FrenchOdd: Quoi ? Mais c'est l'arnaque !
French translationOdd: What? But that's daylight robbery!
EnglishOdd: Hiroki! You've gotta be kidding!

6:40 Sissi calls Yumi a "corbeau"/"skinny crow." There's not much of a difference here, but "corbeau femelle anorexique" ("anorexic female crow") or just "corbeau" is what Sissi called Yumi in episode 42 "Désordre."

7:28 When Odd talks about Jeremy winning a prize in diplomacy, in the French, it's specifically a Nobel Prize.

8:04 In the French, Yumi says that Jeremy will be out there listening to Aelita. In the English, she also says he'll be cheering her on. Also, Sophie tells Aelita that "it's almost time" in French, and that she's "on in five minutes" in the English.

8:14 In the French, Odd says "See you later!" as they leave the dressing room.

8:31 A difference to the way Odd greets Kelly.

FrenchOdd: Salut, Kelly !
French translationOdd: Hi, Kelly!
EnglishOdd: There you are, Kelly!

9:01 Yumi's sarcastic comment about Kelly is different.

FrenchYumi: Sympa ta copine !
French translationYumi: Your girlfriend seems nice!
EnglishYumi: I wonder if she bites!

9:48 In the French, Yumi says that the concert will start in five minutes. In the English, she says it's about to start. And seeing as in the dub Sophie told Aelita that she was on in five minutes several minutes ago...things don't seem to line up so well time-wise.

9:58 When the Superscan shows the activated tower, Jeremy says "Oh, no!" in the French and "Not now!" in the English.

10:49-21:25 Of course, since the Subdigitals album is available in both French and English, the songs that play in the episode are in the same language as the dialogue. There are differences to the lyrics but they won't be covered here.

11:02 In the French, Yumi guesses that something must have happened backstage. She doesn't say anything like this in the English, just that they should go check on Aelita.

FrenchYumi: Il a dû arriver quelque chose en coulisse, on y va !
French translationYumi: Something must have happened backstage, let's go!
EnglishYumi: Let's go backstage and see if Aelita's ok.

11:20 In the French, Odd calls Milly and Tamiya "our favourite journalists."

14:03 After taking down XANA-Sophie, Yumi's question about Odd's earlier line ("Lateral crossing pattern and pincer strategy") is different.

FrenchYumi: Comment tu disais déjà ?
French translationYumi: What were you saying?
EnglishYumi: How was that for strategy?

18:26 As he gets to the ground just before the Overboard disappears, Odd says "Close one!" in the English.

18:38 In the French, the XANA voice distortion is applied to either Odd or Yumi's voice as the Manta flies over Odd's head.

20:40 In the English, Aelita laughs as she summons her wings and flies after Odd.

22:26 The French version quotes the lyrics from the Subdigitals song S'envoler (Break Away). The English dub misses the Subdigitals reference (the original lyrics are "Being sensible is just not sensible").

FrenchAelita: C'était peut-être insensé de vouloir faire un concert...
Jeremy: Tu sais... il est parfois sensé d'être insensé !
French translationAelita: Maybe it wasn't sensible to want to do a concert...
Jeremy: You know...sometimes being sensible just isn't sensible!
EnglishAelita: Maybe it was insane to want to do this concert...
Jeremy: Aelita... Sometimes the sanest thing is to be insane!

Épisode 90 - Medusée
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Wrong Exposure
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

* "Dumbfounded" is the literal translation, but considering that la Méduse is the French name for the Scyphozoa, which returns in this episode, it could also be interpreted as "Scyphozoa'd!"

2:14 A slight difference to what Jeremy says about probability.

FrenchJeremy: Ça tombe bien, j'adore les probabilités.
French translationJeremy: Great! I love probability.
EnglishJeremy: Great. I love challenging the law of probability!

2:42 In the French, Yumi says that the meal they're having is Shepard's pie.

2:53 A difference to Ulrich's suggestion to Odd.

FrenchUlrich: Euh, t'as déjà essayé des talons hauts ?
French translationUlrich: Uh, have you tried high heels?
EnglishUlrich: Uh, you could try growing a few inches!

3:00 Yumi's phrasing in the French makes it sound like Aelita might've accidentally left Jeremy behind at the Hermitage.

FrenchYumi: Alors, t'as oublié Jérémy à l'Hermitage ?
French translationYumi: So, did you leave Jeremy behind at the Hermitage?
EnglishYumi: So, is Jeremy still at the Hermitage?

4:03 In the English, Sissi calls Odd "that dork." There's also a change to this sentence.

FrenchSissi: Mais qu'est-ce qu'il veut que ça me fasse...
French translationSissi: What does he want me to do with this...?
EnglishSissi: Now that's a pretty dumb thing to send!

4:42 In the French, Mister Delmas says "Je suis médusé !" ("I'm dumbfounded!") to express his surprise. Like the episode title! The English line is "I cannot believe this!"

5:31 "I didn't find anything useful in the photo, just this useful program." ...

FrenchJeremy: C'est juste un programme de réinitialisation, un truc pour rebooter le Supercalculateur.
French translationJeremy: It's just a reinitialisation program, something to reboot the Supercomputer.
EnglishJeremy: I didn't find anything useful in the photo, just a setup program to reboot the Supercomputer.

6:28 A one-sentence change to Mister Delmas's line. Jim apologises to him in the English.

FrenchDelmas: Jim, calmez-vous, il n'y a rien d'grave. Je veux juste leur poser quelque questions.
Jim: Euh bon !
French translationDelmas: Calm down, Jim. It's nothing serious. I've just a few questions to ask, that's all.
Jim: Uh, right!
EnglishDelmas: Calm down, Jim. There's no need for the third degree. I've just a few questions to ask, that's all.
Jim: Sorry, Sir.

9:06 In the French, Jim stumbles over the word "xanafied" when trying to say it. In the English, he mishears it as "sanctified."

FrenchJim: Euh ça veut dire quoi, « zazazazatifié » ?
French translationJim: "Zazazazanified?" What's that supposed to mean?
EnglishJim: Well, I don't know if I'd go so far as "sanctifying" him...

9:20 After Aelita asks if they're not going to the principal's office, XANA-Delmas's line is phrased differently. Personally I would consider his office as being on the campus, so the English line sounds a little strange.

FrenchXANA-Delmas: Non. Nous serons mieux dans le parc.
French translationXANA-Delmas: No. We're better off doing this in the park.
EnglishXANA-Delmas: No, I'd rather stay on the campus.

9:35 Some differences to this exchange concerning Jim's commando camp in episode 74 "I'd Rather Not Talk About It." Also, Jim calls Jeremy "blondinet" ("blondie") in the French, which is what he called him throughout that same episode.

FrenchJim: Alors il te reste quelque chose de notre stage commando, blondinet ?
Jeremy: Exactement !
French translationJim: So you still remember something from our commando camp, blondie?
Jeremy: I sure do!
EnglishJim: You wanna get through, you're gonna have to use what I taught you at my commando camp!
Jeremy: If you say so!

11:09 A difference to how Odd describes the way XANA-Delmas looks. In the English, it involves Sissi.

FrenchOdd: Houlà, il a sa tête des mauvaises jours !
French translationOdd: Whoa, he looks like he looks when he's having a bad day!
EnglishOdd: Oh! He looks like he looks when he's had a fight with his daughter!

11:26 After tripping XANA-Delmas, in the French Odd repeats what Ulrich said earlier: "Essai transformé !" ("Touchdown!"). In the English he says "Two-point conversion!" which is a play in American and Canadian football that can be attempted after scoring a touchdown. In very basic terms, it's scoring a second touchdown after the first.

12:36 A few small changes to this conversation about the Scyphozoa.

FrenchUlrich: La Méduse. Beurk ! Ça faisait longtemps...
Yumi: Quoi, tu n'aimes pas les fruits de mer ?
Ulrich: Pas quand ils sont en gelée ! On fonce !
(Deux Krabes se matérialisent.)
Yumi: XANA protège ses arrières. C'est pas ça qui va nous arrêter !
French translationUlrich: The Scyphozoa. Yuck! It's been a while...
Yumi: What, you don't like seafood?
Ulrich: Not when it's in jelly! Let's go!
(Two Krabs materialise.)
Yumi: XANA's covering his back. That's not gonna stop us!
EnglishUlrich: Ugh! I forgot how ugly it was...
Yumi: I thought you liked seafood.
Ulrich: Not the nasty type. Ready to go?
(Two Krabs materialise.)
Yumi: XANA's sent us some visitors, but they're not gonna stop us.

13:02 As well as not liking shellfish, Ulrich says he doesn't like "seafood" in the French and "jellyfish" in the English.

14:19 Ulrich calls the Krab "surimi" in the French. Surimi is a fish paste often used to imitate the texture and colour of shellfish meat, such as lobster and crab. One of the most common surimi products in the Western world is imitation crab meat, often sold under the name "Krab" in the USA!

FrenchUlrich: Prends ça, espèce de surimi pas frais.
French translationUlrich: Take that, you piece of rotten surimi.
EnglishUlrich: Take that, you clammy monster!

14:33 Ulrich's line is different after he and Yumi destroy the Krabs.

FrenchUlrich: Alors, qui a dit que les Krabes étaient durs à cuire ?
French translationUlrich: So, who said Krabs were hard to cook?
EnglishUlrich: Krabs might just become my favourite dish!

14:44 After seeing XANA-Delmas leap to his feet, Odd says that he should enter a competition. In the English, he specifically says "Dance Fever," which is the name of an old American dance competition TV show.

16:18 After XANA-Aelita disarms Ulrich, he says "What?" in the French.

17:18 A change to the second half of Odd's line.

FrenchOdd: Non mais il est pas bien ! Ce type est dingue !
French translationOdd: He's out of his mind! This guy's crazy!
EnglishOdd: This guy's out of his mind! He's not getting any better, either...!

20:13 After Jeremy says he's sending the Overbike, Ulrich replies "Got it" in the French. Aelita replies "Roger" in the English despite her weakened state.

20:59 In the French, Ulrich tells Aelita "this is no time for weakness/to lose heart." In the English, he says it's "no time to go to sleep."

21:46 Odd offers to do the cleaning as well as the dishes in the English version.

FrenchOdd: J'peux aussi faire la vaiselle chez vous pendant trois s'maines !
French translationOdd: I could also do your dishes for three weeks!
EnglishOdd: What about if I do your dishes for you and all of the cleaning up?

22:32 Aelita says that she studied "via correspondence" in the French and "at home" in the English.

22:43 A difference to how Aelita explains why her father changed their surname.

FrenchAelita: Quand on s'est installé à l'Ermitage, mon père a préféré changer d'identité.
French translationAelita: When we moved to the Hermitage, my father wanted to change our identities.
EnglishAelita: When we moved to the Hermitage, my father wanted to make a brand new start.

Épisode 91 - Mauvaises ondes
ImageMauvaises ondes
(Bad vibes/bad waves* (lit.))
[French episode file]
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Bad Connection
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[English episode transcript]

* The French word "onde" means "wave," as in sound wave, radio wave, etc. The French episode title could be referring to the radio waves received by mobile phones, which are used in XANA's attack.

1:19 In the French, Jeremy tells Odd he won't give him his portion of meatballs and couscous if he doesn't unlock the door. In the English, it's just meatballs. His line is also different after Odd unlocks the door.

FrenchJeremy: Et voilà !
French translationJeremy: There you go!
EnglishJeremy: Never fails.

1:38 Odd additionally describes his audience as "hostile" in the French.

2:00 A few small changes to how Odd describes his problem.

FrenchOdd: Absolument tous. Tous sauf un : Moi ! Mon père et ma mère sont toujours cools, sympas, attentionés...
French translationOdd: Absolutely all of them. Except for one: me! My father and mother are always cool, kind, attentive...
EnglishOdd: A generation gap. Except for one: me. My mother and father are always cool, supportive, understanding.

2:17 Jeremy's sarcastic sympathy is different.

FrenchJeremy: Ça doit être horrible à endurer !
French translationJeremy: That must be horrible to endure!
EnglishJeremy: I really feel sorry for you, Odd.

2:33 Before suggesting that Odd's parents might hate his film, Ulrich says "Cheer up!" in the English.

2:39 Odd's line is different after his father asks how it's going.

FrenchOdd: T'y crois pas !?
French translationOdd: I don't believe it!
EnglishOdd: Couldn't be better...

2:54 Odd's dad says hello to Odd's friends in the French only.

3:06 In the English, Odd says he'll try his mother's gift on later because he's too busy to do it right now. He doesn't tell her anything like that in the French, he just says ok and then excuses himself because he's busy.

3:54 A difference to how Odd's mother describes his sense of humour.

FrenchMrs Della Robbia: Il a un bon appétit, il rigole tout le temps...
French translationMrs Della Robbia: He eats well, he laughs all the time...
EnglishMrs Della Robbia: He eats well, he has a wonderful sense of humour, he loves a good joke!

4:19 In the English, Mister Della Robbia says that students have trouble concentrating. In the French, he says they have trouble listening. The French version works better in terms of irony because the Della Robbias haven't listened to Mister Delmas at all.

4:27 Odd's parents are silent as they leave the office in the French, but they both say goodbye in the English. Also in the English, Mister Delmas gives a satisfied sigh after he starts up the penguin game.

5:03 Mister Delmas's old nickname sounds fine in the French, but in the English he accidentally says something negative before correcting himself.

FrenchDelmas: Plus jeune, on m'appellait « Le prince des circuits électriques » ! (rire)
French translationDelmas: When I was younger, people called me the Prince of Electrical Circuits! (laughs)
EnglishDelmas: When I was your age, my nickname was Mister Circuit Breaker- uh, Fixer, that is.

5:20 Jim welcomes Odd's parents at the door with "Sir, Madam!" in the French and "Good evening!" in the English. (It's not evening...) In the French, Odd's dad asks for "choco-croques" (a grilled chocolate sandwich) and Jim offers him "crousti-croques au tapioca" (probably made up). In the English, he asks for popcorn and Jim offers him "Nibblejacks" (definitely made up).

5:42 In the French, Aelita says it would be really unlucky if XANA attacked during the film. In the English, she says there's not much chance of it happening.

5:50 In the French, Sissi makes it out like Odd only ever makes films in order to make fun of her.

FrenchSissi: À chaque fois que Odd fait un film, c'est pour se moquer de moi.
French translationSissi: Every time Odd makes a film, it's to make fun of me.
EnglishSissi: Odd has made fun of me in every single one of his films.

5:58 Sissi talks about Ms Hertz's hamsters. In the French, they're dwarf hamsters.

6:18 When Chardin welcomes everyone, in the English he calls them "cinema lovers." The French title of Odd's film is "Mandibules et pattes d'eph" ("Mandibles and Bellbottoms"), and the English is "Mandibles and Purple Mauve."

6:41 In the French, Ulrich says Odd's parents are looking for him "all over." Either he's exaggerating or this means they were looking for Odd off screen before coming to the screening.

8:01 A difference to this exchange.

FrenchDelmas: Allons allons, pas de scandale...
XANA-Mr Della Robbia: Le scandale c'est toi !
French translationDelmas: Come now, let's not cause a scandal...
XANA-Mr Della Robbia: You're the scandal!
EnglishDelmas: What? Let's not fly off the handle here!
XANA-Mr Della Robbia: You're the fly that needs handling!

8:33 Jim has an additional sentence in the French. The students go quiet at this point in the French, but they keep answering their phones in the English. When Jim hears another phone ring and tells the audience to take the wax out of their ears and listen to him, in the English it sounds like the kids ignored him completely to keep talking on their phones, but in the French it's obvious that he said it because he heard another phone ringing: his.

FrenchJim: Bon sang de bois, un peu de savoir vivre !
French translationJim: Come on, show some manners!

8:56 A change to Jeremy's line.

FrenchJeremy: C'est pas possible, y'a quelque chose qui cloche...
French translationJeremy: It can't be, something is wrong...
EnglishJeremy: Something is going on, and I don't like the looks of it...

9:37 The xanafied crowd sounds much more synchronised in the French, all saying the same words at the same time. In the English however, they often give a mix of growls and a few "Yeah"s that are out of sync with each other.

10:07 A few changes to these lines. In the French Odd references the phrase "avoir bouffé du lion" (lit. "having eaten the lion"), which means "to be full of energy" or "to be aggressive/bent on fighting."

FrenchXANA-Tamiya: Il est là le sale petit morveux !
XANA-Mrs Della Robbia: Courage mes braves haineux, on le tient presque !
Odd: Ils ont bouffé un lion qui a bouffé une hyène ou quoi ?
French translationXANA-Tamiya: There he is, the little brat!
XANA-Mrs Della Robbia: Keep it up, my brave, hateful [friends]! We've almost got him!
Odd: Did they eat a lion that ate a hyena or what?
EnglishXANA-Tamiya: This time he's not gonna get away!
XANA-Mrs Della Robbia: Keep up the pace! We're gonna get him this time!
Odd: What's wrong with everyone? Is it something they ate?

11:26 Odd says he's found meatballs and couscous in the pot in the French, and just meatballs in the English. In the French, the phrasing of Odd's line makes it sound like he's taking back what he said to XANA-Rosa about not being hungry. The connection isn't so obvious in the English.

11:43 Jeremy uses the phrase "en baver" in the French, meaning "to have a hard time." The verb "baver" means "to dribble/drool," which makes for a good joke when it immediately cuts to Odd eating straight from the cooking pot. There's also a difference to what Odd thinks there should be more of in the pot.

FrenchJeremy: Espèrons qu'Odd ne va pas trop en baver !
Odd (en mangeant): Mmh ! Les pois chiches ! Où sont les pois chiches ?
French translationJeremy: Let's hope that Odd doesn't eat it!
Odd (eating): Mm! The chickpeas! Where are the chickpeas?
EnglishJeremy: Let's hope that Odd can play for time.
Odd (eating): Mm! The gravy! There isn't enough gravy!

12:37 A difference to Ulrich's line after discovering the tall cliff face.

FrenchUlrich: Et bah dis donc, tu nous prends pour des Sherpas ?
French translationUlrich: Hey, what do you think we are, Sherpas?
EnglishUlrich: Any suggestions, Einstein? Like a ladder, maybe?

13:04 A difference to Yumi's line when she asks if Ulrich is getting on the Overwing with her.

FrenchYumi: Tu montes, beau brun ?
French translationYumi: You hopping on, dark and handsome?
EnglishYumi: Wanna keep me company?

14:07 A few differences to this dialogue, particularly to do with broom puns (XANA-Herb is armed with a broom). After this, in the French version Odd calls XANA-Nicolas an "endive," like he did in episode 73 "Réplika."

FrenchXANA-Nicolas: T'inquiète pas, je vais lui faire mordre la poussière !
XANA-Herb: Attention de pas t'y prendre comme un manche ! ... Hey, Nicolas !
XANA-Nicolas: Je te tiens, sale gredin ! Euh ?
Odd: À table !
XANA-Nicolas: Raté ! Raté ! Encore raté ! T'as aucune chance, je suis le roi de la pelle !
French translationXANA-Nicolas: Don't worry, I'm gonna make him bite the dust!
XANA-Herb: Make sure you don't make a mess of things (lit. do it like a broom handle)! ...Hey, Nicolas!
XANA-Nicolas: I got you, you filthy scoundrel! Huh?
Odd: Lunch tiiiime!
XANA-Nicolas: Missed! Missed! Missed again! You've got no chance, I'm the king of the dustpan!
EnglishXANA-Nicolas: Don't worry, watch. I'm gonna sweep him away!
XANA-Herb: Yeah, he'll be biting the dust when we get through with him. ...Hey, Nicolas!
XANA-Nicolas: Thought you could hide from us? Huh?
Odd: Lunch tiiime!
XANA-Nicolas: You can't touch me, I'm invulnerable thanks to my shield! Go on! Keep on trying!

14:39 When he sees Sissi, Odd sounds surprised to see her in the French. In the English, he remarks about how everyone seems to have gone crazy.

FrenchOdd: Oh, t'y crois pas !
French translationOdd: Oh, I don't believe it!
EnglishOdd: ...Incredible, huh?

14:48 Sissi sounds bitter when she says her phone is broken in the English. There's no annoyance in her tone in the French.

15:01 Some differences to Odd's parents' lines, and Odd has an additional line in the French.

FrenchXANA-Mrs Della Robbia: Il l'aura sans doute corrompue !
XANA-Mr Della Robbia: Le laxisme ! Tout ça c'est la faute au laxisme !
Odd: On s'en va !
French translationXANA-Mrs Della Robbia: He must have corrupted her!
XANA-Mr Della Robbia: Laxity! All of this is due to laxity!
Odd: Let's get outta here!
EnglishXANA-Mrs Della Robbia: He must have forced her to be on his side!
XANA-Mr Della Robbia: Children become monsters when they're not instilled with a sense of discipline!

16:25 After Aelita asks if Yumi and Ulrich are ok, Yumi says "Yeah" in the English before thanking her. She doesn't answer Aelita's question in the French, she just thanks her.

17:05 When XANA-Riley stops Odd and Sissi with a rake, Odd makes a rake pun in the French and complains about gardeners in the English.

FrenchOdd: Je me suis déjà pris des râteaux dans ma vie, mais là...
French translationOdd: I've already been rejected (lit. taken rakes) a few times in my life, but this...
EnglishOdd: You just can't get good gardeners nowadays.

17:21 Odd learns his lesson a little differently. In the French he says "This sure shows me" for complaining about his relationship with his parents. In the English, he promises never to complain about it again.

17:32 A different claw-related phrase in either version. The French phrase "serrer la pince de" means "to shake the hand of," but "pince" on its own means "claw" as in a crab claw. In the English, the original phrase is "with open arms."

FrenchYumi: Aucune envie de leur serrer la pince...
French translationYumi: I sure don't wanna shake their claws...
EnglishYumi: Yeah, welcoming us with open claws.

19:38 After Aelita says that Odd isn't afraid of falling, Odd's English line starts with "I'm afraid!" making a more obvious link to Aelita's line. There's also a difference to the end of Odd's mother's line.

FrenchXANA-Mrs Della Robbia: Allez, un petit pas en avant et tout est terminé.
French translationXANA-Mrs Della Robbia: Come now, just a little step forward and it'll all be over.
EnglishXANA-Mrs Della Robbia: Just a little step forward and you won't be afraid anymore!

19:54 Odd's final request is for a pan bagnat in the French and a club sandwich in the English. Sissi's is for a fuchsia parachute in the French and a "purple parachute to go with my top" in the English. There's also a difference to Odd's father's line.

FrenchXANA-Mr Della Robbia: Bon, ça suffit les bêtises !
French translationXANA-Mr Della Robbia: Ok, enough fooling around!
EnglishXANA-Mr Della Robbia: Ok, ok, time out.

21:19 The end of Odd's mother's line is a little different. In the French she says "coup de pouce" ("help," "push," lit. "thumb blow/strike") which also sounds a bit like the word for "push." In the English she uses the term "parental guidance." Also, when Sissi covers her face she says "Nooo!" in the French.

FrenchXANA-Mrs Della Robbia: Je crois que ces enfants ont besoin d'un petit coup de pouce !
French translationXANA-Mrs Della Robbia: I think these children could use a little push!
EnglishXANA-Mrs Della Robbia: I think these children could use a little parental "guidance."

22:57 Sissi sounds resigned in the French and upset in the English.

FrenchSissi: Ça y est, je sens que ça va être ma fête...
French translationSissi: This is it, he's gonna let me have it...
EnglishSissi: No... He's saving the worst for last...!

23:13 The audience go quiet at this point in the French. In the English, some of them say "Aww" at the butterfly idea and then a few people laugh.

Épisode 92 - Sueurs froides
ImageSueurs froides
(Cold sweat)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Cold Sweat
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:10 Yumi's English line uses the word "tool" from the question her brother was asking her, and rhymes it with "fool."

FrenchYumi: Mais quel débile ce frère...
French translationYumi: Idiot brother...
EnglishYumi: I'll never be a tool, but you'll always be a fool.

1:14 Some differences to the way Milly announces the headlines in the Kadic News. It's more obvious in the French than the English that Rosa must have served expired food in the cafeteria at some point, and that Jim and Ms Hertz both often contribute to the newspaper with their own columns.

FrenchMilly: Aujourd'hui dans les Echos de Kadic ! Rosa Petitjean s'explique sur l'affaire des bouchées à la reine périmées ! La chronique de Jim Moralès : le lancer de poids sans se casser les pieds ! Les expériences amusantes de Mme Hertz : fabrique un ampèremètre avec ton baladeur MP3.
French translationMilly: Today in the Kadic News! Rosa Petitjean explains the out-of-date chicken vol-au-vents affair! Jim Morales' column: throwing a shot-put without breaking your toes! Ms Hertz's fun experiments: make a volt meter out of your MP3 player.
EnglishMilly: Get your Kadic News hot off the presses! Rosa and the tuna salad caper! Jim Morales, the former professional athlete, tells how to throw a shotput without breaking your toe! Ms Hertz reveals how to make a volt meter out of your MP3 with just a few simple operations!

1:51 When Yumi says she's going to get her hands on whoever gave the photo to Milly and Tamiya, she says Odd's name in the French but not the English. In the English, she only says she's going to get her hands on "him."

2:02 The made-up foosball team names are different. All of them include a place name and a food they're known for, but in the French version they're both cities in France, and in the English they're two different countries. Ulrich's line is also different after Odd's phone rings.

FrenchOdd: Dans cette finale de la coupe de la ligue, les Nougats de Montélimar mènent 6 à 5 contre les Saucisses de Toulouse ! La tension est palpable dans les tribunes ! On entendrait une mouche vo- (son portable sonne)
Ulrich: Rhôô, on peut jamais être tranquille...
French translationOdd: In this league cup final, the Montélimar Nougats lead 6 to 5 against the Toulouse Sausages! The tension is palpable in the stands! You can hear a fly bu- (phone rings)
Ulrich: Grr, never a moment's peace...
EnglishOdd: It's the Champion's Cup final! The favourites, Brazilian Coffee Beans, lead 6 to 5 against the German Liverwursts! The tension is high! You can hardly hear a pin drop as Walter Bram- (phone rings)
Ulrich: Another one of your girlfriends, I'll bet.

2:18 Odd puts the blame on both Milly and Tamiya in the French, but just Tamiya in the English.

FrenchOdd: Pourquoi vous lui avez dit ça ?
French translationOdd: Why did you guys tell her that?
EnglishOdd: But why'd she have to do that?!

3:50 In the English, Anais says she needs the princess costume for Halloween. Yumi's reply is also different.

FrenchAnais: Yumi, j'ai besoin d'un déguisement de princesse guimauve !
Priscilla: Et moi d'une perruque !
Yumi: Ouais c'est ça, rêvez !
French translationAnais: Yumi, I need a marshmallow princess costume!
Priscilla: And I need a wig!
Yumi: Yeah right, keep dreaming!
EnglishAnais: Yumi! Lend me your pink princess costume for Halloween?
Priscilla: Can I use your wig?
Yumi: Why don't you shut up!

3:59 When Aelita asks what's wrong, Yumi says she doesn't want to talk about it. She uses Jim's usual phrasing, "I'd rather not talk about it," in the French but not the English.

6:49 Yumi's first sentence is different. Also, Odd says he once threw her maths homework in the school "boiler" in the French, and the "incinerator" in the English.

FrenchYumi: Quand je pense à Ulrich, quel pourri !
French translationYumi: Just thinking about Ulrich, that rotten...!
EnglishYumi: How could Ulrich have ever done such a thing?

9:27 In the English, Jeremy uses the phrase "Open sesame," a phrase spoken to open the thieves' cave of treasures in the story Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

FrenchJeremy: Et voilà. Sas, déverrouillé.
French translationJeremy: There you go. Door unlocked.
EnglishJeremy: There you go! Open sesame, guys.

13:40 In the French, Jeremy says "Sorry" for the tower not being deactivated yet. He doesn't apologise in the English.

15:41 After Odd suggests that Ulrich gave Milly and Tamiya the photo so Yumi would notice him, Yumi's response is different.

FrenchYumi: En me ridiculisant ?
French translationYumi: By humiliating me?
EnglishYumi: Weird way to do it.

17:05 After learning the supercomputer is based on a Russian M13 machine, as well as saying "da" (Russian for "yes"), Odd also calls Jeremy "comrade" in the English dub only.

20:29 Aelita's line about the Kolossus is different.

FrenchAelita: Sympa ce nouveau monstre !
French translationAelita: The new monster is great!
EnglishAelita: He's a mountain, not a monster!

20:35 Odd makes a spelling mistake in the French and Ulrich corrects him. In the English he chooses the term "KO" and Ulrich's response is different. Also, Yumi says the Kolossus will devirtualise them before they have time to say "Oof" in the French and "Lyoko" in the English.

FrenchOdd: Hum... Le Kolosse, avec un « K » comme dans « costaud » !
Ulrich: Sauf que « costaud », ça prend un « C ». Mais ça résume bien la bestiole !
French translationOdd: Hm... The Kolossus, with a K like in "tough customer!"
Ulrich: Except that "customer" starts with a C. But the name sure suits him!
EnglishOdd: Hm... The Kolossus, with a K like in KO!
Ulrich: I dunno who's gonna get KO'd...but the name sure suits him.

21:04 In the English, Odd suggests he'll probably sleep through his maths test the next day if he doesn't get to bed soon. There's no mention of sleeping during the test in the French, but Odd has already decided that he's going to fail.

FrenchOdd: Bien dit ! Allez, maintenant, tous au lit. Demain, j'ai un contrôle de maths à rater, moi !
French translationOdd: Well said! Come on, let's all go to bed now. I've got a maths test to fail tomorrow!
EnglishOdd: Stick with it. But I'm ready to stick to my pillow right now. If not, I'll sleep through my maths test tomorrow.

21:20 In the French, Odd says "Sorry" but he can't tell Yumi the truth. In the English, he says he wants to tell her but he can't.

FrenchOdd: Désolé, j'peux pas. Chui trop lâche.
Ulrich: Tu sais c'que je leur fais aux lâches !?
French translationOdd: Sorry, I can't. I'm too chicken.
Ulrich: You know what I do to chickens?!
EnglishOdd: I want to, but I can't! I'm too chicken...
Ulrich: Do it, if you don't wanna get plucked!

21:34 Odd only says "See ya" once in the French version. He says it a couple of times in the English out of nervousness.

22:26 Odd's French line makes it more clear that he's wondering if Yumi is mad at both he and Ulrich, not just one or the other.

FrenchOdd: Tu nous en veux pas, hein ?
French translationOdd: You're not mad at us, are you?
EnglishOdd: You're not still mad, are you?

22:51 Some more minor changes to Milly's headlines. Jeremy uses the term "Photoshop" in the English: the name of a popular piece of photo editing software made by Adobe, the term "Photoshop" has also become a verb referring to photo editing in general. Yumi also has an extra sentence in the French.

FrenchMilly: Aujourd'hui dans les Echos de Kadic : Toutes les antisèches pour réussir votre visite médicale ! La recette illustrée : les crêpes aux rillettes ! Et une photo exclusive d'Odd Della Robbia et de Ulrich Stern !
Jeremy: C'est une photo truquée ou quoi ?
Yumi: Même pas ! Ils sortaient de la douche. Ils ne m'ont pas vue venir !
French translationMilly: Today in the Kadic News: a cheat sheet for making it through your medical check-up! An illustrated recipe: rillette crepes! And an exclusive photo of Odd Della Robbia and Ulrich Stern!
Jeremy: Has this photo been edited or what?
Yumi: No way! They were leaving the shower. They didn't see me coming!
EnglishMilly: The Kadic News: how to be first in line for your medical check-up! Another easy, quick recipe: liverwurst pancakes. And an exclusive picture of Odd and Ulrich that you're definitely not gonna wanna miss!
Jeremy: What did you, Photoshop this thing?
Yumi: No way! I took it when they were coming out of the shower!

Épisode 93 - Retour
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Down to Earth
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:08 Aelita worries that Jeremy is getting sick in the French.

FrenchAelita: J'sais pas. J'ai peur qu'il tombe malade.
French translationAelita: I don't know. I'm worried he's getting sick.
EnglishAelita: I don't know, I'm a little worried about him.

2:56 Odd calls the Kolossus "King Kong" in the English. There's also a phrasing difference to Jeremy's line. Fighting against the Kolossus is one thing, but destroying it is another.

FrenchOdd: Ouais mais là, t'imagine ? Surtout si XANA nous envoie un monstre comme la dernière fois !
Jeremy: Quoi, le Kolosse ? C'est un monstre de XANA, vous devriez pouvoir le vaincre comme les autres !
French translationOdd: Yeah, but can you imagine it? Especially if XANA sends us a monster like the one last time!
Jeremy: What, the Kolossus? It's one of XANA's monsters, you should be able to destroy it like the others!
EnglishOdd: You forgot one little detail: what if XANA sends us King Kong like he did last time?
Jeremy: Who, the Kolossus? Think of him as just another one of XANA's monsters that you've gotta fight against.

3:39 The first of several William-clone-isms that are different in either version.

FrenchJim: Ben alors, Dunbar ? T'es sourd quand on t'appelle ?
William-clone: Euh... non, uniquement quand je n'entend rien.
French translationJim: Well, Dunbar? Are you deaf whenever someone's calling you?
William-clone:, only when I don't hear anything.
EnglishJim: Didn't you hear me call you, Dunbar?
William-clone: No. I'm sorry, but...I don't have a phone.

4:05 In the French, Mister Delmas doesn't say that William's parents went on the trip with him, so to Mister and Mrs Dunbar it may sound like William went on a trip on his own. This matches up better with what William's father says when he brings the subject up again later in the episode. In the English, Mister Delmas says it was a trip "you all went on," and Mister Dunbar's reply is changed to suit.

FrenchDelmas: Surtout après son retour de voyage !
Mr Dunbar: De voyage ? Mais... quel voyage ?
French translationDelmas: Especially since he came back from that trip!
Mr Dunbar: That trip? But...what trip?
EnglishDelmas: Especially since that trip you all went on.
Mr Dunbar: What trip? We didn't go on any trip.

4:38 Another line taken literally by William-clone.

FrenchMrs Dunbar: On dirait que tu n'es pas dans ton assiette...
William-clone: Ben ça, ça risque pas, je n'ai pas encore pris mon déjeuner.
French translationMrs Dunbar: You seem to be out of sorts (lit. not be on your plate)...
William-clone: Well there's no risk of that, I haven't had breakfast yet.
EnglishMrs Dunbar: You seem to be a little out of sorts.
William-clone: That's right, but I never had any sorts to begin with.

5:38 More from William-clone, to do with the lunch tray and the food Rosa dishes out.

FrenchRosa: Alors, mon petit William, ça roule ?
William-clone: Ben non, regardez, ça glisse, plutôt.
Rosa: (rire) Sacré William ! Tu me feras toujours rigoler. Tiens, mange ! C'est bon pour c'que t'as !
William-clone: Hein ? E-et qu'est ce que j'ai ?
French translationRosa: So, William, my boy! How's it going (lit. is it rolling)?
William-clone: Well no, look, it's more like it's sliding.
Rosa: (laughs) Oh, William! You always make me laugh. Here, eat up! It's good for what you've got!
William-clone: Huh? A-and what have I got?
EnglishRosa: So, William, my boy! How's it going?
William-clone: It goes any direction I want it to!
Rosa: Huh? (laughs) You kill me, William. What a cutup. Here, have some of this. This'll stick to your ribs.
William-clone: I can't eat it if it's on my ribs...!

6:27 This line from William-clone is the same sort of joke, but there's several differences to the dialogue leading up to it. Also, William's mother calls him "Willy" in the French!

FrenchJim: Euh... oui. Bon ben... Je... je-je vous laisse ! Vous avez sûrement beaucoup d'choses à vous dire, hein ?
Mrs Dunbar: Alors euh Willy... r-raconte-nous... Tu, euh... tu ne nous téléphones pas beaucoup en ce moment...
William-clone: Bah pas besoin ! Vous êtes juste en face de moi !
French translationJim: Uh...yes. Well then... I...I-I'll leave you now! I'm sure you have lots to talk about together, huh?
Mrs Dunbar: So uh, Willy...t-tell us... You, don't call us much at the moment...
William-clone: There's no need! You're right here in front of me!
EnglishJim: Uh... Chip off the old block, huh! Heh. Well I'll leave you now. I'm sure you have lots to talk about together, huh? Heh.
Mrs Dunbar: Your father and I were wondering, William...why you don't call us much at the moment.
William-clone: You're right here in front of me! If I called, you wouldn't be home!

11:57 Odd tells Jeremy that things are getting "urgent" in the French and "weird" in the English.

15:59 Jeremy uses the phrase "Open sesame" again, from the story Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

FrenchJeremy: C'est parti.
French translationJeremy: Here we go.
EnglishJeremy: Open sesame!

17:03 Odd's line towards the robots is different. In the English he says they don't look so "stainless" now, referring to their shiny, stainless steel-like armour. In French he uses the word "malin," which can mean "clever" but also "malignant" or "cunning" in some cases.

FrenchOdd: Alors les affreux ! On fait moins les malins !
French translationOdd: Hey, uglies! Not so smart now, are you?
EnglishOdd: Hey, uglies. You don't look so stainless now!

17:56 A small difference to Yumi's line after she returns to the scanner.

FrenchYumi: Quelle claque...
French translationYumi: What a bang...
EnglishYumi: Ohh, that hurt...

18:50 In the English, Aelita screams "Nooo!" as she's deteleported. She's basically silent in the French.

19:10 Odd's line is different after he devirtualises XANA-William.

FrenchOdd: Avec les compliments... du chef !
French translationOdd: With the compliments...of the chef!
EnglishOdd: Better luck next time...handsome!

19:31 As she runs over to help support William, Yumi welcomes him home in the English.

FrenchYumi: Ouais !
French translationYumi: Yeah!
EnglishYumi: Welcome home!

19:34 Odd calls the Kolossus "the heap" in the English.

19:44 As the Kolossus approaches, Aelita says "Oh, no!" in the French and gasps in the English.

20:15 In the French, Aelita's scream is clearly cut off when the propeller explodes, indicating that she was devirtualised by the explosion. In the English, she does a shorter scream that ends a few seconds before the explosion, so it's less obvious what happened to her inside the cockpit. Also, Jeremy yells her name in dismay in the French, and says a more subdued "Oh, Aelita..." in the English.

20:38 In the French, Jeremy seems to say that having saved William is more important than Aelita not dying when the Skid was destroyed. Also, William's line is posed as a question in the French and a statement in the English.

FrenchJeremy: Le plus important, c'est d'avoir sauvé William !
William: Alors, est-ce que je me suis bien debrouillé ?
French translationJeremy: What's most important is that we saved William!
William: So, did I do a good job?
EnglishJeremy: Yeah! And what's more, we saved William!
William: I did a...pretty good job, didn't I?

21:00 Sissi's French and English lines both include the word "cowboy" but with different uses. In the French, she mixes up the words "cobaye" ("guinea-pig") and "cow-boy." In English, she uses the term "space cowboy" to describe William's recent behaviour. Also, William's father interrupts her in the English but not the French.

FrenchSissi: Mais depuis qu'il fréquente la bande de Jérémy Belpois, il est devenu complètement abruti ! Je n'sais pas trop ce qu'ils traficotent avec lui, mais à mon avis, Belpois l'utilise comme cow-boy !
Mr Dunbar: Comme quoi ?
Sissi: Comme cow-boy ! Pour des... des expériences scientifiques.
French translationSissi: But ever since he started hanging out with Jeremy Belpois' gang, he's turned into a complete idiot! I don't know exactly what they've done to him, but if you ask me, Belpois is using him as a mini-pig (lit. cowboy)!
Mr Dunbar: As a what?
Sissi: As a mini-pig (lit. cowboy)! For...for scientific experiments.
EnglishSissi: But ever since he started hanging out with Jeremy Belpois' gang, he turned into a real space cowboy. I don't know exactly what they've done to him-
Mr Dunbar: What was that?
Sissi: ...But if you ask me, Belpois is using him as some sort of mini-pig!

21:21 William's father refers to William's supposed flu as a "Spanish flu" in the French. This could have no real significance, or it could be referring to the way a number of countries censored early reports of the 1918 flu pandemic in order to preserve morale during wartime. Spain was one of the largest countries to not censor reports, so it seemed as though they'd been more badly affected than anywhere else. He could be saying that William's flu was reported to other people, such as Mister Delmas, but not to him or his wife.

22:19 In the French, Mister Delmas says Jim could use a vacation. In the English, he says he could use a day or two off. The French version implies a longer time away.

23:00 In the English, Aelita calls the robots XANA's army for taking over the world, implying that the robots are the main part of XANA's army. In the French, she calls them the "advance guard" of an army, making it more clear that the robots are just the tip of the iceberg.

Épisode 94 - Contre-attaque
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Fight to the Finish
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:40 Aelita makes Jeremy's sleep schedule sound a lot more serious in the French. Also, Jeremy's French line doesn't specifically say what's keeping him up: it could be that he feels he needs to keep working on the multi-agent program, or it could be the excitement of nearing its completion. In the English, he says it's because he has no time to sleep.

FrenchAelita: Jérémy, ça fait une semaine que tu ne dors plus. Tu dois te reposer...
Jeremy: Je ne peux pas.
French translationAelita: Jeremy, you haven't slept all week long. You've gotta get some rest...
Jeremy: I can't.
EnglishAelita: Jeremy, you've hardly slept all week long! You've gotta get some rest!
Jeremy: I haven't got time!

2:15 In the French, Jim messes up the phrase "qui veut voyager loin, ménage sa monture" which translates as "he who wishes to ride far, spares his horse." In the English, there's no obvious phrase in particular that Jim is butchering.

FrenchJim: Quand on veut aller loin, faut ménager sa couture !
French translationJim: When you want to ride far, you've gotta spare your shorts (lit. arrange your clothes)!
EnglishJim: Just because you're half as bright doesn't mean you'll go twice as far. Something like that...

2:29 After Ulrich wonders what they put in the croissants that day, his following conversation with Odd is different. Also, Aelita says "I've got a funny feeling" in the French and "I've got a premonition" in the English. The English phrasing sounds a little weird.

FrenchOdd: Que des bonnes choses !
Ulrich: Comment tu peux avaler ça ?
Odd: J'ai faim.
French translationOdd: Nothing but good stuff!
Ulrich: How can you scoff that down?
Odd: I'm hungry.
EnglishOdd: I'll take 'em off your hands!
Ulrich: How can you eat those things, Odd?
Odd: Just watch!

3:16 Sissi had a different stupid question for Odd.

FrenchOdd: Et c'est là que Sissi m'a demandé si la dinde panée, c'était du poisson !
French translationOdd: And that's when Sissi asked me if crumbed turkey was fish!
EnglishOdd: And then Sissi asked me if spaghetti grew on trees or in the ground.

3:27 After William realises the group don't want him around, he sounds disappointed in the French and cold in the English. It comes through in his wording as well as his tone of voice.

FrenchWilliam: Te fatigue pas, Aelita. Je ne veux pas vous ennuyer plus longtemps...
French translationWilliam: Don't bother, Aelita. I don't wanna annoy you guys any longer...
EnglishWilliam: Thanks but no thanks, Aelita. I know when I'm not wanted.

4:22 A one-sentence difference to Aelita's line.

FrenchAelita: Oui, c'est bizarre. T'as sûrement raison.
French translationAelita: Yes, it's weird. You must be right.
EnglishAelita: You're right. It could be my father!

4:47 While turning down William's offer to help, in the English Odd also says "Thanks a lot!" for the offer.

5:31 A few small differences to this conversation. In the English, they say they're late to water polo practice and Jim is the one teaching them.

FrenchSissi: Ben le parc est à tout le monde il me semble ! À moins que... Et vous, qu'est-ce que vous faites là ?
Ulrich: Ben euh...
Yumi: On allait, euh... allait euh... au water-polo !
Ulrich: Ouais ! (rire) Et pour ça qu'il faut qu'on y aille, euh... au gymnase ! Héhé... Pas vrai les amis ?
Sissi: J'suis pas gourde ! Qu'est-ce que vous manigancez tous les quatre ?
Odd: Rien du tout ! Euh... Tu sais que tu devrais te teindre en blonde ? Ça t'irait vachement bien. Bye !
French translationSissi: Well it seems to me that the park is open to everyone! Unless... And you, what are you all doing here?
Ulrich: Well, uh...
Yumi: We're, uh...on our way to water polo!
Ulrich: Yeah! (laughs) So we've gotta go to, uh...the gym! Heheh... Right, guys?
Sissi: I'm not an idiot! What no good are you four up to?
Odd: Nothing at all! Uh... You know, you should dye your hair blonde! It would really suit you. Bye!
EnglishSissi: The park is still open to anybody, last time I heard! But what about you? You four look like you're in a hurry!
Ulrich: Well, uh...
Yumi: Uh, we've got uh, water polo practice. Yeah. Uh, right now, too.
Ulrich: Uh, yeah! (laughs) And we're late, too! Uh... Uh, we've got practice in the gym with, u-uh...Jim.
Sissi: I'm not as stupid as you think. What are you doing here?
Odd: Nothing at all! Hey, you would look really great as a blonde. Suits your personality! Bye, now!

6:18 Again, a few small differences here.

FrenchJeremy: Aelita ! Bon sang, mais qu'est-ce que vous fichez ?
Aelita: Oh oui, désolé Jérémy, un imprévu. On arrive.
Ulrich: Bon, ben on n'a pas le choix.
French translationJeremy: Aelita! Come on, what the heck are you guys doing?
Aelita: Oh yes, we're sorry Jeremy, unexpected obstacle. We're coming.
Ulrich: Right, we have no choice.
EnglishJeremy: What are you waiting for? Hurry up!
Aelita: We're sorry, Jeremy. We'll be there as fast as we can.
Ulrich: We have no choice. Let's move it, guys!

6:28 In the English, Sissi brings up how silly it sounds to say they have practice for a water sport in the gym.

FrenchSissi: Alors, ça marche votre entraînement ?
French translationSissi: So, how's your practice going?
EnglishSissi: What's wrong? You run out of water in the gym?

6:43 In the English, Sissi replies to William saying he's missed her.

FrenchSissi: Oh, laisse-moi tranquille abruti, sinon je vais le dire à mon père !
French translationSissi: Oh, leave me alone, moron! Or I'll tell my father!
EnglishSissi: I haven't gone anywhere lately. Hands off, or I'll tell my father!

6:51 William and Sissi exchange goodbyes in the English but not the French.

FrenchSissi: Crétin !
French translationSissi: Dork!
EnglishWilliam: See ya!
Sissi: See you, dork!

7:36 Odd doesn't actually say Sissi's name in the French when he tells Jeremy what kept them.

FrenchJeremy: J'commençais à me demander c'qui vous retenait !
Odd: Oh, pas grand chose : On était juste scotché par un pot d'colle à ventouses !
French translationJeremy: I was beginning to wonder what could be keeping you!
Odd: Oh, not much: we were just sticky-taped down by a walking pot of glue!
EnglishJeremy: I was beginning to wonder if you'd ever get here!
Odd: It took a little while to get Sissi's superglue off our tails.

7:45 Jeremy says that as well as co-ordinates, Franz Hopper sent him "instructions" in the French and "data" in the English. "Instructions" is better given the situation.

8:18 In the French, William says that XANA used him against his will. In the English, he says XANA kept him prisoner against his will.

11:10 After saying "Daddy?" Aelita also asks "Are you there?" in the English only.

14:19 In the French, Ulrich responds to Jeremy by saying "Loud and clear." In the English, it's Odd who responds.

14:32 In the English, Jeremy says that XANA knocked him out as well as xanafying William.

FrenchJeremy: Il a xanatifié William !
French translationJeremy: He xanafied William!
EnglishJeremy: He knocked me out and xanafied William!

15:19 Jeremy says that XANA is drawing energy from the Replikas to strengthen the Kolossus. In the French, he tells Ulrich to slow down the Kolossus: a fair request. In the English however, he asks Ulrich to "slow up the process," sounding like he's referring to XANA drawing energy from the Replikas. How's Ulrich supposed to do that?

FrenchJeremy: Ulrich, faut absolument que tu te débrouilles pour ralentir sa progression.
French translationJeremy: Ulrich, you've gotta find a way to slow down his progress.
EnglishJeremy: Ulrich, you've gotta find a way to slow up the process.

16:31 After Jeremy says that Hopper's data completes his anti-XANA program, in the French Aelita says "What?"

16:49 Some changes to Odd's lines, in particular his comment about Ulrich taking care of the Kolossus.

FrenchOdd: Il va jouer au ping-pong avec le Transporteur dès son apparition !
Jeremy: Ulrich s'en occupe.
Odd: Ça n'a pas l'air très efficace, vu d'ici...
French translationOdd: He'll be playing ping pong with the Transporter as soon as it shows up!
Jeremy: Ulrich is on it.
Odd: That doesn't seem to very effective, from what I can see...
EnglishOdd: As soon as he shows up, he'll be playing ping pong with the Transporter!
Jeremy: Ulrich is on it!
Odd: He's on it, all right! Let's hope he doesn't fall off it!

17:23 Odd says "Yeah!" two additional times in the English: as the Transporter arrives, and just after Ulrich stabs the eye on the Kolossus's arm. Also, he calls the Kolossus "big heap" in the French and "volcano-brain" in the English.

18:06 When Ulrich comes back in the scanner, he says "Yes..." in the French and exhales in relief in the English. Also, Jeremy's French line includes the word "again" to say that Yumi has a lot of bad days...

FrenchJeremy: C'est encore une mauvaise journée pour Yumi.
French translationJeremy: Yumi's having another bad day.
EnglishJeremy: Yumi's not having what you'd call a great day.

18:39 A small, fish-related difference to Odd's English line.

FrenchOdd: On va avoir droit à un petit meeting aérien !
French translationOdd: Looks like we're in for a little air show!
EnglishOdd: Looks like we're in for a flying fish show!

19:20 In the English, Aelita asks "You ok, Odd?" as he stands up. She doesn't say anything in the French.

22:23 After the last Replika disappears, there's small change to Jeremy's line that makes quite a difference.

FrenchJeremy: C'est... c'est pas possible...
French translationJeremy: can't be...
EnglishJeremy: It can't be, but...but it is.

Épisode 95 - Souvenirs
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

The dialogue in the flashbacks throughout this episode is sometimes inaccurate to the original episodes, and this happens for different flashbacks in the English and French versions. The voices of background characters are also mostly inconsistent. These won't be listed, however; flashback dialogue will only be brought up in the list below if there's a difference between what's said in the French and English versions of this particular episode.

1:15 In the English, Sissi calls the gang "the lame-o club."

2:05 Sissi calls the group Ulrich's "dear little gang" in the French and his "dorky little gang" in the English.

5:27 Jeremy calls XANA's robots an army of "cyborgs" in the French. A cyborg has both organic and mechanical body parts, while a robot is completely mechanical.

5:40 Jeremy's line in this flashback is completely new in the French. In the English, it's the same line he said in episode 94 "Fight to the Finish."

FrenchJeremy: On a réussi à vaincre XANA !
French translationJeremy: We've defeated XANA!
EnglishJeremy: Aelita...we've done it. XANA's...been destroyed.

5:50 In the English, Jeremy says "sorry" that he can't pull the switch.

6:54 In the French, Sissi says to make the excuse something phoney, and Herb chuckles after she's finished speaking. In the English, after Sissi is finished Nicolas says "Uh, ok" when he nods.

7:13 Jeremy asks if Yumi remembers him "when [he] was in year 7" in the French and "when [he] came here" in the English.

7:28 In the French, Jeremy reuses Yumi's wording from when she said "it had to end sometime."

FrenchJeremy: Je sais... mais y'a un truc qui ne doit pas s'arrêter, c'est notre amitié !
French translationJeremy: I know...but there's one thing that mustn't end: our friendship!
EnglishJeremy: I know, but...I-I don't wanna lose what we've got together. Our friendship...

7:43 In the French flashback, the kids laugh as they hold hands, forming a circle. There was no laughter in the original episode (52 "Réminiscence") or the English dub of this episode.

8:25 A small change to Herb's question. In the English, Jim references the fact that Nicolas's PE clothes are green, and then makes another alien-related reference at the end of his line.

FrenchHerb: T'es dingue ou tu le fais exprès ?
Jim: Des extra-terrestres ? Pourquoi pas des petits hommes verts tant que tu y es ?! Rendez-vous chez le proviseur après le cours, Poliakoff... si c'est faux, c'est 8 heures de colle !
French translationHerb: Are you nuts or do you do it on purpose?
Jim: Aliens? Why not little, green men while you're at it?! Go to the principal's office after class, Poliakoff...if your story is false, that's 8 hours of detention!
EnglishHerb: Are you nuts or are you just dumb?
Jim: Aliens, huh? And little, green men like you, Poliakoff? After class, we'll go tell the principal that his daughter is crazy, and if she's not, it's detention for you on Planet Jim!

8:52 Jim's suggestions for what RSG (Rhythmic Sport of Gymnastics) could stand for are different.

FrenchJim: Bon ! Aujourd'hui, la GRS. Non, GRS ne veut pas dire « Gros Rabougri Sportif », « Gorille Ramollo Siphonné » ou « Grande Restriction de Saucisses » !
French translationJim: Right! Today's lesson is RSG. No, RSG does not stand for "Fat Sporty Runt," "Flabby Siphoned Gorilla" or "Great Sausage Restriction!"
EnglishJim: Right! Today's lesson is RSG. No, RSG does not stand for "Rough Sports Games" or for, "Raunchy Slobbering Gorilla," or for "Reeking Stink of Garlic."

9:14 After Odd says he was afraid he'd miss it, Ulrich responds "What?" in the French and "Miss what?" in the English. Hearing his tone of voice, the French line sounds equivalent to a "Huh?" while the English is a more specific question.

10:31-11:29 Odd and Ulrich's conversation in the English dub keeps mentioning the idea of having enough time to do the activities they're talking about. There's nothing in the French about having the time to do these things.

10:46 As Odd skates on the halfpipe, Ulrich's cheering is different, and neither line matches the original episode (65 "Final Round") either.

FrenchUlrich: Ouaaais !
French translationUlrich: Yeeeah!
EnglishUlrich: Way to go, Odd! Nice one!

11:38 Jim tells the class which specific gymnastics move he's about to demonstrate in the French. It's hard to find a translation of the term "planche faciale" with regards to gymnastics but in yoga the pose is known as Warrior III. It could also be that he's saying "plonge faciale" (lit. "facial dive"). And again, the suggested meaning of RSG is different.

FrenchJim: Bien ! Première démonstration : La planche faciale. OH ! (des bruits de douleur) Ma sciatique !... Ohh ! Ohhh ! Ahhhh !
Odd: (rire) « Gymnastique pour Ringards Supermaladroits », c'est ça que ça veut dire, GRS !
French translationJim: Ok! First demonstration: Warrior III. OH! (noises of pain) My sciatica...! Ohh! Ohhh! Ahhhh!
Odd: (laughs) "Gymnastics for Super-clumsy Losers," so that's what RSG stands for!
EnglishJim: Ok. My first demonstration: one...two... My sciatica! I'm stuck! I can't straighten up and it huurts! AAAGH!
Odd: (laughs) "Rusty Squeaking Gym teacher!" So that's what RSG stands for, huh!

12:10 Odd uses Jim's phrase "I'd rather not talk about it" in the English.

FrenchOdd: Et ne me dis pas « J'ai pas envie d'en parler » !
French translationOdd: And don't say "I don't wanna talk about it!"
EnglishOdd: And don't give me Jim's "I'd rather not talk about it" routine.

14:56 In the French flashback, XANA-William chuckles as he picks himself up before turning to face Aelita. In the English, he breathes heavily like in the original episode (65 "Final Round").

15:03 A difference to the way Yumi describes how life will be without Lyoko.

FrenchYumi: Non, je pense que la vie sera tout aussi bien sans Lyoko !
French translationYumi: No, I think life will be just as good without Lyoko!
EnglishYumi: No! I think life without Lyoko's gonna be different, but ok!

15:23 Jeremy describes the anecdote about Sissi helping out in episode 41 "Ultimatum" as "amusing" in the French and "interesting" in the English. Also, in the French he says that William disappeared for good after Lyoko was destroyed, but in the English he uses the words "I think," showing that he's not certain about William's fate.

19:26 More about RSG. Also, Mister Delmas calls his daughter "Sissi" in the French and "Elisabeth" in the English.

FrenchDelmas: Et donc, vous avez dit que que GRS signifiait « Gymnastique pour Ringards Maladroits ».
Odd: « Supermaladroits » ! Sinon, ça fait GRM !
Delmas: Oh, je vois. C'est très cocasse ! ... Mais c'est mal.
French translationDelmas: And so, you said that RSG stood for, "Gymnastics for Clumsy Losers."
Odd: "Super-clumsy!" Otherwise, it'd be RMG!
Delmas: Oh, I see. That's very amusing! ...But it's bad.
EnglishDelmas: And so, if I understand correctly, you said that RSG stood for, "Rusty Squeaking Jim?"
Odd: Er, "Gym teacher..." with a "G," not "J" for "Jim."
Delmas: Thank you for the clarification, but that's...just as bad.

19:56 As Jeremy and Aelita burst into the room, in the French both of them respond to Ms Weber at the same time, saying that they have to go in. In the English, only Jeremy says it.

20:30 Sissi says that she was possessed by a "mad scientist" in the French and a "crazy teacher" in the English.

21:23 In the flashback, when Ulrich catches Yumi, he says "Gotcha" in the English version only.

22:36 Some small changes when Sissi walks up to the gang's table.

FrenchSissi: Bonjour les morfales !
Odd: Salut ! Croissant ?
French translationSissi: Hey, greedy guts!
Odd: Hi! Croissant?
EnglishSissi: Hey, lame-os! What's up?
Odd: You want my croissant, Sissi?

23:02 In the French, Sissi tells Nicolas and Herb to buzz off. She doesn't say anything like this in the English, so they end up walking in the opposite direction to Sissi with no verbal indication as to why. Also, Yumi says "Hello" in the French when she walks up to the table; in the English she goes straight to asking if everyone is ready.

FrenchSissi: Du vent, les bouffons ! Et que je vous prenne pas à embêter mes amis !
(Sissi et Hervé et Nicolas se séparent. Sissi passe par Yumi.)
Sissi: Salut, copine !
French translationSissi: Buzz off, dorks! And don't let me catch you trying to mess my friends up!
(Sissi and Herb and Nicolas part ways. Sissi passes by Yumi.)
Sissi: Hey, girlfriend!
EnglishSissi: As for you, don't let me catch either of you two dorks trying to mess my friends up.
(Sissi and Herb and Nicolas part ways. Sissi passes by Yumi.)
Sissi: Hi, Yumi! Nice to see ya!

23:42 Jim calls the group "the little funny ones" in the French and "the Fantastic Five" in the English, a reference to the Marvel Comics superhero team the Fantastic Four.

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