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[Le français VS l'anglais] S1 - Part 1
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 Season 1 - Part 1
Episodes 1 to 13

It's widely known that dialogue can differ between two different language versions of a TV show. It's often a concern when someone is watching a show in something other than its native language that the translators may have made changes, small or large, that diverge from the intent of the original dialogue. French is the original language of Code Lyoko and here we've finally answered that question by making a list of the differences between the original French and the English dubbed episodes.

Differences range from small wording changes that make a significant difference, to entire lines that were added or removed. The English dub of season 1 was based on the final dialogue in the French episodes rather than the French script, so there aren't as many big differences here. But translation mistakes are pretty common! Discover all the major differences for yourself below! Have a nice read!

[Épisode 1 - Teddygozilla] [Épisode 2 - Le voir pour le croire] [Épisode 3 - Vacances dans la brume] [Épisode 4 - Carnet de bord] [Épisode 5 - Big bogue] [Épisode 6 - Cruel dilemme] [Épisode 7 - Problème d'image] [Épisode 8 - Clap de fin] [Épisode 9 - Satellite] [Épisode 10 - Créature de rêve] [Épisode 11 - Enragés] [Épisode 12 - Attaque en piqué] [Épisode 13 - D'un cheveu]

Épisode 1 - Teddygozilla
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:50 In the French, Sissi's line focuses more on Milly and Tamiya's place at the prom than their reporting.

FrenchSissi: Et puis, cette fête, ce n'est pas la vôtre. Vous n'avez rien à y faire.
French translationSissi: What's more, this isn't your prom. It has nothing to do with you.
EnglishSissi: Anyway, who needs your dumb reporting? What do you know?

3:40 A slight line change for Aelita after Jeremy says XANA won't be able to harm them once she's materialised.

FrenchAelita: Ah j'ai confiance.
French translationAelita: I have faith.
EnglishAelita: That's great, thanks.

4:44 Odd's wordplay produces a somewhat different insult.

FrenchOdd: Hein ? Miss Monde, t'as dit ? Non, c'est Miss Immonde !
French translationOdd: Huh? Miss World, did you say? No, she's Miss Filthy!
EnglishOdd: Haha! Miss World, huh? Miss In-Her-Own-World is more like it!

6:31 In the English dub, Sissi doesn't acknowledge that Yumi is Ulrich's first choice for prom date.

FrenchSissi: Si Ulrich allait au bal avec une autre que Yumi, ça n'pourrait être qu'avec moi !
French translationSissi: If Ulrich's going to the prom with anyone other than Yumi, it can only be me!
EnglishSissi: If anybody's going out with Ulrich, it absolutely has to be me.

7:46 The English dub adds an extra item to the list of appliances in Sissi's room.

FrenchYumi: À ça, la chaîne, les lampes, l'épilateur, tout ça branché sur une seule rallonge... faut pas s'étonner !
French translationYumi: Well, the hi-fi, lights, lady shaver, all connected to a single extension surprise there!
EnglishYumi: Yeah, the hi-fi, lights, lady shaver, curling iron - all together, what do you expect to happen?

8:16 In the French version, Milly apologises to Jim after he catches her and Tamiya in the shed.

FrenchMilly: Désolée, Monsieur Jim, mais c'est... à-à cause de mon-
French translationMilly: Sorry, Jim, but it's...b-because of my-
EnglishMilly: Wait a minute! Jim! It was my-

8:42 Milly's reaction to being called "little girl" is slightly different to in the French.

FrenchMilly: Et voilà !! « Ma p'tite » !! C'est toujours pareil !
French translationMilly: There it is!! "Little girl!!" It's always the same thing!
EnglishMilly: LITTLE GIRL?! Ok, I'm young, so what?!

9:15 The conversation goes a bit differently when Tamiya spots Milly's teddy bear in the photo of Sissi's room.

FrenchTamiya: Ah oui, t'as raison ! Regarde bien le photo, on le voit là...
Milly: Il est là ! Chez Sissi ! Oh, ça ne m'étonne pas. J'aurais dû m'en douter !
French translationTamiya: Yeah, you're right! Look closely at the photo, you can see it there...
Milly: He's there! In Sissi's room! Oh, that doesn't surprise me. I should've known!
EnglishTamiya: Milly, you're right! Look at this! It's a picture of Sissi's room.
Milly: And there's my teddy bear! Hidden under her pillow. Incredible...

13:27 Jeremy doesn't say his usual "Transfer...scanner...virtualisation" line in the French!

14:40 Another line from Jeremy that was added into the English dub.

French translation-
EnglishJeremy: Odd...take good care of Aelita!

17:37 Ulrich refers to the hall as the gym in the English.

18:40 Sissi greets Ulrich slightly differently at the prom.

FrenchSissi: Ulrich ! Alors, très cher ?
French translationSissi: Ulrich! Well, my dear?
EnglishSissi: Ulrich! How are you?

18:50 At the end of Mister Delmas's announcement, he adds "So get ready!" in the English.

20:50 A small change to Jeremy's line when Aelita reaches the tower.

FrenchJeremy: Aelita, à toi. Fais vite.
French translationJeremy: Aelita, it's your turn. Make it quick.
EnglishJeremy: Go on, Aelita. It's up to you.

22:54 Milly was given the last word at the end of the English episode.

FrenchTamiya: Ça, c'est un scoop !
French translationTamiya: This is a scoop!
EnglishTamiya: This is a scoop!
Milly: A super scoop!

Épisode 2 - Le voir pour le croire
ImageLe voir pour le croire
(See it to believe it)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Seeing is Believing
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:32 In the dub, Jeremy speaks when he raises his hand and Ms Hertz responds to him, but in the French Jeremy is silent and Doctor Delacre responds.

FrenchDelacre: Mm... Oui ? Euh, oui, Jérémie ?
French translationDelacre: Mm... Yes? Er, yes, Jeremie?
EnglishJeremy: Uhh, Sir?
Hertz: Yes, go on, Jeremie.

1:55 After Ms Hertz calls Jeremy a dreamer, in the dub, many students laugh. In the French, only Herb snickers. Also, in the French Odd merely glares at Herb and doesn't make a raspberry noise.

3:18 I always thought Odd was being rather direct with the way he worded this... Turns out it wasn't like that in the original French.

FrenchOdd: Hé ! En se dépêchant, on peut photocopier les tracts avant le déj' ! Tu viens, Jérémie ?
French translationOdd: Hey! If we hurry, we can photocopy the leaflets before lunch! You coming, Jeremie?
EnglishOdd: Hey, come on! If we step on it, we can photocopy the leaflets before lunch, Jeremie.

3:36 In the dub of this scene, Aelita is talking to Jeremy, but it seems as though he's either ignoring her or he can't hear her. It's unclear how the scene ended up this way as it wasn't in the script, either. In the French, Aelita doesn't speak here.

FrenchJeremy: Encore des problèmes... C'est curieux, pourquoi je ne l'entends pas ? ...Allons voir ça.
French translationJeremy: Yet more problems... That's strange, why can't I hear her? ...Let's check this out.
EnglishAelita: Hi! Is something wrong, Jeremie?
Jeremy: Hmm...
Aelita: You know, if you ever have a problem, you can always talk to me about it.
Jeremy: Weird... Why can't I hear anything? Let's check this out.

5:05 Odd talks in the English dub only while he's handing out the flyers.

French translation-
EnglishOdd: Here! Here you go!

5:22 Apparently the Odd of the English dub doesn't like tea, because he doesn't even consider the option.

FrenchOdd: Alors un chocolat ? Non, un thé... euh non... le thé à un goût d'potage...
(Ulrich appuie sur un bouton.)
Odd: Eh ! Ça c'est la soupe !
Ulrich: Bah oui, elle a un goût d'thé !
French translationOdd: So a hot chocolate? No, some tea...uh no...the tea tastes like soup...
(Ulrich presses a button.)
Odd: Hey! That's the soup!
Ulrich: Well yeah, it tastes like tea!
EnglishOdd: Let's see now, hot chocolate, no. Soup, no, the soup tastes like dishwater...
(Ulrich presses a button.)
Odd: Hey, you pressed soup!
Ulrich: Come on, it's not that awful!

5:44 In the English dub, Yumi says they're going to the gym to hold auditions, but they go to the hall.

8:18 The French word batterie means both "battery" and "drum kit." La batterie de la cuisine also refers to kitchen utensils such as pots and pans. Odd's French line mentions two of these possible meanings for the word batterie.

FrenchOdd: Ah ? Et laquelle ? La batterie d'cuisine ou celle de son portable ?
French translationOdd: Ah? Which kind? Pots and pans or the one in his cell phone?
EnglishOdd: A drummer, huh? What does he play, his mum's pots and pans?

9:11 A bit of a change to Odd's line about Nicolas being in their band.

FrenchOdd: Nicolas ? Batteur du groupe ? Ouais, peut-être dans ses rêves les plus fous !
French translationOdd: Nicolas? The drummer in our band? Yeah, maybe in his wildest dreams!
EnglishOdd: Nicolas? The drummer in our band? I don't care how good he is, the answer's no!

11:03 A small difference in Aelita's reply.

FrenchJeremy: Sois prudente.
Aelita: Compte sur moi.
French translationJeremy: Be careful.
Aelita: Count on me.
EnglishJeremy: Be careful, Aelita...
Aelita: I will.

13:04 Yumi seems to censor herself a little in the dub.

FrenchYumi: Ça créera un court-circuit et bang !
French translationYumi: That'll create a short-circuit and bang!
EnglishYumi: Creating a short-circuit and...!

13:24 In the French, Yumi immediately puts forward the idea of calling for outside help with the impending disaster.

FrenchYumi: Un attentat à l'énergie nucléaire, là ça nous dépasse ! On peut pas agir tous seuls !
French translationYumi: A nuclear attack, that's way over our heads! We can't do this alone!
EnglishYumi: Nuclear sabotage! That's a little over our heads, wouldn't you say?

19:26 Ulrich nods to his two clones. In the English dub, he also gives a verbal command.

French translation-
EnglishUlrich: Go on. Go on.

20:40 While Jeremy makes a distressed grunt in the French, in English he sounds like he's saying "No...!"

20:47 When Aelita lands on the top platform of the tower, Jeremy speaks a single word in the French: "Now."

22:04 Of course, the lyrics to Mystery Girl aren't exactly the same. The timing of the lyrics is also different between the French and English versions.

FrenchYumi: La fille mystérieuse, pas d'ici mais d'ailleurs. Elle voudrait le bonheur de sa planète curieuse ! Un vrai mystère pour moi, une love affair pour toi...
French translationYumi: The mysterious girl, not from here but from elsewhere. She wanted the happiness of her strange planet! A real mystery for me, a love affair for you...
EnglishYumi: Mystery girl, from another world. Wanted happiness, and not a lot of stress. A strength there that's true, a love affair for you...

22:44 Jeremy's praise for the band is a little different.

FrenchJeremy: Bien, plein d'énergie électrique ! Vous allez mettre le feu aux planches !
French translationJeremy: Full of electrical energy! You're gonna scorch the floorboards!
EnglishJeremy: Your energy is super nuclear! You're gonna make this town explode!

Épisode 3 - Vacances dans la brume
ImageVacances dans la brume
(Holidays in the mist)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Holiday in the Fog
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

2:13 In the French, Ulrich, Yumi and Odd all ask the same question at once. In the English dub, they all talk at once but they ask different questions.

FrenchUlrich, Odd and Yumi: Alors, le verdict ?
French translationUlrich, Odd and Yumi: So, what's the verdict?
EnglishYumi (at the same time as the others): What did he say?
Ulrich (at the same time as the others): How'd it go?
Odd (at the same time as the others): Well, tell us!

2:41 A small difference to Herb's line concerning Jeremy.

FrenchHerb: Eh, c'est curieux. On dirait qu'il a tout fait pour... Bizarre, de la part d'un type incapable d'avoir une mauvaise note.
French translationHerb: Hey, it's strange. It's like he did everything he could to get punished... Weird, coming from a guy who can't get a bad grade.
EnglishHerb: Yeah, sure is weird. You'd almost think he did what he did 'cause he wanted to be punished. I don't get it...

3:37 No love for Sissi's grandparents in the French...

FrenchSissi: Oh Papa, c'est moi ! T'as raison ! Je vais suivre ton conseil et m'enfermer ici avec mes bouquins !
French translationSissi: Oh Daddy, it's me! You're right! I'm going to follow your advice and hole myself up here with my books!
EnglishSissi: You just did, Daddy! It's me! Thank you for the advice! I promise to study hard! Kiss Grandma and Grandpa for me!

9:52 In the dub, when Sissi wakes up in her smoke-filled room, she calls for Jeremy. This was also in the original script, but didn't make it into the French episode.

FrenchSissi: Mais où est-ce que je suis, moi ? Houlà, ma tête... Oh, je crois pas... J'ai l'impression d'être perdu à plein brouillard... Oh, mais qu'est-ce que c'est ?
French translationSissi: Where am I? Oh, my head... Oh, I don't believe it... I feel like I'm lost in the fog... Oh, what is this?
EnglishSissi: W-what's happening? Where am I? Jeremie! I can't see... I'm totally out of it! Oh...what's going on?

11:13 One of the airport staff is named Marcel in French and Charlie in English.

14:30 In the French, Sissi drops two names rather than one when sarcastically referring to Jeremy.

FrenchSissi: C'est sûr qu'avec lui on n'craint plus rien ! C'est Bruce Willis et Schwarzenegger réunis !
French translationSissi: With him around, we have nothing to fear! He's Bruce Willis and Schwarzenegger combined!
EnglishSissi: It's nice to know that the closest thing to Bruce Willis is coming to the rescue!

15:46 Sissi's French line has her explaining some more detail on her relationship with the gang.

FrenchSissi: Je ne suis restée que pour une chose : Essayer de découvrir le secret qui unis Jérémie et les autres. L'air de rien je rêve de faire partie d'leur bande mais ça n'passe pas entre nous, on n'se comprend pas... vous voyez c'que j'veux dire ?
French translationSissi: I only stayed for one thing: to try and discover the secret that unites Jeremie and the others. I sorta dream of being part of their group but we just don't get along, we don't understand each see what I'm trying to say?
EnglishSissi: I only stayed at school to try and find out the secret of Jeremie and his friends 'cause...the truth is that...I've been wanting to be part of their group for ages, but it seems so hopeless. D'you understand what I mean?

17:58 Odd has a different sarcastic reply for Jeremy.

FrenchOdd: Nous, ici, c'est plutôt cool. On s'est fait des amis ! On discute là !
French translationOdd: We're totally cool over here. We've made some friends! We're having a chat!
EnglishOdd: What do you think we're doing, huh? Getting a sun tan?

20:03 In the French, Jim actually answers Jeremy's question about their location.

FrenchJeremy: Ulrich vous à trouvé ? Vous êtes où ?
Jim: Toujours dans l'école. Il nous faut de l'aide. On est bientôt à court d'oxygène ici...
French translationJeremy: Ulrich found you? Where are you?
Jim: Still at the school. We need help. We're almost out of oxygen here...
EnglishJeremy: Where are you? And Ulrich?
Jim: Jeremie, we really need help! We're starting to run out of o-oxygen in here.

20:28 In the dub, Aelita talks about monsters in the plural when there's only one left.

FrenchAelita: Toi, Odd, occupes-toi du Kankrelat.
French translationAelita: Odd, you take care of the Kankrelat.
EnglishAelita: You take care of the monsters.

22:25 "Even Jim."

FrenchUlrich: Hum, j'tiens pas vraiment à subir encore les cours de maths de Mam'zelle Schmidt... !
French translationUlrich: Hm, I don't really want to endure another maths lesson with Miss Schmidt...!
EnglishUlrich: Anything is better than another one of Miss Schmidt's maths lessons! Even Jim, heh!

Épisode 4 - Carnet de bord
ImageCarnet de bord
(Log book)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Log Book
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

4:52 Jim's instructions just before the bus leaves are a little bit different.

FrenchJim: A vos places ! Il n'y a rien à voir. Direction : La piscine.
French translationJim: Sit back down! There's nothing to see here. Next stop: the pool.
EnglishJim: Sit back down and stay there until we get to the pool!

5:25 In the French, Jeremy bids Yumi good luck before they split up. In the English, they both say it.

5:40 Jeremy says "Connection" at the end of his French line, but not the English.

7:36 A change to Yumi's reaction to reading Sissi's diary.

FrenchYumi: Oh quelle garce cette Sissi !
French translationYumi: Oh what a pest that Sissi is!
EnglishYumi: Of all the nasty tricks...!

10:39 The two street names Ulrich gives Jeremy are changed in the dub. The third name given later on, Constellation Intersection, is the same in both versions.

FrenchUlrich: Au croisement de l'avenue Molière et de la rue Méliès.
French translationUlrich: At the corner of Molière Avenue and Méliès Street.
EnglishUlrich: At the corner of Washington Street and Franklin Avenue.

10:58 In the French, Jim screams Odd's name and "NOOO!" when Odd opens the door and jumps off the bus. In the English, Jim just screams.

12:00 This line sounds a bit strange in English but fine in French.

FrenchAelita: J'ai la tour active en visuel !
French translationAelita: I have a visual on the activated tower!
EnglishAelita: I've got a virtual image of the activated tower!

15:36 In the original, Jim suggests they let the bus flip over when it's going around a corner so that it will get stuck.

FrenchJim: Peut-être que... o-on ferait mieux de sortir du bus ! Ou de le laisser se renverser dans la virage, non ? A-au moins, on serait sûr de ne pas s'écraser sur le complex petrochimique !
French translationJim: Maybe...w-we'd better get off the bus! Or let it flip over on a bend, right? A-at least we'd be sure not to crash into the petrochemical plant!
EnglishJim: M-maybe we should jump off the bus. W-what do you think? It might just be the best idea. That way, at least we won't go crashing into the petrochemical plant!

17:30 Ulrich's line is given to Sissi.

FrenchUlrich: Tout le monde à droite !
French translationUlrich: Everyone to the right!
EnglishSissi: Everyone to the right!

18:44 Jeremy's line is given to Aelita. It does make more sense for Jeremy to be saying it to Yumi, but that's the way it is...

FrenchJeremy: Bienvenue dans notre monde, Yumi.
Aelita: Hé ! Odd !
French translationJeremy: Welcome to our world, Yumi.
Aelita: Hey! Odd!
EnglishAelita: Welcome to our world! Hey, Odd! Odd!

19:05 Ulrich's line is posed as a question in the French and a statement in the English. Really it should be Jeremy giving him a time estimate, not the other way around.

FrenchUlrich: Quoi ? Tu veux dire qu'il ne nous reste que quatre minutes avant d'atteindre le complexe ?
French translationUlrich: What? You mean we only have four minutes before we reach the complex?
EnglishUlrich: Listen, we only have four minutes left before we get to the complex.

19:27 Some small changes to this part: part of Odd's original line is removed, and yet again Jeremy's line is given to Aelita.

FrenchOdd: J'ai une idée ! Fais-moi confiance. Allez, suis-moi !
(Ils courent vers une fissure.)
Jeremy: Odd ! Mais t'es malade !
French translationOdd: I have an idea! Trust me. Come on, follow me!
(They run towards a crevice.)
Jeremy: Odd! You're out of your mind!
EnglishOdd: I have an idea. Follow me!
(They run towards a crevice.)
Aelita: Odd, you're out of your mind!

20:32 Ulrich's line when Jim falls out the bus window is slightly different.

FrenchUlrich: Hé, Jim ! Vous n'allez pas nous quitter comme ça !
French translationUlrich: Hey, Jim! You're not getting away from us like that!
EnglishUlrich: What's the matter? Don't you like it here, Jim?

20:50 As the bus crashes into the petrochemical plant and drives through it, in the French version the passengers on board all scream. In the English dub, they can't be heard.

Épisode 5 - Big bogue
ImageBig bogue
(Big bug)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Big Bug
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

2:14 A nice wordplay that was missed in the English version.

FrenchUlrich: Ah mais j'suis pas timide ! Pas du tout, j'suis juste allergique au gâteau! Et toi avec ta tronche de cake, tu m'donnes des boutons.
French translationUlrich: Oh, but I'm not shy! Not at all, I'm just allergic to cake! And because you're such a fruitcake, you give me spots.
EnglishUlrich: You're wrong, I'm not shy! Not at all. I'm just allergic to anyone who's stuck up! And in that category, you win hands down.

4:00 Some different phrasing and an interesting insult.

FrenchYumi: Qui, moi ? Moi, jalouse, de cette starlette de supermarché ! Hey oh, mais tu dérailles complet Jérémie ! Jalouse d'elle n'importe quoi !
French translationYumi: Who, me? Me, jealous of that supermarket starlet! Hey, you've gone completely off the rails, Jeremie! Jealous of her, what rubbish!
EnglishYumi: What?! YOU'RE kidding! How could you think for a minute that I could be jealous of that dimwit?! That is ridiculous!

4:32 In the French, Odd seems willing to go along with any idea of Ulrich's without even knowing what it is. That's loyalty.

FrenchOdd: Pas la peine d'en dire plus, camarade. Je suis à fond avec toi !
French translationOdd: Say no more, good buddy. I'm with you all the way!
EnglishOdd: There's nothing in the world I would rather do. What's your idea, huh?

7:20 A slight change to Yumi's line, removing a reference to "MIA" or "AWOL."

FrenchYumi: C'est pas l'moment de jouer les abonnés absents...
French translationYumi: This isn't the time be going AWOL...
EnglishYumi: Come on, one of you's gotta be able to answer!

7:36 A wordplay that couldn't be translated well: the French phrase "avoir du chien" (lit. "to have dog"), particularly when said in reference to a woman, means "to be attractive," "to have charm" or "to have sex appeal," etc.

FrenchSissi: Oh, c'est dégoutant ! C'est quoi ce délire ?
Odd: Wooh, quelle séductrice !
Ulrich: Ça, elle a du chien ! Regarde Kiwi, il est sous le charme !
Odd: En tout cas, elle a bien choisi ! Kiwi, c'est autre chose qu'Hervé et Nicolas ! Allez Kiwi !
French translationSissi: Oh, that's disgusting! What is going on?
Odd: Ooh, what a seductress!
Ulrich: Now she's got appeal (lit. she's got dog)! Look at Kiwi, he's fallen for her charms!
Odd: Anyway, she made a good choice! Kiwi is something other than Herb and Nicolas! Come on, Kiwi!
EnglishSissi: Oh, what is going on around here?
Odd: Irresistible Sissi.
Ulrich: You're right, not even a dog can resist your charms.
Odd: Hey, don't knock it, Ulrich! This is a step up, huh! Because...Herb and Nicolas are no match for Kiwi! Sorry to drag you away, Kiwi.

10:01 Another wordplay: the French word "mordue" used to describe Sissi means "smitten" or "passionate," but it also means "bitten." Get it? Because dogs bite?

FrenchOdd: Sissi s'est trouvé un nouveau petit copain ! Oh, t'aurai vu sa tête, elle avait l'air d'être vraiment mordue !
French translationOdd: Sissi found herself a new boyfriend! Oh, you should've seen her, she really seemed smitten (lit. bitten)!
EnglishOdd: Sissi's got herself a boyfriend. Although "boy"'s not exactly the right word. Anyway, they're in love.

12:00 ...How could he talk about Kiwi like that?

FrenchJim: Tu dois rester à l'étude, jusqu'à ce que tes parents viennent chercher cette euh... cette chose.
French translationJim: You've gotta stay in the study hall until your parents come and pick up that uh...that thing.
EnglishJim: You've gotta stay in the study hall until your parents get here, and pick up that mutt!

13:07 In the French, Odd seems a little annoyed that Jeremy expects him to get out of detention so easily.

FrenchOdd: Bof tiens, on a du bon, lui.
French translationOdd: Come on, he's gotta be kidding.
EnglishOdd: Huh? Well what do you know...

14:06 Odd entices Kiwi with a bone in the French and a biscuit in the English.

17:07 In the French, Jim insults Odd when he finds that the boy is gone. Translated literally, this one would say, "Oh the little camel..."

FrenchJim: Oh l'petit chameau...
French translationJim: Oh the little brat...
EnglishJim: I don't believe it!

22:44 And another slight change.

FrenchYumi: À peine ils sont ensembles qu'ils commencent déjà à se disputer les jeunes !
French translationYumi: They've only just gotten together and they've already started bickering!
EnglishYumi: We've just seen the beginning and the end of a beautiful romance!

Épisode 6 - Cruel dilemme
ImageCruel dilemme
(Cruel dilemma)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Cruel Dilemma
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

7:22 From the moment Jeremy enters the room until Ulrich sits up and removes his earplugs, Jeremy whispers in the French. He starts yelling after Ulrich removes his earplugs, making for good humour. In the English he yells the whole way through, kind of ruining the joke.

7:27 Naturally, Odd mishears Jeremy's line in a very different way in the English.

FrenchJeremy: Odd ! Reveille-toi, XANA attaque. Odd !
Odd: Hein quoi, qu'est ce que tu racontes ? Où il est c't'oeuf de Pâques ??
French translationJeremy: Odd! Wake up, XANA's attacking. Odd!
Odd: Huh what, what are you talking about? Where's the Easter egg??
EnglishJeremy: Odd, wake up! XANA's attacking! Odd, wake up!!
Odd: W-what wussat? W-what did you say about carpet tacking?

9:40 Somehow, "pulsations" was translated as "pulse beats" in the English.

10:53 Another case of a stolen line, this time spoken by Odd instead of Ulrich.

FrenchOdd: Ouais, sans parler des scanners ! Sans eux, terminer les transfers sur Lyoko.
Ulrich: Et là, XANA pourra crier le victoire. Il aura gagné.
French translationOdd: Yeah, not to mention the scanners! Without them, no more transfers to Lyoko.
Ulrich: And then XANA can claim victory. He'll have won.
EnglishOdd: Don't forget about the scans! Without them, no more transfers to Lyoko. And that means total victory for XANA.

11:54 A French wordplay that doesn't work in English. "Faire un petit tour" means "to take a little walk." The noun "une tour" also means "a tower."

FrenchOdd: Alors, allons faire un 'tit tour à la tour.
French translationOdd: So, let's talk a little walk to the tower.
EnglishOdd: Ok. Let's go and check it out.

15:15 In the French, Yumi's line is heard normally, as though she's in the lab with Jeremy (which she is...). In the English, her voice is heard over the Supercomputer's speakers.

19:33 As Yumi is slipping, in the English, Jeremy says that Aelita is inside the tower before she's actually gone inside.

FrenchJeremy: Aelita viens de rejoindre la tour ! Accroche-toi, Yumi !
French translationJeremy: Aelita's just reached the tower! Hang on, Yumi!
EnglishJeremy: Aelita's inside the tower now! Hang on, Yumi!

20:05 In the French, after Yumi slips, Ulrich's cry of "NOOO" is long and drawn out. In the English, Ulrich's cry is shorter and it's Yumi's scream we hear for longer instead.

20:38 Jeremy doesn't say "Return to the past" in the English, but his mouth still moves.

21:52 In the French, Ulrich asks Yumi if she's ok after she falls out of the scanner. In the English, he assures her that she'll be ok.

FrenchUlrich: Hé-oh, ça va aller, Yumi ?
French translationUlrich: Hey, you gonna be ok, Yumi?
EnglishUlrich: It's alright, Yumi! You're gonna be ok.

Épisode 7 - Problème d'image
ImageProblème d'image
(Image problem)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Image Problem
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

2:20 Quite a bit of difference in Jeremy's question about Yumi.

FrenchJeremy: Quoi ?! Comment ça ? Qu'est-ce que tu me racontes ?
French translationJeremy: What?! What are you saying?
EnglishJeremy: What?! Come on, she couldn't have just vanished!

3:03 In the French, Odd says the hot chocolate tastes like the juice of old sweat socks filtered through an old pair of underpants. In the English he says it tastes like dirty sweat socks and an old pair of sneakers.

5:10 - 21:30 The clone's voice doesn't sound too different to Yumi's in the French. It speaks more normally compared to in the English, in which the clone sounds more mechanical and pushy.

5:10 Ulrich gains an extra (but very brief) line in the English, and Yumi-clone is quick to snap at the boys instead of telling them not to worry.

FrenchUlrich: T'es sûr que ça va ?
Yumi-clone: Ouais. Chui fatiguée.
Jeremy: Yumi, racontes. Qu'est-ce qui s'est passé sur Lyoko ?
Yumi-clone: Rien, t'inquiètes.
French translationUlrich: You sure you're ok?
Yumi-clone: Yeah. I'm tired.
Jeremy: Yumi, tell us. What happened on Lyoko?
Yumi-cone: Nothing, don't worry.
EnglishUlrich: You sure you're ok?
Yumi-clone: Yeah.
Ulrich: Really?
Yumi-clone: I'm just tired.
Jeremy: Yumi, tell us what happened on Lyoko!
Yumi-clone: Nothing, you hear?

6:27 Both are a fish joke, but they're phrased quite differently.

FrenchOdd: Eh regardez les gars, y'a du thon au menu !
French translationOdd: Hey look guys, there's tuna on the menu!
EnglishOdd: Hey, do I smell fish or just cheap perfume?

7:07 Ulrich's question to Yumi-clone about the clone encouraging him to go out with Sissi isn't exactly the same.

FrenchUlrich: Hé oh, Yumi. Ça va pas ? T'as pété un boulon ou quoi ?
French translationUlrich: Hey, Yumi. Is something wrong? Have you blown a gasket or what?
EnglishUlrich: Hey, what are you trying to pull anyway, huh?

8:24 Well, if it fits the mouth flaps, I guess.

FrenchJeremy: J'ai un Supercalculateur psychopathe à surveiller !
French translationJeremy: I've got a psychopathic Supercomputer to keep an eye on!
EnglishJeremy: I've got a super psychopathic computer to feed!

8:30 Delmas's English line is slightly extended and mentions the nurse by name.

FrenchDelmas: Notre infirmière en est encore toute bouleversée ! Qu'est-ce que vous lui avez fait, dites-moi. Ça fera deux heures de colle dans la bibliothéque ! ...Compris, jeune fille ?
French translationDelmas: Our nurse is still very upset! What have you done to her? Tell me. That will be two hours of detention in the library! ...Understood, young lady?
EnglishDelmas: Our poor nurse Dorothy is still very upset. How could you have done such a thing? I'm giving you two hours of detention in the library to teach you a lesson. ...Well, go on!

9:25 In the French, Yumi-clone's cry of "NO!" is loud and echoing. In the English, it's just a quick "NO!" with no echo.

10:15 In the English, Aelita refers to Odd and Ulrich as "your friends" (Jeremy's) instead of "our friends."

14:57 A bit of a change to Odd's line.

FrenchOdd: C'est bon ! On y est, Jérémie.
French translationOdd: All good! We're here, Jeremie.
EnglishOdd: Go on. Do your stuff, Jeremie.

17:28 Same sort of meaning, but the English phrasing makes it seem less like Ulrich himself is involved in executing the plan, which he isn't.

FrenchUlrich: Bon, essaie.
French translationUlrich: Ok, try it.
EnglishUlrich: Ok, let's go.

17:59 In the French, Aelita seems more certain that something has happened to Jeremy.

FrenchAelita: Je n'ai toujours aucun contact avec Jérémie. Il a dû lui arriver quelquechose !...
French translationAelita: I still can't contact Jeremie. Something must have happened to him...!
EnglishAelita: Jeremie's not responding. I don't understand. I have the feeling that something's wrong.

19:38 In the French, Odd is hit by a laser and Ulrich asks him how many life points he (Odd) has left. In the English, Ulrich asks about his own life point count.

FrenchUlrich: Il te reste combien de points de vie ?
French translationUlrich: How many life points do you have left?
EnglishUlrich: How many life points do I have left?

21:16 In the French, Yumi says "No!" as she's crawling towards Jeremy while the clone is holding him above the floor access. In the English, it's just a grunt.

21:24 Yumi's cry of despair echoes in the French but not in the English.

Épisode 8 - Clap de fin
ImageClap de fin
(Final clap*)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
End of Take
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

* The "clap" in the French episode title refers to the use of a clapperboard, an object used in filmmaking. It's the small board on which the scene and take are written, held in front of the camera at the start and end of every take and clapped shut. The clapping noise is used for audio-visual sound synchronisation purposes.

2:14 Julien thanks Finson for the autographed photo in the English dub only.

French translation-
EnglishJulien: Great! Thank you, Sir!

2:40 Nice to note that Sissi says she's a big fan of Finson's in the English.

FrenchSissi: J'aime beaucoup ce que vous faites ! Vraiment !
French translationSissi: I really love your work! Truly!
EnglishSissi: I just love your films. I'm a big fan of yours.

2:56 Finson says a quick "Yes?" in the French just before Sissi dictates what he should write.

3:52 A few changes to the dialogue in the scene where Ulrich shows Finson around the factory.

FrenchFinson: Des rats ? La chance me sourit, c'est parfait ! Il m'en fallait pour une des scènes du film !
Odd: Conclusion : Ne jamais faire confiance à Ulrich quand il dit qu'il a un plan.
Ulrich: C'est vrai que c'est un super décor, il sera même parfait ! L'ennui ce sont les fûts d'uranium qu'on a stoké ici pendant des années, alors du coup, ben ça rend le site légèrement radioactif !
French translationFinson: Rats? What luck, that's perfect! I need rats for one of the scenes in the film!
Odd: Conclusion: never trust Ulrich when he says he has a plan.
Ulrich: You're right, it is a great set, perfect even! The problem is the barrels of uranium they stored here for so many years, so because of that, well that makes the site slightly radioactive!
EnglishFinson: Rats? That's lucky! I've got some big scenes to shoot with rats in them!
Odd: Conclusion: never trust Ulrich when he says there's nothing to worry about.
Ulrich: You're right, it's a great set. Too bad about all that...uranium they stored here for so many years and years, heh... Maybe one day it won't be radioactive anymore!

5:26 In the French, Sissi sees an opportunity to achieve her dream. In the English, she's just determined, I guess.

FrenchSissi: Oh, ça j'y compte bien ! Ça va me donner une chance de devenir une grande actrice !
French translationSissi: Oh, I'm counting on it! This will give me a chance to become a famous actress!
EnglishSissi: Hm... We'll see about that! Nothing's going to stop me from becoming a big movie star!

8:13 Another small change to Sissi's line.

FrenchSissi: On est professionel ou on n'l'est pas !
French translationSissi: You're either a professional or you're not!
EnglishSissi: You see, we professionals are very serious.

8:29 Finson's final words to Sissi are different!

FrenchFinson: Vingt secondes à l'écran. Oui, mais...vingt secondes de gloire ! Ah, brave petite.
French translationFinson: Twenty seconds on the screen. Yes, but...twenty seconds of glory! Ah, brave girl.
EnglishFinson: Twenty seconds on the screen, yes, but twenty seconds of glory! Gory glory, too!

9:46 Sissi says this line just before the alien's saliva drips onto her face, like she predicts in the English. Is it censorship or just humorous foreshadowing? Or both? We may never know.

FrenchSissi: Sinon quoi ? Un monstre hideux dégoulinant de bave va me dévorer toute crue, c'est ça ?
French translationSissi: Or else what? A hideous, drooling monster's gonna eat me alive, is that it?
EnglishSissi: Or else what? A monster's gonna squirt goopy goo all over my face, huh, Ulrich?

10:27 When Sissi recoils from the dents the alien is making in the floor beneath her head, she cries "No!" in the French. In the English, it's just a noise of distress.

12:36 In the French, Ulrich cries out "NOOOOO!" in dismay as the alien starts running towards him and Sissi. He then screams along with Sissi as the alien glues them to the wall. In the English, Ulrich is silent the whole way through.

15:23 In the French, Ulrich says they need to go before XANA finds them again. This is a joke because Finson immediately finds them instead. In the English, Ulrich just expresses concern about XANA's plan in general.

FrenchUlrich: Là, faut se tirer ou XANA va nous tomber dessus.
French translationUlrich: We've gotta go, or XANA's gonna get the drop on us.
EnglishUlrich: We've gotta go, or XANA's gonna get his way.

16:50 In the French, Finson's order refers to just the alien. In the English, it refers to the three kids, and maybe the alien as well.

FrenchFinson: Allez rattrapez-le, dépêchez-vous !
French translationFinson: Catch it, get a move on!
EnglishFinson: Don't let them get away! Get a move on!

19:36 In the French, Odd says he's not taking a nap. In English, he says they're not exactly having a tea party.

19:53 When Odd tackles Aelita out of the way of the Hornets' lasers, in the English, he tells her "Get down!"

21:22 The English version of this line seems overly dramatic, but maybe that's just me.

FrenchAelita: Si par malheur j'ai choisi la mauvaise tour, je ne pourrais rien faire.
French translationAelita: If I've happened to choose the wrong tower, there's nothing I can do about it.
EnglishAelita: If I happen to choose the wrong tower, it'll be all over, you know that.

Épisode 9 - Satellite
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:47 Hertz's line sounds a lot harsher in the English in terms of both wording and tone of voice.

FrenchHertz: Alors ?
French translationHertz: Well?
EnglishHertz: Hand it over!

3:32 A slight wording change.

FrenchOdd: Quoi du vol ? Tout de suite les grands mots ! On va juste reprendre ce qui nous est indispensable, c'est pas du vol !
French translationOdd: What do you mean, stealing? That's such harsh word for it! We're just going to take back what's essential to us, it's not stealing!
EnglishOdd: No it's not! Taking back what belongs to you in the first place is not what I would call stealing.

3:54 The man who serves food to the teachers is named Gaston in the French and Charles in the English.

4:10 Some more small changes as Odd goes to break the locker open.

FrenchUlrich: C'est bon. Vas-y.
Odd: A nous deux...
French translationUlrich: We're good. Go on.
Odd: Just the two of us...
EnglishUlrich: The coast is clear.
Odd: Here we go.

4:28 And another name change: Ulrich calls the teacher Monsieur Lièvre in French and Mister Lieburg in English. What's also interesting is this teacher's name ended up being Mister Fumey in both languages.

6:26 Some wordplay in the French: "problème de tension" means "high blood pressure," but it can also refer to voltage problems.

FrenchOdd: Bah, vous l'connaissez, c'est une vraie pile, il a dû avoir un problème de tension.
French translationOdd: Well, you know him, he's a real battery, he must have had high blood pressure (lit. a voltage problem).
EnglishOdd: Oh, you know how Jim is. He's a regular live wire, so- Oh! I mean...

7:08 And another small difference.

FrenchSissi: Oh, Pap'... Euh... Monsieur le Proviseur. Vous tombez bien !
French translationSissi: Oh, Dad... Uh...Sir. Perfect timing!
EnglishSissi: Oh, Dad, uh...I mean... Sir! What is going on here is this!

7:32 Sissi's French line is slightly longer.

FrenchSissi: Bah, c'est normal ! On peut pas vivre sans portable, fallait pas nous les prendre !
French translationSissi: It's only normal! Nobody can live without their cell phone, you shouldn't have taken them from us!
EnglishSissi: It's only normal, Sir! How can anyone live without their cell phone?

8:49 The chant Sissi chooses for the protest has the same amount of syllables in both languages, but the English phrase has more words to it.

FrenchSissi: « Libérer nos portables. » Parfait !
French translationSissi: "Free our phones." Perfect!
EnglishSissi: "No more phones, no more school." Perfect!

8:56 Sissi seems to have different priorities in the French compared to the English.

FrenchSissi: On est en plein crise, je te signale !
French translationSissi: We're in the middle of a crisis, I'll have you know!
EnglishSissi: Ever heard of solidarity?

11:30 Jeremy steals Ulrich's line in the English.

FrenchJeremy: XANA ne controle pas encore la parabole.
Ulrich: OK. Ça nous laisse un peu de temps.
Jeremy: Maintenant, je vais essayer de voir quelle satellite pourrait bien intéresser XANA dans le coin. Ça va pas être de la tarte.
French translationJeremy: XANA's still not in control of the TV dish.
Ulrich: Ok. That gives us a little time.
Jeremy: Now I'm going to try and find out which satellite XANA might want to get his hands on. It won't be easy.
EnglishJeremy: XANA's still not in control of the TV dish. That gives us a little time. I'll try to find out which satellite XANA might want to get his hands on, but it won't be easy.

11:47 In the English, Yumi eventually joins in the chant with the other protesters. In the French, she yells out something related but not the actual chant.

FrenchStudents: Libérer nos portables ! Libérer nos portables !
Yumi: On veut nos portables !
French translationStudents: Free our phones! Free our phones!
Yumi: We want our phones!
EnglishStudents: No more phones, no more school! No more phones...
Students and Yumi: more school!

12:38 After Ulrich suggests XANA may try to destroy the school, there's another line theft by Jeremy!

FrenchAelita: Sachant qui Yumi s'y trouve, c'est sans doute ce qu'il va faire ! Il faut la prévenir !
Jeremy: Sans portable ?
French translationAelita: Knowing that Yumi's there, that's for sure what he's gonna do! We have to warn her!
Jeremy: Without a mobile?
EnglishJeremy: Remember, Yumi's there, so that's for sure what he's gonna do! We have to warn her! But without a mobile...

12:56 The students change their chant in the French but continue with the same one in the English.

FrenchStudents: Rendez-nous nos portables ! Rendez-nous nos portables !
French translationStudents: Give us back our phones! Give us back our phones!
EnglishStudents: No more phones, no more school! No more phones, no more school!

14:37 Another minor change.

FrenchYumi: E-et vous aussi, d'ailleurs ! Il faut que vous quittiez ce bâtiment !
French translationYumi: A-and you too, in fact! You have to leave this building!
EnglishYumi: You too, in fact! Everyone around here has to leave!

15:17 A simple translation mistake was behind a confusing line of Jeremy's.

FrenchJeremy: Odd, entre le venin et les lasers, t'as déjà perdu soixante-dix points de vie.
Odd: Et les autres ?
French translationJeremy: Odd, between the poison and the lasers, you've already lost seventy life points.
Odd: And the others?
EnglishJeremy: Odd! Between the poison and the arrows, you've already lost seventy life points!
Odd: You said no choice!

15:39 In the French, Jeremy says "Hurry...!" In the English, he says Yumi's name in concern.

15:45 A couple of changes regarding Yumi's escape from the principal's office.

FrenchSissi: Alors, ça y est ? T'es libérée ?
Yumi: Heu... Pas vraiment, je me suis enfuie.
French translationSissi: Well, is that it? You're free?
Yumi: Uh... Not really, I escaped.
EnglishSissi: He let you go, Yumi?
Yumi: I escaped when he wasn't looking.

16:14 In the English, Yumi gives a small victory "Yes!" when she convinces the students to leave the school grounds.

16:44 A slight change to the new chant.

FrenchStudents: Lycéens, avec nous ! Collégiens, avec nous !
French translationStudents: High school students, with us! Middle school students, with us!
EnglishStudents: High school students! Middle school students! All for one and one for all!

19:24 As Yumi and Odd dive away from the laser, in the French they cry out "No!"

19:52 Blatant religious references never occurred in the English dub, but here's one in the French!

FrenchDelmas (thinking): Mon dieu, qu'est-ce qui nous arrive ?
French translationDelmas (thinking): My god, what's happening to us?
EnglishDelmas (thinking): What in the world is happening...?

19:59 In the French, Aelita blames XANA for the tower being hidden. Though really it was just Lyoko's landscape...

FrenchAelita: XANA l'a bien dissimulé !
French translationAelita: XANA hid it really well!
EnglishAelita: It's pretty well hidden!

22:45 A wording change for Sissi and some rather different words of support from Herb.

FrenchSissi: En tout cas celui qui me confisquera mon portable, il est pas encore né !
Herb: Bien dit Sissi !
French translationSissi: In any case, there isn't a person alive who could confiscate my mobile!
Herb: Well said, Sissi!
EnglishSissi: Anyway, I'd like to see someone try to confiscate MY mobile!
Herb: You're so brave, Sissi...

Épisode 10 - Créature de rêve
ImageCréature de rêve
(Creature of dreams)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
The Girl of the Dreams
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

2:57 In the English, Milly says that she and Tamiya are in seventh grade, but they're actually in sixth.

4:12 The English dub missed a joke here: Odd asks Jeremy what he'd say to Aelita on seeing her in the flesh for the first time. He then teases Jeremy about his reaction to seeing Taelia, but then Odd says pretty much the exact same thing when he notices her.

FrenchJeremy: (en voyant Talia) O-oh, ça alors... J-j'arrive pas à y croire !...
Odd: MIIIP ! C'est raté, mec ! Va falloir que tu prennes des cours du soir ! (il voit Talia) Hein ? Eh ben... ça alors ! Je...j'arrive pas à y croire !...
French translationJeremy: (sees Taelia) O-oh, my gosh... I-I can't believe it...!
Odd: BEEP! Wrong answer, man! You'll have to take evening classes! (sees Taelia) Huh? Well gosh! I...I can't believe it...!
EnglishJeremy: (sees Taelia) Oh, wow...! Oohh!
Odd: Beep! Sorry, your time is up! You could do with a few pointers in flirting! (sees Taelia) Oh, wow...this is... I don't believe it...!

4:51 An interesting change here when Odd and Ulrich drag Jeremy over to see Taelia: in the French, Odd says that they're counting on Jeremy to talk to Taelia. In the English, Odd calls himself an expert and seems to bring Jeremy along to learn from his techniques.

FrenchOdd: Allez ! C'est à toi de jouer !
Jeremy: Non, attendez... Mais qu'est-ce que vous faites ? Hé !
Odd: On compte sur toi !
French translationOdd: Go on! It's your turn!
Jeremy: No, wait... But what are you doing? Hey!
Odd: We're counting on you!
EnglishOdd: Go on!
Jeremy: Hey! Wait...
Odd: Ok, watch an expert at work, and learn!

5:28 Following on from earlier, in the English, Ulrich makes fun of Odd for calling himself an expert and then getting brushed off. Since this was never said in the French, there's no callback in Ulrich's line.

FrenchUlrich: Héhé, s'faire rembarrer comme ça, c'est du grand art !
French translationUlrich: Heheh, being rejected like that is an art form!
EnglishUlrich: "Watch an expert and learn," huh!

6:33 Odd didn't mention the idea of a snowstorm in the original French, but it was in the script. Which is interesting, considering how the episode was originally written... Plus another joke the dub didn't run with.

FrenchOdd: Tu sais Jérémie, XANA l'a peut-être coincée quelquepart ! Elle est peut-être en pleine tempête et on l'a capte pas !
Jeremy: Et si ça s'trouve les derniers calculs que j'ai lancé ont fonctionné !
Odd: Oh, t'as vraiment pas assez dormi, toi !
Jeremy: J'en suis sûr, je le sens, Odd !
Odd: Grr... Et moi je ne sens rien !
French translationOdd: You know Jeremie, XANA might have trapped her somewhere! She could be in the middle of a storm, so we can't pick her up!
Jeremy: And what if the last calculations I tried worked?
Odd: Oh, you really haven't gotten enough sleep!
Jeremy: I'm sure of it. I can feel it, Odd!
Odd: Ugh... And I don't feel a thing!
EnglishOdd: She doesn't answer, but she might be in one of XANA's traps! Like in a storm, or snowbound, so you can't pick her up!
Jeremy: What if the last calculations I tried were the right ones?
Odd: You know, you could really use a good night's sleep.
Jeremy: Odd, it's her.
Odd: And I say you're nuts!

9:30 An alternate way of telling Jeremy that he's crazy.

FrenchTaelia: Moi, je crois surtout qu'il faut te faire soigner !
French translationTaelia: I think you need to get help!
EnglishTaelia: I don't trust anyone who's stark-breaking mad!

14:04 In the French, Odd seems more sure of himself concerning his vision. In the English, it sounds like he could be confused and/or unaccustomed to having Future Flashes. This seems to be how it was written in the script, but it doesn't really make sense considering he knows full well about his power at this point in the series.

FrenchOdd: Dans un flash d'anticipation !
French translationOdd: In a flash vision!
EnglishOdd: In a kind of flash vision...

22:21 A change to Delmas's introduction of Taelia. This English line matches what he said before the return trip, whereas the French line ended up being different.

FrenchDelmas: Et voici Talia. Je vous demanderai de lui servir le plus chalereux des accueils.
French translationDelmas: And this is Taelia. I ask you to give her the warmest of welcomes.
EnglishDelmas: And this is Taelia, your new classmate. I'm sure your fellow students are anxious to meet you.

22:37 Some changes to the boys' final conversation.

FrenchJeremy: Je n'comprends pas comment vous avez pu la prendre pour Aelita !
Ulrich: Attends, tu peux nous la refaire là ?
Odd: Ouais, et en couleurs !
Jeremy: Non vraiment, j'vous jure, je n'comprends pas !
French translationJeremy: I don't get how you could've thought she was Aelita!
Ulrich: Wait, could you run that by us again?
Odd: Yeah, and in colour!
Jeremy: No really, I swear, I don't get it!
EnglishJeremy: How could you have possibly thought she was Aelita?
Ulrich: Did you just say that we thought...?!
Odd: He sure did.
Jeremy: You'd have to be blind to think that!

Épisode 11 - Enragés
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

3:09 Jim's French line has an accidental self-deprecating comment.

FrenchJim: Ah ! Ah, d'accord ! Vous avez envie d'jouer au plus bête ! Hein ? Alors accrochez vous parc'qu'à c'jeu là, moi, je demeure imbattable !
French translationJim: Ah! Ah, alright! You wanna play who's stupider! Huh? Well hold onto your hats because I am unbeatable at that game!
EnglishJim: Ah! Ok, we-he-ell if that's the way you wanna play, I can play just as hard as you can, my little friends!

4:13 When Jeremy leaves the building, Yumi asks "Well?" in the French but is silent in the English.

6:33 In French, "QCM" refers to a multiple choice test. Though there's no real change to the meaning of this line when translated, it does make more sense for Jeremy to be (pretend) confused by the initials "QCM" than the words "multiple choice test."

FrenchSimone: Alors, pour commencer je vais d'abord te soumettre à un petit QCM. Si tu veux, c'est une sorte de... Oh ! Excuse-moi. Evidemment, tu connais ça.
French translationSimone: Now, to start off, I'm going to give you an MCT. It's a test in which you... Oh! Excuse me. Obviously, you already know!
EnglishSimone: Now, to start off, I'm going to give you a multiple choice test. It's a test in which you...heh, I'm sorry. I'm sure you already know!

6:43 A different food on the dinner menu.

FrenchOdd: Boh, c'est l'angoisse ! Encore du hachis Parmentier !
French translationOdd: Ugh, it's awful! Shepard's pie again!
EnglishOdd: Oh, I dunno, some kind of hash. They all taste the same!

6:55 The English dub has Sissi name the brand of her new dress. This was also in the script, but not the French.

FrenchSissi: Je n'y crois pas ! Ma toute nouvelle robe ! Alors ça !
French translationSissi: I don't believe it! My brand new dress! Good grief!
EnglishSissi: My brand new Gukki dress! I don't believe it!

9:54 The dub added another sentence to Jim's line.

FrenchJim: Pa-pa-pas d'panique, j'ai dit !
French translationJim: D-d-don't panic, I said!
EnglishJim: Uh, don't panic, I said! J-just get out of my way!

10:53 A translation error made Ulrich sound rather rude to Sissi.

FrenchUlrich: Sissi ? Mais qu'est-ce qu'elle fait là-bas, enfin ?!
French translationUlrich: Sissi? What's she doing over there, anyway?!
EnglishUlrich: Sissi?! What's she doing here, anyway?!

11:46 Odd welcomes Yumi in a different way.

FrenchOdd: Bienvenue, Yumi !
French translationOdd: Welcome, Yumi!
EnglishOdd: Welcome to the rat pack!

13:02 In the French, Ulrich has fewer words to say about his regrets.

FrenchUlrich: Mauvais plan...
French translationUlrich: Bad idea...
EnglishUlrich: Oh, what do I do now?

14:08 The English dub gives us a reason for Mister Simone's fear of rats.

FrenchSimone: Pas des rats !... Non, pas ça !... Tout sauf des rats... Tout...
French translationSimone: Not rats...! No, not that...! Anything but rats... Anything...
EnglishSimone: Not rats...anything but rats...! W-when I was a boy, a-a rat...came up to room...!

14:21 When Jeremy takes the torch from Mister Simone, the man complains in the French, saying "But...!"

15:02 When Ulrich notices the rats descending towards the water, in the French he verbally points them out.

FrenchUlrich: Les voilà !
French translationUlrich: There they are!

15:30 In the French, Mister Simone cries for his mother when Jeremy leaves the library.

FrenchSimone: Non, mais !... Mais où tu vas ?! J'ai peur des rats ! Ouin, Maman...
French translationSimone: No, but...! Where are you going?! I'm afraid of rats! Waah, Mummy...
EnglishSimone: Stay! P-please don't go! I'm a-afraid of rats! Waah! Oh no...

15:38 In the French, when Yumi enters the lab, she tells the boys to head down to the scanner room.

FrenchYumi: Allez, j'y vais !
French translationYumi: Go on, I'm on it!

16:28 A small change to Yumi's line before she launches the virtualisation.

FrenchYumi: Bon allez, c'est à moi de jouer.
French translationYumi: Ok then, it's my turn.
EnglishYumi: Ok then, I'm ready.

17:25 In the English, Jeremy tells the rats, "Smile!" before blinding them with the flash.

18:09 A difference in Odd's line.

FrenchOdd: Hé ! C'était pas prévu, ça !
French translationOdd: Hey! This is unexpected!
EnglishOdd: Hey, you know, this is kinda weird.

20:17 Some small changes to Yumi and Jeremy's lines.

FrenchYumi: Bon, à toi. Odd a été dévirtualisé, Ulrich n'a pratiquement plus de points de vie.
Jeremy: Alors, c'est a toi de jouer.
French translationYumi: Ok, over to you. Odd was devirtualised, Ulrich has hardly any life points left.
Jeremy: Well, it's your turn.
EnglishYumi: Listen, Odd has just been devirtualised, and Ulrich has hardly any life points left.
Jeremy: Well, you know what you've gotta do now, Yumi.

Épisode 12 - Attaque en piqué
ImageAttaque en piqué
(Swoop (lit.)/stinging attack*)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Swarming Attack
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

* "Attaque en piqué" (lit. "dive attack") means "swoop," but words like "pique" and "piqûre" mean "barb" or "sting," so this title is probably a wordplay.

4:00 In the French, Ulrich curses the ball. In the English, he wonders how it could've happened.

FrenchUlrich: Oh, saleté d'ballon...
French translationUlrich: Oh, stupid ball...
EnglishUlrich: Oh, how could that have happened?

4:16 In the English, Ulrich seems less certain about whether or not he's in love.

FrenchUlrich: Bah nan justement ! Et c'est bien ça l'problème, j'sais pas quoi penser ! Et en plus j'arrive pas à lui en parler...
French translationUlrich: No I'm not! And that's the problem, I don't know what to think! What's more, I can't even manage to talk to her about it...
EnglishUlrich: That's the problem - I'm not in love. I'm...I'm not sure I am. I can't even manage to talk to her!

6:26 A teeny bit extra to Jeremy's line.

FrenchJeremy: T'en fais pas, il va se remettre !
French translationJeremy: Don't worry, he'll recover!
EnglishJeremy: Don't worry, Odd.

6:39 Odd's line is different when he puts a compress over Kiwi's stings.

FrenchOdd: Et voilà, mon chien !
French translationOdd: There you go, Kiwi!
EnglishOdd: This'll make you feel better.

6:47 Some differences when Yumi tells Ulrich that Emilie is (supposedly) in love with Jim.

FrenchYumi: Ouais, j't'assure ! C'est Odd qui m'l'a raconté ! Bon, faut qu'j'vous laisse. J'ai cours !
Ulrich (to Odd): Mais... mais c'est quoi cette histoire ?
Odd: Laisse béton !
French translationYumi: Yeah, I swear it! Odd told me about it! Ok, I'd better go. I've got class!
Ulrich (to Odd): But...what's that all about?
Odd: Forget it!
EnglishYumi: Odd told me all about it! Weird, huh? I've got class now. See ya.
Ulrich (to Odd): Hey, what's that all about?
Odd: I don't know!

7:31 A mistranslation that made for a strange line in the English! Ulrich should be saying he'll lure the hornets away himself, but he says "us" instead... And then Jeremy and Odd run in a different direction to help Mister Riley to safety, clearly not trying to lure the insects. It seems as though Ulrich expects them to come with him, but then they abandon him.

FrenchRiley: Au secours ! Aaaaahh !
Ulrich: Je vais essayer d'les attirer ! Maintenant !
French translationRiley: Help! Aaaaahh!
Ulrich: I'll try to attract them to me! Now!
EnglishRiley: Help! Help! Get 'em off!
Ulrich: We'll try to attract them to us! Let's go!
Riley: Do something!

7:50 Another probable mistranslation. You wouldn't really think Ulrich would be able to take care of the hornets, only escape them.

FrenchJeremy: Il va se debrouiller...
French translationJeremy: He'll manage...
EnglishJeremy: ...He'll take care of them.

8:28 A teacher name change, and Jeremy mentions Delmas calling the fire brigade specifically. Also Jeremy, hornets don't bite, they sting...

FrenchJeremy: Monsieur Benoît a eu de la chance. Deux piqûres de plus et...
Odd: Hé attends ! Il est pas encore tiré d'affaire !
Jeremy: Le principal a prévenu les pompiers.
French translationJeremy: Mister Benoît was lucky. Two more stings and...
Odd: Hang on! He's not out of trouble yet!
Jeremy: The principal called the firefighters.
EnglishJeremy: Mister Bennett was lucky. One more bite and...
Odd: Yeah, that's right. But he's still not in great shape.
Jeremy: Principal's sent for help.

9:00 In French, Odd includes the word "angry" in his description of the hornets. More notably, his voice fades out to become really quiet while Ulrich watches Yumi leave and daydreams, not listening to Odd. He returns to normal volume once he taps Ulrich on the shoulder to get his attention. In the English, his voice remains at normal volume throughout.

9:58 In the French, Jeremy is more certain of XANA's involvement in the hornet problem.

FrenchAelita: Alors, tout va bien chez vous ?
Jeremy: Bah non, pas vraiment. XANA est en train d'passer à l'attaque.
French translationAelita: So, is everything alright over there?
Jeremy: No, not really. XANA's going on the attack.
EnglishAelita: How are things in the real world?
Jeremy: We've got a problem. And we think it might be XANA.

11:06 When Jeremy speaks to Aelita on Lyoko, in the French, his voice doesn't have the electronic twinge it normally has when heard in the virtual world.

11:33 When Ulrich grabs Yumi's arm to stop her from leaving, in the English she says "What?"

12:03 In the French, Nicolas and Herb continue laughing while Sissi talks. In the English, they fall silent to let her speak and then start laughing again afterwards. Also, Herb has an extra line in the English.

FrenchSissi: Alors ça, c'est super gênant comme situation !
French translationSissi: Now that's a super embarrassing situation!
EnglishHerb: That has got to hurt!
Sissi: Kind of embarrassing, if you ask me!

13:03 In the English, for emphasis at the end of his sentence about being sensitive to smell, Odd sniffs the air and gags at the smell of the sewer pipe.

13:06 In the French, after the hornets leave, Odd is still cautious and initially doesn't seem to approve of Jeremy leaving the pipe.

FrenchOdd: Hé, attends ! Tu crois qu'ça a marché, Jérémie ?
Jeremy: Apparament !
Odd: Hé ?...
French translationOdd: Hey, wait! Do you think it worked, Jeremie?
Jeremy: Apparently!
Odd: Hey...?
EnglishOdd: Hey! I think it worked!
Jeremy: Looks like it.
Odd: What do you know?

13:26 Ulrich's response to Jeremy's question seems a bit snippier in the English.

FrenchUlrich: Je l'ai pas écouté. J'avais pas la tête à ça, désolé.
French translationUlrich: I didn't listen to it. I didn't feel like it, sorry.
EnglishUlrich: What do you think? I didn't feel like checking my messages.

14:19 Jeremy's response to Odd's concern is different.

FrenchJeremy: Ça va aller, t'inquiètes pas, Odd ! J'ai bidouillé un truc !
French translationJeremy: It'll be fine, don't worry, Odd! I tinkered with a little something!
EnglishJeremy: Don't worry, Odd - I'm way ahead of you on this one!

14:48 In the French, Jeremy says that hornets are capable of "perceiving" ultrasound. In English, he says "receiving" instead. The word used in French sounds more accurate.

15:31 In the French, the firefighter mentions Kadic Academy by name. In the English, he calls it "the junior high school."

17:17 A nice wordplay from Sissi that wouldn't work in English. The phrase "prendre une veste" (lit. "take a jacket") means "to strike out" or "to fail," and Sissi runs with it to make a joke about cold weather. Also, Herb starts to speak in the French before he spots the oncoming hornets and starts running.

FrenchSissi: Avec la veste qu'il vient de prendre, ce cher Ulrich est habillé pour l'hiver ! Il ne risque pas de prendre froid ! J'ai fait fort, nan ? Qu'est-ce que vous en dites ?
Herb: Oh... Sûr, je...
(Hervé et Nicolas s'enfuient.)
Sissi: Hé-oh ! Je vous ai posé une question !
French translationSissi: With the way he just struck out (lit. With the jacket he just took), dear Ulrich is dressed for winter! He won't be catching a cold! I did pretty well, didn't I? What do you think?
Herb: Oh... Sure, I...
(Herb and Nicolas run away.)
Sissi: Hello?! I asked you a question!
EnglishSissi: Oh, talk about embarrassing situations! I'm sure that Ulrich's not about to forget this for a long time. What genius I am!
(Herb and Nicolas run away.)
Sissi: ...You could say something!

17:39 As Sissi, Nicolas and Herb run towards the cafeteria, Herb says "Wait up!" in the English only.

17:51 Some numbers confusion in the English dub. Only three Hornets arrive to attack the group, not three swarms.

FrenchJeremy: Attention, escadron de trois Frôlions en approche. Ça va secouer !
French translationJeremy: Careful, squadron of three Hornets approaching. Things are gonna get bumpy!
EnglishJeremy: Careful, three swarms of Hornets converging. Get ready!

18:13 More numbers confusion, this one made weirder by a later scene where Yumi is hit by several more lasers and Jeremy tells her that she has twenty life points left.

FrenchJeremy: Yumi, moins vingt points de vie.
French translationJeremy: Yumi, you lost twenty life points.
EnglishJeremy: Less than twenty life points left, Yumi.

18:22 Jeremy says something different to Ulrich to try and get him to take action.

FrenchJeremy: T'es cloué au sol ou quoi !?
French translationJeremy: Are your feet nailed to the floor or something?!
EnglishJeremy: Wake up, will you?!

18:27, 19:08 As the hornets swarm outside the cafeteria window, a firefighter shouts "Oh no!" in the French only.

19:16 Jeremy calls Yumi's name in the French just before she's hit by a laser.

19:33 When Odd charges towards a Hornet, Yumi and Aelita cry out. They yell "Hey!" in French and "Odd!" in English.

20:13 Jeremy's line is different when Ulrich actually joins in the fight.

FrenchJeremy: Enfin te revoilà !
French translationJeremy: Finally, you're back!
EnglishJeremy: Well, it's about time!

21:00 After Yumi is devirtualised, Jeremy cries "Oh no!" in the English only.

22:27 Ulrich asks if the letter is for him in the French but not the English. Also, Sissi has a short line in the dub as she tries to explain herself.

FrenchUlrich: C'est pour moi ? Voyons...
French translationUlrich: Is this for me? Let's see...
EnglishUlrich: What do you know! Let's see now...
Sissi: It's uh...

Épisode 13 - D'un cheveu
ImageD'un cheveu
(By a hair)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Just in Time
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

2:04 Ulrich's reaction to being kicked to the ground by Yumi is different.

FrenchUlrich: Hé ! J'contrôle les coups, moi !
Yumi: Moi aussi !
French translationUlrich: Hey! I control my blows!
Yumi: So do I!
EnglishUlrich: Hey, I thought it was time out...
Yumi: Oh, guess I forgot.

2:16 A little bit extra to Jeremy's English line.

FrenchJeremy: Ben... C-comment t'as deviné ? Bon allez, peu importe.
French translationJeremy: Well... H-how did you guess? Alright, whatever.
EnglishJeremy: That's right. Say, how did you guess, Odd? Well guys, I finally did it!

2:42 In French, "un cheveu" refers to a hair from someone's head, and "un poil" refers to any other sort of hair, including fur. This distinction couldn't be made so easily in the English.

FrenchOdd: Un poil ? T'as réussi à matérialiser un poil ?
Jeremy: C'est un cheveu, Odd !
French translationOdd: A strand of fur? You managed to materialise a strand of fur?
Jeremy: It's a hair, Odd!
EnglishOdd: A hair? You only materialised one hair?
Jeremy: Yep, that's right, Odd!

4:04 In the French Ulrich says Jeremy will have succeeded by the weekend, in the English he says it'll be in a few days.

FrenchUlrich: D'ici ce week-end, je suis sûr qu't'auras réussi !
Odd: Ouais bah en tout cas, on a vingt minutes pour se matérialiser en cours de maths, sinon c'est adieu l'week-end !
French translationUlrich: By this weekend, you'll have succeeded, I'm sure!
Odd: Yeah well in any case, we have twenty minutes to materialise in the maths classroom or we can kiss the weekend goodbye!
EnglishUlrich: In a few days, you'll be all set, you'll see.
Odd: H-hey, come on, you guys! If we don't materialise in a couple of minutes in the classroom, we're not going to last a few days!

4:40 A hair joke that was replaced with an alternative one in the English, a different response from Yumi and some changes to the dialogue about Kiwi's shedding.

FrenchJeremy: Je vais tout reprendre à zéro, c'est sûrement ma métode qui n'est pas bonne !
Odd: Oh non, dis pas ça ! Ta méthode, elle est au poil !
Yumi: Odd, t'es désespérant...
Ulrich: Oh ! Justement, Odd, à propos d'poil. Je voulais t'parler d'ton chien ! Lui, c'est sur mon lit qu'il perd les siens.
Odd: Boh, pas d'quoi te faire une couverture !
Ulrich: Ah ouais, tu crois ? Avec ce qu'il laisse, chui sapé fourrure pour tout l'hiver !
French translationJeremy: I'm going to start over, it must be my method that's not working!
Odd: Oh no, don't say that! Your method is hunky-dory (lit. to the hair)!
Yumi: Odd, you're hopeless...
Ulrich: Oh! By the way, Odd, speaking of hair. I wanted to talk to you about your dog! He sheds all his hair on my bed.
Odd: Psh, not enough to make a blanket out of!
Ulrich: Oh yeah, you think so? With all the hairs he leaves, I'll be wearing furs all winter!
EnglishJeremy: If I'm doing something wrong, the only way to find out is to start over.
Odd: No, don't do that. You're only a hair's breadth away!
Yumi: Can't you ever be serious, Odd?
Ulrich: By the way, Odd...speaking of hair, your dog sheds and awful lot of them. Most of them end up on my bed, too.
Odd: What's the big deal about two or three hairs?
Ulrich: Two or three?! With all the hairs he sheds, I could knit you another Kiwi!

6:28 Some differences to the dialogue in Jeremy's room.

FrenchJeremy: Vous vous ne rendez pas compte, c'est un catastrophe !
Ulrich: Explique !
Jeremy: Je voulait comprendre pourquoi la matérialisation avait pas fonctionnée. Chui entré au cœur du programme d'Aelita, il est buggé ! En matérialisant le cheveu, j'ai... j'ai dû faire une fausse manip.
French translationJeremy: You don't understand, it's a disaster!
Ulrich: Explain!
Jeremy: I wanted to figure out why the materialisation didn't work. I went into the core of Aelita's program, and it's bugged! When I materialised the hair, I...I must have done something wrong.
EnglishJeremy: I don't believe it, it's a disaster!
Ulrich: What is?
Jeremy: I was trying to figure out why the materialisation didn't work and I realised that Aelita's program is all full of bugs! When I materialised the hair, I...I hit a button I shouldn't have.

7:17 Ulrich gives a different sort of praise to Jeremy and Aelita.

FrenchUlrich: Quoi, tu veux rire ? A eux deux, ils font des miracles !
French translationUlrich: What, are you kidding? Those two make miracles happen!
EnglishUlrich: What do you think? We've got two geniuses at work!

7:42 In the English dub, Odd says Kiwi's name in concern after the window shatters.

9:01 A change to Odd's Sissi insult.

FrenchOdd: Eh bah, Miss Paillette s'est transformée en Miss Enfarinée !
French translationOdd: Well, Miss Glitter has turned into Miss Covered-in-Flour!
EnglishOdd: I always said Sissi's head was full of plaster!

9:12 We see Yumi talking here, but in the English dub we hear Ulrich's voice speaking the line...

9:53 Some small differences in Jeremy's lines.

FrenchJeremy: Aelita ? Ça va pas ?
Aelita: XANA ! Il est passé à l'attaque !
Jeremy: Tu... tu en es sûre !? Non !
French translationJeremy: Aelita? Is there a problem?
Aelita: XANA! He's launched an attack!
Jeremy: Are you...are you sure?! No!
EnglishJeremy: Aelita? Are you there?
Aelita: It's XANA! He's launched an attack!
Jeremy: Are you...are you sure?

10:16 In the French, Kiwi starts barking and Jim reacts to hearing the noise. In the English, Kiwi's barking wasn't dubbed in, so it looks like Jim is hearing things.

10:31 In the French, Delmas says they need to evacuate the school. In the English, he says they need to evacuate the building.

10:45 In French, Odd states that dogs can hear ultrasound. In the English, it's implied.

FrenchOdd: Ou qu'il les entend venir. Tu sais, les chiens perçoivent les ultrasons !
French translationOdd: Or he hears them coming. You know, dogs can hear ultrasound!
EnglishOdd: Or maybe he can hear them, like a kind of ultrasound.

11:31 Some extra to Odd's line in the dub.

FrenchOdd: Kiwi ? Allez viens, mon chien !
French translationOdd: Kiwi? Come on, boy!
EnglishOdd: Kiwi! Where are you? Come on! (Kiwi jumps into his arms and licks his face) You diggity dog!

12:07 As Odd leads the girls back into the hallway, he says "Hurry!" in the French only.

14:17 A different way of phrasing Ulrich's line about following the pulsations.

FrenchUlrich: Bon, suivons-les, on finira par trouver les monstres et la tour qui va avec.
French translationUlrich: Ok, let's follow them. We'll find the monsters and the tower that goes with them.
EnglishUlrich: If we follow them, they're bound to lead us to the tower XANA's activated.

15:29 An intriguing line swap. Jeremy's line in the French is more informative than Ulrich's in the English.

FrenchJeremy: Kankrelats en approche sur des sentiers parallèles.
French translationJeremy: Kankrelats are approaching on the parallel paths.
EnglishUlrich: We're coming to the parallel paths!

17:07 In the English, Ulrich calls Yumi's name as she lands on the path.

18:53 In the French, Jeremy affirms that Aelita will be able to enter the code safely once he's done. In the English, he says "Aelita can enter the program now," but he hasn't even launched the repair program yet.

FrenchJeremy: Aelita va pouvoir entrer le code sans danger.
French translationJeremy: Aelita will be able to enter the code safely.
EnglishJeremy: Ok, Aelita can enter the program now. It's safe!

19:29 Yumi asks for an update after Jeremy launches the program in the French only.

FrenchYumi: Alors Jérémie !?
French translationYumi: Well, Jeremie?!

19:49 Some differences in Aelita and Jeremy's lines here.

FrenchAelita: Jérémie... Tu sais je dois le faire.
Jeremy: Mais tu va être reformatée et tu va disparaître, Aelita ! Non, c'est impossible !
French translationAelita: Jeremie... You know I have to do it.
Jeremy: But you'll be reformatted and disappear, Aelita! No, this is impossible!
EnglishAelita: Jeremie... You know there's no choice.
Jeremy: You'll be reformatted and disappear, Aelita! I-I can't let you do that!

21:10 Jeremy uses different words to plead with Aelita. Also, Aelita's farewell of "Adieu" in the French is a very definitive goodbye. Literally the word means "to god," as in, "I'll see you in the afterlife." You should only say "adieu" to someone if you're expecting never to see them again at any point in your life: it's a final goodbye. The English word "Goodbye" doesn't have the same gravity to it.

FrenchJeremy: Non, s'il te plaît, Aelita !
Aelita: Adieu, Jérémie.
French translationJeremy: No, please, Aelita!
Aelita: Farewell, Jeremie.
EnglishJeremy: No! Don't do it, Aelita!
Aelita: Goodbye, Jeremie.

21:14 In the French, when Jeremy screams Aelita's name, it's very long and echoing. In the English, it's a bit shorter and there's no echo.

21:57 A bit more to Jeremy's French line.

FrenchJeremy: Si. Je suis le seul responable. Tout ça pour un cheveu...
French translationJeremy: It was. I'm the only one who's responsible. All that for a strand of hair...
EnglishJeremy: It was. And all that...for a strand of hair.

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