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[Le français VS l'anglais] S1 - Part 2
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 Season 1 - Part 2
Episodes 14 to 26

It's widely known that dialogue can differ between two different language versions of a TV show. It's often a concern when someone is watching a show in something other than its native language that the translators may have made changes, small or large, that diverge from the intent of the original dialogue. French is the original language of Code Lyoko and here we've finally answered that question by making a list of the differences between the original French and the English dubbed episodes.

Differences range from small wording changes that make a significant difference, to entire lines that were added or removed. The English dub of season 1 was based on the final dialogue in the French episodes rather than the French script, so there aren't as many big differences here. But translation mistakes are pretty common! Discover all the major differences for yourself below! Have a nice read!

[Épisode 14 - Piège] [Épisode 15 - Crise de rire] [Épisode 16 - Claustrophobie] [Épisode 17 - Mémoire morte] [Épisode 18 - Musique mortelle] [Épisode 19 - Frontière] [Épisode 20 - L'âme des robots] [Épisode 21 - Gravité zéro] [Épisode 22 - Routine] [Épisode 23 - 36ème dessous] [Épisode 24 - Canal fantôme] [Épisode 25 - Code Terre] [Épisode 26 - Faux départ]

Épisode 14 - Piège
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
The Trap
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

3:36 Odd and Ulrich say somewhat different things when Jeremy reminds them of Aelita's birthday.

FrenchOdd: Hey ! Aelita, ça fait tout juste un an !
Ulrich: Ah ouais ? Bah mince !
French translationOdd: Hey! It's been a year since we met Aelita!
Ulrich: Oh yeah? Wow!
EnglishOdd: Hey, it's Aelita's birthday today.
Ulrich: Yeah, I forgot all about it!

4:25 In the French, Ulrich calls Sissi "my dear Sissi."

6:14 Odd shouts "Goooo!" in the French when he and Jeremy start running across the bridge.

6:33 Odd calls Jeremy a different name when they find the lift isn't working.

FrenchOdd: Alors, Monsieur l'ingénieur ?
French translationOdd: Well, Mister Engineer?
EnglishOdd: What's wrong, Einstein?

7:56 A change to Ulrich's line that made it more confusing in the English. He was noting that Jeremy and Odd apparently sent the lift back up to the ground floor after they reached the lab, so Yumi and Ulrich wouldn't need to wait for it when they arrived at the factory. The original French didn't include a direction, but they said "down" instead of "up" in the English.

FrenchUlrich: Sympa ! Ils nous l'ont renvoyé !
French translationUlrich: That's nice! They sent it back for us!
EnglishUlrich: That's nice, they sent it back down!

8:12 Ulrich responds differently after Yumi tells Sissi this is none of her business.

FrenchUlrich (to Yumi): Laisse tomber. (à Sissi) Tu vas partir d'ici !
French translationUlrich (to Yumi): Let it go. (to Sissi) You're gonna leave!
EnglishUlrich: Yumi's right! So why don't you just leave?

10:35 After calling Jeremy's name a couple of times, in the dub Aelita also asks "Where are you?"

14:00 Odd steals Jeremy's line, and then there are some small changes to the conversation.

FrenchJeremy: Il m'inspire pas cet engin...
Odd: T'es bon aux 100 mètres ?
Jeremy: Je suis meilleur en maths !
Odd: C'est le moment de changer d'matière !
French translationJeremy: I don't trust that thing...
Odd: You good at the 100 metres?
Jeremy: I'm better at maths!
Odd: It's time to change subjects!
EnglishOdd: I don't trust that thing. Ready for a hundred-yard dash?
Jeremy: I'm better at maths than gym.
Odd: Maths isn't going to help you this time.

17:16 In the French Ulrich asks Yumi and the others to hurry; in the English he wishes them luck.

17:18 Yumi's line about Ulrich and Sissi's status is different.

FrenchYumi: L'eau monte dans le puits ! Ulrich et Sissi risquent de se noyer !
French translationYumi: The water's rising in the shaft! Ulrich and Sissi could drown!
EnglishYumi: The water's rising. And Ulrich can't swim with a broken arm.

20:01 After Yumi is hit by a laser, Jeremy continues complaining that they're losing life points too quickly. But in the dub, he aims this complaint at Odd, even though Yumi was the one hit.

FrenchJeremy: Le rhythme de perte est trop élevé, attention !
French translationJeremy: Your point loss rate is too high, be careful!
EnglishJeremy: Your point loss rate is too high, Odd! You hear?!

22:38 Some small changes after Odd tells Aelita to save him a piece of cake.

FrenchYumi: Goinfre !
Jeremy: Boh l'écoute pas ! C'est un ventre à patte !
French translationYumi: Glutton!
Jeremy: Oh, don't listen to him! He's a walking stomach!
EnglishYumi: One-track mind.
Jeremy: Don't listen to that glutton.

22:43 In the French, while Herb and Nicolas are talking in the hallway, the gang can be heard talking from Jeremy's room. In the English, the gang isn't heard.

22:55 In the original, Odd makes a joke about the unpredictability of their lives!

FrenchYumi: Odd ! Ça va, calmos ! Il va pas s'enfuir le gâteau !
Odd: Ouais bah ici, on ne sait jamais !
Yumi: Oh arrête !
French translationYumi: Odd! Alright, chill! The cake's not gonna run away!
Odd: Yeah well you never know around here!
Yumi: Oh stop it!
EnglishYumi: Odd, you're eating all the cake! Stop!
Odd: I'm hungry!
Yumi: So is everybody else!
Ulrich: Hand it over.

Épisode 15 - Crise de rire
ImageCrise de rire
(Laughing fit)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Laughing Fit
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

2:10 Some changes to Jeremy and Odd's conversation about Ulrich talking to Yumi.

FrenchJeremy: Tu crois qu'il va réussir à lui tirer les vers du nez ?
Odd: Tu crois que Julia Roberts va me téléphoner, tout à l'heure, pour m'inviter à dîner ?
Jeremy: Ouais. Vu comme ça, y'a aucune chance.
French translationJeremy: You think he'll manage to get her to spill the beans?
Odd: You think Julia Roberts is going to call and invite me out to dinner?
Jeremy: Yeah. When you put it like that, he's got no chance.
EnglishJeremy: You think Ulrich will manage to get her to smile?
Odd: Yeah, as sure as Julia Roberts is going to call and invite me out to dinner.
Jeremy: Yeah, I think you're right. She's really down...

2:47 In the French, Sissi asks Ulrich if he's coming to see the play tomorrow morning. In the English, she asks if he'll be at the rehearsal tomorrow - but the rehearsal is that night.

4:59 Some changes as Herb reads from his script the first time. The French line "En tout cas, elle m'émeut" ("In any case, I'm moved by her") is translated inconsistently throughout the episode. Sissi's reaction is sarcastic in the French and much more direct in the English.

FrenchHerb: Je ne sais pas si e-elle apparaîtra ce soir ! Mais j... (approche son nez du texte) En tout cas elle m'émeut...
Sissi: Oh, t'as trop l'air convaincu ! Un vrai plaisir !
French translationHerb: I don't know if s-she'll appear tonight! But uh... (squints at script) In any case, I'm moved by her...
Sissi: Oh, you sound so convincing! A real pleasure!
EnglishHerb: I don't know if she'll appear...tonight, but uh... (squints at script) Let's see here... Oh. I know she loves me!
Sissi: That's awful! That's about as flat as a pancake!

5:46 Romeo's line is translated differently.

FrenchHerb: Je ne sais pas si elle apparaîtra ce soir ! M'aime-t-elle ? En tout cas, elle m'émeut ! Diantre, un garde !
French translationHerb: I don't know if she'll appear tonight! Does she love me? In any case, I'm moved by her! Good heavens, a guard!
EnglishHerb: I don't know if she'll appear tonight...but I know...but I don't know if she loves me. Oh, a guard! En garde!

6:06 Herb has an additional line in the English while Odd is laughing, just before Sissi comes down from the balcony.

French translation-
EnglishHerb: Come on, it wasn't that bad...

7:46 Sissi tells whoever's knocking at her door that if they've come to apologise, they shouldn't bother. In the English, she says Odd's name specifically.

7:52 In the French, Ulrich says giving Yumi a part would be nice, and Sissi asks why she would want to be nice to Yumi. In the dub, there's no mention of it being a nice thing to do.

FrenchUlrich: Y'aurait pas un rôle pour Yumi dans ta pièce ? Ce serait vachement sympa pour elle.
Sissi: Et pourquoi j'aurais envie d'être sympa avec Yumi ?
Ulrich: Ouais, ouais. C'est bien ce que j'pensais. Allez oublie.
French translationUlrich: Would there be a role for Yumi in your play? It would be really nice for her.
Sissi: And why would I want to be nice to Yumi?
Ulrich: Yeah, yeah. That's what I thought. Forget it.
EnglishUlrich: ...if there was a part, even a little one, that...that Yumi could play.
Yumi: And why would I want to give Yumi a part?
Ulrich: Forget that I even asked. Goodbye.

8:35 A gas-related colloquial expression was substituted.

FrenchJeremy: Y'a d'l'eau dans le gaz, si j'peux m'permettre.
French translationJeremy: Things aren't running too smoothly (lit. There's water in the gas), if I may say so.
EnglishJeremy: We ran out of gas, if you pardon the expression.

10:00 Jeremy says he's spotted some monsters. In the dub, he adds that the tower can't be far.

12:48 In the French, Delmas greets people with "Bonjour" ("Hello," "Good day"). In the English, he greets them with "Good evening," even though it's early in the day.

14:13 After Odd shoots the Blok and misses its eye, he has a line in the French. The word he uses, "Taïaut," is the French equivalent of "Tally-ho," a traditional cry used by huntsmen when they've spotted their quarry. In this case, Odd is saying that he's been spotted by the monster and he needs to flee.

FrenchOdd: Nul ! Oh... Taïaut !
French translationOdd: No use! Oh... Time to go!

15:09 Romeo's line is translated differently again. This time, the dub has Ulrich sounding like he's making some of his lines up on the spot. He also reads the stage direction "Enter guard" out loud.

FrenchUlrich: M'aime-t-elle ? En tout cas... en tout cas, elle m'émeut ! Diantre, un garde ! Ah, d'accord. Diantre, un garde !
French translationUlrich: Does she love me? In any any case, I'm moved by her! Good heavens, a guard! Ah, ok. Good heavens, a guard!
EnglishUlrich: Does she love me? Anyway, I think she does! "Enter guard?" Huh? Uh, en garde, guard!

18:00 Both versions use the word "beau" to describe Romeo but to different effects! It was translated like this to rhyme with "Romeo" and the following Italian sentence.

FrenchSissi: Oh mon Roméo, tu es si beau !
French translationSissi: Oh my Romeo, you are so handsome!
EnglishSissi: Oh, my Romeo, you are my beau!

18:45 Ulrich's line about the gas's effect on him is different.

FrenchUlrich: Quelque chose s'est emparé d'moi !
French translationUlrich: Something took hold of me!
EnglishUlrich: It was like I was being controlled!

21:13 In the French, Jeremy sounds weak when he says "Return to the past" - as he should be, considering he was just being suffocated by the gas. In the English however, he sounds perfectly fine.

21:27 This line is spoken by Ulrich in the French and Yumi in the English. This changes the context a little when Jeremy says that his idea involves Ulrich playing the part of Romeo again.

FrenchUlrich: Ça va pas, non ? Hors de question que je rejoue dans cette pièce de naze !
French translationUlrich: You've gotta be kidding. I won't ever be part of that dumb play again!
EnglishYumi: You've gotta be kidding. I won't ever be part of that dumb play again.

22:02 That one Romeo line is translated differently again.

FrenchYumi: En tout cas, elle m'émeut.
Ulrich: En tout cas, elle m'émeut ! Oh diantre un garde !
French translationYumi: In any case, I'm moved by her.
Ulrich: In any case, I'm moved by her! Oh good heavens, a guard!
EnglishYumi: And I know I love her very much.
Ulrich: And I know I love her very much! Aahh, no! A guard!

Épisode 16 - Claustrophobie
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

2:14, 22:36 In the original, Yumi states that it's six o'clock. In the dub, she says it's getting late.

3:00 In the French, Theo doesn't even ask which team he'll be on; he simply tells Sissi that he'll be on her team.

FrenchUlrich: Bienvenue à Kadic !
Odd: Tu joues ?
Theo: Affirmatif ! Sissi, chui dans ton équipe !
French translationUlrich: Welcome to Kadic!
Odd: Do you play?
Theo: Sure do! I'm on your team, Sissi!
EnglishUlrich: Hi, Theo. Welcome!
Odd: Do you play?
Theo: Sure do! Let's go! Which team should I play with?

3:14 Sissi struggles a little bit to find her words in the French when Theo asks for her permission to be on her team.

FrenchSissi: Oh euh... OK !
French translationSissi: Oh uh... Ok!
EnglishSissi: Why not? Yeah, ok!

4:49 Different food on the dinner menu. This is the second time "hachis Parmentier" (Shepard's pie) has been translated as some other food in the dub, the first being episode 11 "Plagued." Funny thing is, Odd is excited to have Shepard's pie in episode 61 "Sabotage."

FrenchOdd: Géant. J'adore ça... Encore du hachis Parmentier.
French translationOdd: Great. Love it... Shepard's pie yet again.
EnglishOdd: Great! Peas and carrots for the umpteenth time.

5:11 In the French, Odd calls Theo "Zizou," which is the nickname of Zinédine Zidane, a well-known French soccer player.

FrenchOdd: Oh Zizou, tu manges avec nous ?
French translationOdd: Hey Zizou, you eating with us?
EnglishOdd: Hey! Why don't you eat with us, champ?

5:24 Some differences in the conversation about initiation tests.

FrenchHerb: Première épreuve : Euh nettoyer les lavabos des douches à-à la brosse à dents !
Theo: Mon cher Hervé, j'te sens un peu hostile. Ton épreuve là, c'est un truc pour les... les nouveaux d'la colo.
French translationHerb: First test: uh clean the sinks in the showers w-with a toothbrush!
Theo: My dear Herb, I'm sensing some hostility from you. That test of yours, it's something for the...the new kids at summer camp.
EnglishHerb: Uh, test number one! Uh, you have to...clean all the toilets with a toothbrush!
Theo: That sounds like a pretty dumb test! It's like the kind they give to ten-year-olds at summer camp.

6:46 In the French, Ulrich says "Here we go" as he and Odd leave Jeremy's room together. In the English, he says "Here I go"...

9:09 Some small differences as Jeremy and Yumi get up to leave.

FrenchOdd: Laisser vos plateaux, on va débarasser à votre place !
Jeremy: Odd, t'es trop gourmand ! Allez, à plus.
French translationOdd: Leave your trays, we'll clear them for you!
Jeremy: Odd, you're too greedy! Ok, see you later.
EnglishOdd: Leave your trays! It's a shame to let good desserts go to waste.
Jeremy: Odd, don't you ever stop eating? Huh?

12:16 In the French, Jim asks if cutting the power did any good when he arrives on the scene. In the English, he can see for himself that it didn't do anything.

FrenchJim: C'est bon, là ? J'ai coupé tous les disjoncteurs.
French translationJim: Any good? I cut all the circuit breakers.
EnglishJim: What is this?! I just cut all the power!

14:36 Yumi asks if Jeremy has any information in the French and if he has news in the English. Asking for information makes more sense in context, where she and Aelita were facing a crossroads and have to know which path to take.

FrenchYumi: Jérémie ? T'as des infos ?
French translationYumi: Jeremie? Any information?
EnglishYumi: Jeremie, any news?

17:08 The chief fireman says that he doubts his own colleague in the English dub.

FrenchFire chief: Négatif. Il ne s'passe rien.
French translationFire chief: Negative. Nothing's happening.
EnglishFire chief: I doubt that. Nothing's changed.

18:19 Aelita's French line uses the word "vous," which means "you" (plural) in this context. This means that she's saying she has faith in both Jeremy and Yumi. In the English, this distinction isn't clear and it sounds like she's saying she has faith in Jeremy only.

FrenchAelita: J'ai confiance en vous, Jérémie.
French translationAelita: I have faith in you both, Jeremie.
EnglishAelita: I have faith in you, Jeremie.

18:20 In the French, Jeremy's "Oh no!" echoes, as though he's thinking it instead of exclaiming it. In the English, it sounds normal.

18:43 Yumi's line is different after she tackles Aelita to safety.

FrenchYumi: Ça, ça s'appelle « tomber au bon moment » !
French translationYumi: That's what I call "dropping in at the right moment!"
EnglishYumi: That's what I call getting carried away!

20:23 In the French, Jeremy says the Krab has lost 80 life points. In the English, he says it's lost 20 life points.

22:48 Some small changes and extra sentences to Odd's lines, and Ulrich gets an additional line in the dub.

FrenchOdd: Bah quoi ? Du calme ! Je les ai juste présenté, c'est toujours mieux que de devoir se lever cette nuit pour faire peur à Hervé, non ? Holà, t'es jamais content, toi... T'avais une autre idée ? Non ? Bah alors tu vois ?
French translationOdd: What? Calm down! I only introduced them, it's a lot better than having to get up tonight to scare Herb, right? Wow, you're never satisfied... You got a better idea? No? So you get it?
EnglishOdd: What's wrong? It's a lot better than having to get up tonight to scare Herb, right? Don't you think? What's wrong? Come on, Ulrich!
Ulrich: You're toast, dude.
Odd: You're never satisfied. You got a better idea? No? Well, me neither.

Épisode 17 - Mémoire morte
ImageMémoire morte
(Dead memory/read-only memory)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:47 Jeremy's list of nano-devices is more final in the English. In the French, he trails off as though he could continue listing things.

2:29, 22:09 When Ulrich likens the gelatine to Odd's hair gel, he describes the hair gel differently in the two versions.

FrenchUlrich: Ça r'ssemble plutôt au gel fixation forte que Odd utilise pour ses ch'veux !
French translationUlrich: Looks more like the extra-strength gel Odd uses on his hair!
EnglishUlrich: Looks like the greasy stuff Odd puts on his hair every day!

2:44 Ulrich's line about jam is different. The French line here doesn't match what he says after the Return to the Past, but the English one is fairly close.

FrenchUlrich: Bizarre cette confiote !
French translationUlrich: This jam is so weird!
EnglishUlrich: It looks an awful lot like jam!

2:54 Hertz chastises the class differently.

FrenchHertz: Bien, vous semblez plus enclins à rire qu'à travailler aujourd'hui !...
French translationHertz: Well, you seem more inclined to laugh rather than work today...!
EnglishHertz: This is a science class, children, not a comedy club!

3:13 In the French, Odd names the brand of chocolate bar that Ulrich has just opened.

FrenchOdd: Hé, cool ! T'as du Choco ?
French translationOdd: Hey, cool! You've got some Choco?
EnglishOdd: Hey, that looks good!

5:20 Both lines follow the gist of what Ulrich says in the original episode (episode 5 "Big Bug"), but neither are completely accurate to the original line (see the episode guide for details). Like we see here, there was also a big difference in the French and English versions of the scene in the original episode.

FrenchUlrich: Bah en fait si... Tu sais j'adore les pâtisseries... et toi t'es pas un peu tarte, non ?
French translationUlrich: Well actually... You know, I love pastries...and you're a little too tart, aren't you?
EnglishUlrich: You're kidding... I'm allergic to anyone who's conceited! You're your own favourite fan club!

6:10 Some differences when Odd, Yumi and Jeremy come over to talk to Ulrich.

FrenchUlrich: Hé ! T'es qui, toi ? Lâche-moi, t'entends !
Odd: Boh enfin Ulrich, c'est moi ! Odd !
Sissi: Bon, ça suffit ! Ulrich en a juste marre de vous.
French translationUlrich: Hey! Who're you? Let me go, you hear?!
Odd: Come on, Ulrich! It's me! Odd!
Sissi: Right, that's enough! Ulrich's just had enough of you lot.
EnglishUlrich: Who're you, huh?! Leave me alone, creep!
Odd: Come on, Ulrich! It's me! Odd!
Sissi: That's enough. Can't you see? He doesn't want to know you.

6:34 Some changes here, with Ulrich actually asking Herb if he can have some of his drink in the French.

FrenchSissi: Ulrich a comme un 'tit trou d'mémoire !
Ulrich: Heu... je peux ? J'ai super soif.
French translationSissi: Ulrich's had a little memory lapse of sorts!
Ulrich: Um...may I? I'm very thirsty.
EnglishSissi: He forgets things. You'd better remind him! Hmm?
Ulrich: I'm um...very thirsty...

8:06 Ulrich's English line isn't accurate to the English dubbed line in the original episode (episode 8 "End of Take"). The translation I provided here is what he said in "End of Take," so it's clearly more accurate to the French.

FrenchUlrich: Oh, tu parles... Elle va pas me lâcher d'une semelle !
French translationUlrich: Yeah, right! She won't leave me alone for one second!
EnglishUlrich: Ptah, forget it! She's going to be a pain in the neck the whole time!

8:30 In the English, Jeremy says "Oh man..." when he sees the situation in the infirmary.

8:45 A difference to Yumi's line.

FrenchYumi: Ouais, et il n'est pas le seul à être touché.
French translationYumi: Yeah, and he's not the only one who's been affected.
EnglishYumi: It's a real epidemic, according to the nurse.

9:17 A difference in what Yumi says to the disoriented Ms Hertz.

FrenchYumi: Vous avez eu un malaise.
French translationYumi: You fainted.
EnglishYumi: You'll be alright.

10:21 After Tristan gives Ulrich directions to his room, Ulrich starts to say "I..." in the French but cuts himself off as Tristan runs away.

12:17 Jeremy's French line is pretty standard, but in the English he references the North Pole.

FrenchJeremy: Direction Territoire Banquise.
French translationJeremy: Direction: Ice Sector.
EnglishJeremy: Ok, ready for the North Pole?

12:21 A change to Aelita's line when Ulrich remembers a past conversation. She's responding to Jeremy saying he and the others are on their way.

FrenchAelita: Ne traînez pas !
French translationAelita: Don't drag your feet!
EnglishAelita: Ok.

15:00 A translation error: in French, Jeremy tells Ulrich to slide down one level to the scanner room, which is accurate to the layout of the laboratory complex. In English, he says to slide up one level. The French words "dessus" (up/above) and "dessous" (down/below) being so similar, it's an easy mistake to make.

FrenchJeremy: Bon... Tu vois le pillier derrière toi ? Laisse-toi glisser jusqu'à l'étage en dessous. Tu arrives dans la salle des scanners.
French translationJeremy: Look... See that pillar behind you? Slide down to the level below. You'll arrive in the scanner room.
EnglishJeremy: Look... See that pillar behind you? You've got to slide up one level. You'll see a few scanners.

17:32 In the French, Yumi reacts to the situation with a sarcastic comment. In the English, she tries to look on the bright side.

FrenchYumi: Quatre contre un, du gâteau !
French translationYumi: Four against one, piece of cake!
EnglishYumi: Four against one. Well, it's better than five or six!

18:54 Ulrich's reaction to seeing the Krabs is different.

FrenchUlrich: Qu'est-ce que c'est que ça encore !?
French translationUlrich: What the heck is that?!
EnglishUlrich: Huh? Enemies? What enemies?

20:38 In the French, Aelita closes her eyes and takes a breath as she enters the tower. In the English, she sings a long note.

20:49 Jeremy makes an amnesia joke that was missed in the English.

FrenchJeremy: Bravo, les gars. Une équipe inoubliable !
French translationJeremy: Bravo, guys. You're an unforgettable team!
EnglishJeremy: Great, guys! You're one heck of a team!

Épisode 18 - Musique mortelle
ImageMusique mortelle
(Killer music)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Killer Music
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:00-21:18 In the English dub, the song "Glad When You're Bad" is just music with no lyrics. But in the French, "Vous ne devriez pas" does have lyrics! It's a single line repeated over and over.

FrenchLyrics: Vous ne devriez pas, non !
French translationLyrics: You shouldn't, no!

1:00-2:35 Despite the English version of the song not having lyrics, Odd still sings along to it. The words have very slight variations whenever someone sings them in the episode, while the French words are consistent throughout.

FrenchOdd (singing): Vous ne devriez pas ! Ah !
French translationOdd (singing): You shouldn't! Ah!
EnglishOdd (singing): I'm so glad when you're so bad!

1:15 In the French, Ulrich calls Odd "Johnny," a reference to the famous French singer Johnny Hallyday.

FrenchUlrich: Hé Johnny ! T'es peut-être pas au courant, mais demain, y'a exam ! Pigé !?
French translationUlrich: Hey Johnny! Maybe you're not aware, but we've got a test tomorrow! Got it?!
EnglishUlrich: Cut that out! Maybe you forgot, but we've got a test tomorrow! So stop!

1:32 A fair bit of difference in Odd's line.

FrenchOdd: Allez ! Ça va te détendre : C'est THE tube du siècle !
French translationOdd: Go on! It'll relax you: it's the hit song of the century!
EnglishOdd: Go on! Listen to it! It sure beats studying!

1:50 Ulrich's final words to Odd were a lot harsher in the French...

FrenchUlrich: Lui, c'est un véritable ami !
French translationUlrich: He's a real friend!
EnglishUlrich: He's not like you, selfish!

3:20 Some small changes to Ulrich's Jeremy impression.

FrenchUlrich: Oh, Aelita... Mon Aelita ! Ton tendre sourire ! Je n'attends que toi ! Je...
French translationUlrich: Oh, Aelita... Aelita! Your tender smile! I'm waiting for you! I...
EnglishUlrich: Ohh, Aelita! Oh, Aelita! You're in my dreams! I can't wait until... Until...!

4:27 Sissi scoffs at a different genre of music. In the English it's waltz music, and in the French it's Eurodance, a popular kind of electronic music.

FrenchNicolas: C'est quoi comme style, du punk, du R&B ?
Sissi: Du R&B ? Et pourquoi pas l'Eurodance tant que vous y êtes ?
French translationNicolas: What kind of music is it? Punk, R&B?
Sissi: R&B? Why not Eurodance while you're at it?
EnglishNicolas: What kind of music is it? Is it R&B?
Sissi: R&B? Why not waltz music while you're at it?

5:00 Some differences to Jeremy's lines when Yumi asks him about Odd not being there. In the French, he asks Ulrich if he's coming. In the English, his question doesn't give Ulrich as much of a choice.

FrenchJeremy: Bah non ! Ça commence à être bizarre...
Yumi: Vous êtes allés dans sa chambre ?
Jeremy: Pas encore. Mais là, j'crois qu'on devrait. Tu viens, Ulrich ?
French translationJeremy: Well no! This is getting weird...
Yumi: Did you check his room?
Jeremy: Not yet. But now, I think we should. You coming, Ulrich?
EnglishJeremy: No, and...I'm beginning to worry.
Yumi: Did you check in his room?
Jeremy: Not yet. We're going to do that right now. Right, Ulrich?

5:15 Some changes when Ulrich and Jeremy reach Odd and Ulrich's room. In the French, Ulrich expresses annoyance at Odd being on his bed.

FrenchUlrich: Il a tellement écouté son tube qu'il est resté scotché ! Bah tiens et sur mon lit, en plus !
Jeremy: Allez viens ! ... Hé Odd, ça va ?
French translationUlrich: He listened to his song so much he was glued to his headphones! Oh come on, and on my bed, too!
Jeremy: Come on! ...Hey Odd, are you alright?
EnglishUlrich: He sang that same dumb song over and over. And look, now he's fast asleep!
Jeremy: Let's wake him up! ...Hey, Odd! Get up, will you?! Hey!

5:49 In the French, Delmas says the name "Kadic" twice; in the dub he calls the school "the junior high school."

6:20 Ms Hertz takes charge much more quickly in the English dub after Yumi leaves the room.

FrenchHertz: Euh... alors...
French translationHertz: Er...well...
EnglishHertz: Alright, settle down!

7:50 A few name changes at the hospital. Paul Doumer was a former President of France. The name Johnson may refer to former US President Lyndon B. Johnson.

FrenchDoctor: Dispatchez-les vers Paul Doumer. On n'a plus de lits ici.
PA: Appel de service. Docteur Muller demandé en cardiologie.
French translationDoctor: Send them to the Paul Doumer. We've got no more beds here.
PA: Service call. Doctor Muller is wanted in cardiology.
EnglishDoctor: Send them to the Johnson.
PA: Doctor Miller is wanted in cardiology.

10:40 A small difference in Aelita's line. The French version relates back to the group's suspicions of a tower activation; the English doesn't.

FrenchAelita: Oh, XANA... Il a bien activé une tour.
French translationAelita: Oh, XANA... He really has activated a tower.
EnglishAelita: Oh, no. XANA's activated a tower.

13:15 Another name change at the hospital. An announcement requests cardiologists at the "Berlioz wing" in French and the "Fleming wing" in English. These wings were possibly named after Hector Berlioz, a musician, and Alexander Fleming, a scientist.

13:50 In the French, the news anchor says that the epidemic has struck the west side of the city. Their names are also changed: in French the woman is Odile and the man is Benoît Poule, and in English the woman is Maria and the man is Bill Amster.

16:12 Jeremy gives Ulrich a different amount of time before he unfreezes. In the French, it's one minute. In the English, it's thirty seconds.

16:35 When Ulrich jumps down to stab the Blok, in the English he says "Go!"

22:08 A name change for the DJ.

FrenchOdd: C'est THE tube du siècle ! "Sous ma couette" ! Par DJ Fleimass ! C'est trop top !
French translationOdd: It's the hit song of the century! "Under My Cover!" By DJ Fleimass! It's incredible!
EnglishOdd: It's outta sight! "Under My Cover," by R.U. Flicknight! It's incredible!

22:50 When it cuts to the shot of the dorm exterior and then a view of the city, in the French, we only hear the music playing. "Sous ma couette" is the same as XANA's original song but with no lyrics, but at the very end of the episode, there's one final "Vous ne devriez pas !" In the English, Ulrich and Odd continue talking over the music.

FrenchMusic: ... Vous ne devriez pas !
French translationMusic: ...You shouldn't!
EnglishUlrich: So you gonna help me, or what?!
Odd: Just a second, it's the song.
Ulrich: Yeah, yeah. We'll see about that.
Odd (singing): I like it when you're...

Épisode 19 - Frontière
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:23 Aelita talks about an "inertial matrix" in the French and an "internal matrix" in the English.

2:14 The English dub had Ulrich playing Tetrix Annihilator until 3AM, in French it's 5AM.

5:06 When Jeremy's transfer results in an error, in the French, Yumi exclaims "Oh no!" In the English, she gasps.

5:24 In the French, Aelita describes Yumi's error as a "typing error." In English, she calls it a "data capture error."

7:12 Sissi asks Odd and Ulrich a rather different question during class.

FrenchSissi: Tiens, c'est vrai ça ? Qu'est-ce que vous avez fait de Supertronche, hein ?
French translationSissi: Hey, is that true? What have you done with Superbrain, huh?
EnglishSissi: Hey, what kind of no good are you creeps up to now?

7:22 In the French, Odd says Jeremy is working on finding a way to make slugs intelligent. In the dub, he says the project is to make worms intelligent.

7:36 In the French, Aelita specifies that the tower she's reached is a Way Tower.

9:18 A difference to Aelita's line as she leaves a tower and enters the Forest.

FrenchAelita: Je sors pour essayer d'atteindre la troisième tour.
French translationAelita: I'm going out to try and reach the third tower.
EnglishAelita: I'm almost at the third tower.

9:57 Some minor changes to the dialogue when Aelita hides from a Kankrelat.

FrenchUlrich: Aelita, j'ai l'impression q'tu n'es plus seule...
Aelita: C'est pas une impression...
French translationUlrich: Aelita, I get the impression you're not alone anymore...
Aelita: It's not an impression...
EnglishUlrich: Aelita. I get the feeling you're not alone out there.
Aelita: You're right, Ulrich. I'm not.

13:41 Yumi says something different on the phone to Ulrich.

FrenchYumi: Oui oui, c'est ça, avec l'ordinateur.
French translationYumi: Yes, that's it, with the laptop.
EnglishYumi: Yeah, well, I got caught red-handed by Jim.

14:45 Ulrich negotiates a shorter length of time with Sissi in the French: two weeks, as opposed to the one month in the English. However, he does say later on that he and Yumi may not be seeing much of each other for a month.

15:10 Jim's line has some humour to it that was missed in the English: he says that since Yumi was noted as absent for part of the day, she must not be on school grounds at the current moment (but she's sitting in front of him).

FrenchJim: Mais non, Monsieur le Proviseur, d'après ce cahier, il est à l'infirmerie ! Par contre, Yumi a été notée absente une partie d'la journée, donc euh, elle n'est pas là !
French translationJim: No Sir, according to this notebook, he's in the infirmary! On the other hand, Yumi was reported absent for part of the day, so uh, she's not here!
EnglishJim: But he is on the school grounds, Sir. He's in the infirmary. In fact, Yumi herself was reported absent for part of the day...

21:33 In the French, Odd and Ulrich call Jeremy's name as they run to his scanner. In the English, Yumi and Ulrich call his name.

22:16 A difference to Yumi's line as Ulrich sprints out the door, and Ulrich gets an additional line in the English dub.

FrenchYumi: Attends. Pas question que !... ULRICH !
French translationYumi: Wait. No way are...! ULRICH!
EnglishYumi: Wait, I want an explanation! Ulrich!
Ulrich: Uh, yeah, catch you sometime!

22:58 Ulrich's final "Yumi!" echoes in the French - not a dramatic echo, but because he's yelling in an open space. There's no echo in the English.

Épisode 20 - L'âme des robots
ImageL'âme des robots
(The souls of the robots)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
The Robots
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:33 Ms Hertz addresses Nicolas in the French version and Herb in the English.

3:24 There's a difference in the line after Iron Sissi punches its namesake.

FrenchSissi: Rhâââ ! HERVÉ !
French translationSissi: Grrr! HERB!
EnglishSissi: Oh, Herb! Herb, do something!

3:38 A little extra to Sissi's English line.

FrenchSissi: Cette chose doit ganger !
French translationSissi: This thing has to win!
EnglishSissi: It's going to win, ugly or not!

6:46 After Mister Delmas calls the robot ugly, Sissi protests with "Dad!" in the English.

8:53 As Kiwi 2 runs past Milly and Tamiya, Tamiya cheers it on in the English only.

French translation-
EnglishTamiya: Go on, Kiwi! Go on! Yeah!

9:27 In the French, Jim reminds class 8B that they have PE class soon. In the English, he says class 9B.

10:22 In the French, Jeremy and Herb both try to start talking before they're interrupted by the noise caused by the robot. In the English, only Jeremy starts to talk.

10:58 Christopher tries to start a sentence in the French only, before the robot bangs on the door.

11:50 Yumi addresses Jeremy and Odd in the French, telling them to leave. In the English, she includes herself and Ulrich in the command as well.

FrenchYumi: Allez, filez !
French translationYumi: Go on, get going!
EnglishYumi: Let's go.

12:46 Jeremy exclaims something different when he and Odd enter the lab and find the computer terminal has been wrecked.

FrenchJeremy: On est mal !
French translationJeremy: We're in trouble!
EnglishJeremy: Look at that!

12:54 The dub separates "the scanner programs" into "the programs, the scanners."

FrenchJeremy: Je n'ai plus accès à rien. Ni aux programmes des scanners, ni à l'Holomap !
French translationJeremy: I can't access anything. Not the scanner programs or the Holomap!
EnglishJeremy: I can't access anything! All the programs, the scanners, the Holomap...nothing!

13:20 This line was translated in an interesting way...

FrenchUlrich: Bon ! Le temps d'éliminer le robot et on arrive !
French translationUlrich: Right! We'll be there as soon as we've eliminated the robot!
EnglishUlrich: The time's come to eliminate the robot!

18:06 Odd's French line about his life point count includes a particular phrase.

FrenchOdd: Bah, tu sais, quand on aime, on compte pas !
French translationOdd: Well you know, when you love, you don't count the cost!
EnglishOdd: Thanks, Jeremie. But who's counting?

18:35 Odd's choice of a more ideal situation is different here.

FrenchOdd: C'est pas le parcours santé nature, ici !
French translationOdd: This isn't exactly a nature fitness trail here!
EnglishOdd: Hey! This isn't exactly summer camp here!

19:10 In the dub, Ulrich says that he and Yumi both need to go to Lyoko, but then he runs off on his own to distract the robot while Yumi heads down to the lab. In the French, Ulrich instructs Yumi to go by herself.

FrenchUlrich: Fonce sur Lyoko !
French translationUlrich: Get to Lyoko!
EnglishUlrich: We've gotta go to Lyoko!

19:44 Ulrich's reaction to seeing the robot being fitted with "guns" is different.

FrenchUlrich: Oh, c'est pas vrai...
French translationUlrich: Oh, it can't be...
EnglishUlrich: Oh! It's never gonna stop...!

20:16 In the French, Aelita says "Oh no!" after Odd is devirtualised.

Épisode 21 - Gravité zéro
ImageGravité zéro
(Zero gravity)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Zero Gravity Zone
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

0:54 Jim's line is longer in the English, and the goalkeeper also has a one-word line.

FrenchJim: Allez les gars, sérieux dans vos ateliers !
French translationJim: Come on guys, take your training activities seriously!
EnglishJim: Come on guys, you haven't even worked up a sweat. Let's go, go, go!
Goalie: Ready!

1:15 In the English, Ulrich says "Yeah!" as he kicks the ball.

1:59 The name of the opposing team's school is changed from Diderot (French) to Lincoln (English).

2:50 In the English, Odd jokes that he and Jeremy will only be at the game to watch Sissi's cheerleading routine, not to see Ulrich play. In the French, he says it's an additional reason to attend.

FrenchOdd: Surtout que Sissi va nous dévoiler sa chorégraphie de pom-pom girl, j'veux pas rater ça !
French translationOdd: Especially since Sissi will be revealing her cheerleading routine, I don't wanna miss that!
EnglishOdd: Not for you, of course! We can't wait to see Sissi cheerleading with her baton and all! That's why we're coming!

3:48 In the French, Sissi calls Caroline by the nickname "Caro," while in the English she doesn't mention her name at all.

6:44 In the English, Yumi jokes about Ulrich giving away a secret. In the French, her line was originally about Ulrich confiding in someone, which speaks a lot more for his character.

FrenchYumi: Ulrich ? Lui, se confier ?
French translationYumi: Ulrich, confide in someone?
EnglishYumi: Ulrich, give away a secret?

7:24, 22:39 In the English, Milly introduces the game as the ninth grade interschool final. In the French, it's the eighth grade interschool final.

7:57 In the dub, while Ulrich is running towards the ball, he says "Come on..."

8:58 A change to Milly's commentary on Kadic's first goal.

FrenchMilly: Oh, je crois qu'on peut dire que notre Ulrich a mangé du lion !
French translationMilly: Oh, I think we can say that Ulrich is bursting with energy!
EnglishMilly: Lincoln's going to have to find a way to stop Ulrich if they're going to win this game!

9:40 A change to Aelita's line after Jeremy tells them the position of the tower: in the French, she tells Jeremy that she can see Odd and Yumi and that she's leaving Jeremy's screen (her window then closes). In the English, she says she can see "it," meaning the tower, but they're very far away from it and there's no way she could be able to see it yet.

FrenchJeremy: La tour se trouve à trente degrés à l'Ouest. Faites vite !
Aelita: J'les vois, j'te laisse !
French translationJeremy: The tower is situated at thirty degrees west. Make it fast!
Aelita: I see them, I'll leave you now!
EnglishJeremy: The tower is situated at thirty degrees west. Hurry up, huh.
Aelita: I see it, Jeremie! (to Odd and Yumi) Over here!

10:14 A difference in Jeremy's line about XANA's current progress. The French version is more accurate.

FrenchJeremy: Oh non, il est déjà sur le collège !...
French translationJeremy: Oh no, he's already onto the school...!
EnglishJeremy: Oh no! He's ready to attack the school!

10:29 Jeremy asks his friends "Where are you?" in the French version only.

11:30 Quite a few changes to Milly's interview with Ulrich. Notably, in the French Milly asks him for some autographs! And Ulrich also finishes his thought about victory instead of changing the subject when he looks over at his parents.

FrenchMilly: Ulrich ! Est-ce qu'on peut qualifier cette finale historique de punition pour le collège Diderot, (rêveuse) et est-ce qu'on pourrait avoir des autographes ?
Ulrich: Diderot est en finale, ça prouve qu'ils savent jouer. Maintenant, comme dirait Jim, c'est la motivation qui apporte la victoire et audjourd'hui je crois que je...enfin que nous sommes tous décidés à gagner. Bon, maintenant si vous voulez bien m'excuser, je voudrais bien pouvoir souffler...
French translationMilly: Ulrich! Does this final qualify as a historic punishment for Diderot Junior High, (dreamy) and can we get some autographs?
Ulrich: Diderot's in the finals, that means they know how to play. Now, in the words of Jim, it's our motivation that'll bring us to victory, and today I believe that I...well, that we're all dedicated to winning. Right, now if you'll excuse me, I want to take a breather...
EnglishMilly: Ulrich! I imagine you're confident after dominating Lincoln for the past forty-five minutes! What do you think?
Ulrich: Uh, Lincoln's in the finals, that means they're a good team. In the words of our coach Jim, it's our motivation that'll make us winners, and I honestly think that... I-I've gotta go now. Talk to you after the game. I'd better relax a bit before the second half. And see what Jim has to...

12:35-18:48 In the French, Ulrich and Jeremy repeatedly refer to one another as "vieux," meaning "old friend." They don't use an equivalent term at any point in the English dub.

12:50 A difference in Jeremy's instructions to Ulrich.

FrenchJeremy: Elle est sans doute en salle de chimie. Faut qu'tu ailles voir, t'entends ?
French translationJeremy: She must be in the chemistry lab. You've gotta go and check, you hear?
EnglishJeremy: She's probably in the chemistry lab! You've gotta go and get her out!

13:20 Milly's French line mentions that Ulrich seems to be talking to himself as he stands out on the field.

FrenchMilly: Oh ! C'est à n'y rien comprendre. Le public s'interroge, on dirait qu'Ulrich parle tout seul, et qu'il a décidé d'arrêter d'jouer !
French translationMilly: Oh! This is beyond comprehension! The crowd is full of questions, it seems as if Ulrich's talking to himself, and that he's decided to stop playing!
EnglishMilly: Oh, everyone is just numb! The crowd, including yours truly, simply doesn't understand! Why has Ulrich just stopped?!

15:07 In the original, Odd makes a general statement about taking care of the Hornets quickly. In the English, he says it as though he'll handle the monsters on his own.

FrenchOdd: Le problème devrait être réglé rapidement !
French translationOdd: The problem should be taken care of in no time!
EnglishOdd: I'll take care of them in no time at all!

15:17 Yumi names a specific attack strategy in the French but not the English. (When she and Odd attack, it isn't much of a pincer movement anyway, so.)

FrenchYumi: Attaque en tenaille dans dix secondes.
French translationYumi: Pincer attack in ten seconds.
EnglishYumi: Ten seconds to attack time.

15:42 In the English, Odd remarks that the Hornets are "sharp mosquitoes," which could be considered a pun.

FrenchOdd: Bien vu, l'moustique ! Ils ont gagnés des neurones !
French translationOdd: Nice shot by that mosquito! They've gained some neurons!
EnglishOdd: Pretty sharp mosquitoes! Since when did they grow brains?!

17:28 In the French, Odd cries "No!" when Yumi is hit by a laser and loses concentration.

18:18 As she falls, Sissi's scream is pretty much continuous in the English, clearly growing louder as she falls towards Ulrich. In the French she makes occasional noises, so the change in volume as she gets closer is less easy to notice.

18:32 In the French, Jeremy says he's ready to regain control again. In the English, he says he's already back in control.

FrenchJeremy: Ça y est, j'peux reprendre la main !
French translationJeremy: That's it, I can take control again!
EnglishJeremy: Ok, I'm back in control.

20:11 Ulrich's cry of "Oh nooo!" in the French is a wordless cry of dismay in the English.

21:12 Aelita is the one who calls the clone a decoy/lure in the French, while Yumi is the one who says it in the English. This was most likely done to suit Aelita's mouth animation better.

FrenchYumi: Alors, c'était...
Aelita: Un leurre !
French translationYumi: So, that was...
Aelita: A decoy!
EnglishYumi: Oh! You were just luring them!
Aelita: Of course!

Épisode 22 - Routine
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:56 Odd has different insults for the Megatank.

FrenchOdd: Par ici, la bouboule !
French translationOdd: Over here, butterball!
EnglishOdd: Come and get me, you bowling ball!

2:56, 21:44 As the camera pans past Heidi, Emilie, Paul and Julien talking in the foreground, in the dub, their conversations can be clearly heard. In the French, they're quieter and blend in with the rest of the background chatter.

4:02 A difference in Ulrich's line about sneaking out.

FrenchUlrich: Bon alors, qui fait le mur avec moi ce soir ? J'ai besoin d'changer d'air...
French translationUlrich: So, who's sneaking out with me this evening? I need a change of air...
EnglishUlrich: So, anyone feel like sneaking out and going into town for a while?

4:13 In the English dub, Ulrich asks Yumi if she wants to go into town for an ice-cream. In the French, he just asks if she'd like to go for a walk.

FrenchUlrich: Et toi, Yumi ? Ca t'dit d'aller faire un tour en ville ?
French translationUlrich: How about you, Yumi? Wanna take a walk around town?
EnglishUlrich: How about you, Yumi? Wanna go into town and have an ice-cream?

4:53 Odd mentions that he had a fight with a girl called Marcy. In the French, her name is Mathilde.

5:25 In the original, Ulrich states that XANA has launched five attacks in two days (wow!). In the dub, this time frame is extended to one week.

6:34 Jim chastises Ulrich for daydreaming in the French and sleepwalking in the English.

FrenchJim: Ulrich ! Si tu veux révasser à cette heure-ci, c'est dans ton lit !
Ulrich: Euh... oué, Monsieur.
French translationJim: Ulrich! If you wanna daydream at this time of night, do it in your bed!
Ulrich: Uh...yes, Sir.
EnglishJim: Ulrich! If you're gonna sleepwalk, do it in your room!
Ulrich: Oh. Hi, Jim.

7:28 Yumi asks an additional question in the French, which perhaps lets her come off as a bit less rude than in the English.

FrenchYumi: À quoi il joue avec Emilie là ? Il la drague ou quoi ?
French translationYumi: What kind of a game is he playing with Emilie? Is he hitting on her or what?
EnglishYumi: What kind of a game does he think he's playing?

7:37 In the French, Yumi mentions that Emilie is in the year group above Ulrich's - something which caused some confusion among fans because Emilie is more often seen in Ulrich's class than Yumi's.

FrenchYumi: Et déjà elle a un an plus que lui, et elle est en troisième !
Jeremy: Yumi, tu a un an de plus que lui. Et tu es en troisième.
French translationYumi: Besides, she's a year older than him, and she's in ninth grade!
Jeremy: Yumi, you're a year older than him. And you're in ninth grade.
EnglishYumi: Besides, she's a year older than him, and that's a lot!
Jeremy: Guess what! You're also a year older than him! I guess you just forgot!

9:14 Odd makes a wordplay in the French using "corvée de plonge" (dishwashing duty) and "plongée" (diving: a word used for "taking the plunge" to Lyoko).

FrenchOdd: Et allez ! C'est pas la corvée d'plonge, c'est la corvée d'plongée.
French translationOdd: Here we go! It's not dishwashing duty, it's diving duty.
EnglishOdd: Well, as they say, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

10:17 A couple of changes to Yumi and Ulrich's argument, this time with the English dub adding in some extra context.

FrenchUlrich: Un pote ? Parce que toi, c'est ça que tu veux ? Qu'on fasse copain-copain et rien d'autre ?
Yumi: Ouais, exactement ! Copain-copain et rien d'autre ! De toute façon, c'est clair, c'est bien comme ça que tu vois les choses, non ?
French translationUlrich: A buddy? Because that's what you want, is it? For us to be buddies and nothing more?
Yumi: Yeah, that's right! Buddies and nothing more! And besides, it's obvious that's the way you see it, right?
EnglishUlrich: Oh, I get it! You think of us as buddies! I wondered what you thought of us, and now I know.
Yumi: That's right! A couple of pals, and nothing more! And besides, that's the way you want it! Not like Emilie, huh!

11:51 In the French, Herb makes a reference to Sissi saying earlier that dealing with Emilie would be "no problem" (in French, she says it'll be "du gâteau" - "a piece of cake"). His English line refers to Sissi saying Ulrich will be hers in thirty seconds.

FrenchHerb: Du gâteau, hein ?
French translationHerb: No problem, huh?
EnglishHerb: Well, your thirty seconds are up!

11:57 Jeremy lists off different sorts of disasters.

FrenchJeremy: Pas d'incendie, pas de tremblement de terre, pas d'attaque de fourmis !
French translationJeremy: No fires, no earthquakes, no ant attacks!
EnglishJeremy: No short-circuits, no giant bug invasion, no earthquakes.

14:12 Aelita makes a sarcastic comment in the French that wasn't translated into English.

FrenchAelita: J'ai récupéré tout le monde. Et dans la bonne humeur en plus.
French translationAelita: Everyone's accounted for. And in a good mood, too.
EnglishAelita: Everyone's accounted for. Safe and sound, and ready to go.

14:54 Jeremy's English line makes it seem as though he's not certain where the nearest deactivated tower could be, even though it's visible on his screen.

FrenchJeremy: Il y a une tour désactivée pas loin de votre position.
Aelita: On s'y rend.
French translationJeremy: There's a deactivated tower not far from you.
Aelita: We're off.
EnglishJeremy: There has to be a deactivated tower not far from you.
Aelita: Ok, I'm off.

15:06 In English, Aelita hopes they're not going to kill each other if she leaves "you two" alone, referring to Ulrich and Yumi. In the French, it's a more general "you" which may include Odd as well.

16:55 In the French version, Jeremy makes a play on a particular phrase: "se fourrer le doigt dans l'oeil" (lit. "poking your finger in your eye") means "to be entirely mistaken."

FrenchJeremy: Mon cher XANA... si vous croyez m'impressionner avec vos microbes à deux octets vous vous fourrez l'doigt dans la webcam !
French translationJeremy: My dear XANA...if you think you can impress me with your two-bit germs, you're entirely mistaken (lit. you're poking your finger in your webcam)!
EnglishJeremy: Listen, XANA - if you think you can impress me with your cheap, two-bit virus, you are mistaken!

20:25 In the French, Aelita says "No!" as the Krab is chasing and shooting at her.

22:02 Ulrich's final interaction with Emilie is a little different.

FrenchUlrich: Tu m'excuses ?
Emilie: Bah, vas-y ! Je sais c'que c'est !
French translationUlrich: Will you excuse me?
Emilie: Go on, then! I know what's up!
EnglishUlrich: So long now, Emilie.
Emilie: So long! Ain't love grand...

22:18 After Yumi says Sissi's been keeping her company, in the French, Ulrich says "That's cool!" In the English, he thanks Sissi.

22:49 In the English, Odd asks Ulrich to confirm his statement. In the French, he doesn't specifically ask Ulrich to add his own thoughts.

FrenchOdd: Bah finalement, on s'est pas ennuyé avec c'qu'on a vécus sur Lyoko !
French translationOdd: It wasn't all that boring in the end, with all the stuff we went through on Lyoko!
EnglishOdd: Well it wasn't all that boring on Lyoko, was it, Ulrich?

Épisode 23 - 36ème dessous
Image36ème dessous
(Rock bottom)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Rock Bottom?
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:00-22:50 In the French episode, Samantha is only ever referred to as Sam. In the English, Odd calls her Samantha up until the scene where he and Ulrich rescue her from the computer room, then he starts calling her Sam.

2:46 In the English, Ms Hertz adds an extra sentence to clarify that "seismic phenomena" refers to earthquakes.

FrenchHertz: E-et n'oubliez pas l'interro de lundi sur les phenomènes sismiques !
French translationHertz: A-and don't forget Monday's quiz on seismic phenomena!
EnglishHertz: And don't forget Monday's quiz on seismic phenomena! Better known as earthquakes!

3:06 Odd's French line references episode 18 "Killer Music," something that didn't make it to the English dub. Yumi also gives them a specific time to meet up.

FrenchOdd: J'vous prépare une petite surprise avec playlist et DJ à la clé, du groove et pas de musique mortelle, c'est promis !
Yumi: Nickel. On se retrouve à quatre heures pour faire les courses.
French translationOdd: I've got a little surprise for you, with a playlist and a DJ as well - something groovy, and no killer music, I promise!
Yumi: Great. We'll meet up at two o'clock to go shopping.
EnglishOdd: Wait 'til you see the surprise I've got in store for you. We're going to have a real DJ, guys! You'll see. No dumb music for us, we're going to rock!
Yumi: Great, see you later. We'll go shopping after class.

4:19 Ulrich's French line is a bit more smug than the English equivalent.

FrenchUlrich: Bon alors c'est qui le meilleur ?
French translationUlrich: Well then, who's the best?
EnglishUlrich: Well then, how did I make out?

5:33 In the French, Odd explains that Samantha is from another school named Mathison, so Ulrich wouldn't have met her. In the English, he seems to pretend that she's from Kadic and Ulrich must have seen her before but doesn't recognise her. (Later on, he says that "she's already got a lot of problems at her school," confirming that he lied about her going to Kadic.) He also mentions her name in the English but not in the French.

FrenchOdd: Ouais, vous connaissez pas. Elle est d'un autre bahut, Mathison.
French translationOdd: Yeah, you don't know her. She's from another school, Mathison.
EnglishOdd: Yeah, y-you mean you don't recognise her? She goes to school here. Her name's Samantha.

6:27 Though not a translation, the context of Odd and Sam's kiss may be worth noting. To a lot of non-Europeans in particular, the kiss may have seemed like a deliberate move by Odd, and the characters blushed because they were shy about their relationship. (Or some similar explanation!) But to a French audience (and as described in the script), the kiss was clearly an accident: Odd and Sam went in for a traditional French cheek kiss as they greeted each other, and they both ended up leaning to the same side, resulting in their lips meeting instead. This explains their embarrassment.

9:27 After Jim demands the truth and Odd remains silent, Jim's response is different.

FrenchJim: Vous voyez ? Il avoue.
French translationJim: You see? He confesses.
EnglishJim: You stole it! Didn't you?

9:45 Jim's line is different when he grabs Odd's phone.

FrenchJim: Petit insolent !
French translationJim: You impudent little...!
EnglishJim: Hand it over!

10:52 Samantha's line is different when she's trying to open the door.

FrenchSamantha: Oh la poisse !
French translationSamantha: Oh, what rotten luck!
EnglishSamantha: Oh, I've gotta get out of here...

11:22 When the group sees the buildings sinking, Jeremy's French line is a lot less...strange?

FrenchJeremy: Hé mais ça s'enfonce !
French translationJeremy: Hey, they're sinking!
EnglishJeremy: Hey, they're getting really deep!

13:18 The 20 metres Odd talks about refers to a horizontal distance (to the next building) in the French and a vertical distance (to the ground) in the English.

FrenchOdd: Y'a bien une vingtaine de mètres à franchir !
French translationOdd: It's at least a twenty-metre gap we need to cross!
EnglishOdd: It's at least a twenty-metre drop down there!

13:44 A bit of a strange translation for this line. Infected?

FrenchJeremy: On a déjà remarqué ! Y'a des dégâts dans notre monde.
French translationJeremy: We've already noticed! There's been some damage in our world.
EnglishJeremy: That's what we thought. We've already been infected.

17:24 Jim refers to the school as "Kadic Academy" in the French and "the junior high school" in the English.

18:11 In the French only, Yumi says "Hey!" when she notices the Hornet behind her, just before it shoots and devirtualises her.

18:23 Aelita's ability to create objects on Lyoko is often known as "Creativity" among English-speaking fans because Jeremy uses that term in this line. However, it was actually a translation mistake...

FrenchJeremy: Utilise ton don d'création Aelita, il nous faut un peu d'temps !
French translationJeremy: Use your gift of creation, Aelita, we need a little time!
EnglishJeremy: Try using your creativity, Aelita! We need a little time!

18:50 In the dub, Jeremy says Aelita is fighting three Hornets, but she doesn't really have a way of fighting them.

FrenchJeremy: Aelita est seule contre trois Frôlions !
French translationJeremy: Aelita's alone against three Hornets!
EnglishJeremy: Aelita's fighting three Hornets all alone!

19:00 As the lift door closes, in the English dub, Odd says, "Oh, girls..." In the French, he and Ulrich say it at the same time.

Épisode 24 - Canal fantôme
ImageCanal fantôme
(Phantom channel)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Ghost Channel
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

1:06 In the English, Ulrich says "Ok!" as he runs towards the Blok.

1:42 After Jeremy warns Odd about the two approaching Bloks, in the French, Odd tells Aelita to take cover. He doesn't tell her to do anything in the English.

FrenchOdd: T'inquiète, c'est vu ! Aelita, mets-toi à l'abri !
French translationOdd: No sweat, I see 'em! Aelita, take cover!
EnglishOdd: No sweat! Be back in a second, Aelita!

3:16 As the other Ms Hertz calls the roll, in the French, she calls for a student named Benoît. In the English, she calls for someone named Benjamin.

3:57 Ulrich describes "Jeremy"'s behaviour differently.

FrenchUlrich: Après c'que tu lui a dit tout à l'heure, normal qu'il te fasse la gueule.
French translationUlrich: After what you said to him before, it's no wonder he's giving you the cold shoulder.
EnglishUlrich: After what you said to him before, it's no wonder he's sulking.

4:42 Ms Hertz asks Jeremy if he knows where Odd and Ulrich are. In the French, Jeremy responds just before he goes out the door. In the English, he leaves without a word.

FrenchJeremy: Je vais voir et je reviens...
French translationJeremy: I'll go see and come right back...

5:30 In the French, Jim clears his throat, interrupting Jeremy's sentence and causing him to turn around in surprise. In the English, Jim is silent and Jeremy has no apparent reason to turn around.

5:41 Odd states that they have two hours of bio ahead of them. In the French, he says those two hours of class will come before lunch, giving us a better idea of their schedule for the day.

5:54 In the French version, the other Ms Kensington reads out the quote from Shakespeare's "As You Like It" in English. She misreads "exits" as "existence." In the English version, she gets the second sentence the wrong way around; the original quote is, "They have their exits and their entrances." Also, this is the only scene in the dub where she has an English accent instead of American.

FrenchKensington: All the world is a stage, and all men and women are merely players. They have their existence and...
French translation-
EnglishKensington: All the world's a stage, and all the men and women are merely players. They have their entrances and...

7:56 Jeremy describes hearing Aelita's message in different ways.

FrenchJeremy: J'ai entendu ton alarme.
French translationJeremy: I heard your alarm.
EnglishJeremy: I felt your message.

8:41 There are some small differences in Odd's exchange with the other Sissi.

FrenchOther Sissi: Silence, crétin ! Le jaune c'est la couleur tendance cette saison !
Odd: (rire) Je l'adore !
French translationOther Sissi: Shut up, dork! Yellow is the in colour this season!
Odd: (laughs) I love it!
EnglishOther Sissi: That is so dumb! I'll have you know that yellow is the in colour this year!
Odd: (laughs) What a dope.

10:39, 12:50 In the English, Aelita refers to the thing she captured as a soundbite or soundwave, which sounds confusing when she shows Jeremy a video feed. The French description of it is more vague.

FrenchAelita: Juste avant ton arrivé, j'ai capté quelquechose. Une sorte... d'emission sur un canal hertzien. Mais j'te préviens Jérémie, c'est très bizarre.
French translationAelita: Just before you got here, I captured something. A sort of...transmission on a Hertzian channel. But I'm warning you Jeremie, it's really bizarre.
EnglishAelita: Jeremie! Just before you got here, I captured this soundbite! A sort or TV station transmission. But be careful, Jeremie. It was really bizarre.

12:29 In the French, Jeremy says that the parallel world is situated on Lyoko. In the English, its location is made less clear.

FrenchJeremy: Un monde parallèle sur Lyoko !
French translationJeremy: A parallel world on Lyoko!
EnglishJeremy: A world parallel to Lyoko!

16:50 In the French, Ulrich's reaction to the rustling in the bushes ends with him saying they should all calm down.

19:12 In the French, Jeremy says they're in a virtual world created on Lyoko. In the English, he says it's a virtual world created by XANA.

20:32 As the other Jeremy reveals himself to be XANA, in the French, the real Jeremy cries "XANA...!"

22:06 Jeremy's line is slightly different when he gets back to the computer.

FrenchJeremy: Aelita ! Tu m'entends ? Tout va bien ?
French translationJeremy: Aelita! Do you read me? Is everything ok?
EnglishJeremy: Aelita! Here I am! Are you ok?

Épisode 25 - Code Terre
ImageCode Terre
(Code Earth)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
Code Earth
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

4:23 Ulrich's French line references Sherlock Holmes, a famous fictional detective.

FrenchUlrich: Faut quand même se méfier. À force de jouer les Sherlock Holmes, il pourrait découvrir un de nos passages secrets...
French translationUlrich: We still need to be careful. If he keeps playing Sherlock Holmes, he could find one of our secret passages...
EnglishUlrich: We'd better be careful about Jim. If he keeps playing detective, he's going to find our secret passage.

8:21 Mr Delmas's French line is clearer about how Jim has a job to do, and he should be doing it.

FrenchDelmas: Vous n'avez rien à faire de plus sérieux ?
Jim: Heu... si. Mais euh...
Delmas: Oui, je vois... Jim, votre comportement d'agent secret paranoïaque commence singulièrement à me taper sur les nerfs ! Alors occupez-vous de votre cours de gym et tout ira pour le mieux !
French translationDelmas: Don't you have anything more serious to be doing?
Jim: Uh...yes. But uh...
Delmas: Yes, I see... Jim, you behaving like a paranoid secret agent is really starting to get on my nerves! So focus on your physical education class and everything will be fine!
EnglishDelmas: You heard what I said. Absurd, Jim!
Jim: ...But...
Delmas: Now listen... Your paranoid behaviour and your one-track mind concerning these children are getting on my nerves! You're a physical education teacher, not a detective, Jim.

9:35 In the French, Ms Hertz says that both animals and plants breathe oxygen and expel carbon dioxide, but plants do just the opposite! In the English she more accurately says "animals and humans" (though humans are animals).

11:06 When Jim pokes his head out of the bush and discovers that the kids have vanished, he says "Gosh..." to himself in the French only.

12:14 In the French, Jeremy says "I'm counting on you" quite confidently. In the English, he says it more quietly, as if speaking to himself.

13:03-13:30 There's a difference in the lyrics of Odd's song.

FrenchLyrics: Break, break, breakdance ! Break, break, breakdance ! Avec les relous ! Whouuu !
French translationLyrics: Break, break, breakdance! Break, break, breakdance! With the bores! Whooo!
EnglishLyrics: Break, break, breakdance! Break, break, breakdance! Here we goooo!

13:40 There's also a difference in the title of Odd's video. As a side note, the music video was brought up by Tamiya in the video game Quest for Infinity, but in the English version, the title was translated as "Breakdancing with Bores" (true to the original French) rather than "Break, Break, Breakdance," making the reference very easy to miss. Odd also says in the French version of this scene that the video has been very successful, which can be confirmed as true when Tamiya talks about it receiving fan mail in Quest for Infinity.

FrenchUlrich: T'as fait un clip ?
Odd: Bah ouais ! Et c'est très réussi, figure-toi.
Ulrich: Ah ouais, et c'est quoi le titre ?
Odd: Breakdance avec les relous.
French translationUlrich: You made a music video?
Odd: Well yeah! And it's very successful, believe it or not.
Ulrich: Oh yeah, and what's the title?
Odd: Breakdancing with Bores.
EnglishUlrich: You made a video?
Odd: Well yeah. It's pretty good, too!
Ulrich: What's the title?
Odd (singing): Break, Break, Breakdance!

14:21 In the French, Odd says "Take that!" when he fires an arrow.

15:50 In the French, Paul asks Jim "Are you crazy?" In the English, Julie is the one who asks him.

16:54 In the French, Delmas's repeating "...let you go..." is re-recorded each time to have it sound more intense. In the English, they repeat the original line recording and add an echo to it.

17:22 Yolanda's English line mentions a doctor, making it sound like Jeremy had received a second opinion from some unknown doctor.

FrenchYolanda: Non, désolée. J'ai dit interdiction de bouger !
French translationYolanda: No, sorry. I told you you're not to move!
EnglishYolanda: Sorry, the doctor insists you stay off your feet!

17:56 Jim's French line focuses more on him witnessing strange phenomena around the school, which is a reasonable thing to be suspicious about. In the English, he instead talks about the heroes being very secretive.

FrenchJim: Faut croire que je suis devenu dingue à force de voir des trucs bizarres un peu partout...
French translationJim: I guess I went a little crazy seeing weird things all over the place...
EnglishJim: I went a little crazy 'cause I thought you and your friends had a lot of secrets that you were hiding.

18:39 In the English, Odd yells "GOOO!" when firing his arrow.

19:32 Jim mishears the name "Lyoko" differently. In the French version he hears "chicot," a word for "stump" or "stub." In the English he hears "loco," a word for "crazy."

FrenchJim: Et tu veux dire sur... sur Chicot ?
French translationJim: And you mean on...on Loco (lit. Stump)?
EnglishJim: And she's on this place called, uh...Loco.

21:00 Ulrich's insult for the Megatank is different.

FrenchUlrich: Hé, la boulette !
French translationUlrich: Hey, meatball!
EnglishUlrich: Hey, you piece of junk!

22:51 Jeremy's initial reaction to seeing Aelita is different.

FrenchJeremy: Ça a marché !
French translationJeremy: It worked!
EnglishJeremy: She's here at last...!

22:58 In the French, as the screen fades to white, the words "A SUIVRE_" ("TO BE CONTINUED_") appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen, accompanied by the sound effects you hear when words are typed into a tower interface. In the English the same sound effects are heard but no text appears.

Épisode 26 - Faux départ
ImageFaux départ
(False start)
[French episode file]
[French episode script]
False Start
[English episode file]
[English episode transcript]

2:42 When Aelita lists all the things she's still getting used to on Earth, one of the things she mentions in French is the gravity. In English, she mentions the colours.

3:04 Aelita describes Lyoko's significance differently.

FrenchAelita: Lyoko, c'est quand même là où je suis née !
French translationAelita: Lyoko is still the place where I was born!
EnglishAelita: Lyoko, after all, was my home.

3:28 Ulrich asks Aelita a different question when she arrives in the morning.

FrenchUlrich: Alors, vous êtes bien installé ?
French translationUlrich: Well, have you settled in?
EnglishUlrich: Well, did you have a good sleep?

4:03 In the French version, the students need to refer to Jim as "Monsieur" ("Sir") or "Monsieur Jim" ("Mister Jim") for formality, so when he asks them to simply call him Jim, it makes their relationship a lot more informal. In the English, the students already call Jim by his first name pretty much all the time, so the nickname "Jimbo" was created just for this episode to give them something more personal to call their new teammate.

FrenchJim: Au fait, appellez-moi Jim !
French translationJim: By the way, call me Jim!
EnglishJim: Uh, from now on, call me Jimbo, huh?

7:33 Aelita words her reaction to shivering differently.

FrenchAelita: Qu'est-ce qui m'arrive ?
Jeremy: Ça, ça s'appelle un frisson !
French translationAelita: What's happening to me?
Jeremy: That's called shivering!
EnglishAelita: What a strange sensation...
Jeremy: You shivered! That's all.

9:36 A change to what Jim shouts when monsters show up in the factory. The French version gives a little more context than the English's more general "What's going on."

FrenchJim: C'EST QUOI ÇA !?
French translationJim: WHAT IS THAT?!
EnglishJim: WHAT'S GOING ON?!

9:48 Sissi's response to the teacher's question sounds like a literal interpretation of the French for "a pair of prime numbers" in the French version. In the English, there isn't really a connection, and it seems like she's making up the answer without basing it on anything.

FrenchSissi: Deux euh... oui, deux nombres sont premiers entre eux quand ils... quand ils arrivent en même temps !
French translationSissi: A pair uh...yes, a pair of prime numbers (lit. two numbers that are both first) two numbers that arrive at the same time!
EnglishSissi: Uh...uh...a pair of prime numbers is uuumm...two numbers that are both the same!

10:06 In the English, after Dr Delacre praises Aelita's answer, he adds "Although..." as if he's going to add more to the explanation himself before Aelita interrupts him.

10:20 In the English, Dr Delacre repeats "Bézout...?" in astonishment. In the French, his jaw simply drops open.

10:24 When Pierre runs screaming down the hallway, in the English he's screaming "RUUUUN!"

10:35 Jeremy comments on XANA's new tactic using different wording.

FrenchJeremy: J'aurais jamais pensé que XANA puisse envoyer un Kankrelat sur terre !
French translationJeremy: I never would've thought that XANA could send a Kankrelat to Earth!
EnglishJeremy: XANA's changed tactics! He's sent one of his monsters to Earth for the first time!

11:18 Ulrich's line is different when he confronts the Kankrelat.

FrenchUlrich: À nous deux !
French translationUlrich: You and me!
EnglishUlrich: Let's see how good you are.

12:04 In the French, after Odd comments on all the Kankrelats Jim managed to destroy, Aelita calls Jim's name. In the English, Odd calls Jim's name instead.

12:24 Yumi's French line comes with the implication that she and Ulrich had been messing around up until then.

FrenchYumi: Bon, allez. On ne rigole plus.
French translationYumi: Ok. No more messing around.
EnglishYumi: Ok. Let's show 'em what we can do.

13:23 The second half of Jeremy's line is different.

FrenchJeremy: Va dans ce scanner. Je file aux commandes.
French translationJeremy: Get into the scanner. I'll head to the controls.
EnglishJeremy: Ok, get into the scanner. I'll send you to Lyoko.

13:58 In the French, Jim continues Odd's thought about the nail gun being like a Swiss Army knife. In the English, he bids Odd goodbye instead.

FrenchOdd: C'est comme un couteau suisse !
Jim: En plus efficace !
French translationOdd: It's like a Swiss Army knife!
Jim: But more effective!
EnglishOdd: It's like a Swiss Army knife.
Jim: See you later!

14:54 In the English, Jim says "Got one!" after destroying a Kankrelat.

15:35 In the French, Jeremy tells Odd that he just lost 40 life points. In the English, he tells Odd he only has 40 life points left.

16:05 Some small differences to Jim's line.

FrenchJim: Alors rompez ! Faites d'votre boulot, et moi je ferais le mien ! C'est pas des poux géants qui vont venir à bout d'un costaud comme moi !
French translationJim: So fall out ! You do your job, and I'll do mine! These giant lice aren't gonna beat a tough customer like me!
EnglishJim: Well then, what are you waiting for? Go on now and get the job done! It takes a lot more than a few ugly monsters to beat your friend Jimbo!

17:50 Jim has a different insult for the Kankrelats...

FrenchJim: Hé, les morpions ! Hououh c'est par ici que ça se passe !
French translationJim: Hey, public lice! Heyyy, it's all happening over here!
EnglishJim: Hey, you creeps! Over here! I'm ready! Come on!

21:49 Jim and Mr Delmas's French lines are more accurate to what was said in the previous episode, before the return trip. The English lines are somewhat less accurate, particularly with how Jim omits the term "little devils" and calls them "children" instead.

22:24 In the French, Yumi says that Jim is their favourite teacher. In the English, she says he's a fantastic PE teacher. Jim also says she ought to tell the principal that she thinks so.

FrenchYumi: Vous êtes un héros ! Et notre prof préféré ! Vraiment, Jim !
Jim: Euh ouais, ah bon euh... Euh vous avez entendu Monsieur le proviseur ! Regagnez vos classes !
French translationYumi: You're a hero! And our favourite teacher! Truly, Jimbo!
Jim: Uh yeah, ah right uh... Uh you heard the principal! Go to class!
EnglishYumi: You're a hero! And a fantastic PE teacher! Jimbo!
Jim: Oh, well... You ought to tell the principal that! Ok now, go to class!

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